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14:05 nahuel hi
14:05 nahuel does someone patched the es-es.po file ?
14:05 nahuel there are some errors like :
14:05 nahuel % s: Unknown or unsupported format specification
14:08 atz_ nahuel: recall also that there was a bad value in one of the SQL files where es was mapped to RU or something
14:08 atz_ so there may be a mismatch
14:08 nahuel i'm talking generating the templates
14:08 nahuel with
14:09 atz_ right, what I'm saying is that if that value was drawn upon for any of the template work, then it would be a mismatch w/ the rest of the process
14:09 atz_ (i don't know whether or not it is)
14:10 nahuel ok
14:11 atz_ if you can get the same thing to occur w/ languages besides russian and spanish, then we can be sure it is something else
14:12 nahuel it's just some problems in po
14:12 nahuel the some strings are : "% s"
14:12 nahuel and not %s
14:12 nahuel or :
14:12 nahuel "something % "
14:12 nahuel "s"
14:12 atz_ ah, that should be easy enough to fix, i think
14:13 atz_ but these files are the ones that are generated?
14:13 atz_ so it might be harder to fix the generator :\
14:13 nahuel no, it's the git po files
14:13 nahuel the "original" strings are good
14:13 nahuel but not the translated strings
14:19 atz_ nahuel: is this likely related to the webinstaller failure for es reported on the list?
14:20 nahuel probably
14:21 nahuel but the errors are on catalogue/details.tmpl
15:45 nahuel someone can say me what is "priority = 0" in reserves ?
15:45 nahuel why it's excluded in "" ?
15:50 atz nahuel: i think priority zero is for items that are reserved, and have been retrieved from the stacks... so that item is "waiting" to be picked up
15:50 atz the comments in C4::Reserves should describe that explicitly
15:50 nahuel well, in this case, the item is waiting to be transfered from another branch
15:51 atz yes, the priority would be the same
15:51 nahuel I already read the comments, but don't find anything interesting for the definition of priority
15:51 atz  - priority >0      : then the reserve is at 1st stage, and not yet affected to any item.
15:51 atz             =0      : then the reserve is being dealed
15:52 atz not the clearest description
15:52 atz but basically priority zero means the hold is "paired"
15:52 nahuel ok
15:52 atz i.e., no other item should be targeted by the hold
15:53 nahuel the sql request in pendingreserves should be rewrite ;)
15:53 nahuel it's not really readable for someone who come in the code
15:53 nahuel sql should not generate xhtml ;)
15:55 atz yeah, holds is one of the biggest weird points in the code, because so many ideas collide there
18:30 chris nahuel: u about?
18:35 chris the greek .po file had the same issues, i fixed that last night, i'll fix the ES one today
18:35 chris[…]oha.git;a=summary
18:36 chris you can get the updated .po files from here
18:46 eric hi there!
19:29 eric kados: are you around?
19:33 chris hi eric
19:34 eric Hi chris,  how are you?
19:36 chris good thanks, and yourself?
19:37 eric Good, considering the cold weather over here (in Quebec)
19:37 chris ahh i bet
19:37 chris i work with someone from Quebec
19:37 chris (who lives in nz now)
19:37 eric I'm looking for some information about the Authorities when importing records from a z3950 server... the trick is that I'm looking for the 2.2 version :)
19:38 chris ahhh
19:39 chris yeah there isnt a lot on the web about them
19:41 eric That's a fact :D
19:41 acmoore chris: thanks to Catalyst for supporting Sam Villain while he worked on the migration of perl from perforce to git. I guess he was able to do some of that "on the clock" because of Catalyst's generousity. That's good to see.
19:41 acmoore That is the same "Catalyst" company, isn't it?
19:42 chris yep sure is
19:42 acmoore good
19:43 chris lots of perl people here, someone should count up how many CPAN modules we have hehe
19:43 chris sam does a lot of work on perl6 too
19:48 chris its an interesting place to work, we have sam and grant who are perl guru's, 4 debian developers.
19:48 chris one of the lead developers for OLPC
19:48 chris and the lead developer of reprap
19:49 chris theres always something interesting to go poke at :)
19:49 acmoore wow, that's impressive.
19:49 acmoore are you guys all in an office, or do you work remotely?
19:49 chris in an office
19:50 acmoore cool
19:51 chris i work up on level7, sam is on level 3
19:58 eric Is there a way to search through koha mailing list archives?
19:58 chris yeah gmane or markmail are the best ways
19:58 chris ill find you url's
19:58 chris 2 secs
19:58 chris or you can use google
19:59 chris site:[…]&client=firefox-a
19:59 chris
20:00 chris
20:00 chris you can never have too many mirrors :)
20:00 chris speaking of which
20:01 eric Is this information on
20:01 chris yep
20:01 chris
22:21 sirstan Is there a koha dev channel?
22:27 chris this is pretty much it
22:33 acmoore sirstan, it's obviously sometimes slower than others, but feel free to speak up if you need anything.
02:58 stan 84
03:09 stan What is 16+5 ?
03:14 chris 21?
05:32 stan Makefile.PL is claiming I dont have SMS::Send, while perl disagrees.
05:32 stan how do i resolve that.
05:32 stan nevermind!
08:17 nahuel chris, hi
08:19 chris hi nahuel
08:19 chris hdl has the patches to fix the es po file, he is going to push it up
08:19 nahuel you wanted to say me something ?
08:19 nahuel ah ok
08:19 nahuel great
08:19 nahuel but he's in holliday for christmas
08:19 chris yep, i talked to him this morning (nz time)
08:20 chris if you need the files before then, you can either get the patches from
08:20 chris
08:20 chris or the files from
08:20 nahuel well, i fixed them manually to generate the template, I think they have some errors
08:21 chris[…]efs/heads/my3.0.x
08:21 chris yep
08:21 chris i fixed those errors
08:21 nahuel wow, too much errors
08:21 chris well mostly its better/more translation
08:22 nahuel ok
08:22 chris i commit the changes from
08:22 chris into git
08:23 nahuel it's for 3.0.x
08:23 nahuel (i need for 3.0.x)
08:25 chris yep
08:25 chris those patches are 3.0.x
08:26 nahuel great !
08:26 nahuel thank you a lot :)
08:26 chris and as long as you get ghe files from the my3.0.x branch from the gitweb url above, those are 3.0.x as well
08:26 nahuel cool
10:44 anasha is any one around
10:47 anasha ?

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