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12:33 owen Hi #koha
12:33 gmcharlt hi owen, #koha
12:36 paul_p good morning USA !
12:37 gmcharlt Bon apr?s-midi
12:38 paul_p thanks gmcharlt ;-)
12:38 paul_p après-midi to spell it correctly (I see a ? instead of the è)
12:39 paul_p window open, birds singing. spring weather in Marseille ;-)
12:39 jwagner It's still spring for one more day in the Washington DC area, but winter is supposed to return tomorrow :-(
12:52 gmcharlt paul_p: heh - accent looks OK in my IRC client, must not have been transmitted
12:52 gmcharlt jwagner: I checked, and your 007 patch didn't apply against 3.1/HEAD - you may need to rebase and resubmit
12:53 gmcharlt have you had an luck getting outgoing email opened up?
12:53 jwagner gmcharlt, does something need to be modified in the patch?  I'll have to check to see if that machine's email is open yet, but I can copy the patch to another system & email it from there, at least.
12:54 gmcharlt jwagner: just make sure your patch is against a branch off of head, not 3.0.x (you may need to cherry-pick it into your head branch if you originally did it for 3.0.x)
12:54 gmcharlt then do
12:54 gmcharlt git fetch
12:54 gmcharlt git rebase origin
12:54 gmcharlt git format-patch origin
12:54 gmcharlt finally git send-email or email patch as attachment again
12:55 jwagner OK, I'll try to get that done later today.  Thanks.
13:02 soul9 origin?
13:03 soul9 hmm, isn't it origin/master? or is that used by default for <branchname>,
13:03 soul9 ?
13:03 gmcharlt origin == origin/master
13:04 soul9 ok
14:39 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: about?
14:41 hdl_laptop yes
14:41 gmcharlt have you had a look at the patch I sent you to remove the bulk editing code
14:42 gmcharlt if you've no objections, I'll push it soon
14:43 hdl_laptop I have read.
14:43 hdl_laptop I have no objections.
14:43 gmcharlt thanks
14:46 danny morning #koha
14:46 gmcharlt hi danny
16:06 pianohacker Hello
16:07 hdl_laptop hello pianohacker
16:08 pianohacker hey henri
16:08 pianohacker How are you?
16:16 brendan good morning #koha
16:17 brendan well at least it's still morning here!
16:24 owen Where's here brendan?
16:25 brendan santa barbara california --
16:25 brendan socal
16:25 brendan southern california...  so I can't ever complain about the weather.
16:25 owen Whereas here in Ohio we can almost always complain about the weather
16:26 brendan yeah -- I went to college in richmond indiana - so I've got an idea about the weather.
16:27 brendan owen - you in athens?
16:27 brendan I went to a few halloween parties there.  good times.
16:27 owen I'm nearby there. I work in Nelsonville, about 15 min. away
16:28 paul_p bye world, time to leave for us frenchies (7PM quickly coming)
16:28 brendan bye paul_p
16:54 schuster Question about Z39.50 setup - what "port" does LibLime run our locally hosted implementations on? - for send/receive?
16:58 pianohacker schuster: Most likely 210 or 9999
17:00 schuster Thanks I'll try that.  I was at a presentation by Terry Reese - MarcEdit - and he talked about using it directly with Koha so was playing with it.
17:05 pianohacker Oh I see
17:09 schuster Is there a way from the server that I can tell how it was configured?
17:20 hdl_laptop yes
17:20 hdl_laptop you can see koha-conf.xml
17:21 pianohacker You might have to have LibLime set up a user that can write records through Z39.50, not sure Zebra comes with that by default
17:21 schuster OK yes I found that.  Thank you both for the information...
17:43 schuster I was able to make it work with MarcEdit - just needed some login/password information...  Kinda scary.
17:52 jwagner schuster, can you give details on how you got MarcEdit to work thru z39.50?  That could be useful (and may need to be secured).  Thanks.
17:57 schuster I got the database information from the koha-conf.xml - file - server, database, user/password and port.
17:58 schuster I have been able to search the database - but not send records back to the server...  Theoretically that can be done as well.
17:59 jwagner For port, was it the 9999 one?
17:59 schuster The database/password information is not something I setup, but LibLime had setup for the biblios database within the mysql database.
17:59 schuster one of the 999's but for security reasons I hesitate to tell you ;)
18:00 jwagner Probably wise.  That's enough to let me track it down.  I think it's locked down on my server (which is A Good Thing) but I wanted to check.  Thanks!
19:33 owen Has anyone here used the "Anonymize check-out history" feature in production?
19:49 schuster Nope - let me know how that works for you!
19:53 owen :) I'm a little scared to try it
19:54 Crusoe hello!
19:55 schuster Owen - at one point in time when I asked during training they said don't use it...;(
19:55 owen Hmmm... good to know.
19:55 owen Hi Crusoe
19:56 Crusoe Is there a way to have a local copy of koha-manual?
19:57 Crusoe in html, pdfs are not linked to both toc and each other
19:57 schuster Crusoe - not that I know of yet.  I know they are working on moving it to Plone.
20:08 danny anyone still around that wants to talk amazon cover art?
20:37 chris morning
20:37 danny hi chris
20:39 chris no takers for your cover art huh?
20:39 danny hehe I'll send an email to devel list
20:39 chris good plan
20:40 danny just trying to brainstorm the best way to do it, or if it is even worth doing at all
20:40 chris doing what?
20:44 chris getting cover images from amazon, or extending the amazon support in koha?
20:44 chris cos if its the first, you can already do that :)
20:47 danny i'd like to see more cover art pulled from amazon for titles that have don't have an isbn and the only way to do this is to do a lookup using the Amazon Web Services xml
20:48 chris ahh right
20:48 chris bit of a performance kill
20:48 danny so i was thinking about 2 solutions to this, the first is that every time an image is pulled from amazon we'd have to do an xml lookup and that would ... yes exactly
20:48 danny that is like 20 requests on the search result page
20:49 chris *nod*
20:49 danny and even several on the details page because of the browse shelf and editions tab
20:50 chris yep
20:50 danny the other was to include the ASIN in the database and when records are imported or created the asin could be looked up and would only ever be done once
20:51 chris you could retrofit too
20:51 chris if no asin, try finding it
20:51 danny right
20:51 chris maybe just one the staff side
20:51 chris on even
20:52 chris so that each time a librarian looks at an item, if it doesnt have an asin its added then
20:52 chris so no slowing down the opac
20:56 danny thats true or could include a tool for the staff to just populate all asins at once, that would help the existing koha installations
20:56 chris yep
20:58 danny do you think it is worth it to go through all that trouble just to overcome the shortfalls of pulling images from Amazon
20:59 danny or just accept that their current system doesn't make this easy
20:59 chris i think amazon still has the largest amount of freely available cover art
20:59 danny right
20:59 chris so it might be worth it, just because of that, until google passes it that is :)
21:01 danny ya, I guess it kinda just feels like doing a hack, instead of doing it right
21:01 danny although it can always be updated or removed in the future
21:02 chris yep
21:02 chris hacks are fine, as long as they are documented as such :)
21:03 atz I don't think you can rely on 100% correct ASIN grabbing
21:03 atz probably 95+%, but not 100%
21:04 danny atz, do you mean that some titles would have the wrong cover art?
21:04 chris doing as part of a human process, so you get shown the cover image when cataloguing
21:04 atz yes
21:04 chris would be a way around that, letting the librarian go .. no thats wrong
21:05 atz yeah, that would be best
21:05 chris whats the legality of taking photos of items?
21:06 chris probably copyright infringement, with the sentence of death or something ridiculous
21:06 atz chris: you mean to display in the opac?  or submit to Amazon "customer photos" ?
21:06 chris display in the opac
21:07 chris im thinking you have one in your hand, you cant find a match via isbn or asin .. can you take a photo yourself and serve that instead (techinically its easy .. but i bet not legally)
21:10 atz chris: i don't see any legal problem with that
21:10 atz it's a representation of the item, same as if you were posting it on ebay
21:11 chris yep, common sense .. i fear the lawyers would spaz about it tho, if it make sense it's probably illegal is my rule of thumb when it comes to copyright :)
21:11 elwell imho it's also a useful record of the item condition...
21:13 danny atz, jumping back to your comment about not relying on ASIN, wouldn't it be easier to automate grabbing the ASIN and then just have a way for the librarian to remove one if incorrect, otherwise when the patch would be applied to existing installations they would have a lot of blank cover art from amazon until they visited each item
21:14 atz danny: i prefer not to ever knowingly allow bad data as part of an automatic step
21:14 atz it causes people to get suspicious about the system
21:15 atz and if it wasn't automatic, then the responsibility is still the catalogers
21:16 danny ok I understand your concern
21:18 danny i guess I was just looking at it like the benefit of possibly tripling the amount of art work would be worth possibly having a few items with incorrect art
21:19 atz i think the libraries without professional catalogers would agree with you
21:19 atz (and the professional catalogers wouldn't)
21:20 danny i am not sure what the % of error would be, after all you are matching based on standard numbers, ean, upc, etc
21:20 danny if the number is wrong in the record then that is the responsibility of the cataloger
21:27 danny i love brainstorming though :) ty guys for the feedback
21:28 danny given me a few more things to think about
02:46 Legendario chris, r u online?
03:30 Amit hi chris, mason, brendan
03:30 mason heya amit
03:30 Amit hi bignose-work
03:30 Amit heya mason
03:30 Amit tommorrow i m going to mysore for seminar
03:32 brendan heya Amit -- good luck tomorrow
03:32 Amit thanx
07:02 hdl_laptop hi chris
07:06 chris hiya hdl_laptop
07:06 chris did you get an email from a user wishing to set up a brazilian mailing list for koha?
07:16 hdl_laptop mmm got it but misread it
07:17 hdl_laptop thanks for pointing that
07:21 kf good morning chris and hdl
07:23 hdl_laptop hi kf
07:24 hdl_laptop chris : done
07:26 chris cool :)
07:27 chris so i say 2010 kohacon in wellington, 2011 in india and 2012 in brazil, 2013 in germany
07:27 chris :-)
07:29 kf g
07:29 kf 2013 - gives me some time then
07:32 hdl_laptop hehe kf
07:35 kf hm. cant delete a library in 3.2? get message 'library deleted' but it remains
07:36 kf ah ok, its bug 2882
07:40 chris yes, enough time to prepare lots of bratwurst and bier :)
07:41 chris speaking of bugs has anyone else noticed bugzilla is not mailing anymore?
07:41 Amit wow chris 2011 in india
07:41 Amit is good
07:41 chris amit: im mostly joking :)
07:41 Amit i think delhi public library is also planning in sep 2209
07:41 Amit sory
07:41 kf chris: can arrange that ;)
07:41 Amit 2009
07:41 chris amit: but I think it would be good :)
07:42 Amit yes
07:42 Amit yes
07:42 Amit in india it would be good
07:42 kf chris: last mail 2009-03-18?
07:43 chris yes
07:43 chris amit: yes definitely
07:44 Amit if u can chris i would say my boss too 2011 in india
07:47 chris kf: it looks like that patch stan added to that bug report would fix it
07:47 chris i wonder if it was submitted to the patches list
07:48 kf i fixed it by deleting borrowers, its just the message thats confusing - so there are wore bugs
07:48 kf worse
08:11 chris yeah the fix on the bug is to warn you there are borrowers attached
08:17 chris hdl_laptop: it is my fathers 65th birthday this saturday .. he just chose the restarant for it
08:18 chris Le Marche Francais
08:18 chris
08:18 hdl_laptop hehe...
08:18 chris so I will be eating french cuisine this weekend :) I will be remembering the cafe in marseille (where we took photos with the owner)
08:19 hdl_laptop he is a man of taste....
08:19 eiro that makes me remember Providence: the name of the cafe in the rail station is names "La France"
08:19 eiro :)
08:19 eiro hello all
08:20 chris hi eiro
08:20 chris change your nick to confuse me? :-)
08:21 eiro oopps: FYI: i'm mc (i changed my nickname to have the same one on every networks)
08:21 chris yep, whois told me
08:21 eiro chris, no ... i let my old nick down
08:21 eiro hehe
08:22 eiro my former nick was khatar but noone can pronounce it ...
08:25 chris :)
08:25 chris my friend penny has mjollnir as her nick :)
08:25 chris thats hard to pronounce
08:30 eiro it looks like :)
08:30 hdl_laptop iirc, mjollnir is a name in Lord Of the ring is it nott ?
08:32 chris its from norse legends .... the name of the hammer of Thor
08:33 hdl_laptop thanks.
08:33 hdl_laptop you're right
08:34 chris she used to sit near me at work, but now lives in switzerland
08:35 chris
08:35 chris if you ever want to know anything about moodle ... she knows tons and tons :)
08:37 chris finally up to 2009
08:37 nicomo hi chris
08:37 chris hi nicomo
08:37 nicomo i like you detailed Koha chronology a lot
08:38 nicomo could you add informations about companies involved
08:38 nicomo you mention closure of LL NZ
08:38 nicomo but not creation of LL itself (or else I missed it)
08:38 nicomo etc
08:38 nicomo that would be interesting too
08:39 chris[…]docs/history.txt;
08:39 chris is the most up to date, i push up to github usually once a day
08:39 chris yep I plan to accept patches :)
08:40 chris or people can just tell me what to add (if they dont want to clone and send patches)
08:40 kf chris: found something strange: look at 7 January 6 2001 and  27 December 16 2000
08:40 chris when was biblibre officially formed?
08:41 chris April 14 2005, Liblime announce they are providing Koha support
08:41 chris I have that for liblime, im not sure when they were formed, but that was their first email to the list
08:42 kf December 16 2000, Glen Stewart sends the first patch for Koha (outside of Katipo)
08:42 kf January 6 2001, Steve Tonnesen becomes the 5th committer to Koha and the first outside of Katipo
08:42 si HLT send out RFP, no responses that would actually work over dialup links
08:42 chris ta si
08:42 nicomo BibLibre created oct. 2007
08:42 nicomo don't now the official day
08:42 si or that made commercial sense :-)
08:43 chris kf: ahh yes Glen stewart emailed me some code .. Steve Tonnessen was the 1st person outside of katipo to get commit access to the cvs repository
08:43 chris how can I word that more clearly
08:43 chris heh
08:43 chris that was Tourism industry association
08:43 chris not Koha
08:43 si cumulative...
08:43 si :-)
08:44 kf ah, ok :) I did not get the differene
08:44 si speaking of stress sty's, I note that the server running this here ircd is throwing disk errors
08:45 si so we might have a few bounces in the next 36 hours while I fix that
08:45 chris added biblibre, and fixed the rfp bit
08:46 chris si: ahh ok
08:46 si or it might get ignored until Easter
08:47 chris did I ever show you the swollen eye stress thing I got in 2007?
08:48 si you kept it?
08:48 si no :-)
08:48 si that would be after leaving Katipo, I'm guessing/
08:48 si ?
08:48 nicomo wonders when did Nelsonville go live with Koha?
08:48 chris I thought I put that in there....
08:49 si they'd been running for some time before Chris's wedding
08:49 chris si: yep some time in may 2007
08:49 chris[…]hp?g2_itemId=8767  <-- looking particularly handsome that day hehe
08:50 chris nicomo: August 19 2003, NPL announces they are live with Koha
08:50 nicomo pff : I must be the one with Swollen eyes
08:50 nicomo didn't spot it
08:50 chris hehe
08:51 si hey!  Rosalie's a LIANZA fellow?
08:51 si Who knew
08:51 chris its lucky someone is writing this stuff down :P
08:51 si gack, isn't it just
08:53 chris my next dilemna is what format to keep this file in, i might start tab separating it
08:54 chris or go mental and laTex it :)
08:54 chris si: good point :) "how hard can it be?"
08:55 si stop that
08:56 si or I'll tell your son your old tramping stories
08:56 chris heh
08:56 chris speaking of sons, i saw ben and toby at the wiggles on saturday
08:56 si I think I'd like to get "how hard can it be?" etched onto my tombstone
08:56 chris hehe
08:57 si it's a good rule to live by
08:58 si 'tis nice to see Lianza talking up Koha as a signifcant contribution from Rosa
08:59 chris yeah, it was well deserved
08:59 kf chris: what about live date of delhi public library?
09:00 chris thats there isnt it?
09:00 kf perhaps searched wrong terms
09:01 kf Dehli -> delhi, its a typo
09:01 chris fixed
09:01 chris ta
09:01 kf ta=
09:01 kf ta?
09:02 chris thank you
09:02 chris slang for thank you
09:02 kf ok :) my vocabulary grows *makes a note*
09:03 chris
09:03 chris wiktionary rules :)
09:04 kf :)
09:05 si it's diminutive - you wouldn't use it in a business setting - only people you know
09:05 si and of course on irc, where it saves keystrokes
09:05 kf ta si
09:06 si and used a lot when teaching infants who can't manage the th sound in thank you
09:06 si "fank you!"
09:43 kf :)

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