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13:06 owen If you're using item-level itemtypes, is there any reason at all to specify an itemtype at the biblio level?
13:06 owen Or can it be taken out of the framework?
13:07 paul_p owen: it can be taken out of the framework.
13:08 paul_p (hello & happy easter)
13:08 owen And to you to, paul_p
13:08 owen Thanks
13:08 owen When are you leaving?
13:09 owen :)
13:25 Hui_Nan_ hello
13:25 Hui_Nan_ does anybody know how to figure out the data stored in Zebra indexes for a record?
13:26 Hui_Nan_ zebra admin's manual states there is a special element set 'zebra::index'
13:28 Hui_Nan_ however koha's biblios database says: Diagnostic message(s) from database:
13:28 Hui_Nan_    [25] Specified element set name not valid for specified database -- v2 addinfo 'zebra::index'
13:42 Hui_Nan_[…]-July/001694.html
13:42 Hui_Nan_ answer's found!
13:57 jwagner Question for folks on authorities -- the dontmerge authorities syspref references a cron job.  However, I don't find that script anywhere on the server (either 3.0 or 3.0.1 versions).  Is the manual outdated for this, or are we missing a script?
14:02 atz jwagner: misc/migration_tools/
14:02 atz slight imprecision in docs
14:05 jwagner Thanks, atz.  Can you clarify when that should be run?  If I'm reading the manual & syspref description correctly, if dontmerge is set to ON, things happen on the fly.  If it's set to OFF, this script should be cronned (nightly? how often?). Is that correct?
14:05 atz nightly should do it
14:28 liz_nekls q: is there something amiss with git? I can't get search results after dec. 08
14:28 liz_nekls (web interface)
14:28 liz_nekls err, can't "seem" to get results after dec 08
14:30 atz liz_nekls: not sure what you mean... got a link?
14:45 owen liz_nekls: are you coming to KohaCon?
14:46 liz_nekls owen: yessir, I will be there
14:46 liz_nekls prepare to have your brain picked.
14:47 owen I'm looking forward to it :)
14:48 liz_nekls there are a lot of people I"m looking forward to seeing
14:48 liz_nekls meeting, etc
14:49 liz_nekls atz: hrmph, it  works now, not sure what's different. I'm getting different results for things I searched for not 30 minutes ago
14:49 liz_nekls (correct results)
14:49 atz odd
14:49 liz_nekls very
14:49 liz_nekls but a welcome change in state of affairs
14:50 liz_nekls ;)
14:50 gmcharlt +1 to that
14:51 paul_p & very excited to come to TX! (i've been in OH, but Nelsonville is a not a large city !)
14:51 gmcharlt liz_nekls: checked - didn't see any particular reason why gitweb should have acted up
15:03 Hui_Nan_ had anyone played with zebra::index element set in zebra?
15:03 Hui_Nan_ I can't get utf-8 encoded text
15:04 Hui_Nan_ just dogs instead of letters
15:04 Hui_Nan_ like <index name="Author" type="w" seq="15">@@@@@@@@</index>
15:05 Hui_Nan_ I'm using yaz-client connected to zebrasrv via unix socket which Koha uses for biblios
15:07 Hui_Nan_ I worry because a SimpleSearch through opac "au=<some cyrillic surname>" gives a couple of records where <some cyrillic surname> is not mentioned at all!
15:08 Hui_Nan_ records were imported, using tools
15:10 atz Hui_Nan_: make sure the internal MARC flag for encoding matches your expectation (probably utf8)
15:10 atz that would be leader/09="a" for marc21
15:12 Hui_Nan_ I'm using unimarc (rusmarc)
15:13 atz i think it is in the 100 field then.  paul_p could confirm
15:13 Hui_Nan_ yep exactly
15:13 Hui_Nan_ I have there Character Set 1 = 50-UTF-8
15:14 Hui_Nan_ it is not a problem 'cause in OPAC I see correct biblio
15:14 atz just in zebra?
15:15 Hui_Nan_ and if I ask zebra for just a record data I get marcxml/unimarc with russian
15:15 atz ah, ok
15:15 Hui_Nan_ but if I ask for indexing data - then alas
15:15 atz you just need to negotiate character set
15:15 Hui_Nan_ certainly I do
15:15 Hui_Nan_ charset UTF-8 UTF-8 UTF-8 is in my ~/.yazclientrc
15:16 Hui_Nan_ that's why I see cyrillic when I ask for record
15:16 atz that makes sense
15:16 Hui_Nan_ I believe that the trouble is in koha-conf.xml
15:16 atz interesting!
15:16 Hui_Nan_ I added the lines like "<retrieval syntax="xml" name="zebra::index" />"
15:17 Hui_Nan_ to access zebra::XXX element sets
15:17 Hui_Nan_ I believe I have to specify utf-8 somewhere inside retrieval
15:18 atz perhaps this is a question for the zebra listserv
15:19 Hui_Nan_ certainly it is
15:19 Hui_Nan_ I'm asking in a hope that someone here has played with zebra::index %-)
15:21 Hui_Nan_ well, why coluld this happen? I'm importing some records, rebuild zebra's index and get within relevant records a few irrelewant ones while searching?
15:25 liz_nekls gmcharlt: thanks for checking.
15:28 Hui_Nan_ just looking at that irrelevant record in `biblioitems.marcxml`
15:29 Hui_Nan_ that guy is certainly not mentioned nowhere in the record
15:30 Hui_Nan_ author by whose name I found this record
15:30 atz strange... check your zebra logs to see if indexing is failing on certain records
15:31 atz otherwise, (if it isn't a huge dataset) try rebuilding the index from scratch and see if it still happens
15:32 Hui_Nan_ [warn] Index 'XXX' not found in attset(s)
15:32 Hui_Nan_ that's all
15:32 Hui_Nan_ XXX is not /Author.+/
15:33 Hui_Nan_ 11 records for testing purposes
15:34 Hui_Nan_ rebuilding does not help
15:34 Hui_Nan_ ./ -b -w
15:34 Hui_Nan_ is it correct?
15:38 atz misc/migration_tools/ -b -r  # the r clears index first
15:38 atz may want to use -x (for XML indexing too)
15:40 Hui_Nan_ the order of records in the results list has changed
15:40 Hui_Nan_ but, the same irrelevant records %-(
15:41 Hui_Nan_ I noticed that `biblio`.`author` is empty for all the imported records
15:41 Hui_Nan_ Is it OK?
15:42 Hui_Nan_ each has rusmarc 700 and 701 fields
15:42 Hui_Nan_ each record
15:43 Hui_Nan_ well, anyway, I'm fighting with Zebra, not Koha
15:43 Hui_Nan_ Where Zebra finds the data on records?
15:46 atz Hui_Nan_: that suggests that import is failing at some point
15:46 atz before writing to
15:47 Hui_Nan_ well, Zebra says there are 11 records in the biblio base, all 11 `biblioitem`.`marcsql` are correct
15:48 Hui_Nan_ I'll wait for the answer from zebra list and then may be some code studying will help %-)
15:55 Hui_Nan_ [Mon Apr 13 13:44:25 2009] [error] [client] [Mon Apr 13 13:44:25 2009] superlibrarian at
15:55 Hui_Nan_ /home/www/koha/lib/C4/ line 1423., referer:[…]ols/
15:55 Hui_Nan_ ups... that's something strange
15:56 Hui_Nan_ I can't see what kind of error it is
15:56 Hui_Nan_ authentication, well
15:57 Hui_Nan_ ough, there are a lot of errors today :-(
15:57 Hui_Nan_ gonna check that line tomorrow %-)
15:58 Hui_Nan_ atz, thanks for help~
15:58 Hui_Nan_ !
15:59 liz_nekls ok, here's what I'm seeing (feel free to say "git: ur doing it wrong"
16:00 liz_nekls i did a search for 2940, and got no results
16:00 liz_nekls but here it is:[…]cf10834e45935c6f7
16:00 liz_nekls i had to look through the shortlog to find it
16:01 gmcharlt a commit search of '2940" on gitweb turned it up for me
16:02 liz_nekls I did the exact same thing and it didn't come up
16:03 liz_nekls and I just now did it, and it worked, from the home page. one second, maybe it's the location of the search box that is different
16:03 liz_nekls ok, I'm crazy I guess
16:04 liz_nekls <commences muttering>
16:06 gmcharlt one possibilitilty - gitweb's searches are in the context of whatever branch you're viewing
16:07 gmcharlt it's possible that you may have been looking at an older commit
16:07 gmcharlt and the search was relative to that
16:07 liz_nekls hm that could explain why it would work on some pages and not others
16:07 liz_nekls yes, that must be it
16:08 liz_nekls thanks, I'll just hit the home page every time to start my searches
16:08 liz_nekls to avoid that
17:13 chris sick_child_the_night_before_flying_to_texas--
17:13 pianohacker Yikes. How sick?
17:14 chris just a cold
17:14 chris but it means im awake at 5am having just got him back to sleep
17:15 pianohacker Oh, man. Sorry, hope he feels better soon
17:16 chris thanks
17:18 chris liz_nekls: do you have a git clone checked out locally, or do you just use gitweb for searching?
17:22 chris atz: you about?
17:23 atz ?
17:23 atz not sure i can do much for your kid from here, though  :)
17:23 chris heh
17:23 chris
17:24 chris for a really over the top prompt :)
17:25 gmcharlt chris++
17:25 gmcharlt some of that should be ported to gitweb
17:25 atz wow... that's overkill... but then, he's probably russian.
17:26 chris :)
17:27 pianohacker One wonders what that prompt would be like after editing four template files in our directory layout
17:28 chris heh
17:28 chris i do like this tho
17:29 chris
17:29 chris adding a function to change the prompt if you are in a dirty state
17:33 chris right added :)
17:34 chris
17:35 chris ok it's all quiet now, im gonna try and get more sleep, cyas later
17:35 pianohacker Good night
20:39 liz_nekls chris: wow, I totally missed your question. I use the gitweb, we are hosted. It's a long story.
20:40 liz_nekls chris: I can totally relate to the 5am child wakies
20:40 liz_nekls totally sucks, for all involved
21:00 chris yep, and now im awake again :) but this time voluntarily
21:00 chris liz_nekls: ahh in that case my git log --grep="2940" command won't help you :)
22:00 liz_nekls 2 more days to kohacon! Woo! Ttyl!
22:00 pianohacker Bye, see you there
23:06 atz bad timing between kohacon and taxes :(
23:08 gmcharlt atz: incentive to do them (slightly) earlier?
23:09 atz meh.  incentive, inschmentive.
23:09 gmcharlt well, there's always the option of an extension - form to request one is much shorter :)
23:10 atz true
23:12 pianohacker Do we have a smokebot running? There's a lot of empty reports on smolder
23:14 gmcharlt there's a cronjob - I'll check it tomorrow
23:15 pianohacker Had completely forgotten about smolder 'till I saw the newsfeed in #kohanews
23:17 pianohacker bye
01:17 atz not too bad... taxes done in 2 hours
03:53 Amit hi chris, mason, brendan
04:08 brendan Heya Amit
04:08 brendan how's things
04:08 Amit everything is fine
04:08 Amit preparing for mumbai seminar
04:08 brendan cool
04:08 brendan ;)
04:09 brendan I'm signing off and will be back next week... have a good week
04:10 Amit same to u
07:09 Amit hi greenmang0
07:20 hdl_laptop matts: tu es sur biblibre ?
07:20 hdl_laptop Je ne vois personne
07:20 matts yep
07:30 Amit hi kf
07:30 Amit hi hdl
07:30 hdl_laptop hi all
07:30 kf good morning all
07:48 Amit hi nicomo
07:49 nicomo hi Amit
08:44 k3rn3l hi
08:45 mason heya kernel
08:53 k3rn3l I would like to know a little more about how koha was programmed, is there a good place to learn this?
08:53 Amit heya mason
08:53 mason hey amit
08:54 Amit mason: have u checked matching rule in koha 3.01 version
08:58 mason kernel:[…]6a53f9828238c6e05
08:58 mason thats a good history of koha's development, for you
08:58 mason amit, for staged-importing?
08:58 Amit yes
08:59 mason hmm, yes - a little
08:59 Amit there is matching rule problem with issn
09:00 mason i have had success with isbn and issn matching
09:00 Amit in my case there is matching problem with issn
09:01 Amit i m also planning to add matching in ./
09:02 mason ah, that would be handy
09:02 hdl_laptop k3rn3l: : KohaCon could be a good place too.
09:02 mason hi hdl
09:02 hdl_laptop Amit: how woul you do this ?
09:03 Amit no i have written some code last night but not working
09:03 mason kernel: and taking a look at koha src-code too ;)
09:04 Amit hdl: by hardcode of MARC tag one tag at a time
09:04 hdl_laptop I have already patched bulkmarcimport for that
09:04 hdl_laptop And it also adds importing authorities.
09:04 Amit k
09:04 Amit have u any url
09:04 mason i have modified, addbib, addbibitems, additems to import new marc records with 999$ ids
09:05 mason 999$ has bib, bibitem and item numbers...
09:05 hdl_laptop Amit: no url but can send patch
09:05 Amit u can send me if possible
09:06 hdl_laptop mason: huh.... seems quite dangerous to do so.
09:06 hdl_laptop it it is hardcoded.
09:06 Amit yes
09:06 hdl_laptop will do
09:06 mason yes, a bit dangerous.... but needed for a tricky 2.2 -> 3.0 upgrade
09:07 hdl_laptop mmmm... You could have done it with kohafield linking
09:07 hdl_laptop i think
09:08 mason hmm, i dont think so , for this specific upgrade
09:10 mason but.. my dangerous patch is only used for the initial marc-import only - then the codebase is switched back, all is happy again
09:51 Amit hdl : this patch[…]ember/002309.html
09:57 hdl_laptop no
09:58 Amit k
09:58 hdl_laptop not sent on list at the moment
10:45 k3rn3l is there any framework (mvc) behind koha?
11:20 Hui_Nan_ hello
11:21 Hui_Nan_ how could I search for records where author is not Smith?
11:21 Hui_Nan_ not au:Smith?
11:21 Hui_Nan_ through OPAC
11:53 hdl_laptop mmmm...
11:54 hdl_laptop in the advanced tab, you can find boolean operators iirc.

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