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19:44 chris morning
19:49 mc_ hello chris
19:49 chris heya mc .. just the man im after
19:49 chris[…]n-internationale/
19:50 chris Does this say san ouest provence is helping some libraries in senegal install koha?
19:53 mc_ chris, i know that paul dealt with Dakar university last week but i don't know why
19:53 mc_ so i imagine you're right :)
19:54 chris cool :)
19:54 chris that's great news
19:55 mc_ sure :)
03:18 Amit hi brendan, mason, chris
03:18 SelfishMan Is it still true that zebra performs best if QueryRemoveStopwords is disabled?
03:22 Amit hi selfishman
03:22 SelfishMan hi Amit
03:22 SelfishMan Ugh...scrollback issues
03:23 Amit i think it is better work zebra if queryremoved stopwords is disabled
03:23 Amit if a word is added/removed from the stop word list, nothing will have to be rebuilded
03:24 SelfishMan That's what I'm seeing in the docs but I can't confirm it either way
03:29 Amit selfish: i think The zebra search engine works much better if you leave your stop words preference off
03:30 SelfishMan Amit: Thanks.  That's what I keep telling the users but the director keeps turning it on thinking it will help.
03:30 mason heya amit, selfish
03:30 SelfishMan hi mason
03:30 Amit heya mason how is your weekend
03:30 mason really good thanx
03:32 mason weather has just got colder tho.. :/
03:32 Amit hmm i m right mason
03:32 Amit about stopwords
03:32 mason aah
03:33 mason im not sure about stopword myself..
03:33 Amit k
03:35 SelfishMan There is a line in at[…]meters/stop-words that clearly says zebra will perform better if QueryRemoveStopwords is off
03:36 SelfishMan Now if I can just convince one person to forget how things used to work! :-P
03:38 Amit means
03:46 brendan heya amit
03:47 Amit hi brendan
05:11 Amit hi greenmang0
05:12 greenmang0 Amit:
07:01 chris evening all
07:01 SelfishMan mornin'
07:06 Amit hi chris
08:00 Amit hi kf
08:03 kf hi Atmit
08:03 kf Amit
08:04 chris hi kf, paul_p and Kivutar
08:04 paul_p hi chris
08:04 kf hi chris
08:04 paul_p & al
08:04 Kivutar hi all
08:04 chris[…]n-internationale/
08:04 chris very good news :)
08:05 kf but french, can somebody give me a short summary?
08:06 paul_p kf : ???
08:06 paul_p summary of what ?
08:06 chris the url i pasted
08:06 paul_p ah; ok
08:06 SelfishMan I'm about to deploy koha at two more libraries in the state and three more have a few questions before they will consider migration
08:07 chris google translate and mc tell me it says that san ouest provence are helping to install koha in a network of libraries in senegal
08:07 paul_p chris & kf : someone from Dakar univerisites came to SAN-OP last week, to see Koha
08:07 paul_p I've met them on friday too
08:07 kf ah thx :)
08:07 paul_p they have decided to adopt Koha.
08:07 chris SelfishMan: also good news :)
08:08 paul_p now, financial & organisation details have to be organised !
08:08 chris *nod*
08:08 paul_p their initial wishes were to be live on aug, 2009. But they understand now that it's impossible.
08:08 paul_p so that will be for aug, 2010
08:08 paul_p (closed month)
08:09 chris how many libraries in total?
08:09 SelfishMan On the flip side, I've been processing a bunch of ISBNs and completely forgot that an ISBN10 can end in 'X'
08:09 paul_p 350k items, X branches, 40 librarians, 6000 student coming each day ...
08:09 paul_p the Dakar university is the DNS registrar for .sn, and they are 100% optic fiber.
08:10 paul_p counterside : the library don't have enven a penny allocated to the Koha project. They have to take money from their yearly budget :(
08:10 chris yeah you'd want to get that right :)
08:11 chris unfortunately thats all too often the case
08:24 chris amit:
08:39 Amit k
10:31 Amit[…]tem/workshop.html

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