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13:33 danny alright I am interested in hearing some opinions... i am looking at the C4/, and interested in passing through a few more parameters like UPC and EAN as well as ISBN, this way it can still match on amazon if no isbn is present or if a  13-digit isbn is present
13:34 danny my question to you all is this would also would in gathering cover art for amazon, however it would require an extra GET, because you'd have to retrieve the XML first in order to get the image url
13:35 danny would also work*
13:36 danny it wouldn't add any extra work for the opac-detail screen but it would for the search results screen
14:57 atz danny: the Amazon API is ISBN only, yes?
14:58 atz or has it changed since I last looked at it?
15:01 atz it already retrieves an XML response in the normal ISBN lookup
15:20 danny atz, sorry was a away for a moment, you can look up using the Amazon API by ISBN, UPC, and EAN
15:21 danny among several others, but those are the main match points we are interested in for libraries
15:25 danny here is a piece of it for example, &ItemId=9780395069615&IdType=EAN&SearchIndex=Books
15:27 danny yes, it already retrieves xml for the ISBN lookup but it doesn't use that to get cover art
15:28 danny ah it is alright, i'll work on it some more and see what I can come up with
15:42 danny you can hehe
15:43 danny at our library we catalog the UPC for most dvds and music and we are able to match it with amazon for that
15:43 danny if you don't have a match point though it is tough
15:49 owen What do you mean you're "able to match it with amazon for that." Are you using UPC in that way now?
15:49 danny yes
15:52 danny that was for something I setup though outside of koha, i am working on adding it to koha now though
15:52 danny[…]page=148&navid=11
15:54 danny lol
18:24 danny ok looking for some programming guidance to do this the best way...
18:25 danny goal is to grab 2 subfields from the marc record, upc and ean
18:26 danny i see that I can grab this using MARC::Record, but there would still be some processing which would be used in multiple places and require a subroutine
18:29 danny it is along the same lines as the get_xisbn function that has its own, would it be best to create a new file in C4 like this? or would this fit in or
19:37 acmoore does anyone know what the point of the z3950random stuff is in the batch import logic?
19:53 liz atz: Gold star! EPIC WIN
19:54 atz thx.  not sure why the itemtype dependency was in place there.
19:54 liz yea, bizarre
19:55 atz i'll be happy when the 3.2 RFC for all item-based itemtypes is reality
19:55 liz :) you and me both
19:56 gmcharlt acmoore: some weird proxy for PK from the mists of time, I think
19:56 gmcharlt acmoore: probably can be removed
19:58 acmoore gmcharlt: thanks. I haven't really found what's ever done with it. I can't tell if we pass it to the z3950 servers or what.
19:58 acmoore but, I won't worry about it too much.
19:58 acmoore I don't think I'll remove it, though.
19:58 gmcharlt acmoore: yeah, removing it would be best done as a separate cleanup project
19:59 acmoore there are a lot of those...
20:00 gmcharlt file a bug so we keep track of it
20:02 acmoore OK. done.
20:23 gmcharlt thanks
09:43 nahuel still down :s
09:44 chris when did it go down?
09:44 chris it was up earlier today for me
09:44 chris but yep, looks down again, liblime might have to find a new hosting service i think
09:44 chris seems to be going down quite a lot lately
09:45 nahuel don't know, but it's down :)

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