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12:05 Amit hi jwagner
12:08 jwagner Hi Amit.  Good evening!
12:08 Amit good evening
12:08 Amit !
12:09 jwagner Hey, I'm looking at a diacritics problem -- you know anything about the setup there?
12:13 Amit means
12:13 Amit which type of setup?
12:14 jwagner MARC-8, handling non-Roman alphabets
12:56 kf jwagner: combined vs. non-combined diacritics?
13:07 jwagner Hmmm.  Darned if I know, really.  It's a set of Korean titles.  Initially there were problems searching the titles with diacritics (as opposed to plain letters), but that seems to be working.  However, the 880 fields look really odd & aren't displaying.  I _think_ the 880 isn't set to display as a default -- can you confirm that?
13:18 hdl_laptop you can look at your frameworks and see whether 880 subfields are managed
13:23 jwagner Hmmmm.  In the default framework, all the 880 subfields are marked as hidden.  I'll try changing that for at least subfield a & see what happens.  Thanks for the pointer.  I still have some concerns about the data itself, but this is a place to start at least.
13:28 jwagner Changing the framework doesn't have any effect.  When I looked at the XSLT stylesheets earlier, the 880 wasn't included.  The system is set to use XSLT, so I'm assuming that's why the 880 isn't displaying.  Correct?
13:37 hdl_laptop jwagner: correct
13:38 jwagner Thought so.  At some point I'm going to have to do some work with those files....
15:56 cm hey, whoever made bulkmarcimport check for duplicate barcodes, thanks!!!
19:36 chris morning
19:45 gmcharlt hi chris
20:06 chris there we go, the India workshops are up there now
20:06 chris Indian even
22:24 chris[…]9032052080300.htm
22:26 chris 2The workshop is being organised in the context the State government deciding to implement  the Koha software, which is the first integrated library system, in all government  libraries.
22:26 chris very cool stuff :)
03:17 Amit hi chris, mason, brendan
03:17 chris hi amit
03:17 chris did you see
03:17 chris[…]9032052080300.htm
03:17 Amit no wait i will see
03:18 mason heya amit
03:18 Amit namaste mason
03:18 brendan heya amit
03:18 mason namaste chris and amit
03:19 mason namaste brendan too :p
03:19 Amit chris: i know about this seminar
03:19 brendan namaste mason
03:20 Amit brendan u know meaning of namaste
03:20 brendan it's hello and good
03:21 Amit right brendan
03:21 Amit it is indian word
03:21 brendan ah yes
03:21 brendan learned while doing yoga
03:21 Amit good
03:22 mason i like the meaning of namaste
03:22 Amit hmm mason
04:48 Amit hi greenmang0
04:57 Amit hi hdl
04:58 greenmang0 Amit: morning
04:58 SelfishMan how is everyone?
05:01 Amit hi selfishman
05:01 SelfishMan hi Amit
05:03 Amit so your problem has been solved
05:03 Amit stopwords
05:09 SelfishMan Not sure.  I say yes but the users still think that stopwords are required
06:13 chris remove the row from the db ? :-)
07:41 chris hi kf
07:49 kf hi chris
07:55 hdl_laptop hi
07:55 chris hey hdl
08:04 chris hdl: that mail went to the translators list also but thanks for the forward
08:14 hdl_laptop hi chris sorry.
08:14 hdl_laptop Since i saw it on a different list, i fwded...
08:15 chris no problem it reminded me
08:15 chris ive emailed him the .po files
08:15 chris and sent a mail to the lists, to make sure he doesnt get lots of copies sent to him :)
08:15 chris (they are in git)
08:39 mc_ hello
08:41 chris hi mc
08:52 Kivutar hi all
10:11 Amit hi paul

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