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02:29 |Lupin| hi
02:34 |Lupin| In the apache configuration used by koha, is it possibl to have OPAC and intranet access through URLs such http://localhost/koha-opac/ and http://localhost/koha-int/ ?
05:09 mason yeah, i think so
09:02 |Lupin| mason: how could it be done ? I have no idea which apache functionality ould be useful to achieve such a result
09:04 mason why not koha-opac.localhost  and koha-int.localhost ??
09:27 |Lupin| mason: because we don't have the control over the DNS server so we can't add the appropriate bindings, and we wan the sites to be accessible to Windows machines where there is no equivalent to /etc/hosts, AFAIK
09:40 mason looks like you need to pop your stuff in a apache <Directoy> block
09:42 mason in sites-enabled/000-default  ...
09:42 mason this works for me..
09:42 mason
09:44 |Lupin| mason: I was indeed considering this option, yes. But would the URLs generated by koha be correct ?
09:45 mason not tooo sure, u might need to use RewriteRule ...
09:46 mason prolly quicker to send an email to your DNS guys..
09:50 |Lupin| mason: well.. the other thing is 'd like to have a setup where it is easy to have several websites on the same machine (one for a professional blog, another for a wiki...), all of them accessible via http://localhost/pathtosite/
09:51 |Lupin| mason: actually if the URLs produced by koha are relative (and I think they are, else even the virtual-host based solution wouldn't work), then it may work...
10:17 |Lupin| mason: in the example you have pasted, what does your /var/www/moo contain ? is it a symbolic link to KOHADIR:opac/htdocs ?
10:18 mason yeah,  moo -> /home/mason/git/rc1-stable/koha-tmpl/
10:19 |Lupin| oh, so it's not to htdocs...
10:21 mason yeah, its a starting-point, that still need some work
10:21 |Lupin| k
10:22 mason the basic idea is that you are pulling your koha settings out of a <VirtualHost> block, and rewriting it for a <Directory> block
10:23 mason thats about the limit of my understanding of the issue  ;)
10:23 |Lupin| mason: yeap, it's what I tried actually. However, it does not work for the moment...
10:25 mason ive spent an entire night on setting up a similar dev box to yours - with apache stuff
10:25 mason it can be fiddly to debug
10:26 |Lupin| mason: that's what I'm realizing
10:26 mason with a bug in an earlier parsed vhost file, causing a problem in a later one
10:26 mason thats what caught me out , anyway...
10:27 |Lupin| things would be simpler if web browsers would permit control over the vitual host passed n the HTTP requests. Then that would not rely on DNS...
10:27 |Lupin| mason: I see
10:29 mason start with the wiki and blog setup 1st, then when you get the hang of it, try the koha rewrite..
10:29 mason get a simple working example 1st
10:58 |Lupin| mason: it's wise, indeed. However wiki and blog are not installed yet. There are other sites on the host which could be used, though, so thanks a lot for your advice.

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