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17:49 brendan very quiet today -- still easter here...
03:36 Amit hi mason, brendan, chris
04:51 brendan heya Amit
04:51 brendan How'd the whole conference go?
04:51 Amit conference is fine
04:52 brendan good -- for you Amit
04:52 Amit around 35 people in seminar
04:57 chris hi amit and brendan
04:58 Amit hi chris
04:59 Amit chris: mysore seminar is good around 35 people
05:00 chris excellent
05:01 Amit now for mumbai on 17 april
05:15 chris the same time as kohacon .. we will have to try and do an irc link :)
05:16 Amit yes
05:34 brendan Hey Chris --
05:34 chris heya
05:34 brendan In Laws in town
05:34 chris fly tomorrow
05:34 brendan Really?
05:34 brendan wow
05:35 brendan where do you fly to?
05:35 brendan sorry -- time change is screwing with me Chris
05:35 brendan so tomorrow is Tuesday....  then you land on Wednesday
05:36 chris still tuesday
05:36 chris cos of the time difference
05:36 brendan damn
05:36 chris yeah i take off at 5.30pm in wellington
05:36 brendan ok -- so I'm leaving on tuesday to get there
05:36 chris land at 8.50pm .. same day
05:36 brendan That's still in my mind two days away
05:36 chris messes with your head :)
05:37 brendan so badly -- does that mess with my head
05:37 brendan Heya Amit
05:37 chris and on the way back, i take off on tuesday, round lunch time, dont get home til thursday
05:38 brendan ok -- that killed me there
05:38 brendan that's about 18 hours local time -- but like 48 hours on the calendar
05:39 Amit heya brendan
05:41 chris yep
05:41 chris thats when the jetlag kills ya
05:41 chris not so bad going there, coming back it messes you up
05:58 chris hi nicomo
05:58 nicomo hi chris
05:59 chris full of chocolate eggs?
06:05 Amit hi nicomo
06:05 nicomo hi Amit
06:05 nicomo no chris : i've been very reasonnable with chocolate eggs
06:06 nicomo there's an expression in french, which says : i'm not a "sugar beak"
06:06 nicomo i.e. I'm not too keen about desserts, candys, and all things sugary
06:07 chris ahhh
06:12 nicomo ahah ->
06:12 chris heh
06:14 brendan heya nicomo
06:14 nicomo hi brendan
06:15 brendan alright all --- I'm off to bed - I hope I'll see you all in a few days
06:15 chris :) sleep well
06:17 nicomo bye brendan
07:21 Amit_Gupta hi frederic
07:53 chris nicomo:[…]4/13/easter-2009/
07:54 nicomo eheh "easter bunny footprints"
07:56 chris yep, talcum powder :) it helps to have an artist for a wife :)
08:02 paul_p hello chris
08:02 paul_p D-1 before departure ;-)
08:03 chris yep, mostly packed now ;)
08:09 chris you are taking a laptop eh?
08:13 paul_p chris: of course !
08:13 paul_p with a FR<>US electric adapter !
08:15 chris im just bringing my netbook
08:15 chris so i may transfer my presentation to another computer when i get there, its just an openoffice one
08:17 chris other wise we will have to switch computers halfway through, might be easier to just use your one
08:18 chris but we can figure that out there :)
09:31 chris ok, changed my slides, html now, so they will work on any computer
09:38 paul_p chris: could you send them to me pls ?
09:38 paul_p (OOo & html formats)
09:39 paul_p thus, i can complete with my suggestions/ideas/comments ...
09:40 chris still working on them, rewriting them in html
09:40 chris but i can send you what I have so far
09:45 chris (bear in mind they are just bullet points I will be talking about much more than is on them, they are just to remind me)

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