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02:58 bignose-work installing required packages for Koha as per <URL:[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy >
02:58 bignose-work no such package named 'libnet-z3950-zoom-perl'
02:58 bignose-work but I do have a 'libnet-z3950-perl' available. is that a substitute?
03:44 Amit hi chris, mason
03:45 Amit hi brendan
03:46 Amit chris: NZ team in deep trouble
03:47 Amit 4 wicket down
04:10 bignose-work Koha wiki isn't sending me a password when I register
04:10 bignose-work although it said "The user has been created and the password was sent by email."
04:11 bignose-work that was about 20 minutes ago.
04:11 bignose-work is there an admin who can inspect the log for the wiki server (assuming such a thing exists)?
04:12 chris its hosted in the US, i used to have acccess, but not anymore, so will have to wait for one of the americans
04:18 Amit chris: what about match?
04:19 chris havent been watching today, have been at work
04:19 chris but the groundsman needs a good talking too, that is the brownest basin reserve wicket i have ever seen
04:20 Amit i m also preparing for seminar for mysore on 9-10 april
04:22 bignose-work no such package named 'libnet-z3950-zoom-perl'
04:22 bignose-work but I do have a 'libnet-z3950-perl' available. is that a substitute?
04:23 chris no
04:24 chris[…]libnet-z3950-perl
04:25 chris maybe ubuntu did something weird though
04:49 bignose-work chris: I'm confused. perhaps I missed something.
04:49 bignose-work the 'libnet-z3950-zoom-perl' name comes from the instructions at <URL:[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy >
04:50 bignose-work so which is right; the 'libnet-z3950-zoom-perl' name from those instructions, or the 'libnet-z3950-perl' name that is actually available from Ubuntu?
04:50 bignose-work or are they unrelated to one another?
05:46 bignose-work bizarrely (from my perspective), there now *is* available a package named 'libnet-z3950-zoom-perl'
05:46 bignose-work carry on.
06:34 Amit hi kf
06:36 kf good morning Amit
06:36 Amit good morning
06:36 Amit hi nicomo
06:45 bignose-work after following the instructions at <URL:[…]uide_ubuntu_hardy >, I don't have a 'zebrasrv' command
06:45 bignose-work doesn't exist anywhere on the system. what's supposed to provide it?
06:54 Amit bignose-worl :
07:08 bignose-work Amit: thanks, I missed a step (install yaz and idzebra)
07:16 soul9 morning all
07:19 chris hi soul9
07:19 Amit hi soul9
07:22 kf chris: sounds like you had a long day
07:29 chris lots of context switching, one of those days where you are doing lots but don't get much done
07:47 kf chris: sounds like my friday - but final data load in our testsystem now, hope I missed nothing
07:56 chris i hope so too
07:58 kf thx :)
08:06 paul_p hello everybody !
08:07 paul_p good morning from Marseille where the spring is really here.
08:08 kf hi paul, sunshine here too :)
08:10 chris hi paul :)
08:10 chris we now have had code accepted into koha from 80 different people !!
08:11 chris and if some more patches are accepted in the next few days it should be 83
08:15 chris (patches from 3 new ppl waiting in the queue)
08:18 chris[…]docs/history.txt;
08:18 chris only up to june 2007 on the main mailing list, then i still have the devel and translate ones to go
08:23 chris paul_p: have you finished your presentation?
08:23 paul_p chris: I didn't even started to say the truth...
08:23 chris :)
08:23 chris hopefully the history.txt will help
08:24 chris im hoping you can fill in a lot more of the history for europe
08:24 chris :)
08:30 kf good morning nahuel
08:30 nahuel hi kf
08:43 paul_p hey... on french #koha-fr channel, there is a disabled (blind) person trying to use Koha. He has some problems with accessibility of staff interface. I said "ok, we must admit we didn't test staff for accessibility". His answer: "not a problem, if you're open to patches to improve that, we are willing to work on that" !
08:44 soul9 nice one!!
08:45 paul_p |lupin| +++
08:47 chris excellent :)
09:14 bignose-work although the Koha wiki said "The user has been created and the password was sent by email." about 5 hours ago, I haven't received any message.
09:14 bignose-work is there an admin who can inspect the log for the wiki server (assuming such a thing exists)?
09:14 bignose-work I tried creating a 'bignose' user and a 'BenFinney' user, both with no mail message received so far.
09:16 chris i doubt any of the americans will be awake yet bignose-work
09:18 bignose-work :-(
09:18 chris its not in your spam folder or anything?
09:18 bignose-work chris: nope, I've checked
09:19 bignose-work just to be sure, which domain would it come from?
09:20 chris not sure
09:21 bignose-work okay. I have to leave now, I hope someone can take the issue on.
09:21 bignose-work thanks for the assistance
09:21 chris send a email
09:21 chris to the koha-devel list
09:21 chris irc is good for some things, but bug reports isnt one of them :-)
09:22 bignose-work chris: fair enough.
09:22 bignose-work if there's no solution here by the time I'm back up tomorrow, I'll send a message
09:22 bignose-work right now have to get gone

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