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12:19 nengard okay spelling question - is it: anonymize  or anonomize ??  neither is in the dictionary - and we use them both
12:22 nicomo anonymize (see anonymity)
12:23 nicomo I think
12:24 nengard nicomo i thought so too
12:29 paul hdl, est-ce que l'anti spam est bien en route sur le netserver ? Parce que je recois des zillions de mails "euro dice casino" depuis quelques temps.
12:29 paul ca lasse...
12:29 paul (et aussi des "pillules bon marche", et autres trucs du même genre)
12:37 js depuis que tu as annoncé que ta famille etait assez grande, j ai fait passé le message  paul ;)
12:38 paul oups... sorry, I thought I was on another channel...
13:08 slef c'est pas grave
13:09 slef c'est assez interessant pour moi ;-)
13:09 slef nengard: y
13:09 nengard thanks slef - i found it in a different dictionary
13:10 slef nengard: I have a collins paper dictionary on my desk
13:11 slef BTW, I'm in a world of pain today.  One server with a reinstall when I was expecting an upgrade, another server defaced (I'd been telling its owner we needed to take it offline for a security upgrade).  Send sympathy here. ;-)
13:11 slef So sorry if I'm short/late/grumpy.
13:11 kados slef: you, grumpy? ;-)
13:12 slef kados: I'm usually cheerful but short/abrupt.
13:12 kados *nod*
13:13 slef I'm sure there's a reason why I don't usually do this ;-)
14:07 hdl hug to slef.
14:21 slef thanks... it's the reinstall I'm more miffed about... last time that customer got defaced was December 2004, which I don't think is a bad innings
15:14 cnighs paul about?
15:14 paul yep
15:14 paul hi cnighs
15:15 cnighs hi paul, could you help me understand the relationships between the serial and serialitems tables?
15:15 paul hdl could be more helpfull here I think
15:15 paul hdl ?
15:16 hdl hi cnighs
15:16 cnighs hello hdl
15:16 hdl ryan designed this.
15:17 hdl In order to be able to receive, afaik, multiple items of an issue.
15:17 hdl Why do you ask ?
15:18 hdl So It is a 1 to many relation
15:18 hdl 1 serial many itemnumber
15:18 cnighs currently things break when attempting to receive duplicate items of a particular issue of a given serial
15:18 cnighs ie. a library has two copies of the same issue of a magazine
15:20 cnighs this appears to be because AddItem2Serial attempts to insert a duplicate value into serialitems.serialid
15:21 cnighs 1 serial to many itemnumber is what I was looking to confirm, though
15:22 cnighs tnx hdl, paul
15:25 paul (clicking on the menu does nothing at all)
15:26 paul (renew patron & delete works fine, only set permission unreachable)
15:26 paul mmm... gotcha
15:27 paul if the librarian don't have permission to set permissions, the link is here, but un-clickable
15:48 ryan cnighs: actually, serialitems is supposed to be 1-1 short term, and was added to avoid having to change the items table, as well as future functionality of 1-n relation.
15:48 ryan but for 3.0, there should be 1-1 relation.
15:51 cnighs ryan: so for 3.0 if I have two copies of the same issue of the same magazine, I cannot have two corresponding serialitems?
15:52 ryan cnighs: there _shouldn't_ be a problem, but the functionality to create the items doesn't exist.
16:59 saorge which MARC21 fields must be filled to add an item when I import a bibliographic records via bulkmarkimport?
18:20 kados saorge: check your framework, normally 952
18:22 saorge kados: thanks!
18:24 saorge finally, it was a problem from my MARC file, some subfields were missing
19:31 hdl what are those minus meant for in addbiblio.tmpl ?
19:31 pianohacker hdl: There's minus buttons for some tags to remove them from the record
19:32 hdl hi pianohacker have we ever met ?
19:32 pianohacker hdl: I don't think so; I recognize you from the irc regulars wiki page, but I'm Jesse Weaver from LibLime
19:33 hdl nice to meet you.
19:33 pianohacker you too
19:33 hdl hdl Henri-Damien LAURENT from biblibre.
19:33 pianohacker Are those the minus buttons you meant?
19:34 hdl yes. But it doesnot seem to do anything on blank record.
19:35 pianohacker I know there are some tags that are mandatory and thus deleteable
19:35 pianohacker and if you remove the last instance of a tag, you can't put anything in (blank tags are ignored)
19:37 hdl seemed strange to me to see so many -.
19:37 hdl Since both fields and subfields can be deleted.
19:38 hdl But acknowledge it is really cool.
19:38 gmcharlt hdl: if a given field/subfield input box is the last instance, clicking minus clears it instead of removing the input form
19:38 gmcharlt hdl: otherwise, you wouldn't be able to add it back without reloading the form
19:44 hdl ok.
20:08 su-erin any tips for trouble shooting this upgrade from .064 to .094 on ubuntu 7.10:  Can't open blib/ZEBRA_CONF_DIR/etc/passwd for read at rewrite-config.PL line 168.
20:09 su-erin trying to get the test server upgraded so we can continue configuring it once, well once "paper work" is done
20:09 hdl su-erin: normally, you only have to use the webupgrade.
20:10 su-erin hdl: i still have SO much too learn... sorry
20:10 hdl np
20:12 su-erin hdl: where is the webupgrade interface?
20:12 hdl go to intranet.
20:13 hdl And you are prompted to webupgrade.
20:13 su-erin where does it propmt you?
20:21 hdl it leads you to webinstaller.
20:21 hdl You have to enter your login/password.
20:21 hdl and then go through update.
20:39 slef su-erin: it usually appears instead of the login screen.
20:40 slef su-erin: what command produces the above error?
20:42 chris ata marie
20:42 chris (maori language week here in nz this week)
20:59 chris hi liz
20:59 liz hiyas
21:07 adamaix hi
21:08 gmcharlt hi adamix
21:08 gmcharlt admaix, rather
21:09 adamaix no worries :p ,I have to say, koha is probably one of the most promising opensource library application
21:10 adamaix been trying now for the past three days getting it to work on freebsd, though
21:11 gmcharlt what's the issue?
21:11 chris 3.0.0rc1 adamaix?
21:11 adamaix yep
21:12 adamaix i've got all the perl libraries installed, most of them via the perl ports collection
21:12 atz_ adamaix: nobody's tried bsds yet, afaik
21:12 adamaix some of the libraries weren't available in the ports, so i retrieved them from MCPAN
21:12 slef adamaix: come on, if I can get it working on osx, freebsd should be doable (modulo mysqladmin shell evilness by the installer *glares*)
21:13 adamaix i was reading the osx documentation :p
21:13 slef There's osx documentation?
21:13 slef ;)
21:13 chris slef just hammers madly on the keyboard and sometimes it works :)
21:13 gmcharlt slef: you mean the documentation you're writing, correct? ;)
21:14 adamaix stuck here >
21:14 slef gmcharlt: I don't see what documentation it needs... just use apt-get and cpan install and it works.
21:15 adamaix i've seen a fwe issues similer to this on the list
21:15 slef adamaix: got PERL5LIB set and exported
21:15 slef ?
21:16 chris oh, failing tests .. thats pretty much a given, the test suite is still a work in progress
21:19 gmcharlt adamix: in the full test log, does the 'Can't connect to data source' error occur every time it complains about failing to compile modules?
21:22 adamaix yes
21:22 adamaix i've run export PERL5LIB="/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8" and make test again
21:22 adamaix same error
21:23 slef apt-get install $(sed -n -e "/PREREQ_PM =/,/}/{;s/^[ ']*//;s/::/-/g;s/'.*\$/-pm588/;/-.*-pm588/p;}" Makefile.PL | tr A-Z a-z)
21:23 pianohacker Oh my god
21:23 atz_ adamaix: PERL5LIB is supposed to be your koha repo
21:23 slef (I don't recommend that, but I just wanted to share it)
21:24 gmcharlt adamaix: in your installation directory, does blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml exist?  if so, could you pastebin the last 20 lines or so of it (excluding your db password, of course)
21:24 adamaix yes
21:28 adamaix
21:29 adamaix earliy i've tried setting the enviroment variables as specified in the error
21:29 gmcharlt ok, there's part of your problem - when you do a 'make' prior to running 'make test', it should have substituted in the correct values in place of the __DB_NAME__, etc placeholders
21:31 adamaix ah, that make sense, so should i try manually editing the file?
21:31 atz_ no, it will take you forever to edit everything
21:32 gmcharlt adamaix: first try 'make blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml' and see if it gives you a message about running rewrite-config.PL
21:34 adamaix usr/bin/perl "-Iblib/arch" "-Iblib/lib" rewrite-config.PL blib/KOHA_CONF_DIR/koha-conf.xml
21:34 gmcharlt ok, progress, so far - did it actually change the file?
21:35 adamaix yeah! :)
21:36 gmcharlt ok, if you grep for rewrite-config.PL you'll get the other 15-odd files to run 'make foo' on - afterwards, 'make test' should run
21:37 adamaix i see its all the default information in koha-conf.xml, though
21:40 adamaix ah, i have to prefix rewrite-config.PL
21:41 adamaix k, we makeing progress
21:44 slef 46 even
21:44 slef 48... final offer... going once, going twice
21:46 gmcharlt SOLD!
22:17 slef anyone know who jayadevkumbar is?
22:17 gmcharlt slef: I don't
22:18 slef gmcharlt: he appears to control the koha group on
22:18 slef he/she/it
22:18 chris yes, i noticed that
22:18 chris whoever creates it first, controls it :)
22:19 slef not according to their faq
22:20 chris cool
22:20 gmcharlt is he not responding to join requests?
22:21 slef not for me yet - anyone here joined successfully?
22:21 chris not yet
22:21 slef chris: applied?
22:21 chris yep
22:21 chris yesterday
22:21 slef ok, let's give him a while longer
22:22 slef actually
22:22 slef I'll search the lists first
22:22 slef ho ho... one invite-spam to koha.lists.katipo and that's all
22:23 chris i see some mail from him
22:23 gmcharlt slef: and a couple actual questions on 3 March, it looks like
22:23 chris Subject: [Koha] how to change the year in the source
22:23 gmcharlt I've sent in my group join request as well
22:23 chris windows user it looks like
22:25 slef[…]mp.misc.koha/8350 was all I found
22:25 slef ah, surname is kumbar
22:25 slef not devkumbar
22:26 slef I suck at asian names.
22:26 chris heh
22:41 eric err; likes
22:42 gmcharlt hee - I wonder how many times thats actually been used
22:43 eric Maybe on some NASA reports... who knows
22:44 chris astronomy books
22:44 chris maybe
22:44 gmcharlt presumably not as place of publication though - 7xx isn't for topics
22:44 chris starcharts and the like
22:44 chris true
22:45 gmcharlt starcharts though makes sense, at least based on my reading of the MARC21 manual
22:45 gmcharlt "name of community served"
22:46 eric Here is the full info about this field
22:46 eric Name of any extraterrestrial entity or space and includes solar systems, galaxies, star systems, and planets as well as geographic features of individual planets, etc. Subfield $h may be repeated for hierarchies when multiple levels are given, retaining the order highest-to-lowest
23:58 chris ahh the chown's and chmods dont respect DESTDIR
23:59 chris that makes making a package hard
00:13 chris cos we install the man pages to DESTINSTALLMAN1DIR
00:13 chris but then chown them at ) chown -R koha:koha $(KOHA_DEST_MAN_DIR)
00:13 chris so if we have $DESTDIR set that breaks
00:13 chris another thing for the todo list
00:28 slef ooh drat - Image::Magick just ate my internet connection
00:40 chris[…]pan-libkoha-perl/
00:40 chris first cut
00:41 chris the things i do when i should be eating lunch :)
00:41 chris (its set up to just do all the defaults ie, if i just wailed on return when running perl Makefile.PL
00:41 chris )
04:10 cnighs ever, also
04:12 cnighs seems insanely long
04:14 chris yeah someone complained once the default was too short
04:14 chris now its way to long
04:15 chris 600 seems like a good time
04:15 chris if you work more than 10 hours in a day
04:16 chris then an enforced break is like a health and saftey requirement :)
04:33 cnighs I just set it to 21600 which should be 6 hours
04:33 cnighs actually my computer should lock me out at 12am for at least 6 hours ;-)
04:34 cnighs for health and safety reasons...
04:42 chris :)
04:54 nrp hello all.  I'm having trouble using zebra on a koha 3.0 RC1 install on ubuntu.  searches don't return anything, and koha-zebradaemon-output.log shows Search biblios ERROR 109 for every search.
04:58 nrp some list posts suggest its a database error, but I don't know how to fix it.  I tried running, but it just returns without saying anything
05:05 nrp ooh, ok. got to run by sticking a use lib "/usr/share/koha/lib"; in it, and it says it indexed stuff, but the search still doesn't return anything and the log still gives ERROR 109
05:08 nrp spits out the following:
06:30 nrp weew! fixed it
07:53 chris hi lloyd

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