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13:05 soroush Does anyone know why setting 'hidelostitems' to ON (System Preferences) stops search results from showing in OPAC?
13:54 owen Whassup #koha?
13:54 danny hey owen
14:13 gmcharlt good morning
17:17 liz aw, bummer, amit is gone
17:18 liz was going to talk to him about SIP
17:19 acmoore He's easier to catch several hours earlier in the day. I think he's in India or somewhere on that side of the world.
19:47 decuir hello
19:47 chris hi decuir
19:47 decuir i from mexico
19:47 chris cool, im from new zealand
19:47 decuir am i working with koha 3.0 on ubuntu:P
19:47 chris excellent :)
19:49 decuir yes
19:49 decuir and i have a dude
19:50 decuir how to insert a image
19:50 decuir s book
19:52 decuir :P
19:53 chris ahh, you can use the amazon images, ie you can set up some things in system preferences then have amazon book covers display
19:53 chris is that what yuo want?
19:53 decuir yes
19:53 decuir its correct
19:54 chris[…]ences--Amazon-com
19:54 chris i hope this will help
19:54 chris unfortunately it hasnt been translated into spanish yet
19:55 decuir yes thank's
19:55 decuir i checked
20:02 decuir thanks
20:02 decuir i go out
20:02 decuir bye
20:02 decuir see you
20:10 chris well im unsure if i actually helped .. or what the dude was .. :)
20:11 danny lol
20:11 danny i was trying to figure that out too
20:12 acmoore I am the dude.
20:12 chris hehe
20:18 liz lol that was funny
20:18 liz the dude abides?
20:19 liz <crickets>
20:19 chris ohh cricket
20:20 liz lol
20:20 owen You blew chris's dog whistle
20:20 liz ^.^
20:20 liz <insert completely inappropriate statement here>
20:21 chris india 311/5
20:22 owen As if I needed proof I don't understand cricket.
20:22 liz how long has the game been going on?
20:23 owen 13 weeks!
20:23 gmcharlt owen: you've never rooted for one team to knock another out so that your home team can go to the playoffs? :)
20:23 liz good lord
20:23 owen gmcharlt: I was referring to "311/5"
20:23 gmcharlt owen: gotcha
20:23 owen and liz: I'm kidding. I have no idea.
20:23 liz rofles
20:24 liz <- is totally gullible
20:24 gmcharlt don't know how accurate this is, but[…]_game_ever_played
20:24 chris 1 day
20:25 chris its a 5 day match
20:25 chris (they are capped at 5 days now)
20:25 chris each team bats twice
20:25 chris so this is indias first bat
20:29 chris and its combined total at the end of 5
20:29 chris (and you have to get the team out)
20:29 chris otherwise its a draw
20:29 chris 11 players on a team, you bat in pairs, so you need 10 outs for the side to be out
20:32 chris so currently india has 311 runs and 5 people out
20:33 chris but this is the best thing about cricket
20:33 chris[…]6/Russ_distracted
20:33 chris sitting/standing in the sun drinking beer and singing stupid songs
20:33 gmcharlt the beer part sounds familiar
20:34 chris :)
20:35 chris[…]-in-2008/DSC03200
20:35 atz gmcharlt: sounds like a cubs game
20:36 gmcharlt atz: how else to drown one's sorrows?
20:37 decuir hi
20:37 decuir i come back
20:38 si chris, that's not a pretty photo
20:38 chris heh saw yourself si?
20:38 si aye
20:38 si still, at least my ears weren't sunburnt :-)
20:39 chris heh
20:39 decuir how to insert a image that no appear in amazon
20:40 decuir i want to scaned a image`s book
20:41 owen decuir, there's not a way to do that
20:42 owen I can think of ways it might be possible... for instance creating a fallback local directory for the javascript image loader
20:43 owen But that's just speculation
20:43 atz yeah, with current code, it can't be done.
20:43 atz Koha has no "internal" cover images
20:43 liz neat enhancement idea though.. potentially copyright problematic
20:44 gmcharlt yeah, although hopefully publishers will accept that letting libraries scan cover images increases use (and purchases) of their books
20:45 atz i don't see any legal constraint on libraries using a cover image they scan themselves.  
20:45 atz that would be like saying you can't put pictures of the book you're trying to sell on your ebay listing of it.
20:45 owen Yes..."themselves"...that's the ticket.
20:46 atz yeah, of course the most immediate use might be ppl copying images from amazon/google/other OPACs
20:47 chris *nod*
20:47 gmcharlt I think ultimately solution is publishers playing along or legal precedent to allow open data licensing of cover images
20:48 atz that would be a great fix.  
20:49 gmcharlt from everybody's point of view except Bowker's, no doubt :)
20:49 decuir yes thank's
20:49 decuir in this case is a library local
20:50 decuir i have many tesis if i scaned is legall
20:51 decuir and i how to to plublic them
20:51 decuir thanks
21:16 liz ah, strictly speaking though, you are making a copy of their IP when you are scanning the cover... and you are using that in an unmodified form (so not a derivative work) on your website, technically without the rights holder permission. It's definitely a fuzzy area.
21:17 liz doesn't mean you'll get caught though >.>
21:17 liz and probably wouldn't be worth their time/money to sue about it
21:19 ryan anyone know what functionality items.stack is intended to implement ?
21:20 ryan and why , if it's linked to 'shelving control number' in marc21 fwk, it's a TINYINT ?
21:20 chris i have no idea why its linked to shelving control number
21:20 chris it was a boolean
21:20 chris yes or no
21:21 chris nz libraries often have a 'stack room'
21:21 chris where fragile/out of print items live
21:21 gmcharlt so patrons have to request them to be fetched?
21:21 ryan hmm, sounds the opposite of US 'stacks'
21:21 gmcharlt ryan: perhaps akin to 'closed stacks'
21:22 chris if stack is set, its in the stack room (shelved under the same scheme as the rest of the library)
21:22 chris yeah most stack rooms arent open to the public
21:22 ryan i though i saw a bug on changing the column definition for one of those, but i can't find it.
21:22 chris[…]entral/colln.html
21:23 ryan i've got a 2.2 upgrade that's missing their shelving control numbers though, since they are now booleans :/
21:24 ryan i guess i'll just unlink from the fwk rather than push for a db change.
21:24 chris originally it was boolean, then somewhere in 2.0/2.2 it became linked to shelving control numbers
21:24 chris probably because someone went what does this do, oh i dont know, ill just use it for something else
21:24 chris :-)
21:25 gmcharlt poor man's way of hashing strings?
23:19 decuir hello
23:19 decuir sorry
23:19 decuir but i have a new dude
23:22 decuir in the page the opac how to the user ask for a book
01:51 slef hi all - who's alive?
02:13 slef I guess that's no-one then.
02:14 chris i am
02:14 chris it must the middle of the night there eh?
02:14 slef chris: would you join #koha-nolog
02:14 chris yep, only me in there?
02:14 slef chris: yeah, spotted something upsetting on the web
02:15 slef yeah... I don't want this logged, but others are welcome to join
02:15 chris cool
04:39 Amit hi mason
04:39 Amit hey hdl
10:03 slef hi all
10:09 paul_p hi slef
10:09 paul_p 'morning
10:12 slef paul_p: I'm cross with you guys spending our money.
10:13 paul_p slef: ???
10:26 slef paul_p: the filing fee to oppose a trademark is about the same as the price of a small laptop.
10:31 paul_p slef: what is your goal in opposing the trademark ?
10:32 frederic hello
10:32 paul_p coucou
10:32 paul_p coucou frederic
10:32 paul_p hourra to frederic ! that divide by 3 the time needed with a 3 lines patch !
10:36 kados slef: I just responded to your idea about opposing BibLibre's trademark
10:43 nicomo kados : ++ for your email
10:54 frederic paul_p: kesako?
10:55 slef paul_p: to ensure that the cooperative sector can continue to sell Koha services
10:56 kados slef: no worries, we'll get this sorted out, you shoudln't feel threatened yet
10:56 kados slef: I think you've raised some important issues, and I'm definitely committed to making sure your interests in the project are protected

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