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11:00 Amit hi greenmang0
11:00 greenmang0 Amit:
11:01 Amit greenmang0 this is your site
11:02 greenmang0 Amit: yeah
11:08 greenmang0 Amit: how did you come to know?
11:09 Amit from LIS forum
11:10 greenmang0 Amit: hmm
11:11 Amit hmm ?
11:13 Amit what hmm?
11:15 greenmang0 Amit: so Mr. Savitra got to know about the site...
11:15 anasha hmm = Indicating thinking
11:25 greenmang0 Amit:
11:25 greenmang0 you there?
11:26 Amit yes
11:26 greenmang0 Amit: you didn't reply...
11:27 Amit means
11:28 greenmang0 Amit: nothing
11:48 jwagner In the items table, it looks like the more_subfields_xml field is used for non-public notes. Is that correct?  Is it used for anything else?
12:15 paul_p jwagner: in UNIMARC, yes, it's heavily used !
12:25 jwagner We're not Unimarc, but it does have entries.  They're a pain when I'm trying to export from the item table.  Guess I'll have to put up with it, sigh :-(
12:29 nahuel kados, are you there ?
12:30 nahuel or gmcharlt ?
12:31 gmcharlt hi nahuel
12:31 nahuel hi galen, what's up ?
12:31 gmcharlt not much
12:31 gmcharlt how are you?
12:31 nahuel fine, but find a buggous patch from owen you pushed on 3.0.x in august
12:32 nahuel on admin/
12:32 nahuel (the last one)
12:33 nahuel but I don't really know what this patch should do
12:35 gmcharlt appears to fix XHTML validation errors
12:35 gmcharlt what is the bug?
12:36 nahuel this patch change the use of CGI::checkbox, etc... to set -name="something" and -id="something$i"
12:37 nahuel but when you "submit" a form the values are passed using the "key" from name
12:37 nahuel and not from the id
12:37 nahuel so you cannot validate the data, and your changes do not have any effect
12:38 gmcharlt hmm
12:38 gmcharlt admin/ and admin/ are the only places that use CGI::checkbox
12:38 gmcharlt so a patch to remove that and just build the checkboxes in the templates
12:38 gmcharlt would be good
12:39 nahuel hmmm
12:39 nahuel all koha should use CGI::checkbox & cie amha :)
12:40 gmcharlt "cie amha"?
12:40 nahuel haha
12:40 nahuel amha = as my humble opinion
12:41 gmcharlt ah
12:41 nahuel checkbox & company
12:41 nahuel like checkbox and others
12:41 gmcharlt right
12:42 gmcharlt I disagree - knowledge of HTML should reside in the templates, as much as possible
12:43 gmcharlt using CGI::checkbox means that you're forced to change Perl code to make an interface change
12:43 nahuel cgi::checkbox is used only to generate forms, not display
12:44 gmcharlt but a form is part of the display
12:44 gmcharlt see[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=766 for another example
12:48 nahuel well, i think it's lesser flexibility for more quality...
13:47 atz yeah, "only generating forms" in CGI would be basically all of every page
13:53 atz crap... is it "Tornado Awareness Month" again?... cause the sirens are all going off
14:08 nahuel what's "Tornado Awareness Month" ?
14:09 atz i don't know, but the last time I was surprised to hear the alarms going off at the wrong time... it was because of some "homeland security tornado awareness month"
14:10 atz silly government idea:  let's change the time of the siren test so that people think it's not a test, in order to provide more awareness.  lame.
14:10 nahuel ah
14:10 nahuel else the next time is a REAL alert, they won't be surprised
16:04 atz does anybody remember a command-line script for running a Koha report by ID#?
16:04 atz i swear I saw one before
16:05 atz ... can't find it now though
16:17 hdl_laptop atz: it would really be fine to have such a script. But I dont remember any like that.
16:18 hdl_laptop atz: if reports are done the clever way, it should not be too difficult to get one to work.
16:18 hdl_laptop atz: and maybe curl could be a good solution too.
16:19 jwagner The report scheduler doesn't work (sigh), but I've seen how it tries to structure a cron -- shouldn't be hard to extrapolate from that.  It's doing the same thing, trying to run a report by ID #.
16:21 jwagner Looking back at my notes, it is calling a report like this:  intranet/cgi-bin/tools/ 184 text
17:04 atz oh... that's actually in cgi-bin?  that's dumb
17:05 atz sitting on the web interface with NO SECURITY.  
17:12 atz jwagner: thx for finding that
17:19 jwagner Belated you're welcome.  If you do find a better place/way of running saved reports, let me know.  That's something I've been meaning to look at, but it's at the bottom of the list right now.
17:23 hdl_laptop atz: We often use new CGI in the code.
17:23 hdl_laptop atz: it doenot look like a good practice.
17:23 atz hdl_laptop: why not?
17:23 hdl_laptop atz: john spent ages on a problem of file import.
17:24 atz yep, that's the only problem area
17:24 atz because of weird timing issues in CFI
17:24 atz *CGI
17:24 hdl_laptop And he realized that CGI environment was overwritten
17:24 atz but we can't get around it, since we require $query as an argument to get_template...
17:24 hdl_laptop when loading C4::Auth
17:26 atz the "upload_hooks" part of CGI is not really well-structured for common use
17:26 atz we have also wasted a lot of time on that problem
17:28 hdl_laptop can't we split get_template_and_user into get_template on the one hand and check_auth on the other hand and pass not the whole query but only the userid/password .... Security problem ??
17:30 atz hdl_laptop: ummm... yeah!  
17:30 atz long overdue.  
17:31 atz the Auth code is written badly, and copied even worse
17:31 atz the problem is that we expect Auth to intercede when auth fails, by sending the user to the login page
17:32 atz so it gets involved in all this other stuff
17:32 gmcharlt well, not having to make each script have to do that itself is also desirable
17:32 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: I agree.
17:33 atz gmcharlt: true, if an atomic version of auth check was really available
17:33 gmcharlt making each CGI script a subclass of a common Koha view class would help
17:33 gmcharlt so you can separate authorization and template handling
17:33 gmcharlt but get unified handling from the POV of each script
17:33 atz that would be nice
17:34 hdl_laptop nice idea.
17:35 hdl_laptop but scarce time and not reaaly goodtime to implement.
17:35 hdl_laptop But I think we could eventually come to that.
17:36 hdl_laptop Since, CAS, SHIBBOLETH, openID, NTLM supports are likely to be asked soon.
17:39 gmcharlt + opensso
19:49 chris morning
19:50 cait morning chris
19:51 chris apparently some phd student is interviewing me at 10
19:52 chris which is in an hour .. i wonder what its about
19:52 cait :)
19:52 chris gmcharlt: are you around?
19:52 gmcharlt chris: yes
19:53 chris did chris catalfo send some patches for the librarything+koha integration?
19:53 gmcharlt no
19:53 chris that will be why i couldnt find them then
19:53 chris just checking i hadnt missed something
19:54 gmcharlt I've asked him about it
19:54 chris cool
19:54 cait my colleagues got very excited today, when I showed them the test site
19:56 chris yes I think a lot of people would be quite excited to try it
03:12 Amit hi chris, mason, brendan
03:13 Amit chris: what about second test nz vs india
03:16 Amit nz is in good position
03:16 chris yeah bad start, but recovering well
03:18 mason heya guys, is the game available via the net?
03:19 Amit yes
03:20 Amit good partnership for 4th wicket
03:20 Amit mason:[…]5kCFRMupAod9hnBuQ
03:22 Amit u have any link?
03:23 mason its a js windows :/
03:23 mason Live Animation  Quick Scorecard  Full Scorecard  Highlights  Graphs  Squads  REFRESH
03:23 Amit k
03:23 mason top left ;)
03:24 Amit Jesse Ryder is also for century
03:24 Amit brendan: have u seen match
03:26 brendan taking a look right now Amit
03:28 brendan I like the feed - pretty cool
03:28 brendan I'll have to remember that one
03:28 Amit r u watching a cricket match in TV
03:28 Amit ?
03:30 chris
03:32 Amit chris: dhoni is not playing in 2nd test
03:32 brendan not watching but listening...
03:33 Amit ok
03:35 brendan can't find a good link to watch -
03:38 Amit[…]5kCFRMupAod9hnBuQ
03:38 Amit this is good
03:39 brendan cool -- I've been followed
04:02 Amit chris: finally Ross Taylor out
07:32 chris evening
07:33 osslabs hi chris
07:52 brendan heya chris osslabs
07:52 brendan goodnight Amit
07:52 Amit good night brendan
08:16 Kivutar hello all
08:16 chris hi Kivutar
08:48 Amit hi kf
08:49 kf hi Amit

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