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11:00 SelfishMan |Lupin|: Not sure what I missed but there is a hosts file under windows.  Also, with rewrite rules I'm certain you can have both as different URIs at the same site
11:08 |Lupin| SelfishMan: Oh I didn't konw there was a host file under Windows ! That's good news! Do you have any information about how to add mappings to it, please ?
11:08 SelfishMan |Lupin|: It's located under %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
11:09 SelfishMan format is ''
11:10 SelfishMan I find editing the hosts file on any system a nasty hack that can probably be better replaced by proper use of DNS but it is there
11:10 |Lupin| SelfishMan: thanks ! and you can associate more than one name to one address, as it is possible under Unix ?
11:10 SelfishMan sure.  ''
11:10 SelfishMan or just use multiple entries
11:11 |Lupin| SelfishMan: on Unix all the names correspondign to one address have to be on the same line...
11:12 SelfishMan Windows just searches the list until it finds a match for the hostname then looks at the IP
11:12 |Lupin| SelfishMan: I agree that it would be better to use DNS, but the guys that administer it at our university are not that easy to contact...
11:12 SelfishMan A common anti-malware method is to use a large hosts file with all the evil sites pointing at
11:13 |Lupin| :)
11:13 SelfishMan If you can't modify the DNS then using a few rewrite rules may be a little prettier
11:16 |Lupin| SelfishMan: you mean keeping the virtual hosts and then rewriting URLs starting with, say, koha-opac/ correctly ? You can modify the virtual host in the rewrite rules ?
11:20 SelfishMan You don't need to modify the virtual host just make it rewrite /koha-opac/ to the proper location and /koha-int/ to another one
11:21 |Lupin| SelfishMan: And that will work even if no virtual host is passed ? I thought the virtual host was necessary, but I have almost no experience with Apache...
11:22 SelfishMan Well the virtual host part depends on how many other sites are on the server
11:22 |Lupin| Well if the location is right I can understand that no vrtual host is reuired...
11:23 SelfishMan From the way I understand your original question, you want and right?
11:24 |Lupin| SelfishMan: It is not known yet how many sites will be on the server, that's why I'm trying to have something as scalable as possible. I even considered installing a DNNS server on the host to be able to use all the names I wanted, but then I found bind9 relatively difficult to configure and (temporarily) renounced to this option
11:24 |Lupin| SelfishMan: yes, you are correct.
11:26 SelfishMan Looking at the recommended vhost config I don't see why a few rewrites won't do it.  Worst case you can use the proxy method but that is just ugly
11:26 |Lupin| So the required rewrite rules should appear outside of the VirtualHost block, or inside ?
11:26 SelfishMan Inside
11:27 |Lupin| SelfishMan: and then these rules will apply to any URL, even if the HTTP request does not match the vhost ?
11:28 SelfishMan Depends on the virtualhost config for the server.  If you want multiple virtualhosts to all have a link to the same catalog then you need to have the rules in every vhost
11:29 |Lupin| you mean as it is done in the example, i.e. in the opac vhost and in the koha-int vhost ?
11:30 SelfishMan You said something about having multiple sites on the web server
11:30 |Lupin| yes but not multiple sites having access to the same catalog... the other sites would have nothing to do with koha
11:31 SelfishMan then you would just put everything in the one site that needs it
11:32 SelfishMan Is there a reason you can't use the port?
11:32 |Lupin| well, I'd like to have some kind of uniformity among all the sites
11:33 |Lupin| localhost/koha-int, localhost/koha-opac, localhost/blog, localhost/wiki...
11:33 SelfishMan I thought you just said there would only be one site using koha?
11:34 |Lupin| I'm getting confused...
11:34 |Lupin| perhaps it's the localhost I shouldn't have mnetionned... ?
11:34 |Lupin| (very sorry for the lack of clarity)
11:35 |Lupin| There is one machine under Linux with several things installed on it: koha + other stuff. And all this should be easily accessible from other machi nes on the same network, no matter which OS they are running
11:55 |Lupin| ok.. so people on freenode/#apache confirm that if a rewrite rule appears in a VirtualHost block it will aply only if a request is addressed to that virtual host...
11:55 SelfishMan yep
11:59 |Lupin| perhaps I could have several VirtualHost blocks with the same IP and no server name, and then each virtual host would include is own rewriting rules... ? Hmm doesn't look very clean...
12:00 SelfishMan They have to have a server name to be identified otherwise only the first loaded virtualhost will be used.
12:02 |Lupin| So putting rewrfite rules in the VirtualHOst block won't work.
12:03 SelfishMan They have to go in the virtualhost block.  I recommend reading up on mod_rewrite and virtualhosts as they are essential to making this work.
12:05 |Lupin| SelfishMan: but if the client can't send the right virtualhost (because we don't have the right DNS aliases in place), how can this work ?
12:05 SelfishMan Why wouldn't they send the right virualhost?
12:08 |Lupin| SelfishMan: because teh DNS servers do not know the mappings between the virtual hosts and teh real IP address...
12:08 SelfishMan That's what the default virtual host is for
12:12 |Lupin| Actually the solution may be to have just one virtual host (the default) and all the rest done inside <Directory> blocks in that virtual host ?
12:12 SelfishMan Sorry, I was assuming that is what you were doing
12:13 |Lupin| Or would you keep several vhosts and just add the rewriting rules to the default virtual host ?
12:14 |Lupin| SelfishMan: no problem. Actually I tried to implement a solution where each thing (koha-opac, koha-int, blog, wiki) as in a separate virtual host, but given the constraints mentionned earlier it seems it is not possible to do so
12:15 SelfishMan A virtual host is only useful when there is a different HTTP_HOST ( vs or different port numbers.  If everything is under the same HTTP_HOST then it all has to be in the same virtualhost section
12:16 |Lupin| okay
12:16 |Lupin| that will simplify things
12:17 |Lupin| SelfishMan: many thanks for your patience in helping, 'm sorry my explanatons where so confused.
12:17 SelfishMan No worries.  I'm a little distracted with other stuff tonight so I'm not really in the right mindset
12:18 |Lupin| SelfishMan: tonight ? In which timezone are you ?
12:18 SelfishMan UTC -7
12:19 SelfishMan I don't sleep.  Ever.
12:20 |Lupin| ohoh...
12:21 |Lupin| okay, time to leave but will be back soon! thanks again !
12:21 SelfishMan I hope it helped a little bit
12:22 |Lupin| it helped a lot !
19:58 chris morning
00:46 chris is there anyone here who has superadmin rights on the koha wiki?
05:54 chris we need a script that stops people who have a username of with some characaters followd by 4 numbers being able to post to the wiki
05:55 chris im bored of reverting the front page all the time
08:37 hdl chris : a captcha system would be better.
09:28 chris yeah but then i would have to do the captcha too :)
09:28 chris and i hate captcha's
10:54 chris[…]/22/0830205.shtml

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