IRC log for #koha, 2008-11-06

All times shown according to UTC.

Time S Nick Message
04:08 Amit hi mason
04:19 mason yo amit
04:19 Amit how r u
04:19 Amit now sip is fine
04:20 Amit with koha
04:21 mason ah, that is good amit
04:21 Amit thanx
04:21 Amit i have check checkin and checkout via 3M
04:22 mason via 3m simulator ?
04:23 Amit yes
04:23 Amit via 3Memulator
05:27 Amit hi hdl
07:58 Amit hi paul
07:59 paul_p hello Amit
08:00 Amit how r u paul
08:00 paul_p weather is rainny those days.
08:00 paul_p and we have a lot of pain with internet
08:00 Amit k
08:00 Amit i have successfully implemented sip
08:00 Amit with koha
08:01 paul_p if I become silent, it means i've been disconnected once again. It happends something like 3 times per hour yesterday
08:01 paul_p Amit: ++
08:01 paul_p with a 3M equipment, right ?
08:01 Amit with 3M emulator
08:01 Amit now it work fine
08:01 Amit checkout and check in
08:01 Amit i have tested
08:01 paul_p what is a "3M emulator" ?
08:02 Amit sory 3 M equipment
08:03 paul_p did you have to hack something on SIP, or just some parameters & settings to tweak ?
08:03 paul_p I ask because we may have to setup such a feature in the next months ;-)
08:03 Amit some setting in
08:04 Amit and SIPconfig.xml
08:05 Amit i m coming after lunch

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