IRC log for #koha, 2009-03-25

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11:51 aindilis hey
11:51 Amit heya anidilis
11:52 aindilis Our head librarian wrote up a testimonial/letter of appreciation to Koha.  Do you know where we should send it?
11:57 Amit u can send it to koha mailing list
11:58 aindilis great thanks!
14:17 hdl_laptop hi
14:17 hdl_laptop gmcharlt: around ?
14:21 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
14:21 hdl_laptop good morning.
14:22 hdl_laptop How is your work on reconciliation ?
14:23 gmcharlt will have a version for you look at in a couple days
14:23 hdl_laptop Very good.
14:24 hdl_laptop shall we have a meeting late next week ?  
14:24 gmcharlt sure
14:26 hdl_laptop I would then be able to give some feed backs on that, maybe we could announce 3.0.2 and have some talks about features.
14:28 hdl_laptop 2nd or 3rd, April ?
14:28 hdl_laptop same time ? Earlier ? later ?
14:29 gmcharlt 3 April, same time
14:34 hdl_laptop good.
14:34 hdl_laptop btw, congrats for the bugzilla upgrade.
14:35 hdl_laptop We should now be able to send emails to bugzilla, shouldn't we ?
14:35 hdl_laptop so we could send patches also to ?
14:37 gmcharlt hdl_laptop: don't think incoming e-mail has been turned on, but I'll look into it
14:48 danny speaking of the new bugzilla, does anyone know of a way to find all open bugs?
14:49 gmcharlt[…]it&order=Reuse+sa
14:49 gmcharlt me+sort+as+last+time&field0-0-0=​noop&type0-0-0=noop&value0-0-0=
14:49 gmcharlt
14:50 danny ah so you just had to used the advanced search
14:50 danny i was use to just clicking search before without entering a search term
14:51 danny thanks
14:51 gmcharlt you can save that search for yourself
15:02 nahuel gmcharlt, great url :)
15:02 gmcharlt heh - bugzilla could stand to be a little less verbose
16:23 liz_nekls LL folks... was there a hosted server hiccup last night around 6 central?
16:32 ryan_ liz_nekls: yes, lasting about 5 min.
16:34 liz_nekls ty
17:37 jwagner Anyone around who can answer a fines question?
17:59 hdl_laptop jwagner: ?
18:10 jwagner Here, sorry -- was looking at something else.
18:11 jwagner I'm trying to track down why overdues aren't accumulating -- finesmode is set to production, and the cron is running.  Issuing rule seems to be OK.  Any other places to check?
19:27 chris morning
19:28 brendan morning chris
19:32 chris heya brendan, hows things?
19:33 brendan sorry data from legacy system
19:33 chris ahhh yeah, thats always way harder than it should be
19:34 gmcharlt which system?
19:34 brendan so silly IMO
19:34 brendan importing horizon into evergreen
19:35 brendan got the records in the database - just parsing the items is where I'm at
19:36 brendan how are you gmcharlt
19:36 gmcharlt ok, how are you
19:36 brendan maintaining !
19:37 brendan at least I think so
23:40 brendan hey all
23:42 chris hey brendan
23:42 brendan hey chris -- I was trying to work something through my mind maybe you can help
23:42 chris i can try
23:42 brendan when exporting using the koha tools
23:42 chris yep
23:43 brendan I want to add a subfield in my resulting records.  
23:43 brendan i.e/ 999a
23:43 chris "exported from koha"
23:43 brendan and already exports 999c and d
23:43 chris or something?
23:44 brendan do - need to just edit the framework. or add something to the code.
23:44 chris hmm, i think just edit the framework
23:45 brendan ok -- that's the path I'm heading down...
23:45 brendan will stick to it and see what happens.
23:45 brendan thanks...
23:45 chris np
23:45 chris lemme know if it works
23:45 brendan ok -- I'm off to go water the garden
03:14 Amit hi mason
03:14 Amit chris
03:14 Amit hi mason, chris, brendan
04:16 SelfishMan How is everyone tonight?
04:21 Amit hi selfishman
04:22 SelfishMan Hi Amit
04:23 Amit hw r u
04:23 Amit selfishman
04:23 SelfishMan Pretty good actually.  Yourself?
04:34 Amit i m very fine
05:04 anasha greenmang0
05:05 greenmang0 anasha: morning
05:05 anasha greenmang0: pm
05:05 greenmang0 yup
05:07 anasha ask mitke also to be online in koha india as well koha
05:37 brendan hey amit
05:37 Amit heya brendan
06:43 chris[…]chris-catalfo.php
06:49 SelfishMan cool
06:49 SelfishMan What about the lt query limits?
06:49 chris and the bad grammar in the post :)
06:52 chris you have to pay for lt for libraries
06:52 chris i think that gets rid of the query limits
06:53 SelfishMan ah
06:53 chris its an interesting business model, provide a free service, and sell the data accumulated from that
07:01 chris hey nicomo, are you back home?
07:02 nicomo hi chris
07:02 nicomo nope
07:02 nicomo hotel wifi
07:02 nicomo back home tomorrow
07:03 nicomo and i can tell you i'm looking forward to it
07:03 Amit hi nicomo
07:03 nicomo hi Amit
07:05 chris yeah, it sounds like travel has been stressful
07:06 nicomo yep
07:06 nicomo i think i'm going to do a blog post about it on
07:07 nicomo hdl when to the us and danemark
07:07 nicomo i went to norway, spain, portugal, and several different places in france
07:07 nicomo etc
07:07 chris lots of travel
07:07 nicomo yep : we need to cut some of it out
07:07 chris meanwhile paul is meeting with people from senegal
07:08 chris biblibre == united nations :)
07:08 nicomo yep ++ to them : they come see us
07:08 nicomo rather than the other way around
07:08 chris *nod*
07:08 nicomo chris: is the stress of behind you now?
07:09 chris the www. part yep
07:09 chris on to a new mobile site now
07:09 nicomo ok
07:09 chris and then cuisine site
07:09 nicomo things never stop do they ;-)
07:09 chris but they are all way way less stress
07:09 chris does about a terrabyte a day
07:10 nicomo a mobile stylesheet of the koha opac might be nice by the way (hint, nod, wink wink)
07:10 chris the other 2 combined do less than a quarter
07:11 chris i sit on the same floor at the telecom team, who do tons of work for the 2 big telco's here
07:11 nicomo well, got to go catch my bus to the library where I'm working today
07:11 chris xhtml 1.0 is the thing to aim for, if you want it to work on most phones (including older WAP ones)
07:11 chris have a good day
07:11 nicomo xhtml 1.0 with an adapted stylesheet, right?
07:12 nicomo yep
07:12 nicomo i go
07:12 chris id do a set of templates
07:12 nicomo hope to maybe come round here this afternoon
07:12 chris with their own stylesheet
07:12 chris way less screen real estate
07:12 nicomo ok, understand that
07:13 nicomo see you tomorrow
07:13 chris cya
08:15 mc_ hello
08:16 chris hi mc
08:20 fredericd Hello
08:20 chris hi fredericd
08:34 Amit hi mc
08:56 kf good morning #koha
09:00 Amit hi kf ;)
09:02 kf and hi Amit ;)
09:03 Amit how the life ;)
09:03 Amit kf
09:08 kf amit: life is good, but waiting for spring, saw some snow from my window today
09:10 Amit hmm

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