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12:03 brendan morning #koha
12:08 soroush Hello all!
12:09 soroush I can search the Koha library from the admin interface, but not the opac interface. Have I missed something? (I'm using nozebra)
12:14 brendan did you check your system preference for nozebra?
12:50 soroush hi brendan. This would be under System Preferences > Cataloguing? I have nozebra ON.
12:52 brendan ok
15:56 atz soroush: why can't you search on OPAC?  do you get no results or can you not even view the page?
16:04 soroush Hi atz. I can view the page, but get no search results.
16:04 soroush I do however get search results from the admin interface (Intranet?).
16:05 soroush also, I was using the wiki page for migrating from 2.2 to 3.
17:44 danny hello everyone
17:46 danny I am taking a look at amazon enhanced content, for another project I setup for my library I found that I was able to match a lot of music and video content based on UPC which in marc21 we catalog in the 024 tag
17:51 danny does anyone know if this something non-US libraries would keep track of?
17:52 danny although I should probably ask this earlier in the day to get some more non-US people hehe
17:58 gmcharlt danny: or later :)
17:58 gmcharlt danny: might want to check the UNIMARC manual to see if the EAN is recorded anywhere
17:59 danny ok, let me check on that
18:13 nicomo yep EAN is in UNIMARC field 073
18:16 nicomo but I'm not sure it was entered very often in the records until recently
20:40 liz-nekls very quiet
21:08 pianohacker Hello, does anyone feel like weighing in on a billing design problem (technical)?
21:08 pianohacker Trying to decide whether to use a simple markup language or HTML for complex formatting in queued messages
21:10 pianohacker Since this billing project requires print bills (and PDF would be the easiest way of accomplishing this), _some_ formatting is required, though currently all I need is a table (drawn by PDF::Table and represented in the markup language as "| Column | another column |")
21:10 pianohacker thoughts?
21:14 danny pianohacker: would this be something sys admins would be changing in a sys pref or something only changed by a developer?
21:15 pianohacker danny: It's more a question of how bills are stored before they are emailed or printed as a batch
21:15 pianohacker in the database
21:16 danny oh I see, so only devs would see this code?
21:17 danny if looking at the database
21:19 danny if i understand correctly are the pros that html is more customizable but takes up more space?
21:19 pianohacker That and its harder to parse
21:22 danny how would you be parsing this field? like for what purpose other than to just flat display it
21:23 pianohacker To turn it into a PDF
21:24 pianohacker This field would be sent as a formatted email (no parsing, just sent) or a PDF
21:31 danny ah what about using like PDF::FromHTML, would that take care of parsing?
21:33 pianohacker Hmm
21:33 pianohacker Might be worth looking into
21:35 pianohacker Looks useful, at least, but doesn't allow letterheads (currently implemented in my code as another PDF that is placed in the document)
21:35 danny ah ok, I've never tried it just need a little looking
21:38 danny ok well I've never worked with PDF::Table so my 2 cents is for HTML just because it is more familiar to most people, more customizable, and easy to send formatted emails, but if you can't parse it to pdf easy then that is a problem
21:38 danny i am heading out, good luck and see you all tomorrow
21:39 Sharon Hello
21:39 Sharon Does anyone know if Koha works with LibraryThing for Libraries?
22:00 hdl gmcharlt: around ?
22:01 gmcharlt hdl: pong
22:01 hdl hi
22:02 hdl I pushed for the first time today.
22:02 gmcharlt Sharon: no reason Koha couldn't work with LTL; not sure if anybody has implemented it yet
22:03 hdl But I have a problem with Reserves and the fixes that requires new fields or tables.
22:04 gmcharlt is this stuff you're trying to pull from 3.2?
22:04 hdl Same problem  with some circulation.
22:05 hdl In fact, it seems that it mixes some bug fixing and some new features.
22:08 gmcharlt hdl: I suppose that was inevitable
22:11 hdl I wanted to make sure that those "fixes" were not meant to be in 3.0.1.
22:12 hdl bug fix 2522
22:13 gmcharlt well, that bug is marked as an enhancement
22:14 hdl yes.
22:14 hdl 2503 also.
22:15 hdl Both made quite heavy changes.
22:15 hdl good to know it is there.
22:16 hdl good also to see that pushing should really be easy.
22:17 hdl Do you think my proposal for november 15th and December 1st could be OK
22:17 Sharon Galen thanks, NEKLS will look into it. we might as well be the first to use LTFL
22:18 hdl should we organize a bug squashing session on 3.0 ? Or is it just silly ?
22:23 gmcharlt hdl: well, a bug squashing in general is a good idea
22:23 gmcharlt and could be tied to one of the integration periods for 3.2
22:24 gmcharlt a bug squashing session for 3.0 per se
22:24 gmcharlt depends on usage
22:24 gmcharlt I notice that gitweb isn't updating for the 3.0.x branch
22:24 gmcharlt so I'll do something to fix that
22:25 hdl if 3.0 has better quality
22:25 hdl then 3.2 can also benefits from that.
22:26 hdl Will there be a meeting around RFCs and features in 3.2 so that ppl could tell which point they are at ?
22:27 gmcharlt hdl: yes, I need to schedule it
22:54 hdl good night

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