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12:36 jwagner Hope someone is listening and can answer a question.  Should the system allow patrons to place holds on items that have a status of missing or lost?  It seems to allow it, but I would think that holds on those types of things should be blocked.
13:16 owen jwagner: You can hide lost/missing items in the OPAC with a system pref. Would that be a satisfactory answer?
13:17 owen "hidelostitems: show or hide "lost" items in OPAC."
13:25 jwagner Yes, I know the syspref is there, but I was wondering more about the rules in place.  It seems like logically the system SHOULDN'T allow holds on items with certain statuses, like lost or missing.  There's a syspref to allow/block holds on available items, so some of the same logic is in place for that.
13:31 owen As with a lot of things, I think it comes down to the particular library
13:31 owen What if I want to place a hold on a lost item because I hope it turns up?
13:32 jwagner Maybe another syspref should be created?  Like allow/block holds on lost/missing items?
13:32 owen That leads to the question, what point is there in having lost/missing results show up at all if you can't borrow them and you can't put a hold on them?
13:33 jwagner I canna read the minds of library directors :-)
13:36 owen Rather than a system pref, I suppose a better way to manage it would be to add the various statuses to the holds policy interface
13:37 owen Now you can block holds on specific item types, why not go one step further and include statuses as an option there?
13:37 jwagner We've been wondering about statuses anyway.  Some, like lost, seem to be assigned their own field in the table, while others are kind of floating off on their own.  Maybe the way Koha handles statuses could use an overhaul....
13:38 nicomo owen & jwagner both ++
13:38 owen A statuses overhaul would be a very valuable contribution to the Koha project :)
13:39 nicomo I'd love to be able to add new statuses, and then decide what to do with them : appear on opac searches, can be loaned, renewals, etc
13:39 jwagner That's what I was thinking -- have one field in the table for status (available, on hold, lost, missing, checked out, whatever), and then have other actions check that status field.
13:46 Elwell is there a nice visual version of the DB schema anywhere to save me generating one from kohastructure.sql?
13:48 jwagner The only one I've found online is from the Koha 2.2 manual site -- appendix A at
13:48 jwagner I'd really love a Koha 3.x table structure document myself
13:49 Elwell heh from[…]elopment:dbschema >> It will be updated when needed (Paul will take care of the update. If he don’t, bug him)
13:49 Elwell paul_p: consider this a poke (it 404's)
14:09 Elwell it's memorable....
14:09 Elwell sqlt-diagram -d MySQL -o=test.png  SVN_Sources/koha/installer​/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql --color
14:10 Elwell    ERROR (line 2164): Invalid statement: Was expecting comment, or use, or
14:10 Elwell                       set, or drop, or create, or alter, or insert, or
14:10 Elwell                       delimiter, or empty statement
14:10 Elwell Error: translate: Error with parser 'SQL::Translator::Parser::MySQL':  no results at /usr/bin/sqlt-diagram line 137.
19:24 lizrea LL peps, is atz on vacation?
19:24 lizrea or conferencing or somesuch
19:29 rhcl I think all the usual day people (except Owen) have been on vacation the past week or so.
19:35 gmcharlt lizrea: atz is at a conference
19:48 lizrea k cool. I always hate it when people bother me when I'm away, so I'll refrain from harassing him. :)
19:53 gmcharlt have fun
19:53 gmcharlt are you going anywhere?
19:53 lizrea Drsyylr!!!
19:53 lizrea er
19:53 lizrea LOL
19:53 lizrea Seattle!!
19:53 gmcharlt some place is Wales, I take it? ;)
19:53 lizrea LOL <3
19:53 owen I was thinking maybe Middle Earth
19:54 lizrea the land of "fingers on the wrong keys"
19:54 gmcharlt a close trading partner of the land of the "kitties on the keyboard"
19:54 jdavidb Seattle is beautiful...Ive been there a few times.  *gorgeous*.
19:55 lizrea ... that is ... beyond words
19:55 lizrea hehe gmcharlt
19:55 lizrea I think it's also bordered by "toddler at the keyboard"
19:56 owen ...which is usually stickier.
19:56 lizrea quite so
19:56 lizrea the land of milk and honey, so they say
19:56 lizrea har har
19:56 jdavidb In my case, it was the land of gooey chocolate, and stray Cheerios.
19:56 lizrea ^ ^
19:57 lizrea my kid eats these rice things called baby mum mums
19:57 lizrea I have half nibbled mum mum's all over my house
19:57 jdavidb It's a kiddie version of the styrofoam rice-cakes!   EEEEEeeeee!
19:57 lizrea ...I really like the word nibble
19:58 lizrea oh I know... but they're GOOD!
19:58 lizrea I know that the reason they come 2 in a package is because they had to leave one for the mom
19:58 jdavidb Soaked in chocolate...or rum...or even water...something to put some moisture back into them.  
19:58 lizrea hehehe
19:58 lizrea I hear rum is good for teething
19:58 jdavidb They're like really good cornbread--it's *supposed* to suck all the moisture out of your body..
19:59 lizrea mmm cornbread
19:59 lizrea jdavidb maybe you can answer this question for me
20:00 lizrea there's a patch on bugzilla for adding sound cues to circulation
20:00 jdavidb Can try.
20:00 lizrea I'd like to try it out on our test server, I know I"d have to sync the templates but I don't have access to the scripts (that I know of)
20:00 lizrea[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1080
20:01 lizrea would that be something we could work together to deal with?
20:01 lizrea I think I"m ok with it going away after our next upgrade (unless it's perfect and what we want and bla bla bla)
20:03 jdavidb Hm....I imagine we could work on that, liz.  Do you have a SC ticket open on that?  I seem to remember...
20:03 jdavidb 2444?
20:05 lizrea lemme look (hehe!)
20:05 lizrea I don't think so for this *specifically*
20:06 lizrea yes, actually, that's exactly it
20:07 jdavidb :D  And it's even assigned to me.
20:07 lizrea WOO!
20:08 owen What's the git command to merge two commits together? I can never remember...
20:09 gmcharlt owen: git rebase --interactive
20:09 jdavidb lizrea:  It's not far from the top of my heap, actually;  with a little luck, and no crises, I should be able to get to it tomorrow or this weekend.   Would that do?
20:09 owen Thank you! I need to carve that into my monitor.
20:12 lizrea yea, that would be perfect!
20:12 lizrea that would give us a week before the next scheduled updates to fiddle with it
20:15 owen gmcharlt: if git send-email doesn't work because your patch has long lines, is the fallback to email it to patches as an attachment?
20:15 gmcharlt owen: yes, or put it up somewhere and send the URL
20:16 gmcharlt somewhere being bugzilla, e.g.
20:16 owen Ah, good idea.
20:16 lizrea jdavidb: just let me know when you're ready for me to dink with the templates (when the code has been installed)
20:17 jdavidb OK.  I'll update the ticket, which will send you email! :)
20:17 lizrea wahoo!
20:18 owen lizrea: I'll be very interested to hear how it goes
20:18 lizrea I think we'll all be listening very carefully
20:19 lizrea don't worry chumley
20:19 lizrea *I* won't come after you
20:19 lizrea ^ ^
20:19 gmcharlt it's not you I'm worried about :)
20:19 gmcharlt just the puns
20:36 gmcharlt owen: do know of a way to quickly reproduce the problem fixed in your patch for 2989?
20:38 owen Not off the top of my head, but I'll figure out a test case and post more info. It's a patch that I've had "lying around" for a while so I need to refresh my memory.
20:46 gmcharlt I've gone ahead and pushed it, as it works out to no visible change in a default OPAC
03:25 Amit hi mason good morning
03:25 Amit hi all
05:20 SelfishMan Anyone have a quick link to a script that converts Follett 852 fields to Koha 952?
06:50 nicomo good morning #koha
07:12 SelfishMan morning
10:32 laurenc1 nick /laurence
10:41 Amit hi laurencel

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