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14:02 danny oh sorry about that confusion with the db number patch acmoore
14:02 danny i should have updated it on the wiki that it was sent
14:07 acmoore no worries. The whole process is a little cumbersome, and I was essentially trying to cut in line anyway!
16:11 danny is it possible to have <!-- TMPL code inside of a .js file?
16:13 SelfishMan only if the .js file is included in your template but basically no
16:13 SelfishMan and I don't mean a script src line either
16:14 danny ok, got it
16:20 ryan danny:[…]ember/008853.html
16:24 danny thanks ryan
16:25 danny I am on that list too, and I read that this morning, I guess I just needed to re-read it =)
16:26 danny ryan, is your patch only dealing with staff-side or the opac side too
16:27 danny erhmm, nevermind that as well
16:29 danny i look forward to the patch!
19:23 chris morning
19:23 soul9 hi chris
19:24 chris hey soul9, how goes the acquisitions?
19:25 soul9 :-)
19:25 soul9 it goes as it goes
19:25 chris heh
19:25 soul9 i'm fighting with pdf manufacturing right now
19:26 soul9 chris, did you check the code out at all?
19:26 chris mason has shown me a demo of it
19:26 chris but thats about as much as i have looked
19:26 chris (have a project due jan 12, so thats keeping me busy)
19:28 soul9 yea
19:28 soul9 no worries, just though some koha guru would have a few remarks ;-)
19:29 chris i hope to have a proper look once this site goes live :)
19:29 soul9 yeah, cool
19:31 soul9 well, i'd be thankful for any advice and remarks.
19:32 chris cool, im really looking forward to it, and so are lots of NZ libraries :)
19:32 soul9 oh, today i made the per-supplier GST work :-D
19:32 chris woo hoo :)
19:32 chris thats neat
19:33 soul9 yea
19:33 soul9 at least i think it works
19:33 soul9 i think i missed a couple of spots where it is used tho
19:33 chris iirc it was mostly on the ordering screen and then again on the receiving one
19:34 soul9 ya
19:34 soul9 anywho, i got a test site running, if you want to show it to anyone who's got clues about koha...
19:34 soul9 well, oops
19:34 chris i was going to suggest mason showed a site to HLT, so that might be good
19:34 soul9 i think i missed the recieving  script :-D
19:34 chris although its new years eve here today
19:35 soul9 oh
19:35 soul9 yeah
19:35 chris so public holiday tomorrow and friday, so wont be many people around
19:35 soul9 yeah
19:35 soul9 maybe i could add a wiki page
19:35 soul9 the test site for acquisitions is here:, i also have a bugtracker here:
19:36 chris if you fire me an email at
19:36 chris then i wont forget :)
19:36 soul9 sure
19:37 chris hmm its nearly 9 years since Koha went live .. jan 3 2000 ... so in 3 days it will be 9 years old
19:37 chris i think about now , in 1999, i was franctically trying to finish acquisitions too :-)
19:38 soul9 hahahah
19:38 soul9 :-D
19:38 soul9 chris, i make you a superlibrarian?
19:38 chris yeah that would be good thanks
19:40 soul9 ok, the mail flew off
19:40 chris sweet
19:41 soul9 got it? :-)
19:41 chris yep :)
19:41 soul9 cool
20:26 chris cafepress integration?
20:27 chris ahh for the capes :)
20:27 gmcharlt exactly :)
20:30 nicomo gmcharlt : what happened to those koha tshirts on cafepress?
20:30 chris katipo did some years ago
20:31 nicomo yes, I bought one way back when
20:31 nicomo I don't know... 2003?
20:31 chris one of the green ones?
20:31 nicomo with the character jumping
20:32 nicomo stickers would be nice too, for the laptops
20:32 chris[…]p?g2_itemId=10222
20:32 chris that one?
20:32 chris i still have that one, and a green one too
20:33 nicomo yeah, the exact same one
20:33 nicomo chris : nice cast on your picture, too ;-)
20:33 chris im sure rachel still has the design somewhere
20:33 chris heh, yep, that was linuxconf 2006
20:34 chris linus actually came to my koha talk (its the highlighting of my presenting career so far!)
20:34 nicomo well, it will be hard to surpass that
20:35 chris same conference i flew in a helicopter with mark shuttleworth
20:35 chris and had dinner with jon maddog hall
20:35 chris so its gonna be a hard conference to ever beat :-)
20:35 nicomo ok: this is the end of your presentation career
20:35 chris heh
20:35 nicomo from then on it's downhill
20:35 chris yep
20:35 chris actually, later that year was kohacon
20:36 chris which although didnt have such a cast, was at least as much fun :)
20:36 chris and the food was a lot better :)
20:37 chris[…]hp?g2_itemId=6914
20:37 chris and the scenery
20:37 chris[…]hp?g2_itemId=6884
20:37 chris[…]hp?g2_itemId=6911
20:38 nicomo Marseille
20:38 chris yeah, i didnt take many photos in paris
20:38 nicomo I actually don't like the place very much
20:38 nicomo Lyon's much better (don't tell Paul though)
20:38 chris i love seafood
20:38 chris does lyon have good seafood?
20:38 nicomo ah, you're biased then
20:39 chris :)
20:39 nicomo no, we don't
20:39 chris ill have to visit sometime so i can compare :)
20:39 nicomo but we have lot more restaurants then Marseille
20:39 nicomo ++
20:40 nicomo anyway : i'll gladly buy a few koha stickers for my laptop
20:40 chris i found this
20:40 nicomo who's got the keys to the cafepress account for koha?
20:40 chris
20:40 chris i think nengard
20:41 nicomo hum... no stickers there
20:41 chris if i see her online ill pester her to do some stickers :)
20:41 nicomo I'll attack from Europe : she'll have to give in
20:42 nicomo ok, goodnight all
20:45 chris hmm might have to get this for the bus
20:45 chris
21:37 rhcl Hey, wow, the koha shop is back up? Is it for real, like can I buy something now?
21:39 chris afaik yes
21:46 gmcharlt I love the beer stein
21:51 rhcl I just bought the lime green t-shirt.
21:51 chris i have one of those
21:52 chris from 2002ish
21:52 chris i wore at the toledo something something linux conference
21:55 rhcl Chris: is this you? <select the image of the person>[…]No=298433296&pr=F
21:55 chris heh nope :)
21:56 rhcl That's just a plain green shirt--probably somebody from CafePress not related to Koha.
21:57 chris ahh think-linux
21:57 chris[…]6-004-26-NW-CY-EV
21:57 chris thank goodness for google
21:57 chris that would have been annoying me all day
21:58 chris i dont think there are any photos of me in mine
23:36 ryan anyone: is there an sprintf format specifier that will print '3' if x=3.00 and '3.25' if x=3.25001 ?  --i.e. 2 precision digits, but only if they're non-zero ?
23:40 SelfishMan I want that travel mug
23:50 soul9 you're so selfish!
23:50 SelfishMan I *must* have that travel mug
23:51 soul9 ok, *now* you're selfish ;-)
00:09 chris havent seen a sprintf one ryan
00:10 chris but Number::Format does exactly that
00:49 acmoore can someone delete the "frank2200" user account from the koha wiki, please? they are a repeat spammer.
00:49 chris yeah and jack1688
00:50 acmoore alan2000
00:50 chris actually anyone with name then 4 numbers
00:50 chris i think you need to ask kados
00:50 gmcharlt alas, doesn't deter them
00:50 gmcharlt but I'll delete the accounts
00:50 acmoore OK. thanks
00:51 acmoore I wonder if a doku wiki upgrade would give us any better spam controls.
00:51 gmcharlt acmoore: I'll try it
00:51 gmcharlt but upgrade by itself won't be enough
00:51 gmcharlt we'll hvae to CAPTCHA the front page, at least
00:51 acmoore I don't know if they have captchas or something for new accounts.
00:51 acmoore oh.
00:52 chris yeah captcha on creating the account would be my preference
00:52 gmcharlt I have the nasty suspicion, thought, that the spammer is doing this manually
00:52 chris me too
00:52 chris so captchas everywhere wouldnt stop them
00:53 chris its either a human, or a script that learns
00:53 acmoore worst. spammer. ever.
00:53 acmoore maybe we should just let the front page be WoW spam and use all of the other pages.
00:54 chris heh
00:54 chris they'll just move on
00:54 gmcharlt heh, but I'm not sacrificing's PageRank without a fight
00:54 chris jack1688 does ugg boot spam
00:54 acmoore oh! I need some Ugg boots!
00:54 chris no one needs ugg boots
00:55 chris :)
00:55 gmcharlt acmoore: resist the temptation!
00:55 acmoore heh
00:55 chris do you have access to the apache logs gmcharlt?
00:55 gmcharlt chris: yes
00:55 gmcharlt and had tried an IP ban
00:55 gmcharlt didn't work, alas
00:56 chris bummer
00:56 chris traceroute to physical address, followed by a punch to the eye
00:56 gmcharlt heh
00:56 chris that seems the next step :)
00:56 gmcharlt I will try a nastygram to their ISP
00:57 gmcharlt anybody working on the intercontinental clue-by-four delivery system?
00:59 chris :)
04:51 anasha hello #koha

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