IRC log for #koha, 2009-05-10

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Time S Nick Message
19:48 chris morning
19:49 pianohacker Good morning
19:56 pianohacker Happy mother's day
19:56 chris thanks, we are doing our best to give laurel a sleep in
19:57 chris :)
19:57 brendan morning chris
19:57 brendan and pianohacker
19:58 pianohacker Good morning
19:58 pianohacker How are you?
19:59 chris morning brendan and pianohacker
19:59 chris brendan: fires dying down?
19:59 brendan good, wind died down last night and it's cooler today
20:00 brendan a little more humidity in the area...  still no containment - but the fires are not a crazy as before
20:00 chris humidity will help i guess
20:01 chris at least i hope it will
20:01 brendan yes, at least it's not dry windy air to feed the fire
20:04 jwagner brendan, stay safe!
20:04 brendan thanks jwagner
20:06 chris man that guy in napier was a complete whacko
20:07 brendan so did everything end up ok with that
20:07 brendan just completely nuts
20:07 chris one policeman dead, who he shot right at the start, guy never stood a chance
20:08 chris and they think he killed himself in the end
20:09 chris 3 day standoff though
20:11 brendan bazaar
20:13 chris  <-- just down the road from my house, kahu and I are gonna go look at the octopus today
20:13 chris  (i live in severn street)
20:15 brendan that should be fun!
07:10 chris well that was fairly successful
07:10 chris no immediate problems spotted with the maintenance branch
07:11 chris and already people are updating translations

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