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12:52 soul9 hi
12:55 jwagner Hi to you!
13:57 fredericd pwd
13:57 fredericd hi
15:12 nahuel gmcharlt, ping ?
15:12 gmcharlt nahuel: pong
15:13 nahuel gmcharlt, just a question about the search results
15:13 nahuel if some HTML code is in "notes"
15:13 nahuel at the moment they're escaped
15:13 nahuel so we see HTML code
15:13 nahuel should we escape it ?
15:13 nahuel unescape it
15:13 nahuel or another thing
15:14 gmcharlt is it formatting HTML, or do these notes also have URLs?
15:15 nahuel it can be formatting html AND urls
15:15 gmcharlt technically, one shouldn't insert random HTML in a MARC record and expect it to work
15:15 gmcharlt but if we assume that MARC records are not a common vector for XSS attacks
15:15 nahuel gmcharlt, but it works in :)
15:16 gmcharlt it's OK to selectively *not* escape the notes
15:16 nahuel well we can use a perl module to allow only some tags
15:16 gmcharlt you'll sometimes see MARC notes fields that have things like 'Press "I" to see the list of items'
15:17 gmcharlt legacy from an old terminal-based ILS
15:17 nahuel ahah
15:17 nahuel why it's in the record ?
15:17 gmcharlt and IMO inserting HTML in the record is the equivalent of that
15:17 gmcharlt doesn't stop people from doing it, of course
15:18 nahuel well, in some cases it's needed
15:18 gmcharlt the reason why such things ended up in the record is that it was a quick workaround to get it to display the way the librarians wanted
15:18 gmcharlt but with little thought to how it might be a problem in the future
15:18 nahuel so should we develop another formating language ?
15:19 gmcharlt yes ... and call it XSLT ;)
15:20 nahuel ahah yes of course, but at the moment we don't use XSLT
16:11 danny hey #koha
16:11 danny is the developer conference still going on for 3 days after KohaCon2009?
16:12 gmcharlt danny: officially two days; many devs will be sticking around the Mondy as well
16:12 danny ah ok, so Saturday and Sunday
16:12 gmcharlt right
16:12 danny thanks
16:15 liz hey peps
16:16 liz just saying hi :)
16:16 gmcharlt hi
16:17 soul9 hi liz
17:27 atz ok, i've concluded guided reports approach has to be modified... interior C4 module should return the prepared sth
17:27 atz right now we have to hold the whole report results in memory at once
17:27 atz which is dumb
17:28 atz and execute_query gets all confused with presentation layer junk as a result
18:18 liz atz: I'm glad you're on our team.
18:19 liz the koha team, that is
19:31 danny sorry guys, nother quick question about the upcoming conference that I am hoping I will have a chance to go to
19:31 danny although I can't find the info anymore I think I remember seeing that the dev portion was being held at a room in the holiday inn express? is that right?
19:32 gmcharlt that's right
19:32 brendan is there anywhere we can see what the plan for the dev portion will be?
19:33 danny and are devs who have only contributed a little bit invited too? :)
19:33 atz brendan: it will be more hackfest style, so not necessarily a set agenda
19:33 gmcharlt all devs are invited
19:33 gmcharlt all non-devs are invited to, as long as you don't throw popcorn at us :)
19:34 brendan cool -- have laptop welcome to come
19:34 danny lol
19:57 jwagner quit
20:27 chris danny
20:27 chris the way i see it, its a good opportunity to convert non-devs to devs :)
20:27 chris which is my aim in life :)
20:40 danny that sounds great, chris :) the more people that can contribute the better the project will be
20:42 chris exactly
21:10 elwell pah. streamed video sessions for those of us who can't make it?
21:18 chris i doubt streamed
21:18 chris unless you are gonna donate us some hardware and bandwidth
21:18 chris :)
21:18 chris but i think we can manage to get someone to video it
21:18 elwell heh. can we atleast get any slides for later then
21:19 gmcharlt slides should be no problem
21:19 chris ill email the list and ask anyone who as a dv cam to bring it
21:19 elwell all hail youtube for hosting
21:19 chris yeah, then we jsut cut it up after
21:20 chris and stick it on youtube
21:20 elwell cool ta\
23:51 brendan hey #koha - how's everyone's evening / day going?
00:05 chris so far so good brendan
00:05 chris nz 448/5
00:14 brendan nice india bat yet?
00:14 chris nope
00:14 brendan about time for you to start the weekend soon.
00:15 chris yeah 3 hours until beer oclock
00:16 brendan nice -- enjoying a little mexican tequila at the moment
00:18 chris excellent :)
00:23 chris im picking we will be able to get some good tequila in texas
01:07 chris jesse ryder just got past 200 runs
01:18 brendan wow -- that's really good? -- is that better than average (I thought 100 was considered a big deal - century)
01:18 chris oh yeah 200 is a big big deal
01:23 chris it brings his average to 66ish
01:23 chris which is a very good average
06:49 chris hi nicomo
06:49 nicomo hi there chris
06:49 nicomo on week-end yet?
06:50 chris yep, just about to put kahu to bed, he is just reading his stories
06:50 chris and then relax time
06:50 nicomo ++
07:16 mc_ hello
07:21 chris hi mc
07:33 mc_ chris, NZ give big brother away :)
07:33 mc_ s/away/up
07:34 chris section92?
07:37 mc_ yep
07:59 chris mc: now we just have to hope the new law wont be worse
08:08 mc_ same pb in france ... just waiting for a real president :-(
08:12 elwell looks a good agenda
08:14 elwell unless of yourse you're doing telephone renewals...
08:14 elwell s/yourse/course/
08:14 chris :)
08:14 chris yeah one is a standard, one is a faux standard
08:15 elwell . o O actually, an asterisk plugin to query barcode and take in the DTMF may be handy
08:16 chris :-)
08:19 elwell you'd need, authentication (borrower no + pin) -> you have X items -> small menu, renew one, renew all, renew one would take in barcode, txt2speech the title and acknowledge?
08:19 elwell bopllocks, so much for working on family and house this weekend
08:26 chris hi paul
08:30 paul_p hi chris
10:00 |Lupin| Hello, it's SEbastien, a new user of koha. Just wanted to say hi.
10:02 hdl_laptop hi |Lupin|
10:05 |Lupin| Hi hdl_laptop
10:06 |Lupin| Just to let all of you know: I'm working in a digital library whose website is at (in french, sorry). The aime of the library is to make copyrighted material available on the web for print-disabled persons, so that they can read the books in a secured way. For the moment the site is completely home-made, but now we plan to rebuild it on top of koha.
10:07 soul9 morning
10:07 hdl_laptop welcome |Lupin| very nice project.
10:08 hdl_laptop There is a french channel koha-fr on freenode if you want to join.
10:35 |Lupin| hdl_laptop: okay ! thanks a lot for your welcome, and for the information.
10:35 |Lupin| hi soul9
10:40 paul_p |Lupin|: a cette heure, il y a surtout des francais par ici en fait ;-) (des BibLibriens)
10:41 hdl_laptop but there still may be some kiwis around
10:41 nahuel kiwis ?
10:42 paul_p kiwis = new zealanders
10:44 nahuel ah ok

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