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14:38 nahuel gmcharlt, hi
14:38 nahuel gmcharlt, around ?
14:42 gmcharlt hi nahuel
14:50 nahuel gmcharlt, what's up ?
14:50 gmcharlt not much
14:50 gmcharlt working on a Unicode bug
14:50 gmcharlt (and I truly hate Perl's Unicode support)
14:50 nahuel ;)
14:51 nahuel gmcharlt, are you a zebra killer ?
14:51 gmcharlt testing a change to use an XSL stylesheet to format the metdata for the oai service
14:51 gmcharlt turns out that if the stylesheet omits the XML declaration
14:51 gmcharlt XML::LibXSLT won't recognize if the output is UTF-8
14:51 nahuel and with binmode utf8 ?
14:52 gmcharlt meaning that you have to explicitly turn on the output string's utf8 flag
14:52 gmcharlt yeah, binmode utf8 on STDOUT doesn't help
14:54 gmcharlt so what's your zebra question?
14:59 nahuel gmcharlt, it's an authorities search problem
14:59 nahuel "somethine like (this)" doesn't find anything
14:59 nahuel but "something like this" find something
15:00 nahuel the strange stuff is that in the word-phrase-utf.chr there are the () interpreted as "space"
15:00 nahuel I don't understand wtf
15:00 gmcharlt ok, setting example in my test database
15:01 nahuel does the 'autority' database uses the default.idx that point to word-phrase-utf.chr ?
15:03 gmcharlt yes
15:03 nahuel so I really don't understand what's going on
15:08 gmcharlt nahuel: ok, I just created an authority records in my test DB with a 150$aFoobar barbaz (quux)
15:08 gmcharlt a "topical term" "contains" search of "foobar barbarz (quux)" does work for me
15:08 gmcharlt how are you doing the search, exactly?
15:09 gmcharlt one big difference is that my test DB is using DOM indexing for authorities, not GRS-1
15:09 nahuel /cgi-bin/koha/ 30-600 (Eglise primitive)
15:09 nahuel ah
15:09 nahuel i'm using grs-1
15:09 nahuel arf
15:10 nahuel /cgi-bin/koha/"Eglise 30-600 (Eglise primitive)"
15:10 gmcharlt ah, but it looks like you're doing a subject *bib* search, not an autohrity search
15:10 gmcharlt lemme check
15:10 nahuel subjects are autorities, no ?
15:11 gmcharlt subjects can be controlled by authority records, yes
15:11 gmcharlt but there's a difference between searching on a bib index
15:12 gmcharlt and search on an authority index
15:12 nahuel ho, and su: is a bib search ?
15:12 gmcharlt yes
15:12 nahuel aaaah, ok
15:13 gmcharlt just a sec, I'm trying this out in my test DB
15:13 nahuel ok
15:20 gmcharlt nahuel: 650 $aBarbaz tree (quux)
15:20 gmcharlt both /cgi-bin/koha/"barbaz tree (quux)"
15:20 gmcharlt and /cgi-bin/koha/"barbaz tree quux" work for me
15:21 gmcharlt what does the heading look like in your bib record?
15:21 nahuel not for me on a new 3.0.1 install :s
15:21 nahuel 2s
15:24 nahuel gmcharlt,
15:28 gmcharlt could you paste in the Zebra logs for the two searches?
15:29 gmcharlt based on your record, was the search supposed to be "Asc?tisme 30-600 (Eglise primitve) ?
15:33 nahuel no
15:33 nahuel scuse
15:33 nahuel i pasted a bad record
15:35 nahuel gmcharlt,
15:36 nahuel 606$a and 606$z are concatened
15:52 frederic gmcharlt: What kind of work are you doing on Koha OAI server?
15:52 gmcharlt frederic: some bugfixes and performance improvements
15:53 gmcharlt but biggest is adding ability to use XSL transform of the MARCXML to generate metadata instead of hardcoding
15:53 frederic I'm doing an OAI server and I'm facing several issues.
15:53 frederic yes
15:53 frederic[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2990
15:53 gmcharlt and will add support for returning MARCXML, not just DC
15:53 frederic It seems OAI server has been done for Koha v2.
15:54 frederic I also would like to be able to implement metadata support for schema other than Dublin Core.
15:54 frederic Koha OAI server should be modified to be extensible. An XSLT style sheet could be a solution to return any kind of format...
15:54 frederic I'm about to do it but would wait something will be available on your side...
16:01 gmcharlt frederic: I have a proof of concept set of patches, but they're not particularly clean yet
16:02 gmcharlt if you have more time than I at the moment, I can send you the patches and you can look at
16:02 gmcharlt and use as a basis or ignore as you see fit
16:08 frederic gmcharlt: I need to find a solution quickly. So will I have time. For now, OAI server is unusable: no subjects, no items, and un-extensible.
16:08 frederic Please send me your patches. I will try them and see how they deal with my need. Thanks.
16:08 gmcharlt just occurred to me - do you have a style sheet to do UNIMARC to DC?
16:09 frederic no yet. Have to write it.
16:10 frederic I have both MARC21 and UNIMARC DBs.
16:10 frederic But my need is yet for UNIMARC
16:49 gmcharlt frederic: sent you OAI patch
16:49 gmcharlt as I said, very messy, so use for inspiration
16:50 gmcharlt IMO, the current design of C4::OAI::* is suited to a situation where you're cobbling together the DC from a relational database or the like
16:51 gmcharlt but XSLT makes much more sense if you're starting from a metadata format like MARC21 or UNIMARC that is serialized as XML
00:03 headbang hi, any active users on libki around?
00:28 gmcharlt headbang: dunno.  not me, at any rate.  you may have better luck on #code4lib on freenode
00:28 headbang ah tnx for the possible right hint! :)

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