IRC log for #koha, 2008-08-31

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12:39 Amit hi
12:39 mason hi amit
12:39 Amit hi
12:40 Amit now i m irc
12:40 Amit thanks
12:40 mason looks like you made it, my friend ;)
12:40 Amit hmmmmm
12:40 mason on xchat?
12:40 Amit yes
12:40 mason cool
12:41 Amit how we find other developer
12:43 mason hmmm, i dont remember the irc command for that.
12:43 mason lol
12:44 Amit k
12:44 mason my pretty irc client shows everybodys names down the side on my screen :)
12:44 Amit k
12:44 Amit but my xchat show your name only
12:45 mason ah...   /show #koha
12:45 Amit means
12:46 mason oops /who
12:46 mason /who #koha
12:46 mason ...shows all people watching '#koha' channel on irc now
12:46 Amit no
12:47 Amit yes
12:47 mason you ask "how we find other developer"
12:47 Amit its show public ip of other user
12:47 mason yes
12:47 Amit
12:48 Amit this is urs
12:48 mason yes, that is me!
12:48 Amit thanx
12:48 mason "how we find other developer" on #koha irc channel?
12:49 Amit means
12:50 mason was that your previous question to me?
12:50 Amit hmmmmm
12:50 Amit leg pulling
12:50 mason ahhh, i misunderstand,  i think ;)
12:51 mason so some people here are developers,
12:51 mason but lots of other people too
12:51 Amit k
12:51 Amit this is indian words
12:51 Amit means
12:51 Amit kidding
12:52 mason aaah, in new zealand it means something different!
12:52 mason means 'yes'
12:52 Amit k
12:52 mason k ;)
12:53 mason are you at work now?
12:53 Amit i will see all develope but how wil chat with other
12:53 Amit right now i m in office
12:53 Amit but sat is relax day
12:54 mason sure
12:57 mason soon, i can show you how to set up an irc-proxy to stay connected to #koha irc all the time
12:57 Amit k
12:58 mason even when your computer disconnects, very cool
12:58 Amit k
12:58 Amit
12:59 Amit
12:59 Amit this is josh id
12:59 Amit how we connect to this
13:00 Amit hi
13:04 Amit he
13:04 Amit i want to chat with josh ferro
13:04 Amit ceo of liblime
13:06 Amit thanx now i m going to my home
13:06 Amit bye
13:06 Amit take care
13:06 Amit see u on monday
13:07 Amit openLX linux
13:07 Amit this is our linux
13:12 mason ok,  will see you on monday too
13:12 Amit k
13:13 Amit sory
13:13 Amit i m askig
13:13 mason have a little play with xchat too
13:13 Amit who we see other developer in irc
13:13 Amit plz give me the command
13:13 mason read the tutorials around the net for xchat perhaps
13:13 Amit ok
13:13 Amit thanx
13:14 mason everyone can see this main channel we are talking in now...
13:14 Amit ok
13:14 mason so just ask any question you have about koha
13:15 Amit ok
13:15 Amit Hi i m Amit Gupta
13:15 Amit from India
13:15 mason and everyone will see, and hopefully someone can answer your question
13:16 Amit ok
13:16 Amit I have implemented koha project on Delhi public library delhi india
13:17 Amit few days back
13:17 Amit i have a problem with zebra
13:17 Amit because zebra searching are only availble in english and french right now
13:18 Amit but i  have integerated zebra searching with indian relgion languages
13:18 Amit now it would search fine
13:18 mason woo hooo
13:19 Amit u can see on this on monday at delhi   public library site
13:19 Amit
13:19 Amit this is ip
13:20 mason Amit, there are 2 thai koha projects going at the moment (i think)
13:20 mason possibly even more ;)
13:20 Amit i can't tunderstand
13:20 Amit ok
13:22 mason ... and they might be interested in your hindi config tweaks, for your zebra
13:24 mason but i dont think anyone from thailand is on #koha now ..
13:25 mason any-hoo, gotta go to bed, very late for me
13:25 mason cya amit ;)
07:45 Presently Hello. I am upgrading from koha 2.2 to 3.0. In running the script, I receive this: What has happened and how do I mend it? Thanks much in advance.
08:19 Presently Right, I must sleep. Cheers.

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