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13:05 owen Yeah, nengard, you've got the same problem I do
13:05 acmoore hey, gmcharlt. long time, no see.
13:05 acmoore welcome back to you, too, newlogbot.
13:05 owen The "seiral data" and "published" columns aren't displaying, so the status and notes columns are pushed over
13:06 nengard owen yeah - i saw that
13:08 owen There's a check for "<!-- TMPL_IF NAME="serial" -->", which works outside of the ITEM_RESULTS loop but not inside. I thought that was all it was at first, but even after taking out the conditional no data displays.
13:29 hdl owen :[…]&biblionumber=729
13:30 hdl is this what you are looking at ?
13:30 owen[…]?biblionumber=729
13:30 owen Notice that under the "Serial data" column you see "available," which should be under "status"
13:31 hdl click on subscriptions and then more details and full  viw.
13:31 hdl Ah...
13:31 hdl I see.
13:32 hdl file a bug. I'll cope with that.
13:32 hdl ....
13:32 owen Writing the bug report now
13:33 hdl owen : But I think it is not a good idea to display items for subscriptions
13:33 hdl items should be displayed as part of the collection history imho.
13:33 owen It's certainly very confused the way it is.
13:45 kados g'morning all
13:45 kados hdl: can you tell Frederic that we have an Arabic translation of the staff client that has just been submitted?
13:45 kados also ...
13:46 kados owen: do you recall an error with the translator that goes like this:
13:46 kados circulation.tmpl: Completely confused parametrizing
13:46 hdl I will tell him when he is online.
13:46 owen kados, no
13:46 hdl hi kados.
13:46 kados hi hdl
13:47 kados hdl: do you know of that error? circulation.tmpl: Completely confused parametrizing
13:47 kados ?
13:47 kados or maybe paul is here?
13:48 hdl This is when you use update right ? ?
13:48 kados hdl: no, this is for installation
13:48 kados update worked OK
13:48 kados (this is the Arabic staff client translation)
13:49 hdl Have you checked circulation.tmpl ?
13:50 kados I found it
13:50 kados it's the translation file, wrong use of %
13:50 hdl kados++
14:35 owen what does rejecting a tag do? It doesn't seem to remove it from my own list of tags. Does it just keep it from being displayed publicly?
14:39 nengard owen it puts it on the blacklist
14:39 nengard and it doesn't show on the opac anymore
14:39 nengard or at least that's what used to happen
14:39 nengard[…]/Tools/tools-tags
14:40 owen Should that tag no longer appear in the list of "my tags/
14:40 owen ?
14:40 nengard owen - i forget - atz do you know?
14:41 slef oooh... do they have to be called tags?
14:41 atz no, even blacklisted tags are still in "my tags"
14:41 nengard slef - what else would you call them? tags is the popular word
14:41 nengard atz does it show on my tags that it has been rejected by librarians?
14:41 slef sorry, but could this get confusing when books are being tagged for RFID?
14:42 atz nengard: not sure.
14:42 slef nengard: categories and keywords seem to be used almost as often IME
14:42 owen It shows up in "my Tags," but the tag doesn't show up on
14:42 nengard slef can't we call that something else
14:42 nengard rfid tagging
14:43 slef nengard: maybe. I'm not sure of the popular term for them yet, but my two RFID libraries call them simply tags.
14:43 nengard hmmmm
14:43 slef nengard: probably because "RFID" is slow to say :-/
14:44 owen I think the more popular understanding for the term "tags" needs to take precedence.
14:44 slef I'm not at all sure on this either way, but it looks like a possible confusion.
14:44 slef owen: is it the more popular even among librarians?
14:45 owen Since it's the more commonly understood definition for patrons, that's what we should go with
14:45 slef owen: patrons don't often buy ILSes, sadly.
14:46 owen But we certainly hope they use them
14:46 slef owen: sure, we can't confuse either community.
14:47 slef Do we call anything else apart from the sticky labels "labels" in Koha yet?
14:47 owen Then we need to be sure to identify RFID tags specifically in the context of RFID
14:48 slef owen: unless we prefix the "my tags" sort of tags with something else, I think that's still potentially confusing.
14:49 owen Why would a patron, logged into the opac, think that "my tags" might refer to RFID? That just doesn't make sense.
14:49 slef owen: I suspect I can persuade the librarians to call RFID tags RFID labels (as opposed to printed or sticky labels) though.
14:49 slef owen: what about the librarians?
14:49 slef (Won't somebody please think of the librarians(!))
14:50 owen Why would a librarian, logged into the opac, think that "my tags" might refer to RFID? That doesn't make sense either!
14:50 slef owen: are you being deliberately obtuse?
14:50 slef owen: what about the librarian interface?
14:51 owen What part of the librarian interface refers to RFID tagging?
14:51 slef owen: the bits added to circulation, cataloguing and tools by koha-rfid
14:53 hdl nengard kados owen slef : about creating a new list is there a concensus ?
14:53 slef hdl: let me read the thread
14:53 owen slef: you don't think it's possible for those bits to be labelled as RFID?
14:53 hdl read also 3 lists
14:54 hdl I am not against creating lists.
14:54 su-erin where can the the Tags OPAC module be downloaded? I'm running the RC1
14:55 nengard hdl - there's never a consensus :) hehe I'm on the new list side of things
14:55 slef owen: it doesn't matter if we label it as RFID - they will drop the prefix in speech because it's such an arse to pronounce
14:55 nengard su-erin it's built into RC1
14:55 hdl But imho, splitting lists into too many bits may kill the traffic and benefit of lists.
14:56 owen slef, I think you're more likely to be able to train librarians to be specific in their speech than to try to teach patrons that what they know as tags on every other web site are called "doohickeys" in Koha.
14:56 hdl Anyway, would there be a concensus and a choice of a list name I could do it quite quickly.
14:56 nengard hdl - right now all the tech talk is scaring away people - those who don't know what the others on the list are talking about ... i'm okay with anything really - as long as we make it clear what the lists are for and make less techie people feel comfy
14:56 su-erin nengard, thanks. I'm reading over the 3.0.0 manual but don't see the Enhanced Content in Tools
14:57 nengard enhanced content is under General Preferences and under Tools you want to look for tags
14:57 nengard su-erin:[…]ences--Amazon-com &[…]/Tools/tools-tags
14:57 hdl koha-devel was meant for ppl willing to get invloved in coding.
14:58 hdl koha was meant for users.
14:58 slef owen: I think it's better to find some compromise rather than your "I am a lighthouse.  Your move." approach. :P
14:58 hdl announce is meant for announcing new versions.
14:58 kados nengard: I'm skeptical that the tech talk scares librarians away, I have to be honest ;-)
14:58 nengard su-erin: also here:[…]ts/opac/opac-tags
14:58 nengard kados - do you see the librarians writing on the list?
14:58 kados nengard: but I've been wrong before :-)
14:59 gmcharlt regarding three lists, I'm afraid that if we create a third installation help list, requests for help that go there may die - we'd collectively have to make an effort to stay on top of it
14:59 kados nengard: I think that's because they don't know about the list, not because they are scarred
14:59 nengard kados okay let's advertise the list more and see what happens - if there is no change then maybe we revisit creating a new list
14:59 slef nengard: I prefer two lists and actually having working moderators.
14:59 kados nengard: that sounds like a good plan
14:59 su-erin nengard: thanks
15:00 kados gmcharlt: *nod* ... or the other issue: people are just confused about which list to send what to and send to all three
15:00 slef nengard: if there is a third list, I'd prefer koha-install than koha-support because I think most of's members are users rather than installers.
15:00 nengard slef i like that
15:01 nengard the install questions are usually the techie type ones
15:01 kados slef: and then we'd just have to figure out how to steer people's questions about installation to koha-install
15:01 kados slef: because I'm guessing we'd continue to get them on the main koha list and on the developer's list
15:01 nengard yep .. this is too darn tricky!!!
15:02 slef and need full descriptions and cross-link with each other.
15:02 slef kados: link from distribution README, the download page and the support page to -install.
15:04 slef kados: all three lists need working moderators.  A moderation-hold on "install" in the subject line would allow the moderator to forward the email to koha-install IIRC.
15:04 slef if the mailman versions are sufficiently recent, at least
15:04 slef there's probably other keywords to watch, but a look at the archives should suggest them
15:05 slef right - I've got to pop to town... bbi60m
15:14 slef apparently I don't any more :)
15:19 eric morning!
15:22 slef hi eric!
15:27 slef ok, list thoughts emailed
15:52 su-erin importing records into our test server as I type. seems to be going a little slow. The again the test server is a 2.8ghz with 256mb ram
15:57 owen atz: Is there no way to delete a tag from the staff interface?
15:57 atz owen: basically, no.   the reason for this is that we need to remember (blacklist) all the bad tags anyway.
15:58 owen I see, that makes sense.
15:58 atz we could make a "delete" but it would really just be "hide"
16:21 kados su-erin: should be running at about 100 records a sec or so with those specs
17:11 atz fast proc, low RAM
17:11 atz ram is cheap... i'd bulk of the ol' test server on principle  :)
17:11 atz *bulk up
18:57 su-erin Is there something that needs to be enabled so the Tags and GoogleJackets config interfaces display (Tools > Tags OR Glob Sys Pref)?
19:00 atz su-erin: you configure those via regular system preferences
19:00 atz under "Enhanced Content"
19:06 su-erin atz: not showing a "Enhanced Content" option (
19:07 atz what version?
19:07 su-erin
19:07 su-erin The RC1
19:08 atz Tags are added in
19:09 su-erin ah
19:09 su-erin time to update then
19:10 su-erin thanks though. i'll work on updating it later today or tonight
19:23 hdl gmcharlt ccatalfo : had any of you had time to have a look at what I was working on before vacation ?
19:23 gmcharlt hdl: I'm afraid not yet - was in class the previous 10 days
19:24 hdl you were attending training sesssions ? or teaching ?
19:25 gmcharlt hdl: starting library school, actually
19:26 hdl oh. So you would not be full time RM on koha 3.2 ?
19:27 gmcharlt hdl: didn't say that :)
19:27 ccatalfo hdl: me neither; I believe I have a koha installation that I can work with now, though.  I'll take another look...
19:27 gmcharlt hdl: in other words, yes, I'd be full-time 3.2 RM
19:28 hdl how long will your school be ?
19:29 hdl gmcharlt: I was just teasing you.
19:29 hdl maybe I am a bit jealous too.
19:30 hdl Is there a plan for getting holdings into Koha and not just items for you ?
19:31 gmcharlt hdl: about two years (re school)
19:31 gmcharlt hdl: we have a holdings RFC in the works to post soonish
19:32 hdl wow two years is a big training.
19:32 hdl hope you enjoy this.
19:32 gmcharlt I intend to :)
20:06 slef su-erin: I thought RC1 was
20:15 su-erin slef, thanks.
20:21 su-erin after looking at the source install files it's 094. But according to the koha version in the web interface About Koha it's 067.
20:42 chris morning
20:43 hdl hi chris
20:44 cnighs hello chris
20:46 chris hi hdl and cnighs
22:39 slef su-erin: I'm not sure but that makes me wonder if your database upgrade did something strange one day.  Sorry.
00:05 pianohacker Hm
00:06 chris ?
02:57 atz_ lol
02:57 atz_ the cleveland indians PR info line is (216) 420-HITS
02:58 atz_ i suspect that's an intentional marijuana reference...
02:59 atz_ which would also explain all their blown saves early in the year....
03:07 chris heh
07:16 chris hi paul
07:16 paul hi chris.
07:16 paul 1st day in our new office
07:16 paul coming from home with bicycle
07:16 paul 15mn riding
07:17 paul 25mn to go back home (climbing necessary...)
07:18 chris ahh, that will keep you healthy :)
07:21 chris how many people in the office?
07:21 hdl should be 3
07:23 chris cool

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