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12:20 Hui_Nan_ it should be because of the empty permissions table
12:29 Hui_Nan_ where should I add extra privileges for user's privileges?
12:29 Hui_Nan_ it should be some place where I associate 'edit_news' with 'superlibrarian' for example
12:40 Hui_Nan_ looks like installation bug
12:40 kf go to borrower page and click on more
12:41 Hui_Nan_ yes, I've been there
12:41 Hui_Nan_ there is only 'superlibrarian' and alike
12:41 kf superlibrarian is a general permission for all and everything
12:41 Hui_Nan_[…]anularpermissions
12:42 gmcharlt Hui_Nan_: granular permissions currently only for tools
12:42 kf which koha-version do u use?
12:42 Hui_Nan_ says, that there should be several records in зукьшыышщты ефиду
12:42 kf is granular permissions On in system preferences?
12:42 gmcharlt to enable display, should turn on GranularPermissions system preference, as kf says
12:43 Hui_Nan_ yep, I added this variable as yes|no type, and turned it on
12:43 Hui_Nan_ still no granular permissions
12:43 kf it should have been there
12:43 gmcharlt you had to add it?  what version are you running?
12:43 kf if you had to add it, perhaps something is wrong
12:43 Hui_Nan_ 3.0001005
12:44 Hui_Nan_ and news appeared in tools when I added a corresponding record to permissions
12:45 kf GranularPermissions is located on Admin tag in system preferences and should be there after installation
12:45 kf normally there is no need to add things
12:46 Hui_Nan_ oh yes, it was there and it was "On"
12:47 Hui_Nan_ I believe that UI has to know somehow what kind of granular permissions are available
12:47 kf UI changes automatically when turning on
12:48 kf gives you more options than before
12:48 Hui_Nan_ since the corresponding table was empty, I had no granular permissions at UI
12:48 kf tools is really detailed then
12:48 kf hm
12:48 kf perhaps something is missing in your installation
12:48 Hui_Nan_ yep! I'm right
12:49 Hui_Nan_ after I added a row for 'edit_news' UI displayed corresponding permission
12:49 kf ok
12:49 Hui_Nan_ this is an installation bug
12:49 kf but it should not be empty
12:52 kf perhaps you can use this to get it working:[…]658533d95912b5d6f
12:52 kf hm seems not up to date, so perhaps not
12:53 kf dont listen to me g
12:55 Hui_Nan_ no problem
12:55 Hui_Nan_ just a little bit of handwork to fix a problem
12:56 Hui_Nan_ after an hour of studying the code
12:56 Hui_Nan_ ;-)))
12:57 kf you should file a bug
12:58 kf i use 3.00.01 to, but we did a patch, so I did not see this problem
13:14 Hui_Nan_ to file, or not to file? - that is the question :-)
13:14 Hui_Nan_ kf, do you mean 'upgrade' by patch or what?
13:15 gmcharlt Hui_Nan_: do you have time to wipe your database and rerun the installer to see if problem can be reproduced?
13:15 kf yes, sorry upgrade / update
13:26 Hui_Nan_ gmcharlt: I would have, but what is the reason to do it?
13:26 Hui_Nan_ installation was smooth enough
13:27 gmcharlt Hui_Nan_: well, the question is whether userpermissions.sql was loaded at all, or if it somehow got skipped
13:27 gmcharlt not a big deal
13:29 Hui_Nan_ well, unfortunately I did not record the output of make, thus reinstallation would be useful
13:30 Hui_Nan_ however, as far as I remember, the database is filled during the web-setup
13:30 gmcharlt that's correct
13:31 Hui_Nan_ ok, I'll leave it for tomorrow
13:32 Hui_Nan_ I still can't see how reinstallation could help
13:32 Hui_Nan_ I should analyse the web-installation code
13:32 gmcharlt it could help determine if it always skips loading that SQL file
13:32 Hui_Nan_ %-)
13:33 gmcharlt or if it was just accidentally unselected when you went through the last of SQL files to load
13:33 gmcharlt that's all
13:33 Hui_Nan_ ok
13:33 gmcharlt actually, the FrameworksLoaded syspref should tell you which SQL files had been loaded
13:34 Hui_Nan_ Oh, that page, which suggests some authority dictionaries and such a stuff?
13:34 gmcharlt yes
13:34 kf leaving for easter holidays :) bye #koha
13:34 Hui_Nan_ very well, there's something to do
13:35 Hui_Nan_ could anyone give me a clue, an OPAC template for which language is loaded by default
13:35 Hui_Nan_ ?
13:36 gmcharlt not sure what you mean - English is the default if you don't install any translations
13:36 Hui_Nan_ russian is the very first in the list of languages at my iceweasel 3
13:37 Hui_Nan_ I define some news for russian but English is shown
13:37 gmcharlt checkout the opaclanguage syspref
13:38 Hui_Nan_ opaclanguages="ru-RU,uk-UA,en,fr-FR,de-DE"
13:38 Hui_Nan_ and news are posted to "OPAC (ru-RU)"
13:39 Hui_Nan_ however only "OPAC (en)" are displayed :-(
13:42 Hui_Nan_ looks like another bug %-)
13:42 bchurch  /join #liblime
13:43 gmcharlt bchurch: need to do that on freenode, not the IRC server
13:44 bchurch ok
13:44 Hui_Nan_ not so easy from behind a socks proxy
13:44 Hui_Nan_ what's IP?
13:46 gmcharlt Hui_Nan_: do what?
13:46 Hui_Nan_ No IP address found for the domain '' %-(((
13:46 gmcharlt ah - the #liblime channel is for LibLime staff
13:46 gmcharlt freenode does have #kohanews
13:46 gmcharlt which is a bot-driven feed of commits, bug reports, and so forth
13:47 Hui_Nan_ I'm confused then
13:47 gmcharlt bchurch and I work for LibLime, that's the missing piece
13:47 Hui_Nan_ >bchurch<   /join #liblime --- invitation for whom?
13:47 Hui_Nan_ ok
14:50 atz owen: you aren't by chance related to a Pat Leonard in Columbus, are you?
14:50 owen Nope. My family is originally from Kansas
19:13 gmcharlt_ chris: seriously?  thought they only existed in nursery rhymes ;)
19:13 chris heck no
19:13 chris every year :)
19:14 chris ive actually been eating them the last week :)
19:14 chris tho today is the day you are supposed to eat them
19:14 gmcharlt_ what's the occassion?
19:15 chris good friday
19:15 gmcharlt ah
19:15 chris and chocolate eggs on sunday
19:16 chris
19:17 chris The bakery chain expect to bake over 250,000 fresh buns on ‘Bun Thursday’, a baking term to describe the day before Easter Friday and one of the busiest days on the baking calendar.
19:17 gmcharlt it's important to support the local economy
19:17 gmcharlt "new coffee-infused Hot Cross Buns"
19:17 gmcharlt sounds good to me
19:18 chris heh
19:18 chris everything is closed today, so theres not much else to do but eat :)
19:32 chris
19:38 liz-nekls ok I am having a seriously dumb moment... I want to suppress the display of the Call Number (see result number 2 of this search: http://nekls.test.kohalibrary.[…]
19:38 liz-nekls but I am looking at the xslt templates and I don't see it in there?
19:39 liz-nekls (feel like I'm taking crazy pills)
19:40 liz-nekls supposedly comes from the 050ab and 090ab marc fields
19:47 gmcharlt liz-nekls: just checked
19:48 gmcharlt currently, path to MARC21slim2OPACResults.xsl is hardcoded to use prog template
19:48 liz-nekls AH
19:48 gmcharlt so you're not crazy
19:48 liz-nekls lol
19:48 liz-nekls YAY
19:48 gmcharlt at least, not about that ;)
19:49 liz-nekls hardee har har
19:49 liz-nekls <3
19:50 liz-nekls well this definitely explains many problems I was having updating those templates ^.^
19:50 gmcharlt liz-nekls: here's the bug to add yourself to the CC list:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2774
19:51 liz-nekls ah, i see what you did there
06:04 chris hi nicomo
06:06 nicomo hi chris
06:06 nicomo friday night already?
06:11 chris yup
06:11 chris im full of hot cross buns
06:11 chris is that an easter tradition in france?
06:12 nicomo no, not that i know of
06:12 chris it was a public holiday so I took kahu out to his grandparents and we made hot cross buns, and then ate them :)
06:12 nicomo eh eh
06:13 nicomo tradition in france regarding easter is rather chocolate
06:13 nicomo in the shapes of rabbits, eggs a hens mostly
06:13 nicomo you hide them around in the garden or a parc
06:13 nicomo and children have to find them
06:14 nicomo does that exist in NZ?
06:14 chris yep that is for sunday
06:17 chris easter egg hunt
06:17 nicomo so that's all we have here
06:18 nicomo translation question
06:18 nicomo chat does a "patron's account line" refer too in Koha?
06:18 nicomo any idea?
06:18 nicomo s/chat/what
06:20 chris ahh i think its a row in the accountlines table
06:20 chris so it might be a fine, or a credit, or a rental charge
06:20 chris so if you are looking a patrons account, which has a list of charges and payments
06:21 chris its one line of that
06:21 chris does that help?
06:21 nicomo yes it does
06:21 nicomo i need to translate this
06:22 nicomo 'If ON Patron account lines can be changed in the staff client'
06:22 nicomo a new sys pref
06:23 chris ahh
06:23 nicomo if an account line is a fine, more or less, I gather that you can turn this OFF in the staff client?
06:23 nicomo then how do you pay fines and all ?
06:23 chris i think If On staff can edit a borrowers accounts
06:23 chris i think its more if its on, it lets you edit a fine
06:24 nicomo I'm not sure how this is intended to work
06:24 chris lemme check the code
06:24 chris 2 secs
06:24 chris ahh no code yet
06:25 nicomo no, it was an  email on koha-devel
06:25 nicomo working on patch
06:25 nicomo needs french translation of sys pref
06:25 nicomo well I'll assume it's a fine
06:25 nicomo and we'll work from there
06:27 chris you might need to ask, what is it supposed to do, I assume it lets you edit any information to do with money on the patron's record
06:28 nicomo ok, thanks chris
07:22 chris hi paul_p and nahuel
07:22 paul_p hi chris
07:22 chris paul_p: did you see the email i cc'd you on? to david?
07:22 paul_p yep
07:23 nahuel hi chris
07:23 nahuel chris, what's up? waiting for the travel to dallas?
07:24 chris yep, just got an email from david, he might be able to pick all of us up at the airport
07:24 chris which would be good :)
07:24 paul_p chris, yep, seen the mail
07:24 nahuel it's really cool !
07:27 paul_p chris: to answer Tina question about my title.
07:27 chris ah yes
07:27 paul_p How should I write "Paul Poulain, BibLibre boss, owner"
07:27 paul_p ?
07:28 chris CEO ?
07:28 paul_p yep, you're right
07:29 nicomo always funny this issue of titles
07:29 paul_p nicomo: ++
07:29 nicomo there usually are no titles in french companies
07:29 chris i just went Chris Cormack, Some Dude
07:29 nicomo so when we (biblibre) are asked about this
07:29 chris well i didnt really, but I should have
07:29 nicomo we basically invent new titles each time
07:29 chris yeah my business card doesnt have a job title
07:30 chris I chose Chris Cormack, Translation Manager, Senior Developer Catalyst
07:30 chris for kohacon
07:30 paul_p I've answered Tina "Koha 2.x Release Manager". You should add "Koha 1.x Release Manager"
07:34 chris oh yeah
07:34 chris ah never mind
07:35 chris I figure the people who come to our talk will know by the end :)
07:37 paul_p for sure !
07:43 chris is it a public holiday today in france?
07:46 paul_p chris: nope.
07:46 chris monday?
07:47 paul_p what's strange in France : holiday on monday, not on friday, where the catholic event is today
07:47 chris we have holiday on friday and monday
07:47 paul_p but frenchies need a closed monday to retrieve from their heavy drinking/eating of sunday :D
07:47 paul_p (yesterday, "Super size me" on TV, for the 1st time on a public channel)
07:50 chris heh
07:50 chris it was an interesting movie
07:58 hdl_laptop on Holy Thursday... Is it criticizing Holy Meal ?
08:12 chris i dont think mc donalds is a holy meal anywhere :)
08:13 hdl_laptop mmm.. some comedians did a quick announce of a fake film
08:13 hdl_laptop Jesus II the return
08:13 hdl_laptop starring Stallone
08:14 hdl_laptop and holy meal was mcdonalds
08:14 hdl_laptop ;)
08:15 chris hehe
08:22 hdl_laptop
08:28 chris hehe
08:47 Hui_Nan_ hello
09:13 Hui_Nan_ who knows, why in ru_RU installer INSERT of marcflavour='UNIMARC' variable is commented out?
09:14 Hui_Nan_ may it be because of the fact that in Russia many libraries use MARC21?
09:15 Hui_Nan_ I'm asking, because the choice of 'unimarc' during the web-based installation does not insert this variable into the database
09:36 Hui_Nan_ oh, i see, that should be done by installer %-(

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