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12:39 Hui_Nan_ hdl_laptop: thank you
12:41 Hui_Nan_ however I need some kind of "match all records" to which I can add "not au=..." subquery
12:46 hdl_laptop mmmmm...
12:46 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: this is quite tricky.
12:47 hdl_laptop try with allrecords,AlwaysMatches "" in the first subfield.
12:58 Hui_Nan_ nothing is found by this request alone
12:58 hdl_laptop No...
12:59 hdl_laptop yeah... Quite tricky indeed,
12:59 hdl_laptop It  should be in a box :
13:02 Hui_Nan_ what do you mean by box?
13:22 soul9 hi #koha
13:22 soul9 anyone here liblimer?
13:22 Hui_Nan_ hi soul9
13:22 Hui_Nan_ not me ^-)
13:22 soul9 :)
13:23 gmcharlt hi soul9 - I am
13:29 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt
13:29 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
14:35 liz_nekls atz: sip question
14:35 atz ?
14:54 maria exit
15:50 hdl_laptop any LLer around ?
15:51 hdl_laptop Is collection title the correct word for a publisher "collection" ?
15:51 hdl_laptop Is it rather series ?
15:52 hdl_laptop It it is series, then how to name the journal titles ? (it was named seriestitle, from what I can read)
15:53 slef I'll check
15:55 slef no, series seems to be pretty definitely individual journals
15:55 slef checking whether we have a better word for "group of series"
15:58 slef sometimes they seem to be called a "set" but more usually a collection... no strong standard term that I found :-/
16:15 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: the term "monographic series" is sometimes used
16:15 gmcharlt depends on the nature of the publisher collection
18:39 schuster Hello all - I need to check on a couple of things with Pauls arrival here in Dallas for KohaCon - Anyone know if he lands April14th or 15th?
18:41 gmcharlt anybody knocking on your door yet? ;)
18:41 gmcharlt sorry, I don't know when he's landing
18:42 schuster Chris arrives tonight.
18:43 schuster Originally we talked about driving together since they land 20 minutes apart, but in checking flight times it looks like Paul doesn't arrive until tomorrow so that is why I'm checking!
18:48 schuster OK check the airport again things look ok for their arrival tonight... Slight panic!  whew...
18:49 schuster FYI - about IRC and the conference center...  Sorry to put this out so late...
18:49 schuster I'm still working to get the appropriate ports opened, but they may not get it...  I am using mibbit attaching to this IRC which allows me to get to the IRC...  FYI
18:50 schuster Remember - FREE - conference center... ;(
18:54 gmcharlt thanks for trying
19:03 nicomo schuster: about Paul
19:03 nicomo he left this morning (french time)
19:03 nicomo so should land on the 14th
19:16 schuster OK yep found the right airline and all so we are good!  WHEW!
19:40 owen When do you arrive gmcharlt? And do you know about your colleagues?
19:40 gmcharlt owen: tomorrow at 9:30ish pm
19:41 gmcharlt nengard around noon tomrrow, atz around 7:20 pm or so
20:50 SelfishMan Just finished a phone call with yet another library looking at moving to koha!
03:49 Amit hi mason good mrng
03:53 mason hiya amit
03:54 mason good morning to you too :)
03:54 Amit tommorrow i m going to mumbai
03:56 mason ooh, for a seminar?
03:56 Amit yes
03:57 mason a koha seminar?
03:57 Amit yes
03:57 Amit koha seminar
03:57 mason are you speaking there?
03:57 mason so many questions!!
03:58 Amit i m taking cronjobs, zebra and lab sessions
03:59 mason ok, that sounds pretty exciting!
03:59 Amit hmm
03:59 Amit i have also made script for koha installation
04:01 mason cool
04:02 mason i have been learning jquery-ajax...
04:03 Amit hmm
04:32 brendan Heya Amit, mason, Chris
04:33 Amit heya brendan
04:33 mason hey guys
04:34 brendan On my way to Kohacon -- actually half way there
04:38 Amit brendan u reach TX
04:38 brendan no I'm in Arizona
04:39 Amit ok
04:41 brendan Amit about 1600 km
04:41 brendan or 1000 miles
04:41 Amit ok
04:41 Amit tommorrow i m also going to mumbai
04:41 brendan where are you now?
04:41 Amit i m in bangalore
04:42 brendan train trip?
04:42 mason hi brendan, u flying huh
04:42 brendan nope -- I'm driving
04:42 brendan staying with some friends tonight
04:42 Amit no by flight
04:42 brendan cool
04:43 Amit our main office in mumbai
04:43 brendan Amit - I took a train from Delhi to Goya - one time
04:43 Amit hmm
04:43 brendan that took along time
04:43 brendan enjoyed the chai though
04:43 Amit last time i came to delhi to bangalore by rajdhani express
04:43 Amit NUCSOFT LTD
04:44 Amit it takes 34 hours
04:44 Amit brendan from delhi to bangalore by train
04:44 brendan the trains in india are fun...  but crazy
04:44 Amit yes
04:44 brendan my trip from delhi to goya took 24 hours
04:44 brendan so not as bad
04:44 Amit k
04:45 Amit by GOA express
04:45 Amit from H.Nizzamuddin
04:45 Amit to GOA
04:50 Amit mason: what is your about train?
04:51 mason means?
05:17 brendan Well mason - I guess Amit doesn't know either
06:40 brendan heya nicomo
06:40 nicomo hi brendan
06:41 nicomo nope
06:41 nicomo we (biblibre) sent Nahuel and Paul
06:42 nicomo so I got to stay home
06:42 brendan oh bummer
06:42 brendan I was hoping to get a chance to meet
06:43 nicomo kohacon 2010?
06:44 nicomo I'm definitly going to vote for Paul to stay home next year
06:44 brendan I vote for new zealand
06:45 nicomo ++
06:45 nicomo so do i
06:46 nicomo in november? Beginning of summer?
06:46 brendan defintely
06:47 brendan ++
06:56 Kivutar hi all
06:56 brendan heya Klvutar
07:15 eiro hello all
07:16 eiro nicomo, i vote to bring all biblibers to kohacon 2010 :)
07:22 nicomo eiro: eheh, i saw this one coming miles away
07:23 eiro defintely, you've a good sight ;)
07:40 brendan hey nicomo -- do you have anything funny that I could say to Nahuel and Paul   -- to introduce myself
07:41 nicomo what an odd question...
07:41 nicomo i really don't know
07:42 brendan well I think we are going to a baseball game on friday night
07:42 brendan so anything that you think would be funy
07:42 nicomo hum... the baseball rules
07:42 brendan of course
07:43 brendan so basebal -- there is no time clock
07:43 nicomo I very much doubt they'll grasp the rules by the end of the game
07:43 brendan and play continues in four ground
07:43 nicomo tell them I challenge them to explain them to me in detail when they get back ;-)
07:43 brendan sorry foul gourn
07:43 brendan ground
07:44 brendan what I meant to say --- besides (my fat fingers tonight)  -- play continues in foul ground
07:44 nicomo well : what's foul ground in the 1st place?
07:45 brendan out of bounds ?
07:45 nicomo ok
07:45 brendan so when the football (soccer ball) goes out play still continues
07:45 nicomo nope
07:46 nicomo but the clock continues
07:46 slef that's what's meant I think
07:46 brendan no clock
07:46 slef morning all
07:46 nicomo hi slef
07:46 brendan good morning slef
07:47 nicomo brendan: which game do you plan to attend?
07:47 brendan so for Nahuel and Paul -- I try to get them to explain one part of baseball to you
07:47 brendan I think the plan is to attend the frisco riders
07:47 slef baseball - it's like a very very long game of rounders
07:47 brendan I've got the webpage --- one sec
07:48 brendan
07:51 brendan Plymouth Argyle Rules !!!
07:51 brendan that's for slef
07:52 slef except I'm a Norwich City fan ;)
07:53 brendan I hear marginally better
07:53 brendan Norwich that is
07:53 slef Norwich City are in the drop zone, so hrm
07:53 slef I'm fond of Northampton Town and Exeter City too
07:55 brendan My Grandfather used to play for aresnal -- not sure of the name but a junior team
07:55 brendan never made it to the big time
07:55 slef Arsenal
07:55 brendan yes
07:56 slef at one point, Yahoo!mail converted that to Bottomnal for you
07:56 brendan actually played 2 games on "old" wembley
07:57 slef aka the twin towers, aka the New Empire Stadium
07:57 slef I visited that but never for a game
07:59 brendan My grandfather grew up down the street and has always told me about the "old" stadium   ---
07:59 brendan I wish I had a chance to see it.... but I still put the new stadium on the top of the list
08:00 slef I don't think I would - it doesn't "mean" anything yet
08:01 slef no white horse clearing the pitch or stories like that yet
08:01 slef not sure what sports venue I'd put on the list now
08:02 Amit hi slef
08:04 brendan I'd love to take my grandfather there -- but he doesn't travel too much any more....
08:04 slef hi Amit
08:04 brendan but I've heard so many stories  --
08:04 Amit slef ur also TX
08:05 slef Amit no, I've been to North America 2 years in 4 already, so not going this year
08:05 slef Amit I'm still in Somerset, England
08:05 slef I really dislike transatlantic flights
08:05 Amit hmm
08:05 slef this year I'm going by train to Spain
08:06 Amit england to spain by train
08:07 slef yep.  2h30 to London, 2h-ish to Paris, 11h to Madrid
08:07 slef[…]don%20to%20Madrid
08:08 slef 14h to Madrid. Oh well, who cares? It's a hotel :)
08:11 brendan Goodnight Alll -- I continue my trip to kohacon tomorrow
08:11 slef brendan: night. Where are you now?
08:11 brendan I'm in Arizona
08:11 kf i always feel queasy when traveling by train - 14h sounds horrible
08:11 brendan about 1600 km from texas
08:11 slef just found in scrollback
08:12 slef travelling over land?
08:12 brendan yes I'm driving
08:12 slef good man... I think it takes some determination in US today to do that, no?
08:13 brendan I really enjoy driving -- especially across america -- amazing landscape
08:13 slef bignose-work: ping
08:13 slef driving irritates the heck out of me... can't spod while driving
08:14 slef well, you can, but people crash and end up in gaol
08:14 brendan slef -- if you ever have a good amount of time -- driving across the southwest of america is --- amazing
08:15 slef noted
08:15 brendan while driving in the southwest -- there is no one else on the road
08:16 brendan which is very different the the small roads of england
08:16 slef yeah, something like 3% average traffic growth here
08:16 slef but some bits of the fens are pretty deserted
08:17 slef down side there is that the roads have deep water channels alongside
08:17 slef and roads that do 90-degree turns with little warning
08:17 slef or that undulate enough that if you speed, they flip you off into the drain
08:18 slef usually a couple of deaths a year from that
08:18 slef Darwinian speed trap
08:18 brendan one of the first times I ever drove was in Ireland -- so I understand the hedgerows
08:18 slef every few years here, they change the hedge cutting contractor
08:19 brendan heh
08:19 slef each time, the new one seems not to know that you cut the hedge to the south of the road shorter
08:19 slef so that the sun thaws the ice
08:19 slef so every three or four years, we have ice rinks instead of roads
08:20 slef the joy of private-sector outsourcing
08:20 brendan certain parts of america -- you can point the car straight and fall asleep for awhile and still be on the same road
08:20 slef good test of the car's tracking, huh?
08:20 brendan of course
08:21 slef my dad used to drive mini's out from the factory sometimes
08:21 brendan or having a steady hand
08:21 slef there's a long straight that they used to take the hands off the wheel and see if it held
08:21 slef if not, take it back ;)
08:21 brendan heh
08:22 slef that straight's gone now, of course, under dual-carriageways and bypasses
08:22 brendan or roundabouts
08:22 slef "traffic circles" hehehe
08:23 slef the other Anglo-American difference that got me was "pavement" :)
08:23 brendan Ok -- good night alll
08:23 slef anyway, I'm stopping you leaving :P
08:23 slef night
08:25 Amit night brendan
08:50 bignose-work slef: pong
08:53 bignose-work slef: thanks for the return email message, good to see a familiar face.
09:12 Crusoe hi all!
09:12 Crusoe how can I manage facets?
09:13 Crusoe in OPAC
09:18 hdl_laptop Crusoe: what do you want to do ?
09:18 Crusoe I'd like to define a new facet which is connected with some field
09:19 Crusoe I got a feeling that I need to modify search module and template for that
09:20 Crusoe Am I right?
09:27 Crusoe or maybe just define an index in Zebra and name it in a template...
09:50 hdl_laptop I am afraid you are right
10:20 Amit hi kf
10:21 kf hi Amit

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