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13:10 gmcharlt_away greetings #koha
13:14 hdl hi gmcharlt_away
13:15 gmcharlt hi hdl
13:37 cnighs g'morning #koha
14:41 atz hmm.... seems down
14:42 acmoore atz, yep. others have been reporting that, too.
14:42 atz :(
14:45 atz looks like it's been a problem for a while
14:47 atz partial alterative:
14:48 ryan pretty cool stuff
14:50 atz it's the first js where actually maintaining program/application logic seems feasible
15:15 danny hey everyone
15:33 gmcharlt hi danny
15:59 pianohacker slef: I noticed your patches email today; what are you concerned about the patches being portable to?
16:00 slef pianohacker: templates, portable to HTML::Template + HTML::Template::Expr, because HTML::Template::Pro is recent and binary.
16:01 slef s/binary/C
16:02 pianohacker slef: Okay, but Koha depends on HTML::Template::Pro; could you just remove the ELSIF for your clients?
16:02 slef pianohacker: have been, thought others probably affected, submitted patch
16:03 pianohacker Okay
16:03 slef pianohacker: not sure adopting ELSIF so quickly such a great idea in general.
16:03 pianohacker Why not?
16:05 slef it's not much saving over having an IF inside an ELSE and limits our options... I like keeping options open
16:07 atz slef: your problem was w/ HTML::Template::Expr wasn't it?
16:07 atz so your portability is the same
16:12 atz the version of ELSIF you consider "too quickly" adopted is at least as old as the version of MacOS you're using.
16:30 slef atz: no, it's HTML::Template::Pro AFAICT
16:30 slef atz: see mail to -patches a few mins ago
16:32 atz the error in your ticket indicates otherwise
16:32 atz # Failed test 16 in t/HTML-Template-Expr.t at line 87 fail #8
16:32 atz # t/HTML-Template-Expr.t line 87 is: ok (defined $output and $output eq &catfile("$file.out"));
16:32 atz or maybe it is just Pro's testing of Expr?
16:33 slef I think so.  t/HTML-Template-Expr.t is use HTML::Template::Pro not ::Expr.
16:33 slef maybe copied from HTE
16:40 atz slef: actually, i think the author is tripped up by the Mac line-end encoding in the test
16:41 atz i don't think it indicates a failure that would necessarily affect the module
16:41 atz just a poorly written test
16:48 atz not sure what "fail #8" means
16:52 atz you might try make test for H:T:P with ENV var "HTMLTEMPLATEPRODEBUG" = 1
16:57 atz slef: looks like a possible MAXINT ceiling also
16:58 atz the EXPR from the specific test that failed in your ticket is:
16:58 atz <tmpl_var EXPR="1000000+200000000000">
16:58 atz you got -1862462912, instead of 200001000000
17:00 atz lol
17:00 atz some of the test variables are funny
17:00 atz TWENTY=>20, FOURTY=>50
17:01 atz so TWENTY + FOURTY = 70
17:01 slef sadism
17:06 cnighs_ "Bank errors in your favor. Collect $70."
17:11 atz slef: might check for MAXINT threshold like:
17:11 atz echo  $((200000000000 + 1000000))   # in bash
17:12 atz perl -e 'print 200000000000 + 1000000, "\n";
17:12 atz # ^ in perl
17:12 pianohacker TMPL_EXPR="6*9=42"
17:14 atz the template being tested is, /root/.cpan/build/HTML-Template-Pro-0.70-YIIYMl/te​mplates-Pro/test_expr8.tmpl
17:15 atz (w/ the YIIYM1 part being variable)
17:18 slef 200001000000 to both
17:18 slef (added missing trailing ' on the perl one btw)
17:22 atz interestingly, you should be able to test using the same EXPR in HTML::Template (regular)
17:22 slef HTML::Template::Expr even?
17:23 atz actually, you just "use HTML::Template", and the EXPR is encapsulated, but whatever works
17:24 slef erm, so do I need to install HTE or not?
17:30 atz slef: i guesso.  
19:03 ryan slef: re: bug 2287, how complete is the patch you posted ?  i.e. it is a working import with user-specifiable fields ?
19:11 slef ryan: I think it's taken from a working system.
19:29 acmoore I'm planning on submitting database update to version 104 this afternoon. Anyone else have a database version update that I'm going to step on?
19:30 gmcharlt acmoore: I have a 104 submitted as of yesterday
19:31 acmoore gmcharlt, thanks. I'll take 105.
19:31 acmoore gmcharlt, then, please ignore that part of the patch I just sent you, or wait for an update to look at the whole thing.
19:37 acmoore hdl or paul or mc, Can I trouble you for a French translation of a system preference description, please? "Sets which SMS::Send driver is used to send SMS messages"
20:48 hdl acmoore: Détermine le pilote utilisé par SMS::Send pour envoyer des SMS
20:48 acmoore merci
20:49 hdl np
23:07 ricardo Hi all!  :)
23:10 ricardo Is anyone really here?
23:11 pianohacker ricardo: I'm here (for a little while)
23:11 pianohacker Did you need some help?
23:12 ricardo pianohacker: It's just that I'm getting an error with a few days old "git" version while adding a vendor:
23:12 ricardo[…]
23:12 ricardo Koha error
23:12 pianohacker Hmm
23:12 ricardo The following fatal error has occurred:
23:12 ricardo Undefined subroutine &main::AddBookseller called at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/acqui/ line 92.
23:13 pianohacker ricardo: Odd.
23:14 pianohacker Try updating; it seems to be fixed
23:14 ricardo pianohacker: OK. Will do that right away. Thanks anyway  :)
23:14 pianohacker np
23:14 pianohacker let me know if it still isn't working; i'll file a bug report
23:16 ricardo pianohacker: Hmm... Actually, it seems that my Koha was already up to date with git. Let me run the "perl Makefile.PL", "make test", "make install" thing
23:17 pianohacker Okay
23:18 ryan ricardo: a quick test works for me (adding a new vendor)
23:18 ricardo ryan: OK. Thanks for the "feedback". I'm doing a "make install" now. Let's see how this works
23:20 ryan not sure why there's a separate updatesupplier script from the addsupplier.
23:22 ricardo OK. Restarted apache. Let me test this again
23:23 ricardo Same error  :(
23:24 ricardo Steps to reproduce:
23:24 ricardo 1 - Go to Intranet home page (log in with some "superlibrarian" user):
23:24 ricardo
23:24 ricardo 2 - Go to "Acquisitions" section
23:25 ricardo[…]qui/
23:26 ricardo 3 - (See a strange highlighted message under "Start,receive or modify any order" that says "You must define a budget in Administration" - strange because I have already created a fund)
23:26 ricardo 4 - Click on the "+ New Vendor" button in that page
23:26 ricardo[…]
23:27 ricardo Fill just the "Company Name" (only mandatory field) with some thing - e.g "Fictional Publisher" (without the quotes) and click on the "Save" button at the bottom
23:27 ricardo "Et voilá" - ERROR:
23:27 ricardo[…]
23:28 ricardo Koha error
23:28 ricardo The following fatal error has occurred:
23:28 ricardo Undefined subroutine &main::AddBookseller called at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/acqui/ line 92.
23:31 ricardo (running on openSUSE 11.0 with Apache 2.2.8, MySQL 5.0.51a and Perl 5.10.0)
23:33 ryan ricardo: do you have anything in your logs ?
23:33 pianohacker That really is quite odd
23:35 ricardo ryan: The only entries in /var/log/koha-error.log for today are several lines with that same message:
23:35 ricardo [Wed Jul 30 01:03:19 2008] [error] [client] [Wed Jul 30 01:03:19 2008] Undefined subroutine &main::AddBookseller called at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi​-bin/acqui/ line 92., referer:[…]
23:37 ricardo Koha   /  Koha DB 3.0000103    (in the case that info is useful)
23:44 ryan ricardo: that is strange.   looks like is a pretty old script.  can you file a bug on this ?
23:45 ricardo ryan: I can, but probably not today (it's almost 1AM here and I'll have to give a "Koha" demo tomorrow morning !) and possibly not tomorrow also (very busy day). But on Thursday, the latest, I think I can
23:47 ricardo ryan: Have you tried to execute the steps I mentioned? I guess you didn't the same error, right?
23:48 ryan correct, i did not get an error.
23:48 ryan i also don't have a warning on the funds.
23:48 ricardo ryan: OK. Thanks for the feedback. Probably not very relevant, but what is your Perl version?
23:49 ryan 5.8.8
23:49 ryan i don't have any 5.10's handy to test
23:50 ricardo ryan: OK. Thanks for the info
23:51 ricardo I noticed that I had a "Fund" but did NOT have a "Budget" for it. I'm adding a "Budget" now to see if it makes any difference
23:52 ricardo I still get the same "You must define a budget in Administration" in
23:53 ricardo Same error. At least, it is consistent!   ;-)
23:54 ryan ricardo: try adding a    use C4::Auth;  to the top of
23:56 ricardo Done. Testing
23:58 ricardo "Same old, same old"  (same error)
00:00 ricardo Perl Newbie question: How does ""  "know" that  AddBookseller is in the module? Does it try to check in the several pm files that it has in "use C4..." lines?
00:00 gmcharlt ricardo: perldoc Exporter
00:01 ricardo Ah! Galen, the "Mighty Lurker" has arrived!  :)
00:02 gmcharlt hi ricardo :)
00:02 ricardo Hi Galen!  :)
00:03 ricardo I'll try to add  "C4::Bookseller->"  at the front of  the "Addbookseller" function call and see if that makes a difference here
00:04 gmcharlt ricardo: try 'C4::Bookseller::' instead
00:04 ricardo gmcharlt:  OK
00:05 ricardo Testing...
00:07 ricardo Ah man... Sorry, I'm correcting the wrong file (the one located in /root/mykohaclone instead of the one at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/acqui
00:09 ricardo ryan: I'll try again. This time I'll only doyour first suggestion, as a first try ("[00:55]<ryan>ricardo: try adding a use C4::Auth; to the top of")
00:13 ricardo Same error... Adding "C4::Bookseller::" to "AddBookseller" function call in now...
00:13 ricardo IT WORKED!!!
00:14 ricardo At least it moved me up to:
00:14 ricardo Koha Search for vendor 1
00:14 ricardo[…]
00:16 ricardo So, is a small patch in order OR could this be some kind of bad setup that I have?
00:17 ricardo "env | grep PERL"  does return  "PERL5LIB=/usr/share/koha/lib"
00:20 gmcharlt ricardo: file a bug
00:21 ricardo gmcharlt: OK.  Should I mark this as "major"? "critical"? "blocker"?  "only happens because the bug reporter is a pain in the neck"?  ;-)
00:22 gmcharlt "normal" - simple to fix, may be 5.10 specific
00:22 ricardo gmcharlt: OK
00:54 ricardo ryan / gmcharlt :[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2419
09:30 chris evening
09:31 paul hi chris
09:31 chris hi paul good trip?
09:31 paul yes.
09:31 paul although heavy pollution in Casablanca
09:58 chris were you working in casablanca?
09:59 paul yep.
09:59 paul
09:59 paul mining & chemistry company (phosphates)
10:03 chris ohh, using Koha?
10:03 paul yep
10:03 paul self-installed
10:03 paul I was here for checking & explaining zebra & other technical stuff
10:04 paul then, in aug, hdl will go here to teach to the 16 librarians that will use it daily (5 branches)
10:04 chris ohh excellent
10:04 paul the good news is that they asked us for a yearly support contract now that they see the added value we can give ;-)
10:04 paul (frenchism suspected on previous sentence...)
10:06 chris even better :)
10:09 chris have you seen this
10:09 chris[…]contentId=1735026
10:15 paul chris : nope.
10:16 paul curious to have to pay something to see a report of how we installed a free software...
10:16 paul s/curious/strange/
10:16 paul (frenchism detected...)
10:20 chris yeah, its an odd thing to do
10:23 chris i wonder if slef can call them and ask for it :)
10:29 slef hrm?
10:30 slef paul: no frenchism
10:30 chris any contacts at Complementary and Alternative Medicine Library and Information Service (CAMLIS), Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital.
10:30 slef yeah, that's our client
10:30 chris ahh cool
10:30 chris can you get us a free copy of their article? :-)
10:31 slef I think I've the unreviewed version in our tracker somewhere
10:31 chris good write up on installing under OS X btw
10:32 slef They're putting up a journal repository as part of phase 4 or 5, so I expect that article will be cleared for distribution already.  I'll ask Gerhard.
10:32 slef I didn't know they'd "broken cover" yet
10:33 slef however, today I'm quoting for phases 4 and 5 at CAMLIS, so it's not going to be immediate
10:33 chris
10:33 chris ohh excellent slef
10:34 chris on the positive side, it was quite interesting watching someone try to sell/demo rfid with no electricity :)
10:34 slef roflmao
10:34 slef Actually, I could do that... our kit runs off USB power :)
10:34 slef probably have to be <1hr demo, as it's quite hungry
10:35 chris oh this was the entire day
10:35 chris ie power went out at 7am ish
10:35 chris and when i left to drive home at 2pm, still had none
10:37 chris was supposed to stay longer, but trees kept falling down and closing roads, so i got out while the going was good
10:37 slef yuck
10:41 chris but we did learn some useful stuff in spite of the weather not playing nice
10:41 chris ohh thats very sad
10:42 slef indeed... (new management)--
10:43 chris so often happens unfortunately, people want to make their mark by changing everything
10:48 chris id reply to him, but his mail provider hates my MTA it seems
10:48 slef what's the film where a pretty girl has like amazon screaming in her head while she's smiling?
10:48 slef Ah, Election
10:48 paul interesting (& probably fun) french legal news :
10:48 slef that's pretty much where I am over this ELSIF thing
10:49 slef paul: DADVSI--
10:49 paul of course.
10:49 paul but this news is very interesting...
10:50 paul 3 guys have said publicly to the police "we have broken a DRM"
10:50 paul and the justice said (after 2 years) : "unresponsible"
10:50 slef "not guilty"?
10:50 paul what is funny is that the "unresponsibility" can come from 3 ways in french law
10:51 paul "foolish, self defense, force majeure"
10:51 paul no, it's not "not guilty"
10:51 paul it's "un reponsible" => can't be judged for that
10:51 slef not prosecutable?
10:51 paul yep
10:52 paul so, the funny question is : "does the justice think those 3 guys were foolish ?"
10:52 slef ok... takes me a while... IIRC English law has guilty or not, while Scottish has guilty, not guilty and not proven
10:52 paul "or is it a self-defense, or force majeure" ?
10:52 paul (force majeure : you know you did something that you shouldn't do, but you couldn't avoid it)
10:53 slef and also "the Crown Prosecution/Fiscal didn't persue the case" which really upsets the press
10:53 slef the French system with investigating judges is rather different
10:53 slef Does it get less flamed in the press?
10:53 paul bye chris
10:53 chris have a good day
10:54 slef bye chris

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