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12:00 mason the output and il take a look if you want
12:01 fallor DBI connect(':','',...) failed: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/C4/ line 411
12:01 fallor this is when the whole thing dies
12:01 mason welll.....
12:01 fallor it can't read the password for the database from the xml
12:01 fallor i think
12:01 soul9 yes
12:01 soul9 check the password
12:02 fallor the password is correct, it's the xml that messes things up
12:02 mason windows characters in your conf file?
12:02 mason etc...
12:02 fallor nope
12:02 mason conf look like xml?
12:02 fallor it's never been on a windows system
12:03 fallor yep, it looks like perfectly ok xml to me
12:03 mason whew, thats good to hear :)
12:03 fallor and i think xmllint agrees ;)
12:04 mason yep, i think so too
12:04 fallor how can i check the version of my xml::simple?
12:04 fallor maybe there is something wrong with that
12:06 mason $ locate|grep XML
12:07 mason /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/XML/
12:07 mason /usr/share/perl5/XML/
12:07 mason should be a version up the top line..
12:07 mason # $Id:,v 1.23 2005/01/29 04:16:10 grantm Exp $  
12:09 mason .
12:09 fallor # $Id:,v 1.40 2007/08/15 10:36:48 grantm Exp $
12:09 mason if you have more than one copy on your box, check which one is being used 1st
12:10 fallor i only have that one
12:10 mason 1.40 is the latest from cpan
12:11 fallor ok, so no point trying to upgrade it
12:11 fallor the modules are all installed directly from cpan
12:11 fallor not the package repositories of the distribution
12:12 mason oops, fyi 1.40 is actually 2.18
12:12 mason $VERSION           = '2.18';
12:12 mason my bad
12:12 fallor err...?
12:12 fallor come again? :D
12:13 mason line 58 of your
12:13 mason $VERSION          = '2.18';
12:13 fallor oh, yes
12:13 fallor so it seems
12:14 fallor so 1.40 is really 2.18, unbeatable logic :D
12:19 mason fallor, i am not sure how to fix your problem now :/
12:20 mason you may need to email the devel list for further help
12:20 fallor whats this thing then?
12:21 fallor i could well send the output of the script there for you to see
12:21 mason yep, thats how to use pastebin
12:24 fallor i'll have to check that it doesn't reveal passwords and such first ;)
12:31 fallor ok, that's done
12:31 fallor so i'll just paste the output to then?
12:31 mason yep
12:36 fallor ok, it's there now
12:37 mason cool, now you paste in your new url ;)
12:39 fallor
12:39 fallor ah, ok, so that's how it works
12:39 fallor i was wondering... :D
12:42 mason ahh, and try please
12:42 mason there may be a bug wth
12:43 fallor but the system is not using zebra :(
12:43 fallor or is not planned to use
12:44 fallor zebra would require additional configuration, no?
12:49 mason
12:50 mason fallor, an example of a perl script test your koha.conf file for errors
12:50 mason using xml::simple
12:53 fallor_ like so
12:54 mason hokay, back to work for a while...
13:08 jwagner Good morning all.  Anyone around who can discuss record display templates&
13:09 jwagner er, s/&/? of course....
13:14 owen Whats on your mind jwagner?
13:16 hdl_laptop you would like to get record display out of general display ?
13:24 jwagner Hi, owen.  There is a syspref of OPACURLOpenInNewWindow which is supposed to make URLs (like 856s) open in new browser windows.  This works in the OPAC if you turn off the XSLT stuff, but does not work if the XSLT is in place.  It doesn't work at all in the staff side, although the code in the .tmpl files looks the same as the opac tmpl.  So (1) shouldn't this work even if XSLT is turned on, and (2) shouldn't it work through the staff side?
13:25 owen (1) is a bug
13:25 owen (2) is a no: OPACURLOpenInNewWindow is only supposed to affect the OPAC
13:25 owen If you wanted something for the staff client you'd have to create a new pref for that
13:26 owen Generally we try to separate the functionality of OPAC prefs from staff client behavior
13:26 jwagner I thought it was a bug, but I didn't find anything on bugzilla.  Has one been opened?
13:26 owen I guess not
13:30 jwagner I know staff & OPAC are supposed to use different templates, but what puzzled me here was that they both have the same code block for displaying URLs:
13:30 jwagner <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="OPACURLOpenInNewWindow" --><a href="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="MARCURL" -->" title="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="MARCURL" -->" target="_blank"><!-- TMPL_ELSE --><a href="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="MARCURL" -->" title="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="MARCURL" -->"><!-- /TMPL_IF -->
13:30 owen What file is that from?
13:32 jwagner That was from opac-detail.tmpl.  I could swear I found it also in detail.tmpl earlier, but I'm not seeing it now.  I was logged into a different system then.  Maybe someone had been working on the file there.
13:33 jwagner That's the problem with working between multiple systems under development :-(
13:40 jwagner Would it be desirable, do you think, to either make an equivalent syspref for the staff side or make the staff side pay attention to the OPAC one?  I think it should be a general rule that external URLs should open in a new window.
13:48 owen The reason the OPAC pref exists is that *some* people think it should be a general rule.
13:48 owen And the OPAC rule should definitely not apply to the staff side.
13:48 owen If you think it's a good addition, feel free to submit a patch creating a new system pref for the staff side.
13:49 owen I don't see the need myself, but I really only know the perspective of one library
13:50 jwagner OK, thanks.  I'll think about a patch for the staff side.  Should I go ahead & open a bugzilla report on the XSLT problem?  Or do you know if someone is already working on it?
13:51 owen Even if someone is working on it, if it's a bug it's a bug
13:53 jwagner I know that bugs get identified & fixed without ever going through bugzilla, but that sure makes it hard for someone else running into the same problem.  I'll go ahead & put in a report.  Thanks much!
13:55 slef anyone know why koha-zebra isn't on ?
14:10 owen jwagner: Just because there is a possibility that a bug is known shouldn't discourage you from reporting it
14:18 jwagner I've submitted it -- #3098.
14:30 owen Hi liz_nekls_
14:56 hdl_laptop slef: because I forgot.
15:06 hdl_laptop !seen gmcharlt
15:07 owen that makes danny the primary suspect
15:10 hdl_laptop slef: I will solve your pb
15:15 hdl_laptop done
15:18 owen Interesting... I notice we're no longer seeing NULL branch entries in our statistics table for renewals. Someone fixed that bug?
15:23 hdl_laptop was fixed long ago
15:24 hdl_laptop but there is a maintenance script to update data
15:24 hdl_laptop from what I know
15:30 atz owen: see installer/data/mysql/
15:30 atz file probably should be moved under maintenance
15:56 pianohacker Just out of curiousity, does anyone know how many people are signed up for Kohacon?
16:07 owen pianohacker: I suppose David Schuster must know
18:39 chris pianohacker: last i heard it was round the 90 mark
18:40 pianohacker Just received word from David Schuster that we have about 110 signed up
18:40 pianohacker This is going to be quite the conference
18:41 chris yup
18:42 chris i cant remember if you said you were attending or not?
18:42 pianohacker Yup, driving down
18:45 chris sweet
18:57 atz chris: i still don't think I've rec'd any official message like "you are presenting Z, Y and X at these times"
18:57 atz would be nice to know what I'm on the hook for
18:58 chris ohh
18:58 chris i can tell ya
18:58 chris[…]conferenceprogram
18:59 brendan atz - you're doing the whole conference :)
18:59 chris cron jobs, rfid sip, under the hood with mysql
19:00 atz ok, cool.  
19:01 atz they split out the SIP vendors from the rfid?  
19:01 chris ill probably only heckle for one of them :P
19:01 chris yeah the 2 vendors have a slot each
19:01 chris we must be sure to ask them the hard questions, like why do i have to run this on windows
19:02 chris :)
19:02 chris (that was one of the reasons envisionware lost the bid for HLT)
19:02 atz i don't mind that on the client side, actually.  most of our clients are still win32.
19:04 atz it's more useful (to them) than a linux-only client-side
19:04 chris i think if you are gonna present at a conference about a FLOSS ILS, your stuff should at least work on a FLOSS OS
19:04 chris hlt have linux machines for their circulation terminals
19:05 atz not really, in this case, since the 3M specs for SIP2 actually enshrine a MS character set, and the reference implementation test suite is win32.
19:05 chris they would have to spend money buying windows licenses
19:05 atz i mean, conceptually I agree w/ you.  but from the sip/rfid vendor's perspective, they have to start in win32
19:06 chris sure
19:06 chris but techlogic and 3m
19:06 chris both dont require you to have a windows machine between their device and the ils
19:06 atz i've had to educate *several* rfid vendor/integrators about Koha being OSS (and not LibLime's "product")
19:07 atz including our main contact at 3M!
19:07 chris *nod*
19:07 chris been there done that :)
19:08 chris so i think if we can educate the vendors a bit
19:08 chris while they do their sales bit
19:08 chris its a win win :)
19:09 atz chris: when do you get into TX?
19:10 chris 9.30pm ish on the 14th
19:10 atz and when's the baseball game?
19:11 atz *i get in about a day after you)
19:11 chris thats a good question, theres a bunch of them
19:11 chris there are the frisco roughriders just up the road
19:12 chris which the hotel will shuttle us too
19:13 chris
19:14 brendan looks like opening day on thursday -- maybe get some fireworks too!
19:14 chris awesome :)
19:16 chris
19:16 chris looks like a fun ballpark
19:17 chris
19:17 chris fireworks it is
19:21 brendan cool so it looks like friday night is the night to go!
19:21 chris sounds like a plan
19:22 chris wrap up the conference and go have some beers and hotdogs and watch some baseball
19:22 chris looking at the photos it does like a really nice stadium
19:23 chris[…]ndex.html?id=1429
19:24 chris can we get 20 people? hehe
19:28 atz depends, a lot of ppl will be going home friday
19:28 atz how many devs are we going to have?
19:30 chris im there till the 21st
19:30 gmcharlt I'm there through Monday afternoon
19:30 chris i aint travelling for 26 hours for less than a week :)
19:30 chris ditto
19:31 chris alhto it will be pretty early
19:31 chris june 8 is due date
19:31 chris but kahu was 5 weeks prem
19:32 owen May 12 for us, but Thatcher was 2 weeks early.
19:32 chris impatient kids
19:32 chris sheesh
19:32 owen Yeah, don't they know we're doin' stuff?
19:32 chris heh
19:33 chris hows the pacifier withdrawal goin?
19:33 chris atz: nahuel and paul leave the same day as me
19:33 owen :) Fine actually. But his sister is a total enabler.
19:33 chris atz: we arrive 20 mins apart too ... totally unplanned but cool
19:34 chris owen: hehe
19:35 chris atz: that way we can share a taxi and i hopefully wont fall asleep in it :)
19:36 atz long taxi ride, according to google maps... 30 miles or so, but an hour of drive time including toll roads :(
19:36 chris fun fun fun
19:36 brendan I'll be there through sunday -- so it's looks like we may get close to the 20 ppl group package
19:37 chris right i best go get ready for work and catch my bus
19:37 chris be back in an hour or so
19:37 chris good night to them thats gonna be gone by then :)
19:38 atz be sweet if we can get the obligatory 3 second "Welcome Kohacon Members" stadium mention
19:38 owen I don't know...just for a stadium-ful of "Whuuuh?"
19:41 atz nah, they always do that kind of thing
19:42 atz "Welcome Janet Polosovic and friends, and happy 46th birthday..."
19:44 atz i was at a Columbus Crew (US soccer... reigning champs, actually) game and they had 2 birthdays, a couple corporate groups, and a kids soccer team.
19:45 atz that was more interesting than the tanning-salon sponsored cheerleaders....
19:48 pianohacker I question your standards, but it does sound interesting :)
20:44 chris back
20:45 chris pianohacker: hehe
21:23 chris
04:24 bignose-work The documentation for configuring Koha for LDAP <URL:[…]:development:ldap > is a little vague
04:24 bignose-work When specifying "user" and "pass" elements (in the "ldapserver" element), what username and password is expected?
04:25 bignose-work the page says "<!-- DN, if not anonymous -->" and "<!-- password, if not anonymous -->
04:25 bignose-work but how do I know whether it should be anonymous, and if not, which DN and password to use?
04:34 bignose-work okay, so I'm guessing Koha doesn't use PAM for talking with LDAP?
04:34 bignose-work and also doesn't connect to the LDAP store on behalf of the user who connects to Koha?
04:36 bignose-work the example config talks about a "Manager" LDAP account; presumably I need to set up a non-person LDAP account which Koha will use for querying LDAP.
04:36 bignose-work (I don't consider "let Koha connect as the LDAP superuser" an option.)
04:38 bignose-work or is anonymous LDAP access sufficient?
04:39 bignose-work answer: no, because Koha is retrieving the password field.
04:42 greenmang0 bignose-work: what are you trying to achieve by connecting Koha with LDAP?
04:43 greenmang0 bignose-work: i don't know what was going on earlier
04:43 greenmang0 bignose-work: i just joined a channel
04:43 greenmang0 bignose-work: are you trying to authenticate koha users off ldap?
04:57 bignose-work I'm trying to re-use existing LDAP accounts as lenders in a Koha system.
04:59 bignose-work and, ideally, some accounts as administrators of that system.
05:22 greenmang0 bignose-work: ok
07:00 chris evening
07:05 kf morning chris
07:08 nicomo morning chris and kf
07:13 kf morning nicomo
07:13 kf last workday this week - yay
07:13 nicomo :-)
07:13 nicomo lucky you
07:13 kf easter holidays :)
07:17 chris yep, here too
07:17 kf chris: opals-na is based on koha?
07:17 chris public holiday until tuesday
07:17 chris yep
07:18 kf same here
07:19 kf never thought that - looks so different
07:21 chris yeah theyve rewritten most of it
07:22 chris it was forked way way back
07:22 chris 2003ish
07:22 chris koha itself looks way different to what it did then :)
07:22 kf ah ok, read about opals first some days ago[…]le/CA6645868.html
07:24 chris[…]ember/004784.html
07:24 chris steve tonnessen (who you will know from the koha history)
07:25 chris did some work getting koha going for a group of schools, from that came opals
07:29 chris openbook is another fork
07:29 chris which got some vc funding
07:29 chris and promptly imploded
07:34 chris i always find it a shame when people decide to invest time and money redoing what someone has done, when they could get involved and contribute to an exisitng project instead
07:45 paul_p hello everybody
07:45 chris hey paul
07:55 kf hey paul
07:58 Hui_Nan_ hey!
07:59 chris hi Hui_Nan_
07:59 Hui_Nan_ I'm just curious^ during the installation asks for the main zebra language
07:59 Hui_Nan_ which could be either en or fr
07:59 Hui_Nan_ what does it mean&
07:59 Hui_Nan_ ?
07:59 paul_p Hui_Nan_: English or French
08:00 Hui_Nan_ I mean functionally
08:00 Hui_Nan_ what is the difference in functioning of zebra
08:00 Hui_Nan_ &
08:00 Hui_Nan_ ?
08:00 Hui_Nan_ or which settings in zebra's config are changed?
08:10 hdl_laptop Hui_Nan_: word-phrase and sorting zebra files changes
08:11 Hui_Nan_ hdl_laptop: could you say which config files should I check?
08:13 hdl_laptop it is in lang_defs/en lang_defs/fr
08:13 soul9 hello #koha
08:14 Hui_Nan_ hdl_laptop: thank you!
09:09 Hui_Nan_ I just entered a marc record
09:09 Hui_Nan_ I can't search for it until zebra's index is updated&
09:10 Hui_Nan_ Am I right?
09:10 Hui_Nan_ Say, I remembered that I forgot to specify some important data and I want to edit the record just created
09:11 Hui_Nan_ is there a way to find it?
09:11 paul_p Hui_Nan_: you're right.
09:12 soul9 i think the zebraqueue is supposed to be the que where new/modified records are pushed wqaiting to be indexed
09:12 paul_p you can't search until zebra is OK
09:12 paul_p Hui_Nan_: to find the record, you can just point directly at it. Should be : /cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/MA​ !
09:13 Hui_Nan_ a kind of 'Edited today' box needed ;-)
09:14 Hui_Nan_ or a kind of plugin to Cataloguing module
09:15 paul_p Hui_Nan_: just enter a SQL in the guided report ;-)
09:16 paul_p SELECT biblionumber FROM biblio WHERE datecreated=today()
09:16 Hui_Nan_ paul_p: thank you for clue!
09:16 paul_p should do the job ;-)
10:05 Hui_Nan_ I certainly like SQL-based reports
10:06 Hui_Nan_ is there a possibility to write perl reports?
10:08 paul_p Hui_Nan_: non inside Koha itself
10:08 paul_p Hui_Nan_: not inside Koha itself
10:08 Hui_Nan_ of course perl should sit somewhere on the server's filesystem
10:09 Hui_Nan_ ;-)
10:10 Hui_Nan_ oh, I see: intranet/cgi-bin/reports/
10:56 Hui_Nan_ where can I edit messages that appear on a main opac page?
11:07 Hui_Nan_ ups, I've got no tools O_o
11:07 Hui_Nan_ just an empty page
11:36 kf would be tools > news and look at system preferenes opac for footer and link list
11:41 Hui_Nan_ Yes, but tools page is empty
11:42 Hui_Nan_ I have a suspection that I need to recompile templates
11:42 Hui_Nan_ or clear some cache
11:43 Hui_Nan_ 'cos now I logged as a user who certainly has 'superlibrarian' flag (flags is odd)
11:43 Hui_Nan_ s/logged/logged in/

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