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11:33 |Lupin| what-s biblibre btw ?
11:36 elwell `~
11:41 nahuel |Lupin|,
11:44 |Lupin| "et les bibliothèques ont besoin d'être accompagné dans leur démarche pour pouvoir tirer pleinement profit de leur potentiel": shouldn't it be accompagnéES ?
11:44 paul_p |Lupin|: on this channel, you'll encounter frenchies from BibLibre, US ppl from LibLime, the 2 major vendors providing support on Koha & developping the software. You'll also meet a lot of other ppl, but from their own structure : either a library (like owen), or "self-employed", like slef. You can also speak to chris, the author of Koha 1.0, no more hacking Koha, but still involved (and maybe hacking again soon)
11:47 |Lupin| paul_p: wow! many thanks for the guided tour of the chan ! nice !!
11:49 |Lupin| The biblibre site seems very accessible, it's great.
11:54 paul_p s/accompagné/accompagnées/ done
11:54 |Lupin| cool !
11:55 |Lupin| paul_p: has biblibre an office ?
11:55 |Lupin| paul_p: if it has, where is it located ?
11:55 paul_p yep, in Marseille
11:55 paul_p (small one, 5 of us, and it's full now. The other 5 ppl are homeworking)
12:00 |Lupin| I see. Too bad we are not in the same city. If you guys happen to come to Paris, just let me know, may be nice to have a drink or so...
12:01 paul_p |Lupin|: i'll be in Paris next week, for linuxconf ;-)
12:03 |Lupin| oh yes ? I was not even aware of Linuxconf taking place in Paris...
12:04 |Lupin| hmm linuxconf is a conference or a tool to configure LInux ?
12:16 jwagner Someone around who knows how logins and authentication work?
12:29 gmcharlt jwagner: what's your question?
12:30 jwagner When someone logs into the staff client, does Koha set a cookie that includes the IP address?
12:30 gmcharlt the cookie doesn't itself include the IP address
12:30 gmcharlt but the sessions row for the login
12:30 gmcharlt does store the IP address
12:30 gmcharlt if the IP address of the user changes, the user is asked to log in again
12:31 jwagner Sessions row is where -- table on the server side?
12:31 gmcharlt right, the sessions table in the database
12:31 jwagner That's what I needed to know.  Thanks much!
12:32 jwagner Followup -- can you point me to the section of code that checks for an IP change?  Somewhere in the maybe?
12:33 gmcharlt yes, it's in C4/
12:33 jwagner Great, thanks.
12:34 |Lupin| Just out of curiosity: Is somebody aware of another project using koha to maintain a digital library
12:36 gmcharlt |Lupin|: it's been done - Rachel @ Katipo did it, there've been a few others
12:38 gmcharlt main thing is that if you're using it to link to images, PDFs, or other digital media, you'll likely want to also use a CMS to manage the digital objects
13:15 |Lupin| gmcharlt: hmm we already have a file server to store all the books. For us the question is rather how to store all the information regarding the different book formats we handle in the MARC fields. Some formats are generated from others, that's I think what makes the project non-trivial
13:26 owen What's new #koha?
13:27 paul_p hi owen.
13:28 paul_p BibLibre has sum-ed all our march travels : it's 30 000km
13:28 paul_p considering that France is only 1000km x 1000km, that's huge !
13:28 paul_p that's what is new on our side ;-)
13:30 owen Wow, and that was just in March?
13:35 paul_p owen: yep.
13:35 paul_p (so not counting hdl & marc going to code4lib or nahuel & me going to Dallas)
13:36 owen And to think I'm excited about just going to Texas ;)
13:36 paul_p you come ?
13:36 paul_p yeah ! great news ! I thought you couldn't !
13:38 owen Yeah, I couldn't resist.
13:38 paul_p when do you arrive & return ?
13:39 |Lupin| till soon, nice to talk to you guys !
13:39 paul_p (nahuel & me -and chris C, by chance- arrive on 14th, 9PM, and return on 21th, 12PM
13:39 paul_p bye |Lupin|
13:39 owen Arriving evening of the 15th, leaving morning of the 19th. Unfortunately I can't stay for the whole dev portion.
13:40 gmcharlt looking forward to seeing everyone there
13:43 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: do you have something for me to test on ?
13:55 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: early next week
13:55 hdl_laptop still struggling?
13:56 gmcharlt time
14:24 fredericd hi
16:35 slef buh? paul_p called me self-employed?
16:36 slef paul_p: my company is, a worker cooperative.
16:37 paul_p hi self. Sorry for this approximative writing. I knew, but was not 100% sure of the french equivalent.
18:20 chris morning
18:25 SelfishMan afternoon
18:34 chris hows friday going SelfishMan
18:36 SelfishMan pretty smooth so far, you?
18:38 chris just woke up, so far saturday is ok :)
18:39 SelfishMan ha ha ha
18:54 slef Is anyone else seeing strange behaviour with Firefox 3.0.7 and Koha 3.0?  I'm getting a javascript error in a jQuery plugin and broken display.
18:56 atz slef: OPAC or STAFF?
18:56 slef OPAC
18:57 slef off to try another machine with FF3.0.7 now
18:57 atz haven't seen that one then.... (staff had that bogus intranetuserjs problem)
18:57 jwagner slef, what steps trigger the action?  I've been using FF3.0.7 for ages with no problems on 3.0 or 3.0.1.
18:58 slef step to reproduce: load opac
18:58 slef I'll just try switching them back to prog templates as a test
18:59 jwagner No, no problems opening the opac here.
19:01 slef oh happy!  prog template works => their template needs fixing
19:01 slef thanks for the help jwagner
19:01 atz custom templates suck
19:01 slef koha templates suck too, regrettably
19:02 slef they work, but aren't flexible enough for any library I've met
19:02 jwagner Templates are certainly inscrutable at best....
19:02 slef they all have house styles they want to work
19:02 atz jwagner: actually the whole point of TMPL is readability
19:02 atz and translatability
19:03 chris as far as translatability goes they actually work pretty well
19:03 atz XSL is far more inscrutable, but that's what's needed for the kind of flexibility slef is talking about
19:04 atz yeah, i have to agree w/ chris... imagine every feature you wanted to add, having to translate it to hebrew, russian, chinese, maori, etc.
19:05 chris english with less z's in it :)
19:05 atz heh
19:06 gmcharlt and more ou's?
19:06 chris yep :)
19:06 chris and a few more e's
19:07 chris thats how you can tell who writes a post on my blog, my wife or I
19:07 chris "Sometimes my wife writes posts for it also. You can usually spot them, they are usually funnier, have z’s instead of s, and miss out u’s."
19:08 owen :) I'm friends with a couple who both post to the same blog without telling anyone who's who. Drives me crazy.
19:11 chris heh yeah that could get confusing
19:18 chris so apparently its 12249.538 km from my house to the hotel in plano
19:18 chris so ill rack up 24,000km ... ill catch up to biblibre yet ;)
19:19 chris i love google earth
19:25 atz gmcharlt: any problems w/ adding SQL::Beautify dependency for Guided Reports?
19:26 atz it should help insulate our internal SQL hacking by making the input more reliable
19:29 gmcharlt as long as there are test cases
19:30 gmcharlt SQL::Beautify is young
19:30 atz indeed, you might notice that I submitted a bug on it already
19:31 atz supposedly the code is derived from an older SQL::Tidy ?  
19:33 atz our allowed set of queries for guided reports keep things from getting very interesting for their sql parsing though...
19:34 gmcharlt except for part that lets user input arbitrary SQL
19:34 atz still SELECT only, no subqueries
19:35 gmcharlt ideally want a cross of SQL::Parser and SQL::Abstract
19:37 atz ... and not have to write it ourselves
19:37 atz there was a time when i did hardcore parsing in ANTLR
19:38 gmcharlt well, as far as generating queries is concerned, SQL::Abstract would do it
19:38 gmcharlt for SQL that users supply directly, can leave as is (except for filtering out inserts, create table, etc.)
19:38 gmcharlt and just use SQL::Beautify to pretty-print
19:39 atz yeah, i want to pretty print too
19:39 atz in part for my own sanity when users are like "why doesn't my frankenbeast quadruple JOIN query work like I want?"
19:40 liz_nekls hehe frankenbeast query
19:40 liz_nekls sounds terrifying
20:00 chris gmcharlt: are clay and john coming to the dev part of the kohacon?
20:01 chris id love to chat with them about memcached, share somethings we discovered building the new stuff site
20:02 chris maybe we can organise an irc chat for interested people, if not
20:03 gmcharlt clay has to leave Friday evening
20:04 gmcharlt an IRC backchannel is a good idea
20:05 chris least we will all be in the same timezone or closish
20:05 gmcharlt same continent, at any rate :)
20:05 atz chris: physically
20:06 atz i expect the jet lag would be huuuge
20:08 chris it shouldnt be too bad for me
20:08 chris as i land at 9.30pm
20:08 chris as long as i go straight to bed
20:08 chris i should be ok
20:09 chris the trick is staying awake on the flights
20:09 chris so i arrrive tired, have a good nights sleep and ok
20:09 chris it kills ya when you travel 24 hours or so and then arrive at like 5am and have to try and stay awake all day
20:10 atz yeah, i couldn't even pretend to do that
20:11 chris the only time i ever signed an nda
20:11 chris was when that happened to me
20:11 chris :)
20:11 chris landed in colorado, got ambushed by exlibris who wouldnt let me into the building without signing an nda, and i was tired and disoriented :)
20:12 atz :\
20:13 chris now i plan the travel a bit more carefully :)
20:13 chris always try and land at night
20:14 chris although coming back i land at 9.30am .. so that day will be a writeoff
20:18 chris im flying airnz so ill do the lotr marathon again i think :)
20:24 gmcharlt LOTR is a permanent fixture on that arline, I take it?
20:25 brendan The extended version should get you through
20:30 chris gmcharlt: yep, they have a bunch of nz movies
20:30 gmcharlt as they should, I would think
20:30 chris fastest indian, whale rider, lotr etc permanently
20:30 chris and rotate the others
20:30 chris its all seatback now, so you can choose much better
20:31 chris and dont all have to watch the same one, and all try to go to the toilet at the same time :)
20:31 gmcharlt when it actually works - had a bad experience with a seatback system on Delta the other month
20:31 chris ahhh
20:31 chris yeah, i always take a couple of novels just in case ;)
20:32 gmcharlt yeah, kind of hard for a book's sound system to fail
20:33 chris :)
20:36 chris wasnt there a recent furore over kindles and audio books?
20:37 owen Yeah, the new Kindle had a "read aloud" feature
20:37 atz what, are publishers crying "infringement"?
20:37 atz like the world of screen readers hasn't existed for decades....
20:38 owen Yeah, because they separately license the "performing rights" or somesuch.
20:38 atz i would say they license a totally separate work that is the audio recording
20:38 atz and tough cookies to them.
20:39 owen ...and there's a world of difference between having your computer read something and having an actor perform the text for an audio book.
20:39 atz yeah, the regular consumer of such things would rarely, if ever prefer the machine reading
20:40 atz but assuming correctness in implementation, it would be useful to say, "how would I pronounce this word?"
20:40 atz or have it read to you while you are doing something else w/ your hands/eyes
20:41 chris yeah
21:15 chris working late on friday liz_nekls ?
21:20 liz_nekls only 4:20p here ;)
21:20 chris ahh, well late for a friday then :-)
21:20 chris my brain usually switches off around 3pm
21:20 liz_nekls hehe, late as in "staying for all the hours I"m paid to be here for"
21:20 chris hehe
21:20 liz_nekls but yea, I checked out a couple of hours ago
21:21 liz_nekls though I did have a look through all of the spectacular work you all have been doing
21:21 liz_nekls i hadn't checked git for a while and whoa
21:21 liz_nekls holy criminy y'all have been busy
21:24 chris ive only been busy over on the 3.0.x branch
21:24 chris but the other developers have been doing tons and tons
21:26 atz nothings been committed for 2 weeks though... there's a lot more pending
22:03 liz_nekls ttyl folks... chris, enjoy your saturday ;)
23:58 imp is there a way to get rid of complete sections in the marc framework?
23:59 gmcharlt what do you mean by complete sections?
00:01 imp something like 6**
00:01 imp (a range of record fields)
00:01 chris by running some sql you could, im not sure you would end up with somethign that still worked though :)
00:02 imp hmm
00:02 gmcharlt have you loaded any bibs yet?
00:02 imp ?
00:03 imp we are right now at zero ;)
00:03 gmcharlt and your records won't have 6xx fields?
00:05 imp can't remember that they needed anything from 6xx
00:06 imp it's just a little bit confusing for them to see all the fields - so i try to make it stupid simple right now
00:06 gmcharlt it's probably safer to use SQL to hide all of the 6xx from the editor view, rather than delete them outright
00:09 imp hm, there's no way to select a field from the "default" marc record to add if i deleted something, i guess?
00:14 gmcharlt not at present
00:16 imp think it'll be a nice feature
03:58 imp how can i change the language of the "search"/user interface? (already changed the languages available for the opac interface, but it had no effect on the user page)

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