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13:32 gmcharlt greetings #koha
13:35 anasha hello there
13:35 anasha i have a stupid question,,,, is there any way to uninstall koha
13:36 paul_p hello gmcharlt & anasha
13:36 anasha or simply we should rename the koha folder(s)
13:36 paul_p anasha: it's not a stupid question !
13:37 paul_p if you want to uninstall Koha, you need to rm -f /path/to/kohaDirectory, + the mySQL DB + the Apache vhost + the koha.xml config file
13:37 paul_p that should be enought
13:37 anasha my guys made some mistakes with koha installation
13:37 anasha ok thanks friend
13:38 anasha this will be helpful to me
13:42 soul9 hi #koha
13:43 soul9 i'd need a little help with identifying fields in the database...working on the new_acq project.
13:43 soul9 i think some of you might have had a look at the code, please comment if needed, i'm all green in koha :-)
13:46 soul9 so anyways, i see gstreg, listincgst and invoiceincgst, which seem to indicate that there is a way to have gist calculated on a bookseller basis, and not globally
13:48 soul9 but i've not been able to figure out which field does what (in this case, which field doesn't do what as i don't think any of the fields are actually used by koha (except for information))
14:53 atz soul9: i think they were used in previous versions of Koha
14:54 atz chris might be able to say more, since I think that part of the code came from NZ
15:01 soul9 ah, i see
15:01 soul9 okay, well
15:02 soul9 thanks atz
19:23 chris yep, you were right soul9, they were used to calculate on a bookseller basis, this got lost somewhere between 2.0 and 3.0
19:23 soul9 i see
19:23 soul9 okay, i'm adding it back
19:23 chris you might want to talk to the biblibre guys
19:23 chris they have done tons of work on a new acquisitions system
19:23 chris ahh thats alrigh then :)
19:24 soul9 chris, i've tried to figure whether the gstreg, listincgst and invoiceingst were used anywhere in koha, but i don't think so.
19:24 chris not currently
19:24 soul9 so i'm dropping it from the db schema and just adding a "gst" column
19:24 chris but yes they certainly were
19:25 chris no dont do that :)
19:25 chris it would be better to make them work
19:25 chris they were used by javascript
19:25 chris to work out the estimated, and actual cost of items
19:25 soul9 hehe
19:25 soul9 hm
19:25 soul9 okay
19:25 chris for example some suppliers dont include the gst on their listings
19:25 chris but do on the invoice
19:26 soul9 ah
19:26 soul9 okay
19:26 chris you have talked with mason before eh?
19:26 soul9 sure
19:26 chris he should be able to explain how the nz libraries use it
19:26 soul9 yeah, we work together pretty much on this
19:26 soul9 euh, well, i think he pointed me toward you ;-)
19:27 chris ahh :)
19:27 soul9 but i get the picture, i guess
19:27 chris well thats how it was used, the librarian types in the price on the listing
19:27 soul9 listincgst = listings with gst or not
19:27 chris yep
19:27 chris and since in nz, libraries dont have to pay gst
19:27 soul9 gstreg = actual gst?
19:27 chris yes
19:28 soul9 invoiceingst = invoice is with/without gst
19:28 chris yep
19:28 soul9 allrighty then
19:28 soul9 thanks a lot, that was quick and fruitfull :-)
19:28 chris no problem
01:00 stan Are there any libraries who have made available a dump of their catalog/patrons/etc?  like live data to work with?
01:01 chris hlt did a long time ago, anoymised that is
01:01 stan naturally.
01:01 chris but i dont know of any in recent history
01:02 stan Are you chris corack?
01:02 chris yep
01:02 stan cormack*
01:02 stan i guess i wont reply to your email asking if you know of such a data dump :D
01:02 chris :)
01:02 chris there is some demo data that you can install with koha
01:02 chris some fake patrons
01:02 stan yea.. i have that
01:02 stan i need to coerce a local library to use koha
01:03 chris but afaik, thats all there is around at the moment
01:04 chris when do you need it by?
01:06 stan no rush
01:06 chris ill ask around, but might be worth asking on the main koha list also
01:06 stan i will.
05:09 anasha seasons greeting #koha
05:27 ryan anyone familiar with javascript tablesorter ?
05:27 ryan        $.tablesorter.defaults.widgets = ['zebra'];
06:05 stan Is tinymce actually USED in Koha?
06:21 stan ah  -- for the help editor.
09:29 soul9 hi

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