IRC log for #koha, 2009-03-01

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13:02 dremits hey whats the best way to upgrade Koha from 3 to 3.0.1?
17:01 dremits what should be in the koha-httpd.conf fine?
17:01 dremits *file
07:58 chris evening
08:16 brendan good evening...    
08:17 kmkale hi
08:18 chris (to a wedding and back)
08:19 chris now im adding catalan and french (canadian dialect) to
08:34 brendan 1017 km's on the wrong side of the road...
08:35 brendan :)
08:36 chris :)
08:48 kmkale nz should host the world cup. be sure to win..
08:49 kmkale as i had said to chris good for our guys to get thumped back to ground
08:51 chris :)
08:52 kmkale in the barcode label search I would like to be able to search for a range of barcodes. any idea if anyone has worked out a patch like this?
08:53 chris not that im aware of
08:56 kmkale ok
09:07 brendan hey kmkale -- if you're searching in zebra -- try entering in the barcodes as 123456-123456
09:07 brendan it's worked for me for dates before
09:07 kmkale ok let me try that
09:08 brendan at least for dates that has worked --- for years 1999-2001
09:08 brendan is the best example that I have
09:08 brendan or -1999   (gives you all dates before 1999)
09:22 kmkale nope does not work
09:23 kmkale the barcodes are prefixed i.e. DGS-947
09:24 kmkale even search on only 947 fails

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