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14:36 owen Why am I getting a "You must define a budget in Administration" message on when I do have budgets defined?
14:38 paul_p hi owen
14:38 paul_p maybe the 31-12 effect ?
14:38 owen Hi paul_p
14:38 owen Good point
14:38 owen We should do lots of testing today :)
14:39 owen You guessed correctly
14:42 paul_p yes, and tomorrow as well. Although it's uncommon for a library to be open on jan, 1st even in US I bet ;-)
14:43 acmoore the opac is open. ;)
14:46 owen Is there any reason why the "Add to Order" block from shouldn't be duplicated on
15:07 owen I have question, being Perl-impaired. In, line 105:
15:07 owen my ($bookseller) = GetBookSellerFromId($booksellerid);
15:07 owen Why the parentheses around $bookseller?
15:07 paul_p the result is of GetBookSellerFromId is an array
15:07 paul_p ($bookseller) is an array
15:08 paul_p $bookseller contains the 1st entry of the resulting array
15:08 paul_p very perlish (and I don't know if it's a good use of Perl in this case)
15:10 owen Thanks paul_p, that makes sense
16:56 paul_p bye koha & happy new year to everyone here.
16:56 paul_p see you on 2009, jan, 2nd !!!!
20:37 owen form name="frusin." frusin?
20:39 rhcl ?
20:40 acmoore I don't know either, but 'git blame' shows that as a pretty ancient line

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