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11:17 slef kados: I'm keener on the project's best interests being protected
12:58 nahuel gmcharlt, hi
12:58 gmcharlt hi nahuel
12:59 nahuel gmcharlt, paul asked me to contact you about the virtual shelves
12:59 gmcharlt nahuel: yep, just sent an email to you and Allen Reinmeyer
12:59 gmcharlt nahuel: I had assigned Allen several bugs from
13:00 gmcharlt and he's been working on them
13:00 gmcharlt and it looks like around the same time you started working on similar bugs
13:00 gmcharlt so I've asked Allen to contact you
13:00 gmcharlt so that the two of you can avoid duplicate work
13:00 nahuel ok, just received your email
13:00 nahuel yes of course
13:01 gmcharlt also, please check for duplicates
13:01 gmcharlt for example, I think your 2766 is a duplicate
13:01 nahuel I checked it
13:01 gmcharlt (also, Version generally should not be set to unspecified in a bug - should be HEAD or rel_3_0 as needed)
13:01 gmcharlt anyway, I need to step away for a moment to drive my wife to work
13:01 gmcharlt back in half an hour
13:02 nahuel every time I search if an existing bug exists, and don't find anything
13:02 nahuel so I create a new bug
13:02 nahuel ok, ttyl
15:18 Amit hi
15:18 Amit slef
15:30 owen gmcharlt: are you around?
15:35 gmcharlt hi owen
15:36 owen Hi gmcharlt. I'm getting myself confused about git again.
15:36 owen So, I submitted a patch for to change the opac layout. It had problems, so I've made some changes to address them.
15:37 owen Better to create a new branch and put the new changes together with the changes from the other patch and resubmit?
15:39 gmcharlt owen: if it's more fixes to the first patch, not adding on, replacing the patch and resubmiting is a good idea
15:39 gmcharlt you can use git rebase --interactive origin to merge the two patches into one
15:40 owen Even if I've rebase since the first patch was generated?
15:40 gmcharlt yes
15:41 gmcharlt flow would be fetch and rebase to sync up with the rest of the world
15:41 gmcharlt then interactive rebase to squash your patches together
15:41 gmcharlt see[…]ting-used-to-git/ by acmoore
15:50 owen Crap, I think I sqashed into the wrong commit.
15:53 gmcharlt owen: see the splitting commits heading of[…]s/git-rebase.html
16:03 mc hello world
16:04 mc does anyone have an experience with zebrasrv and launchd ?
16:07 paul_p (on mac OSX)
16:21 slef mc: yes
16:22 slef mc: 1.5 changed stuff.  Want a plist file?
16:22 slef 10.5 even
16:33 gmcharlt ouch
16:33 paul_p :D
16:39 miyo hi
16:39 miyo how are you?
16:42 owen Hi again decuir
16:47 decuir yes
16:47 decuir i come back
16:49 decuir i have a little question?
16:51 owen I hope we can answer
16:51 decuir how can i borrow my books?
16:52 owen You're trying to check something out and it doesn't work?
16:54 decuir yes
16:54 decuir only see the books
16:54 decuir but i want borrow my books
16:58 owen What do you mean, you only see the books?
17:02 slef all the joe the plumber is a bit odd
17:02 slef decuir: are you using the public catalogue or the librarian/interface?
17:02 decuir yes
17:02 decuir its correct
17:02 decuir librarian
17:03 slef go the home page, then go "Circulation" to start checking books out
17:04 decuir yes
17:05 decuir alright
17:08 decuir and now???
17:08 mc slef: oh yes!
17:08 mc i badly need a working plist file
17:11 decuir a sorry and how a work a plist file i dont understand clearly
17:13 mc decuir:  answered to slef for my mac pb
17:13 mc slef: i wrote macport Portfiles for koha perl dependencies
17:14 mc it can interest you :)
17:14 decuir yes
17:14 decuir a im interested
17:14 mc oh
17:14 mc so i have to publish it
17:15 decuir yes
17:15 owen decuir: do your books have barcodes?
17:16 decuir i don`t have
17:16 decuir but i will be implement
17:19 mc i'll prepare it
17:19 mc decuir: but note that is a WIP
17:21 decuir yes a little
17:22 slef mc: I use fink. I don't understand macports yet
17:23 slef mc: 1mo and I'll copy the plist files out
17:23 mc ok
17:23 mc what is the pb with macport ?
17:23 mc (i never tried fink ... but it looks the same, no ? )
17:24 slef No pb. I think it wasn't around when I first used OSX.
17:24 mc ho
17:24 mc ok
17:24 mc well ... perhaps you'll switch if koha is entierly packaged :)
17:25 slef mc: perhaps
17:25 slef
17:25 slef the plist files are in there
17:25 decuir yes
17:25 decuir i checked
17:25 mc thanks
17:25 mc slef:
17:26 slef mc: there are fink-specific bits you'll need to adjust in the paths
17:26 mc sure i'll look inside files before using it
17:26 slef mc: I think it wants RunAtLoad replacing with KeepAlive now too
17:27 mc i can't do it
17:27 slef now I must cook and so on
17:27 mc keepalive is leopard feature
17:27 mc i'm on tiger :(
17:27 decuir :)
17:28 mc i will ask biblibre to buy me a mac :)
17:28 slef you know they'll buy you a pacamac not an applemac
17:29 decuir ok
17:29 decuir :P
17:29 mc pacamac ?
17:29 decuir yes
17:31 mc i didn't know pacamac
17:31 mc funny
17:31 decuir jejje
18:58 ryan can anyone make a good argument for why 022$a is indexed as both issn _and_isbn ?
18:58 atz_ a good argument *would* be that there's no difference between the two
18:59 ryan really?
18:59 atz_ if that were true.
19:01 ryan and also,  i'd like to make changes to the base indexing rules to include ONLY subfield ‡a for both isbn and issn.
19:01 ryan any objections ?
19:01 ryan the issue being that the matching algorithms don't quite behave as expected
19:02 ryan given the current looseness of the indexing definitions
19:22 mc slef?
19:22 mc omg! is there a decent graphical irc client ?
19:23 owen mc: there's always chatzilla
19:24 mc hmpf ...
19:26 mc owen: but i'll try it some day
19:36 atz_ mc: on mac OS?
19:36 mc well.. on linux
19:36 mc but mac has the same pb
19:36 mc i use colloquy
19:37 mc i'm not happy about it
19:37 atz_ ah... colloquy trumps my other options
19:37 atz_ chatzilla had memory leaks
19:38 mc well
19:38 mc perhaps it's a pb of settings
19:38 mc but i can't easilly edit the current line
19:39 atz_ yeah on colloquy the line commands are suckier
19:39 atz_ and up-arrow doesn't work
19:40 mc yep
19:40 atz_ it does integrate with growl nicely though
19:40 mc "with growl" ?
19:41 mc (google didn't help)
19:41 mc oh
19:41 mc it's a software :)
19:41 atz_ growl is a desktop plugin on macos that does notification stuff like audio alert, bounce the dock icon, etc.
19:41 mc i see the homepage
19:42 mc yeah ... alerts are nice
20:10 chris i still use irssi and screen :)
20:10 mc hehe
20:10 chris i can even make it play nice with libnotify
20:11 mc i'll back on it
20:12 mc when i'll find a new server to host it
20:12 chris :)
20:12 chris i run it on my server at home
20:12 chris which is on a pretty reliable cable modem connection
20:12 mc well .. i don't trust my isp enought to do it
20:13 owen if finesMode is OFF, could we safely hide fines-related elements of the interface? (charges column, dropbox mode, etc)
20:14 mc damn it! i just spoke about my isp relability and their nntp server just shut down :(
20:14 chris is that only ever used for fines?
20:14 chris not rental charges also?
20:14 owen Hmm... good point.
20:15 chris :)
20:16 owen I just wish there was a good way to hide some of this stuff if it's not relevant to your library
20:16 chris yeah if we had a pref that was no rental charges
20:16 chris then if you had both those on, then you could turn that off
20:17 chris or "display money (or a better word) information"
20:17 chris toggle that off, you dont see fines or charges
20:17 chris ?
20:17 chris or even cooler
20:18 chris with some ajax/css have a checkbox on that part of the screen
20:18 chris and you turn it off, and it minimises :)
20:20 chris store it in the preferences for the user (librarian)
20:20 chris so that it stays off until they toggle it back on
20:20 owen Dismissing it permanently? Do you set a cookie, or something in the database?
20:20 DECUIR hello im com back one time more
20:20 DECUIR :P
20:20 chris you could do either, cookie will just last for that session
20:21 chris if you store in the db, then next session it will still be minimise (you can always expand it again)
20:21 owen Does your project store it in the database?
20:22 chris if the person has logged in, yes
20:22 owen doesn't that significantly increase database queries?
20:22 chris if they are surfing the site anonymously then no
20:22 chris nope, cos you use the cookie
20:22 chris 2 queries, 1 to set in the db, then you just use the cookie from then on
20:23 chris or 1 to fetch from db, then u set and use the cookie
20:23 DECUIR how to use sms service in koha how to work???
20:24 chris decuir: i dont know how it works in 3.0 in the old days we just used to get koha to send emails to an email->sms gateway and it would send the sms
20:24 chris owen: does that make sense? (we also have a couple of layers of caching between the web app and the db also)
20:25 chris owen: so you only talk to the db (or in our case memcached) when the session begins, or ends
20:25 chris the rest of the time u use the cookie
20:27 DECUIR ok and where is the opccion to send sms
20:27 chris bbl, have a good weekend all
20:30 owen DECUIR: I think you should figure out how to check books out before you try to set up SMS
20:33 DECUIR yes i check books
20:34 DECUIR i completed that
20:48 owen Hi Sharon, how's everything going?
20:49 Sharon good. I had a question.  Are there plans for sound cues in the staff client, to give feedback to staff about transaction errors?
20:52 owen The issue has been raised, and a solution has been offered that would incorporate a small embedded flash file to play the sound
20:52 owen I'm not sure what the status is, though
20:52 owen That particular solution was offered specifically for circ. I suppose it could be adapted for check-ins too. Not sure if there's any place else it would be required.
20:53 mc DECUIR: koha macports installation notes:
20:53 mc
20:53 owen Sharon: would you expect your libraries to have the Flash plugin installed?
20:53 mc note it's a WIP! please report bugs and propose patches
20:54 Sharon most of the staff stations have flash, yes.
20:55 Sharon the staff just want auditory feedback, so they don't have to look at the screen after each scan of a barcode.
20:55 mc is there an svg version of the koha logo ?
21:05 nicomo mc : not that i know of
21:05 nicomo I asked rach once and she could not provide me with one...
21:06 owen I might have a version on a different computer, and I'm going to email it to mc if so
21:06 nicomo ah, owen I'd be interested in getting a copy too
21:06 owen rach should be the one with an "original" version of the logo, although maybe not svg
21:06 nicomo is that at all possible?
21:24 owen atz_: you around?
21:25 atz_ ?
21:26 owen Hi atz_ . Do I remember right that you submitted a patch to put the search box onto
21:26 owen I mean the resident search box, which right now is hidden only on that page
21:27 atz_ maybe...
21:27 atz_ my patch that I remember made the links at the top display
21:28 gmcharlt atz_ did do a patch to always display the adv search link, including when on the adv search page
21:28 atz_ i don't recall the search being part of it
21:28 owen Okay, I must have made that up
21:29 gmcharlt owen:[…]070b9e683e16cb793 ?
21:30 owen Yeah, that's the commit I remember. Thanks.
21:31 nicomo would be nice, though, to have that search box there on
21:31 nicomo I'm about to enter a bug to have the Cart and Lists buttons restored to that page as well: should I?
21:33 owen nicomo: I think so
21:33 DECUIR in the moment to insert a image .jpg in the patrons appear one error
21:33 DECUIR koha error in line 242
21:33 DECUIR and i dont know for what
21:34 owen The reason the search box is not displayed on is to prevent confusion about what constitutes the main focus of the page
21:35 nicomo yes, but it should be weighted against the problem of having UI inconsistency : that masthead never changes, except here, which is odd for the patron
21:36 nicomo I'll enter the bug about the missing buttons and put you in CC owen
21:36 owen Normally I would agree, but we've gotten feedback from users suggesting that it does cause confusion
21:37 nicomo hum... it's a tricky one I guess: glass half full, half empty sort of thing
21:39 gmcharlt perhaps deafult to keep it displayed (like Amazon), with syspref to hide it
21:39 gmcharlt or vice-versa
21:42 chris back
22:03 acmoore atz_: you around?
22:04 atz_ ?
22:04 acmoore I saw your patch with the script demonstrating different CSV modules.
22:04 acmoore that looks like interesting stuff to investigate.
22:05 acmoore so, do you know why it is that we require two different CSV modules?
22:05 atz_ that kind of thing will come up a lot w/ any input/output mechanism... like sendmail
22:05 acmoore Text::CSV and Text::CSV_XS?
22:05 atz_ Text::CSV uses CSV_XS in binary mode
22:06 atz_ so basically we're saying we require Text::CSV in binary mode
22:06 acmoore oh, no kidding? oh, good.
22:08 acmoore that patch is just for demonstratoin purposes, isn't it? Do you expect it to be committed to the head?
22:08 atz_ yeah, i think it doesn't make sense to keep it somewhere else.  
22:09 atz_ i think of it as executable documentation
22:09 chris could put it in a branch, its tres easy to merge back from a branch at a later point
22:13 gmcharlt as "executable doc", somewhere under misc/ or on the wiki seems good
22:15 chris gmcharlt: im just about to send through a patch with updated italian .po files
22:15 gmcharlt chris: ok, thanks
22:20 acmoore gmcharlt and atz: or maybe in xt/other or xt/misc or something, since it's test code. But, I don't mind really.
22:20 acmoore I'm headed out. See y'all next week.
22:20 atz_ acmoore: i created a directory under t/other
22:20 atz_ so it does not affect make test
22:20 gmcharlt cya acmoore
22:21 atz_ on the wiki, of course, it is useless
22:21 atz_ feel free to git mv it wherever in the tree you think is good
22:44 mc 'night all
23:16 slef mc gone?
23:17 hdl_laptop slef: it is midnight in france.
23:17 hdl_laptop So I guess yes.
23:20 chris hows the hackfest going hdl?
23:28 hdl_laptop good.
04:53 Amit hi hdl

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