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13:52 brendan good morning #koha
13:53 gmcharlt hi brendan
13:53 brendan heya gmcharlt -
13:54 brendan see you in less than a week !
13:55 gmcharlt indeed
14:01 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt howdy ?
14:01 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
14:21 brendan hey hdl_laptop
14:53 pianohacker In the "Gmail ads are freakishly accurate" category: now getting adds for alongside koha mailing list messages
15:02 pianohacker Is anyone familiar with the area of Plano where the conference will be held?
15:15 jwagner Unless I'm missing something obvious, there does not appear to be a way to turn off holds altogether.  You can block things like on-shelf holds, and specify no holds allowed for item types, but you can't stop the "place hold" option from appearing.  I'm thinking of a couple of sysprefs to disable holds entirely in staff and OPAC -- if the sysprefs are set, the "place hold" option doesn't appear on the screen.  Is this the best way to approach things?  An
15:17 jwagner (obviously would require template modifications as well)
15:24 brendan RequestOnOpac -- seems to turn it off for the OPAC, but I don't see a sys preference for the Staff side...  All though - the RequestOnOpac does not remove the place a hold link on the reults list only on the item details...
15:34 jwagner brendan, yes that's part of the problem -- the link shows up various places even though policies don't allow holds.  What I'm thinking is to modify all the OPAC templates to not display the link if the syspref is set.  Also create a syspref & modify templates on the staff side -- if the library doesn't allow holds, we don't want staff members mucking around trying to place them anyway.
15:35 brendan :)
17:23 atz jwagner: actually, some libraries might use staff requests as part of their workflow
17:23 atz w/o allowing patrons to place holds
17:25 jwagner atz, that's why it should be two separate sysprefs so holds could be turned off in the OPAC and/or the staff interface separately.  That's what I was looking at, anyway.  Sound workable?
17:27 atz yeah, makes sense
17:27 jwagner OK, I'm going to work on it whenever I have some mythical free time....
17:27 atz 2013
17:28 atz ... maybe sooner.
17:28 jwagner Nah, maybe more like 2019 or 2020....  I think I had some free time once, but I forget what it was like :-(
19:21 chris morning
19:33 brendan morning chris
19:35 chris and that its possible to walk from the hotel to the conference center
19:36 chris ive had times in the past, where its looked totally possible, then you get there and bam no footpath
19:40 chris and it appears we will have enough video camera's present too, so it's all good
19:53 hdl_laptop yeah chris
20:37 chris now up to october 2002 on the devel list,... got the rest of it, then the translate list to go
20:38 chris[…]docs/history.txt;
20:38 chris might have to start splitting it into different files by year
20:40 nicomo hi chris
20:40 nicomo typo here : October 23 2001, Nicolas Rosasco starts work on a FAQ
20:40 nicomo NicHolas
20:40 chris ahh thank you
20:40 nicomo you're welcome
20:40 nicomo by the way : where's the archive for those years
20:42 chris for which list?
20:42 chris
20:42 chris for the devel one
20:43 chris for the main one
20:44 nicomo ah yeah, it's still on katipo's domain
20:44 chris typo fixed
20:44 nicomo curious to know when I subscribed?
20:44 chris ahh to the main one?
20:44 chris ill find out
20:44 nicomo I lurked for a long time before posting
20:45 nicomo can't remember the original email address
20:45 nicomo name was already "morin" though
20:45 nicomo :-)
20:45 chris 1245 users on the list currently
20:46 nicomo wow, that's a lot
20:46 chris hmm cant actually find out when you subscribed
20:47 chris but you have 2
20:47 chris your biblibre one and one
20:47 nicomo can you search by name?
20:47 nicomo I have a bet going on with Paul
20:47 nicomo about this
20:47 chris yep
20:48 chris it doesnt give me dates of when people joined though
20:49 nicomo hum... maybe i unsubscribed from that 1st email address, in which case you won't find anything
20:49 nicomo but I clearly remember reading Paul's first email, so i subscribed before he introduced himself
20:49 chris :)
20:49 nicomo i remember thinking : eh, a french guy
20:50 chris if i had my old mbox from at katipo, i would know
20:50 nicomo ok : he owes me a beer on this
20:50 chris :)
20:50 nicomo if you can prove that i subscribed before him : I owe you that beer
20:50 nicomo deal?
20:51 nicomo that would be jan. or feb. 2002
20:54 chris his intro email?
20:55 nicomo yes
20:55 nicomo anyway, time to go to bed
20:55 nicomo have a nice week-end y'all
20:56 chris feb 14
20:56 chris first email from him to the koha-devel list
20:56 hdl_laptop bedtime for me.
20:56 hdl_laptop have a nice night
20:56 nicomo by hdl_laptop
20:56 hdl_laptop day for you
20:57 chris feb 1, for main list
20:57 nicomo chris: I was subscribed for, like, a week or 2 weeks before i saw his email
20:58 nicomo well anyway, I'll do like hdl_laptop
20:58 nicomo go to bed
20:58 chris night france :)
08:27 chris has anyone ever played with PAR

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