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02:59 Presently Is there any one here that might help with my databaso conversion problem? If so, have a look at THanks.
03:00 chris have you tried running
03:00 chris #
03:00 chris select
03:00 chris # items.* from items where holdingbranch not in (select branchcode from branches)
03:00 Presently Chris: I must say, I didn't quite understand that part.
03:00 chris you know how to get into mysql from commandline?
03:00 Presently Via mysql?
03:00 chris yep
03:01 chris if you get into your Koha db
03:01 chris and run
03:01 Presently I can do that much, though I am not a mysql-knowledgeable person. :)
03:01 chris select items.* from items where holdingbranch not in (select branchcode from branches);
03:01 chris it will list all the items that have their holdingbranch set to a branch that doesnt exist
03:01 Presently That's the problem?!
03:01 chris then you either make that branch (in the branches table)
03:01 Presently How odd.
03:02 chris well thats what mysql is complaining about
03:02 Presently Oh. I think I know how that may have happened. If I'm right, I'll just delete those entries.
03:02 chris or you can change their holding branches
03:02 Presently Thanks. I'll try that now.
03:02 chris or that :-)
03:02 chris maybe mysqldump the db first
03:02 chris just in case
03:02 chris you can never have too many backups
03:02 mason heya chrissa
03:02 chris hey mason
03:03 mason hows the monday...
03:03 chris so far so good
03:04 mason i are bathed in sunlight
03:04 chris yeah its a nice day for a change
03:04 Presently I backed up the database before I began. Just to be sure.
03:05 chris cool
03:05 Presently Though I may have added new entries.... Better do it again.
03:05 chris yeah
03:05 chris cant hurt
03:07 Presently I performed the action and I see that I simply forgot to mark the branch for that entry. Can I change it directly from the mysql command? If so, how?
03:07 chris yep
03:08 chris update items set holdingbranch='something' where itemnumber=the number of the one you need to change
03:08 chris eg update items set holdingbranch='MAIN' where itemnumber=123
03:08 chris something like that .. but with the right values :)
03:09 chris meeting time
03:10 chris bbiab
03:10 mason cya
03:10 Presently Alright. Thanks for your help.
03:17 Presently Hmmm. I perform the update items command and then check to see that it has been executed succesfully, only to find it hasn't. Furthermore, when I push the up arrow to see what I entered, it gives me both commands many times....
03:25 Presently Must I run another command so as to save the change made?
03:29 Presently Ah. 'Twas missing the ; at the end.
03:42 chris that'd do it
04:06 Amit Hi List Good morning
04:06 Amit IST
04:07 Presently Starting to be scared.... No search is turning up results....
04:08 chris this is in your 3.0 now?
04:08 chris have you done all the bits to do with zebra?
04:08 Presently Yes.
04:08 Amit yes
04:08 Presently Are they necessary to search?
04:08 chris yes
04:08 Presently Oh.
04:09 Presently Phew.
04:09 Presently I'll get those done, then.
04:09 Presently By the way, how do I change the cotolog nonsense to catalogue?
04:09 chris yeah, for 3.0 (if you chose zebra for searching when running the wbe installer thing)
04:09 chris ahh a man after my own heart
04:09 Presently Is there a British ENglish option, or must I edit each file?
04:09 Presently :-)
04:09 chris there should be one soon
04:09 mason hi amit,
04:10 Presently Very nice.
04:10 Amit hi
04:10 chris (it was all british english to start with .. or nz english anyway)
04:10 Amit good morning
04:10 chris but its been americanified
04:10 Presently But International English is still British English....
04:10 chris yep, as i say, its been americanified
04:11 chris hence catalog, color etc
04:11 Presently Why would they do such a deed?
04:12 chris because thats what american libraries expect to see
04:13 chris its not an issue, we just need localised english options again
04:13 Presently And are the Americans such a driving froce for New Zealandish software?
04:13 Presently Not making a deal. Merely ranting over improper English. Hehe.
04:14 Presently I'll stop.
04:14 chris well its not english
04:14 chris its americanese
04:14 Presently HAHA!
04:14 chris or american english at least
04:14 Presently Silly Mr. Webster.
04:14 chris yep
04:14 Presently And the Puritans.
04:14 chris even with out the missing u's
04:14 chris there are regional varieties
04:15 chris eg, we dont call people patrons'
04:15 chris you a member of the library
04:15 chris here
04:15 mason i want to add a 'txtspk' language
04:15 chris heh
04:15 mason wont somebody think of the children!
04:16 Presently I do. I want to teach them all proper English.
04:16 chris ahh, how proper do you want to go?
04:16 Presently I correct others when they err. Often much to their chagrin.
04:16 Presently Very.
04:16 chris how far back then? :-)
04:17 Presently Hyper-correct, with some oddities thrown in.
04:17 chris thee and thou?
04:17 Presently Absolutely.
04:17 Presently Middle English at least.
04:17 Presently That's when the language started going down-hill.
04:17 chris heh, ok don quioxite :)
04:17 Presently Funny, I'm reading that now....
04:18 Presently I'm half-way through the second volume.
04:18 Presently Poor Don Quixote, the daft knight. And Sancho, so easily duped by dreams of his ínsula!
04:20 Presently Quite. Is there a way to rerun the web-installer?
04:24 Presently For the search is still not working.
04:25 mason zebra or no zebra ?
04:25 Presently With zebra.
04:26 mason ps-ef | grep zeb   ???
04:26 Presently bash: ps-ef: command not found
04:26 mason you have the zebrasrv process running?
04:26 mason ps -ef
04:26 Presently I should.
04:26 Presently I'll check.
04:28 Presently
04:30 mason so , what i do here... is kill my zeb processes
04:31 mason and start them in the forground, so i can see what they are doing better
04:31 Presently Hold on:
04:31 mason but u can tail your zeb logs too...
04:31 mason tail -f /var/log/koha/*.log
04:33 mason watch yr zeb logs as you search,  confirm that your zebra procs are actually getting queries 1st
04:33 mason gve it a conf arg
04:33 mason /usr/bin/zebrasrv -f /etc/koha/koha-conf.xml
04:36 mason
04:37 mason thats what a happy zebrasrv looks like starting, and searching
04:37 Presently Not mine:
04:38 Amit i have problem in my koha
04:38 Amit there is some availbilty issuse
04:38 mason hmm, looks ok to me
04:38 Presently Really? Then why does a search for waugh fail?
04:38 mason i think your zeb is fine
04:39 Presently Ah.
04:39 mason have you done a reindex?
04:39 Presently Something else, then.
04:39 Presently What is a reindex?
04:39 mason $ -b -r
04:40 Amit mason r u there
04:41 Presently By the bye, the webinstaller stops at step three. Is that all there is?
04:41 mason cant remember...
04:42 mason if you are having zebra issues , a reindex is a easy way to ensure yr zebra indexes are up-to-date
04:42 mason your 'waugh' bib may exist in yr koha mysql db, but zebra doesnt know about it yet
04:42 Presently I'm about to do it.
04:43 mason $ set your  KOHA_CONF env before u run it too
04:47 mason Amit, i think you should log your availability bug
04:47 Amit k
04:47 mason
04:48 Amit ok
04:49 mason ok, back to some work for me too
04:49 Presently mason: Thanks for your help.
04:50 mason no probs, the zebra stuff is weird the first few times
04:52 Presently But it still doesn't find Mr. Waugh.
04:52 mason 'waugh' is a title
04:52 mason ?
04:52 Presently I know it is doing some thing right, for I see the different types of media.
04:53 Presently No results match your search for 'au,wrdl: waugh' with limit(s): ' branch:MAIN' in The David R. Litwin Library Catalog.
04:53 mason thats not zebra...
04:53 Presently No.
04:53 Presently From the intranet.
04:53 Presently Sorry, I neglected to mention that, didn't I.?
04:53 mason stick to titles for inital debugging
04:53 Presently Fair enough.
04:55 Presently No results match your search for 'ti,wrdl: culina mundi' with limit(s): ' branch:MAIN' in The David R. Litwin Library Catalog.
04:55 Presently Searching for just culina mundi also fails.
04:55 mason soooo, does that bib exist in yr db?
04:56 chris have you tried just a keyword search, without the branch limit
04:56 chris ie, just from the search the catalog(ue) bar thats on all the pages?
04:56 mason select * from biblio where title like '%mundi%'
04:56 mason uh, yeah
04:57 Presently The bibliography should exist: I put it in last week.
04:57 Presently I also searched with out any extra parameters.
05:00 mason hmm, well , im out of immediate ideas
05:00 chris does masons sql find any results in the mysql db?
05:01 mason other common mistakes... u have more than one koha on yr system
05:01 mason and you are reindexing the wrong zeb db
05:02 chris mason: its one upgraded from 2.2
05:02 Presently Well, I have the old 2.2 koha, but I don't think that any config files point to it.
05:02 Presently I am using the same db.
05:02 mason aaaah
05:02 chris what you want to do is find the biblio in the mysql db
05:02 chris then find the corresponding biblioitem
05:02 chris and check the marc is ok
05:03 chris zebra indexes the marc that it gets from bibioitems table
05:03 mason sure
05:03 Presently Aha!
05:03 chris and that might have not been upgraded right
05:03 Presently I was not using marc for the first iteration: I have only with the upgrade decided to use it.
05:04 mason so,  goofy biblioitems.marcxml field = goofy upgrade
05:04 Presently Though, it should have filled it out nonetheless, no?
05:04 Presently select * from biblio where title like '%mundi%' gives nothing, by the bye.
05:04 chris ahh theres the problem then
05:04 mason ah, yep
05:04 chris nothing with that title exists
05:05 Presently Well that's not good.
05:05 chris select count(*) from bibliol
05:05 chris select count(*) from biblio;
05:05 chris even
05:05 chris as many as youd expect?
05:05 Presently Never mind: forgot the ; again.
05:06 Presently select count(*) from biblio; gives the correct number.
05:06 chris and with the ; does the mundi query give you one now?
05:06 Presently It does.
05:06 chris if so
05:06 chris then
05:07 mason and this is the punchline....
05:07 chris select marcxml from biblioitems where biblionumber=the biblionumber from that result
05:07 chris (with the ; :))
05:09 Presently This gives the biblio information.
05:10 mason pastebin it..
05:10 Presently
05:11 Amit hi
05:11 Amit what is the minimum requirement of server to run zebra
05:12 chris that all looks pretty good
05:12 chris when you run the search, what is zebra saying?
05:12 chris amit: there isnt really one, anything you can run debian etch on :)
05:13 Presently
05:13 Amit i have a Dell server with 12GB but it search slow with zebra
05:13 mason select * from branches where branchcode = 'MAIN';
05:13 mason do you have a 'main' branch
05:14 mason ive been caught by that bug....
05:14 Presently I seem to.
05:14 chris yeah zebra is returning no results
05:14 Presently | MAIN       | MAIN       |
05:14 mason good
05:14 chris even when not restricting to main
05:14 chris so i dont think its that one
05:14 chris hmm this is a new one for me
05:15 Presently O dear....
05:15 chris we are utterly sure its all reindexed eh?
05:15 chris mason can you remember how to query zebra with yaz to see how many records it has?
05:15 Presently I did it three times using perl -I /usr/share/koha/lib -b -r
05:15 Presently and perl -I /usr/share/koha/lib -b -w
05:16 Presently But I must have done some thing incorrect.
05:16 mason hmm, lemme grep..
05:16 Presently And I suspect the web-install. It stopped at step three and asked me to login. There were no options for any thing at all.
05:17 Presently I infered from README.debian there there would be.
05:17 chris ack, i have to bail from work and catch my bus to volleyball, good luck
05:17 Presently Thanks.
05:17 Presently Play well.
05:20 Presently
05:21 Presently Is there a chance that zebra simply isn't listening for incomming requests?
05:21 mason you have an existing zeb running?
05:21 Presently Perhaps my koha-conf.xml file is wrong?
05:21 Presently I started two daemons via /etc/init.d
05:22 mason yr zeb *was* listening  and responding to queries
05:22 Presently Hmmmm.
05:23 mason u cant start a new zeb  if an existing one is using that port/socket........
05:24 Presently "/etc/koha/koha-conf.xml" doesn't exist.
05:25 mason woah, babies have arrived here
05:25 Presently But where'd it go?
05:25 Presently I nanoed it....
05:25 Presently It has absquatlulated!
05:25 Presently Or been 86ed.
05:26 mason 69ed
05:27 Presently I need to find it.
05:32 Presently ALright.
05:32 Presently Solved that mystery.
05:32 Presently The file has returned.
05:41 Presently The host parameter in the koha-conf.xml file: should it be localhost or the name of the computer or the ip address or dns name?
05:48 Presently Enough. I must away. I'll continue the effort on the morrow. Thank you kindly for your aid and patience.
05:50 Amit Hi
05:50 Amit there is some availabilty problem
05:50 Amit in koha for branch
07:52 Amit hi
07:52 Amit list
09:01 Amit Hi
09:01 Amit List
09:01 Amit there is a question
09:01 Amit for availiblity of branches in koha
09:02 mason hi amit
09:02 Amit hi
09:02 mason so whats your question?
09:03 Amit my question is
09:04 Amit availbity of branches in koa
09:04 Amit koha
09:06 mason right , the bug you mentioned to be before
09:07 mason about only some of a bib's items showing as being available in a search result
09:07 Amit ok
09:08 mason i tested it on a k3-stable last nite, and it looked like the bug is in there, on mine
09:09 Amit hmm
09:09 mason i havent tried on a git HEAD yet, tho...
09:09 Amit i am also compare the code of koha-beta and koha stable
09:09 Amit because in koha beta its show all the branches
09:09 Amit in availibility
09:10 Amit while searching
09:10 mason can u take a backup of yr k3beta, and upgrade it to stable, and see if it breaks....
09:11 Amit ok
09:11 Amit i will be test
09:12 mason might not be a bug in search-results code , might be a bug  do with some values in our  items.* records too
09:13 Amit no
09:13 Amit i think something is missing in
09:13 Amit module
09:13 mason you looked?
09:13 mason what part of file?
09:14 Amit because i m comparing line by line code of both
09:15 mason ok - i need to switch back to some work now, nearly finished..
10:03 Amit hi
10:03 Amit mason r u there

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