IRC log for #koha, 2008-07-31

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12:47 danny hello everyone
12:47 owen Hi danny
12:59 gmcharlt_away greetings #koha
13:00 paul hi gmcharlt_away
13:01 hdl hi gmcharlt
13:43 cnighs hello #koha
13:50 owen Does anyone remember Google Jackets failing gracefully in the past? I'm wondering if the broken images it's generating are new, or if I just never noticed them
13:55 atz_ owen: i think there is an extension for that
13:59 owen I see an "experimental" one,[…]irefox/addon/7811, but not for FF3
14:00 atz_ ah, haven't lived much in FF3 yet
14:58 acmoore I'm preparing to submit a patch to take database version 105. Any problems with that?
15:00 hdl no
15:00 hdl not for biblibre
15:01 owen anyone else not seeing <!-- TMPL_VAR name="publicationyear" --> being output in intranet bib search results?
15:01 owen Looks like it may not be getting passed to the template
15:01 owen Either that, or it's not mapped correctly by default?
15:02 acmoore thanks, hdl. I'll get it submitted today. I think cnighs is intending to take 106.
15:03 hdl I think it is a mapping problem
15:04 owen If so, it's a default mapping problem
15:05 owen hdl, do you find that publicationyear is being output for you?
15:34 acmoore hdl, yesterday, I thought you told me: "Dtermine le pilote utilis par SMS::Send pour envoyer des SMS", but I see that there's probably supposed to be a diacritic in "dtermine" that my IRC client didn't get. Is that an e accent aigu?
15:35 hdl e accute
15:35 hdl exactly
15:35 acmoore and then, that points out that I'm probably missing any other diacritics. I thought my IRC client did OK on them.
15:35 hdl do you have a better IRC client ?
15:35 hdl Or should I change my encoding ?
15:35 acmoore yes, this is a better one! ;)
15:36 hdl Détermine le pilote utilisé par SMS::Send pour envoyer des SMS
15:36 hdl here it is
15:36 acmoore hmm. I'm still missing it. But, I can figure out how to type it myself. that's the only one in there, isn't it?
15:38 acmoore I also hit this problem when I try to email Fr?d?ric and I can't write his name well. It's high time I figure out how to deal with this.
15:56 atz_ acmoore: heh, I see your line as "Fr?d?ric", despite my client using Unicode/UTF-8
15:56 paul same for me
15:56 paul with ? instead of "e with accent" (é)
16:00 nengard is down??
16:06 hdl aacmoore : sending you via email
16:10 nengard anyone???? can anyone get to - oooo - it's finally loading
16:10 nengard nevermind
16:10 acmoore THanks. I'm going to restart my client a few dozen times to see if I can deal with UTF. Sorry, I really thought I could.
16:16 acmoore Does this look better: Détermine
16:17 acmoore I promise, this is the last that I'll ask you guys to help me debug my IRC client. If this doesn't work, I'll give up for now.
16:19 acmoore anyway, I resent the patch with the phrase that hdl emailed me. If it looks wrong in the email from, please let me know. thanks!
16:19 atz_ acmoore: looks good
16:19 hdl yes
16:20 acmoore whoah. thanks!
17:20 owen nengard: I cc'ed ryan on that question about publicationdate. hdl suggests that it's a mapping problem, but I'm not sure where to go from there
17:26 nengard thanks owen and hdl
17:39 owen nengard: I have prepared a fix for Bug 2408, but ryan and hdl are doing some major work on other parts of that page, so my patch will probably be delayed (or will have to be resubmitted)
17:40 nengard thanks for the update owen
17:40 nengard i guess the same will go for the other bug i submitted today about that page and the irregularity link
17:41 owen Yeah, we'll have to wait and see what the changes are to that page
17:44 nengard okey dokey - well at least i recorded the problems :)
20:33 slef who is and why did they just mark[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2317 as INVALID?
20:33 chris pass
20:35 acmoore that is a good question.
21:21 mc hello world
21:23 chris hi mc :)
21:26 mc for me, to 'sign off' means 'end a radio transmission'. so does a signed off patch ended ?
21:27 mc (i ask it because my patch was just signed off by acmoore)
21:27 atz mc: means "OK'd"
21:27 mc ok
21:27 mc cool
21:27 atz like one might sign on a petition, or delivery slip
21:29 mc i'm sorry to ask about it but my dictionnary didn't help me on it (i don't tell you about the word entry 'patch': robert and collins don't know about scm, as i see ;) )
21:29 mc ok
21:29 mc thx
22:05 acmoore mc: I hope you don't mind that I chimed in. Someone asked about that patch, so I thought I'd take a look at it. It looked OK, so I kind of put my "OK" stamp on it.
22:05 acmoore that's something that git lets you do.
22:05 acmoore Now, Josh will at least know that someone else looked at it. and if it goes haywire, we'll both be embarassed! ;)
22:08 chris heh
22:15 cnighs tried out that jet-pack yet chris?
22:15 chris not yet :)
22:16 chris heh
22:17 chris looked like it would be a lot of fun to try
22:18 cnighs it is pretty slick looking
06:30 mc acmoore, ack, thx
06:31 mc my fear was this patch not to be committed
06:32 mc my last patch on C4::Context was important to (according to me) and wasn't comitted
06:32 mc s/to/too/
11:23 mc are E-R diagrams used out of france ? (i'm reading the post from Zeno)

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