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13:01 brendan morning #koha
13:01 owen Hi brendan
13:02 brendan hey owen
13:06 owen Wow, kados isn't even logged in. Don't see that very often.
13:15 owen Putting Amazon similar items in the body of the detail page looks okay if you've got a lot of similars, not so much if you've only got one:[…]l?biblionumber=13
13:22 hdl owen maybe similar items should get into a new tab  ?
13:23 owen I'm thinking about that too, but I'm worried about getting too many tabs. If you have an editions, reviews, and similar items that adds up
13:25 owen Anyone know what this means? ZOOM error 1 "Permanent system error" (addinfo: "Permanent system error") from diag-set 'Bib-1'
13:26 owen Seems to happen only if I do a z39.50 search of
13:29 paul_p wow...
13:29 paul_p hello owen
13:29 paul_p I would say : server unavailable
13:29 paul_p (can connect, but server has something like an internal server error)
13:31 owen there must be something wrong with the error-handling, because my browser is reporting "file not found" (
13:35 gmcharlt owen: odd - I'm getting the expected "Connection failed to" error message (per nahuel's recent patch)
13:38 paul_p hi gmcharlt
13:38 gmcharlt hi paul_p
13:47 owen Looks like the z39.50 search doesn't like a title with a question mark in it either
14:13 nahuel gmcharlt, owen, my patch only throw an error if 10007 and 10010 codes are returned : like connection refused and connection failed
14:13 nahuel those error codes are note for errors like "bad requests"(and don't know if it exists)
17:40 dann1 does anyone happen to know of a library that uses the Baker and Taylor enhanced content
19:15 owen dann1: Re: Baker and Taylor, I'm curious why you ask
19:16 dann1 I'd wanted to see an example of someone using the B&T images in action
19:16 liz nengard: did you ever hear anything about bug 2339
19:16 liz ?
19:18 dann1 owen: and the reason that I wanted to see an example of it in action is because I am interested in scripting something so that you can have multiple enhanced content sources enabled, and only display one cover art image
19:19 owen dann1: I can turn it on in my test installation if you'd like to take a look
19:20 danny do you actually have a valid url with them?
19:20 danny if so, that would be great
19:21 owen Take a look:[…]
19:23 danny thanks owen, that is great
19:35 danny owen, one more thing, I have been reading your patch you just submitted today with the cover art overhaul, it has been helpful in what i am working on
19:36 danny there is a call to bt_verify_images()
19:37 danny i can't find that function anywhere else
19:39 owen It should be part of the patch
19:39 owen Oh wait, I must have forgotten to add that file!
19:41 owen Okay, patch sent. I'm glad you caught that.
19:41 danny cool, glad i could help
19:59 liz i'm having a problem with AllowOnShelf Holds since some patches were applied... the submit button doesnt appear for items that are available even though we are allowing holds on items that are available (AllowOnShelfHolds=ON)
19:59 liz any ideas?
19:59 liz I cant see which patch would even touch that area
20:00 owen Is that bug 2339?
20:00 liz actually the oopposite
20:00 owen Oh, fun :)
20:01 liz we have on shelf holds enabled, and there's no button :)
20:01 liz so, kind of?
20:01 liz *grin*
20:02 owen Is this in the OPAC? Do you have an example link?
20:02 liz yea, just a moment
20:02 liz well, you'd have to be logged in
20:02 liz let me get you a dummy user set up... un moment
20:03 owen Oh right, thanks.
20:05 liz ok,
20:06 liz user: handout
20:06 liz pass: neklshandout
20:06 liz this is placing a hold on an item that is on the shelf
20:06 liz and we double checked our preferences, AllowOnShelfHolds is ON
20:07 liz once you're logged in, try this one
20:07 liz http://nekls.test.kohalibrary.[…]blionumber=159887
20:07 liz er sorry stupid paste
20:08 liz this one
20:08 liz http://catalog.nexpresslibrary[…]iblionumber=92375
20:10 owen And  OPACItemHolds is OFF ?
20:11 liz let me double check, we are using Title level holds, but I will double check
20:11 liz OPACItemHolds is OFF
20:13 liz seewhatimean?
20:13 owen Yeah, I sure do.
20:14 liz i'm wondering if it was included in "Many markup and style-consistency corrections"
20:14 liz >.<
20:19 owen I'm still not finding the cause, and I'm sorry to say I have to leave. I'll check back in when I can.
20:19 liz no no it's no problem
07:26 chris morning northern hemisphereans :)
07:56 mason hullo chris
07:57 chris hey mason
08:01 hdl hi mason
08:01 mason heya hdl

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