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16:24 gmcharlt owen: re question, noItemTypeImages does indeed only affect staff
16:25 gmcharlt is that correct?  I suppose it depends on whether one syspref should cover both
16:25 gmcharlt or if there should be a separate syspref for OPAC
16:25 owen Is that intentional? I'm looking at a bug in opac-detail.tmpl--it checks a non-existent sys pref "OPACDisplayItypes"
16:25 owen Sounds like someone had the idea to add a separate pref for the OPAC but didn't follow through
16:26 gmcharlt OPACDisplayItypes appears to have a different meaning, though
16:26 gmcharlt controls whether to display itype at all
16:27 gmcharlt not whether you want the icon or not
16:28 owen Good point
16:33 owen I'm going to say the short-term fix is to have noItemTypeImages work in the OPAC
16:56 owen Oh, nevermind, noItemTypeImages isn't passed to the OPAC
16:57 owen So the short-term fix is itemtype images for all
17:28 owen Did you see that rhcl? For a brief moment, two people conversed.
17:33 danny lol
19:16 chris morning
19:16 gmcharlt morning chris
19:17 owen Hi chris
19:17 gmcharlt owen: see, there are now *three* people conversing
19:17 chris heh
19:17 chris i always wait until rhcl isnt watching before i talk
19:17 chris :)
19:20 chris gotta love the interwebs
19:20 owen You staying at the Holiday Inn chris?
19:21 chris one of our clients in about 2002 famously called irc 'interweb chat thingy'
19:21 chris owen: yep
19:21 chris check in on the 14th, out on the 21st
19:22 chris exact same dates as paul and nahuel .. which we didnt find out until after
19:22 chris i think we land in dallas 25 mins apart .. which is just spooky
19:24 mason heya chris
19:25 mason and galen / owen too :)
19:25 chris heya mason
19:26 chris starting work early today?
19:26 mason IIRC: the interweb is actually a series of giant tubes, created by alg0re
19:27 chris its not a truck you can just dump something on, its a series of giant tubes
19:27 chris my staff sent me an internet last week and i only got it today
19:28 mason lol
19:28 chris k12linux: staying at the holiday inn?
19:28 k12linux nod
19:28 k12linux Always reassuring when those making the laws have no concept of what they regulate.
19:29 chris oh nz is no better
19:29 mason me.. i prefer to get on the google, to look at my ranch...
19:29 chris we had a stupid law that was supposed to come into effect this week
19:29 chris section 92a of the copyright act
19:29 chris luckily people protested enough that the govt has delayed it until they fix it
19:30 gmcharlt chris: description of 92a sounds suspiciously like a clone of the US DMCA
19:31 chris yeah, but slightly worse
19:31 chris it was fairly obvious who the organisations are that were pushing it though
19:31 gmcharlt big media?
19:31 chris yeah rianz
19:31 chris which is our branch of riaa
19:32 gmcharlt down with ria*
19:32 chris yeah fix your broken business model, and leave the rest of us alone
19:33 gmcharlt MP3s of the world, unite!
19:33 chris "unite and fight .. something something is our right"
19:33 mason ive been listening to the 92a issue on the radio , for the last week...
19:35 chris its been pretty interesting at work, the people who set up work here
19:36 mason nice site :)
19:37 mason coastline image is makara, wgtn?
19:38 chris *nod*
19:43 chris budget doesnt stretch to a trip to texas this year eh mason?
19:44 mason def. not this year
19:44 chris might try and organise kohacon 2010 for wellington
19:46 mason yes, a great idea
19:46 chris before or after lca 2010
19:47 chris :) the trick will be if your dollar strengthens owen
19:50 owen Whoa, 3K per passenger? I'd better start saving up for Kohacon 2030 in Wellington instead
19:51 chris hehe
19:51 chris thats pretty mental, its costing about 3k nz for me return to texas
19:51 chris retarded it costs the same in us$
20:17 chris yeah july isnt the best month, unless you like skiing :-)
20:21 Elwell 's OK - I grew up on Skye so I'm used to wind + rain
20:23 chris :)
20:43 jwagner quit
01:51 SelfishMan Has anyone looked into using for jackets?
08:56 anasha amit,

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