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13:48 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: can we add a product koha-maintenance to bugzilla ? so that ppl can report all the bugs on that product directly.
13:48 hdl_laptop Or should we add it in koha 3.0.X_stable ?
13:48 gmcharlt what is the purpose of this tree?
13:49 hdl_laptop or should I send a message with my email ? and say spam me if you find any bug ?
13:49 gmcharlt if it just for temporary testing of changes before merging into the main repo's 3.0.x branch
13:49 hdl_laptop testing only and bug report.
13:49 hdl_laptop giving my email could be ok then.
13:49 hdl_laptop I agree.
14:57 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: thx for your suggestion
14:58 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: no problem
15:07 gmcharlt hdl_laptop:[…]ding-for-testing/
15:52 hdl_laptop thx gmcharlt
16:53 brendan Good morning #koha
16:53 pianohacker Morning brendan
16:53 pianohacker How are the fires?
16:53 brendan more bad news from my area...  The local fires have gotten worse
16:53 brendan 1300 acres now, homes burning
16:54 pianohacker Wow
16:54 brendan there are predictions of really high sun-downer winds tonight
16:54 brendan gust up to 60mph
16:54 brendan I'm still upwind, but I have more friends staying at my house
16:55 pianohacker Is your fianceé at your house?
16:59 brendan yes.
16:59 pianohacker Good, nice to know she's safe
16:59 brendan she's still got school going on...
17:00 brendan almost getting ready to join the volunteer groups or fire department - i used to be trained as a fire fighter
17:01 brendan definitely going to join the reforestation groups once this done
17:05 pianohacker Yeah, I've seen the amount of work they have to do here in CO after a major forest fire
17:06 pianohacker erosion control is a biggie
17:07 atz[…]z=12&source=embed
17:12 pianohacker atz++
17:12 brendan yup atz that's the map
17:12 atz it's not as good as the ones from last year
17:12 atz when there were actual hotpoint and emergency notices like
17:13 brendan I'm out towards the airport,  ucsb
17:13 atz "Fire is now over this section of road.  Do not attempt passage!"
17:13 brendan last night I saw flames that were about 100 feet high
17:13 atz total insanity
17:14 brendan the 101 is closed through the center of town...  atleast all the exits are
17:50 brendan hey atz pianohacker -- you're welcome to stop by and roast some hotdogs
17:50 brendan I know wrong time for a joke... but I couldn't resist
17:51 pianohacker how ghoulish :)
17:59 gmcharlt brendan: best wishes to you - sorry that you're caught in the middle of this
17:59 gmcharlt though good sign that your sense of humor is intact :)
18:49 wizzyrea1 brendan: you should come to kansas, only tornadoes here
18:56 brendan thanks gmcharlt
18:57 brendan wizzyrea1 kansas is a little too flat for me.
19:02 wizzyrea1 my part of kansas isnt flat :P
19:03 wizzyrea1 but if you want mountains you *are* out of luck
19:26 chris brendan: youve made the news in NZ now[…]re-destroys-homes
19:27 brendan the winds are supposed to pick up at 2pm -- an hour and half from now....
19:27 brendan[…]-without-warning/
19:28 brendan from the local santa barbara paper...  at the bottom there is a link to look at the fire live.
19:29 brendan chris - not to good if that is popping up in NZ
19:30 chris yeah, especially as we are having our biggest news day in a long time here
19:31 chris the 29th policeman ever killed in the line of duty was killed yesterday
19:31 wizzyrea1 ever?
19:31 chris yeah
19:32 wizzyrea1 as in, since policing started in nz?
19:32 chris yep, so 150 years or somehting
19:32 atz NZ is not known for violent crime... outside of rugby and soccer
19:32 wizzyrea1 wow, and lol
19:32 chris they have the nutjub who did it surrounded, but he still has a gun
19:33 chris (ex territorial soldier ... like your guys national guard)
19:33 gmcharlt :(
19:34 chris our police don't carry guns
19:34 chris (not on routine patrol anyway)
19:37 chris but im gonna have to look at this story all day .. so on to less depressing things nz vs australia in rugby league tonight
19:37 chris should be a good game, first time we have played them since we beat them in the world cup last year (huge upset ..we beat australia in rugby union a lot, they almost always beat us in league)
19:38 brendan geez keep us updated chris -- about the nutjob..  not the nutjob's playing rugby
19:42 chris <--- there is always a lot of feeling when we play australia
19:42 chris especially when they mouth off during the haka
19:55 wizzyrea1 rhcl: you made us so happy today
19:58 pianohacker wizzyrea1: what'd he do?
20:07 wizzyrea1 several things, tracked down our holds bugs, fixed our amazon problem (with gmcharlt)
20:07 wizzyrea1 was a good day :)
20:07 gmcharlt wizzyrea1: ryan, you mean?
20:08 wizzyrea1 yes... actually
20:08 wizzyrea1 runs and hides
20:14 rhcl I think rhcl and ryan are different. :) RHCL = Rolling Hills Consolidated Library, i.e. "Me" - Greg
20:15 wizzyrea1 idk why I did that
20:15 wizzyrea1 i blame it on proximity to whining children (home with a sick kid today)
20:16 pianohacker ouch, sorry
20:16 pianohacker Do you know what's wrong?
20:16 wizzyrea1 lol, hopefully the normal flue
20:16 wizzyrea1 flu*
20:16 rhcl Are you having a flu party?
20:17 rhcl[…]Vmozh2Ua58D_6miqQ
20:17 wizzyrea1 Ha, no
20:17 pianohacker That's horrifying
20:17 wizzyrea1 one might argue that sending your child to daycare is as good as the same thing
20:18 rhcl Stupidest idea I can think of, and I never had thought of such a think until I read that article today.
20:18 rhcl sed s/think/thing
20:18 wizzyrea1 it did actually occur to me, a la chickenpox parties
20:18 wizzyrea1 and I kind of see their logic
20:18 wizzyrea1 but cripes.
20:18 rhcl I'd never heard of chickenpox parties either.
20:19 pianohacker Gah, chickenpox
20:19 pianohacker I have a couple of dents in my face from a horrible chickenpox infection when I was younger
20:19 wizzyrea1 yea, they vaccinate for that now
20:19 wizzyrea1 if you're down with the whole vaccine thing
20:20 wizzyrea1 (big 'ol can of worms in some circles)
20:20 pianohacker yeah
20:21 rhcl Yea, well, I read an article a while back about a few worms in your intestines being good for you-boosts your immune system or something.
20:21 pianohacker "Tapeworms - for a slimmer, more attractive you!"
20:24 rhcl Ah, just feed 'em a few extra strips of bacon every morning.
20:25 wizzyrea1 rhcl: yea, the theory is that in people with severe allergies, tapeworms keep their overactive immune systems busy so it doesn't attack the person (causing alllergies)
20:25 wizzyrea1 supposedly this works better than most traditional medicine
20:26 wizzyrea1 it's just theory though >.>
20:29 rhcl Well, robins eat worms all the time, and I'v never seen a robin with allergies, so it must work.
20:30 pianohacker Ah, a man of schiensh
20:30 gmcharlt could one tell if a robins sneezes? :)
20:30 pianohacker heh
20:38 chris back
20:39 richard morning
20:43 rhcl afternoon
20:47 chris heya richard
21:13 chris i love qemu
21:35 brendan tough doing work today -- with some much fire news going on around me... I can't seem to think about anything else
21:35 brendan here's a pic...
21:36 chris yeah fair enough
21:36 gmcharlt hang in there
21:36 brendan geez - within a minute I already had 21 views!
21:37 brendan news is just so much faster now...
21:39 wizzyrea1 omg, is that from your house?
21:39 brendan yup.  from the front
21:39 wizzyrea1 wow
21:40 chris freaky eh
21:41 brendan heading outside to check the wind
22:40 chris earthquake
22:41 richard yeah, felt it too
22:49 eiro hello guys
22:49 chris hi eiro :)
23:12 brendan heading home -- chat with you all later
23:12 chris cya later
23:31 brendan back home - not too good, the wind is picking up
23:33 chris dang
23:38 brendan we just donated some doggie food to the humane society... so at least got something constructive accomplished today
23:40 chris :)
00:28 pianohacker good night, #koha
01:07 richard bex?
01:07 richard oops, wrong #
01:19 chris richard: is bex working for katipo again?
01:22 richard she's doing a bit of contract work
01:22 chris sweet, say hi from me
01:22 richard sort of easing back into the work force
01:22 richard will do
02:37 SelfishMan hmm...I've just been informed that FOSS solutions like koha are a bad thing for libraries because they aren't backed by deep pockets so they will never be standards compliant.
02:38 SelfishMan I think they were really stretching with that "reason"
02:39 chris lol
02:39 chris i think evergreen and koha are probably more standards compliant that the rest of the proprietary systems put together :)
02:39 chris if we talk about actual standards, not jsut standards vendors made up
02:42 SelfishMan Yes, they were nice enough to inform me that koha will never be SIP compliant
02:42 chris awesome, did you tell them SIP isnt a standard
02:42 chris ?
02:42 SelfishMan My response: "Umm...there are several people interfacing your product with koha via SIP right now"
02:42 chris SIP is only a standard in the same way .doc is a standard
02:43 SelfishMan It's a defacto standard
02:43 chris yeah
02:44 chris way way back in 2002 3M were wanting to get their stuff working with Koha .. theyve been taking it seriously since then, and SIP is their baby
02:44 chris it just took a library to actually ask for
02:45 chris :)
02:45 SelfishMan My head almost imploded when they told me this stuff
02:45 chris this was a selfcheck vendor?
02:45 SelfishMan Nah, it was someone at our state library
02:46 chris ahhh
02:46 chris the same illformed opinions often come out of our national library too
02:47 chris i often get "koha is only for very small libraries"
02:47 chris which i usually combat that, its running in consortia bigger than all the libraries in this country
02:48 SelfishMan I deal with a lot of businesses, both large and small, and I get this kind of resistance to FOSS everywhere
02:49 chris its interesting, there is very little resistance to FOSS in the private sector in nz
02:49 SelfishMan Once I deploy it and show them the numbers the only question they have is why they waited so long to switch
02:49 chris public sector is a different story
02:50 SelfishMan I'll deploy and support whatever platform best solves a clients problem but there is a lot of fear out there
02:50 chris *nod*
02:52 reed never in my life have I heard the 'can't be standard compliant' one
02:52 chris yeah that's a new one for me too
02:52 reed have heard the opposite
02:53 reed given that the Internet exists
02:53 reed hard to really make the case
03:40 Amit hi chris, mason good morning
04:02 Amit hi brendan
04:02 brendan heya amit
04:03 Amit brendan:
04:03 brendan yes I saw it what do you think?
04:03 Amit it is good as compare to old one
04:04 Amit yours?
04:05 chris i like some of it, dont like other bits
04:06 Amit chris which one?
04:07 chris i like the documentation section
04:07 chris with the manual etc
04:07 chris dont like the pay for support section
04:08 Amit pay for support section is not data-wise
04:08 Amit
04:08 chris yeah, i dont like the new format
04:09 Amit hmm
04:12 Amit what about download section
04:16 chris the css is kind broken in my browser too
04:26 reed smells like plone
04:27 reed (meant in neither a good nor a bad way)
04:27 Amit chris; screen is so wide
04:28 Amit hi reed
04:28 reed hi
04:30 brendan hey chris -- just posted some more pics on twitpic
04:30 brendan
04:31 brendan
04:31 brendan amit take a look if they load for you
04:31 Amit ok
04:32 chris thats a scarily big fire
04:35 brendan chris even here it looks big
04:35 chris i bet
04:35 chris freaky
04:35 chris well my wife is coming in for after work drinks, so i should go downstairs and be there when she arrives
04:36 chris hopefully the fire is out by the time we next talk
05:05 bignose-work and they said that Mordor in New Zealand was just a special effect.
05:05 bignose-work those photos look just like Mordor seen from Minas Tirith.
05:05 bignose-work scary stuff. best wishes to those in that area.
08:47 slef hi all
08:47 chris hi slef
09:13 Amit hi slef
11:34 gmcharlt greeintgs #koha
11:56 kf hi gmcharlt
11:56 gmcharlt hi kf

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