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12:09 nengard with notice/status triggers  -what does 'debar' mean?
12:11 masonj its where a Jamaican goes to get a drink..
12:14 nengard masonj - you are so very helpful :) hehe
12:14 Odd_Bloke So with the lack of a national library data source (British Library FTL), there are quite a few books that I can't find a MARC source for.  Is there any way to get around this, or am I going to have to enter the MARC records myself?
12:15 nengard i found this "account will automatically be debarred (frozen)" -- how is an account frozen?
12:17 masonj in the borrowers modify screen
12:18 masonj Patron Account Flags
12:18 masonj   1. Gone no Address: Yes No
12:18 masonj   2. Debarred: Yes No
12:18 masonj   3. Lost Card: Yes No
12:18 masonj .
12:18 masonj down the bottom
12:21 nengard thanks masonj!!!
12:21 masonj np
13:57 acmoore There's a report about the test suite failing with compolaints about the koha.systempreferences table not existing. This seems to be a common failure. Is this because those tables are installed by the web installer, which hasn't run yet?
13:57 acmoore I wonder if there's a good way around this chicken and egg problem.
14:03 gmcharlt acmoore: in the old test suite was supposed to handle that
14:04 acmoore ah. I thought I took out all database dependent stuff and putt it in the script.
14:05 acmoore evidently not.
14:05 acmoore it would be nice to be able to test stuff at install time, though.
14:10 acmoore gmcharlt, it looks like there's a handful of tests that use the database that I didn't notice, like t/Date.t. I can move them to t/lib/KohaTest/... tests so they don't try to hit the database under a normal 'make test'.
14:10 acmoore but, this still leaves the point that we don't really have a database to use to test in during install.
14:11 gmcharlt acmoore: go ahead and move them
14:11 acmoore I guess that's OK, though. since the t/database_dependent tests make thier own database.
14:11 acmoore once that's a little more stable, we can have 'make test' run that stuff, perhaps.
14:11 acmoore Does this sound like the reasonable course of action?
14:11 gmcharlt for installation, perhaps just add a test to verify that the specified database exists
14:11 gmcharlt acmoore: yes
14:12 acmoore OK. I'll do that (eventually). I'll also reply to this user indicating that the test suite is a "work in progress", or perhaps a "doesn't work in progress"...
14:16 atz acmoore: Date.t (not Dates.t) should be obsolete
14:16 gmcharlt ok.  obiviously, for general release, 'make test' should be always run cleanly
14:17 acmoore atz, OK. Thanks.
14:17 acmoore gmcharlt, I agree. I opened bug 2295 to move the test files around.
14:17 acmoore atz, why is Date.t obsolete?
14:18 acmoore atz, because C4::Date is obsolete?
14:18 atz was replaced by
14:18 atz right
14:19 acmoore oh. Hmm. well, I won't work too much on the tests, then. But maybe we should work to remove that library before 3.0 is final. Is it used too extensively to let us do that?
14:19 atz i think the purge is fairly complete
14:21 gmcharlt appears to be 100% complete
14:22 acmoore atz, I do too. It looks like only misc/cronjobs/ still uses it, and that script is slated for replacement real soon now.
14:22 acmoore I'll open a ticket to remove it.
14:22 gmcharlt oops, 99%
14:22 atz yeah, i was going to mention that the cron scripts were the last holdouts
14:22 atz but since that is your area now, anyway
14:25 acmoore bug 2296 opened for that.
14:25 acmoore thanks, guys.
15:02 paul hello ppl.
15:03 gmcharlt hi paul
15:03 paul a good (and this time official) news : BibLibre has won a RFP to migrate the 3 Marseille universities to Koha. That's 750 000 biblios, something like 25 libraries...
15:03 paul I just recieved the "notification" this morning.
15:03 gmcharlt paul++
15:03 gmcharlt BibLibre++
15:04 gmcharlt will you be sending out a press release?
15:04 paul (at the moment, BibLibre is hiring 4 persons. 2 found, 1 probably found, 1 remaining -for a librarian-)
15:05 acmoore that's great, paul!
15:06 paul note it's a merge & migrate project : 3 universities merging to 1
15:06 paul in France, large cities have 3 or 4 or even 10 (Paris) Universities.
15:06 acmoore will this "require" you spending the whole summer in Marseille?
15:06 paul which is strange, that's why the gov has decided to merge some of them.
15:07 paul acmoore: nope
15:07 acmoore too bad.
15:07 paul I suspect (although not sure at this moment) that the project start will be in september
15:07 paul why too bad ?
15:08 acmoore isn't it down on the Mediterranean coast? figured it would be a fun place.
15:08 paul acmoore: I agree it's a fun place. And in fact (and that's what is beautiful), that where I live daily since 8 years :-D
15:09 paul (that's beautiful to have such a contract with 20mn transport to reach the customer)
15:09 acmoore ah.
15:09 acmoore yeah, that's convenient!
15:09 paul you must know that in France, from july 1st, to sept 1st, almost everything is stopped.
15:10 paul and between jul15, and Aug15, really everything is stopped
15:12 slef paul: congratulations!
15:13 paul gmcharlt: yes, we will send out a press release, but maybe only in september (because, now, nobody will read it...)
15:13 paul + we are working on our new website
15:14 slef paul: same here.  What are you using?
15:15 paul Drupal
15:15 slef Ah, we're using that on customer sites.  I'm looking at REST::Application for our own.
15:15 slef (more experimental, but looks more fun to hack)
15:16 paul look at to see the project
15:17 slef hahahaha surprisingly similar to our new site (which is currently on 127.0.0.something)
15:19 slef great minds, huh?
15:20 slef davi: awake?
16:08 acmoore in case anyone is interested, I was just told that: MySQL is holding a live webinar tomorrow on how to utilize memcached:[…]/display-158.html
16:17 kados paul: around?
16:17 paul yep
16:17 paul hi kados
16:18 kados paul: to resolve CGI::Session::Serialize and help translators, I think I'll delay 3.0-final until Monday, is it OK with you?
16:18 paul yes. + maybe hdl_laptop will have time to submit serials management modifs.
16:19 kados OK
16:19 paul (as, atm, it's badly broken, see recent bugzilla entry)
16:19 kados I'll announce on koha-devel
16:19 paul do you see my previous announcement here ?
16:19 kados paul: no
16:19 paul a good (and this time official) news : BibLibre has won a RFP to migrate the 3 Marseille universities to Koha. That's 750 000 biblios, something like 25 libraries...
16:19 kados wow, that's great!
16:19 kados congrats!
16:19 paul note it's a merge & migrate project : 3 universities merging to 1
16:19 paul + it's in Marseille, which is very nice.
16:20 paul BibLibre hiring 4 ppl atm
16:20 atz wow.  big project
16:20 paul 2 are found (1 librarian, 1 dev), 1 probably found (dev) , 1 remaining (librarian position)
16:20 paul it's a 350k€ contract.
16:21 paul business x2 !
16:21 atz nicely done
16:21 kados really great!
16:21 paul won against Millenium, sirsiDinyx...
16:22 kados paul++
16:22 kados that's awesome
16:23 kados paul: so soon BibLibre will be larger than LibLime ;-)
16:23 paul (in France : yearly market is around 50 000 000€)
16:24 paul all project included
16:24 paul all projects included
16:24 kados in fact, for ILS in the US it's bonly about 60 million USD
16:24 kados according to Marshall Breeding anyway
16:25 paul ? not that large. I think our 50millions are not for ILS only but for all IT projects
16:25 kados http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]70770263&code=bib
16:25 kados oops, 600 million I meant :-)
16:26 paul mmm... I prefer that !
16:26 kados http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
16:26 kados is the most recent article
16:26 kados owen: that's the plan
16:27 owen Wow, that's soon :)
16:27 kados owen: yea ...
16:28 kados owen: as always, it's a target ... and hopefully will motivate a big bug squashing effort
16:30 acmoore I hope the (US) holiday weekend doesn't reduce our availalbe resources much.
16:30 paul july 4th...
16:32 owen I'm still unclear on what kind of patches are acceptable for the final release: Should there be no template changes that would affect translations?
16:33 kados owen: in an ideal world, yes
16:33 paul but when it's written "mange" instead of "manage", I think patches are OK ;-)
16:33 paul kados : which patches from me do you have in your queue ?
16:34 paul I have 7
16:34 kados paul: I haven't gotten to patch management yet today, but I'll check soon
16:34 paul You're rejected one of them "Availability label"
16:34 paul for 2 of them, i have no news fro myou :
16:34 paul 0002-bugfixing-scan-index.patch
16:35 paul 0003-bugfixing-itemtype-summar​y-it-summary-is-defined.patch
16:35 kados hmmm
16:35 paul which are OK I think
16:35 kados I will look soon
16:35 paul the 2 others are french specific (translation & unimarc)
16:35 paul and the last one is about OAI unicode patch
16:35 paul I think i didn't send you this one.
16:36 kados OK
16:36 paul oups. i'm wrong. I've send it on june 30
17:04 hdl_laptop kados : i really donot believe a last minute huge bugsquashing session is really good.
17:08 kados yikes :-)
17:08 paul ?
17:08 paul it's probably a translation patch
17:08 kados yep
17:08 paul ( create a lot of git noise, even when you change only 10 lines
17:08 paul )
17:12 paul hdl_laptop: do you mean your serials bugfixing may introduce new bugs ?
17:12 paul s/may/will/ ?
17:13 paul what about a quick & acceptable solution & a good & beautiful one later.
17:13 paul (I know, you're in holiday next week...)
17:16 paul time for dinner in France. bye bye
18:07 acmoore If I want to send an email with an attachment in Koha, do I craft the attachment and the MIME boundaries and such myself? I don't see MIME::Lite or anything like that as a required module.
18:24 kados acmoore: Mail::Sendmail is the preferred module atm I believe
18:28 acmoore kados, so, we manually craft all the MIME parts like in[…].html#attachments ?
18:28 acmoore that's kind of a drag. Considering that I probably can't get MIME::Lite into the required modules at this point, maybe I'll wrap that code up in a module in C4 somewhere.
18:46 acmoore For anyone interested, I'm currently running a bot on freenode in #kohanews. It announces things like changes to bugzilla bugs and to the git repository. Feel free to idle in #kohanews on freenode.
18:46 acmoore if it seems like it's a useful tool, I can put it in here, though that might get annoying.
19:32 acmoore does anyone else get warnings from the mail system about delays when sending emails to slef? I get them all the time, probably because of his greylisting, and I can't tell if he ever gets my mails or not.
19:34 owen kados still around?
19:36 acmoore holy cow, owen! that's a lot of non-US english you found.
19:37 owen Yeah, just stuff that has been sitting there waiting for someone to make a decision about whether to standardize on en-US
19:37 owen I'm thinking those changes don't have to affect any translations since it's just the spelling that has changed.
20:15 atz acmoore: replied to list(s) regarding Context
20:24 hdl_laptop kados : thanks for reporting.
20:24 hdl_laptop (bugs on subscription).
20:35 acmoore atz, thanks. I think you're right that the import sub is a bad idea. So, what do you think we ought to do to fix it? (in the next three days, and then in 3.2)
20:37 atz tough call.  it pisses me off, so if I were RM I'd hold up the show until it was fixed.  But that's more on principle than pragmatics.
20:38 atz pragmatically, maybe you just add a  # FIXME in 3.2
20:38 atz and say it works "well enough"
20:39 atz i'd like to move the initialization part to INIT
20:39 kados atz++
20:40 atz and see if there are any timing issues w/ the way other modules use Context
20:40 atz this is another thing I got snafu'd by in my first month on the job...
20:40 kados yea
20:41 atz trying to make Context a proper Exporter
20:41 kados so what is the pragmatic reason to fix this, would he help with speed?
20:41 kados s/he/it/
20:42 atz yeah, right now we reread KOHA_CONF for every "use Context" line
20:42 kados *nod*
20:42 kados I suspected that
20:42 atz frederic's patch would at least cache it up on the first read
20:43 atz but we wouldn't have this problem if Context weren't hacking import
20:43 kados so there is a way to avoid that altogether?
20:43 atz i expect the answer will be to use an INIT block rather than import
20:44 acmoore it shouldn't be reading the conf file in the import method, but maybe frederic's patch makes it at least tolerable for now that it does that.
20:44 atz INIT will run only once (regardless of how many sub modules use Context)
20:44 acmoore atz, yeah, I can see putting it in an INIT block.
20:44 acmoore should we try that this week? that's a call I don't know about.
20:44 atz i suspect the original authors intended for something like that
20:44 atz acmoore: i defer to kados on that
20:44 kados and what are the drawbacks of testing and implementing this?
20:45 kados seems like just a minor change in the way C4::Context is called, right?
20:45 atz just that we mess w/ Context late in the game
20:45 acmoore it costs someone .5 to 1 day, but we'd be able to tell pretty quickly if it's actually broken, because it would break everythig pretty obciously, don't you think?
20:45 atz called exactly the same way... just the way it "catches" it's own use
20:45 kados acmoore: that's my thinking
20:46 atz i can do it tomorrow if that's the case
20:46 acmoore atz, what does this bump out of your week?
20:47 atz i'm on general cleanup right now
20:47 kados can we get someone in the community to work on this?
20:47 kados someone else I mean? :-)
20:47 kados like MJ maybe?
20:47 kados (isn't he the one that noticed this?)
20:48 acmoore I'm not sure if frederic actually wants to be doing this, or if he just stumbled into it because he was investigating performance.
20:48 atz he noticed it in the profiling frederic posted
20:48 atz he, MJ
20:48 chris morning
20:48 atz greets chris
20:49 kados hey chris
20:49 chris hey guys, how was ala?
20:49 kados pretty good
20:49 kados busy, but good
20:49 chris cool news about the XC partnership
20:49 kados *nod*
20:50 chris and another sirsi dynix library bites they dust
20:50 chris they must be hating you :)
20:50 kados :)
20:50 atz chris: the feeling is mutual.
20:50 chris lol
20:50 chris[…]-supporting-koha/
20:50 chris seen that?
20:50 kados the people at SD are pretty good
20:51 kados it's the management I have issue with
20:51 chris yeah
20:51 chris its often the way
20:51 kados so I see it as my mission to rescue all those good employees ;-)
20:51 chris hehe
20:51 atz nice
20:52 acmoore I notice that "Libraries could contract with any vendor to support the system, which is based on widely used web technologies like MySQL and PHP."
20:52 acmoore then, what the heck is all this perl code doing?
20:52 atz yeah, PHP
20:52 atz ?
20:52 kados hehe
20:52 kados I said LAMP
20:52 kados and maybe didn't specify perl
20:52 atz ah
20:52 kados (more likely, I did and the person who wrote that didn't catch it ;-))
20:53 atz perl is "like PHP"
20:53 kados *nod*
20:53 kados ahh, it was Chris Strauber ... I'll have to email him about that
20:53 atz i saw SD announce that they will support MS SQL Server for Symphony... in Q2 2009
20:55 atz so SD libraries might get access to their data again... eventually... via another proprietary set of licenses
20:55 kados hehe
20:57 chris heh
21:01 kados so I guess we haven't resolved what to do about the C4::Context stuff
21:01 atz true
21:01 atz or rather, who to have do it and when.
21:02 kados *nod*
21:02 kados my inclination is to work on more noticible bugs
21:02 kados as a first priority
21:04 kados like say, 2297
21:06 atz i think we should officially remove the "hbyymmincr" barcode format
21:06 atz both it's conception and execution are fundamentally flawed
21:07 atz we've wasted a handful of hours on just one client site that tried to use it
21:08 atz it's a barcode format that tries to make something like  "MAIN08060001"
21:08 atz 08 (yy for 2008) and 06 (mm = june)
21:09 kados ahh
21:09 kados yea, but I think people actually want to use it
21:09 atz it doesn't make any real sense, limits you to 10,000 barcodes a year across all libraries, hardcodes the length of the branch name, etc.
21:09 kados or do, in fact, use it
21:09 atz if they do, they have exactly 3 letters in their branch code
21:10 atz and most probably only 1 branch
21:10 hdl_laptop kados : is 2297 always appearing or is it only when there are more than one subscription
21:10 hdl_laptop .
21:10 hdl_laptop ?
21:11 atz kados: it is not advisable to put the branch code in the actual barcode itself... just print it on there above the digits!
21:12 atz the result is that to determine the "next" value you have to regexp every value in the index
21:12 kados hdl_laptop: not sure
21:13 atz it's a format that looks cute, but breaks (performance, logic, namespace) at every turn
21:13 atz at worst, it should be deprecated and strongly discouraged
21:15 kados atz: fair enough ...
21:16 atz it will be easier to support something *like* that once my OO Barcodes come into play
21:18 atz but i don't think the design is valid, regardless of implementation.  i suspect it was designed before there was as much flexibility as the current barcodes generator provides (or perhaps to workaround bugs in the generator)
21:18 kados atz: yea, I'm not sure, ryan might know
21:19 atz since you can put the branch code and acquisition date right on the barcode.  they don't need to be *part* of it.
21:21 ryan hdl_laptop: 2297 happens with just one sub, afaict.
21:27 acmoore atz, encoding data like that in ID's almost always goes wrong, somehow.
21:28 atz yeah
21:28 acmoore at least, it's almost always bit me in the rear every time I've tried it.
21:28 atz one problem would be, say you want to move items... like consolidate branches
21:28 atz wouldn't you prefer to NOT have to rebarcode everything?
21:29 atz or to have old branch codes in your IDs?
21:31 acmoore we would like to rename the branch after you, Mr. Donor, but in addition to changing the sign out front, we'd have to rebarcode everything. That will cost more than your donation.
21:31 atz lol, nice
21:31 acmoore I can reduce almost anything I don't like to a ridiculous scnerio.
21:31 atz a valuable skill.
21:32 acmoore makees up for my poor spelling and typing, I guess.
21:56 hdl_laptop ryan: Do you still have links between serials and items ?
21:56 hdl_laptop that is : if you edit a serial with an item that should have been linked to it, can you find it ?
21:57 hdl_laptop I cannot.
21:58 hdl_laptop ItemizeSerial donot call AddItem2Serial and AddItem value is never returned.
21:58 hdl_laptop So that itemnumber is never used.
22:00 rhcl kados: Sorry to break into the developters channel, but I'm reporting some of the chat tidbits to my director. Above there was a reference to another SD library biting the dust.
22:00 rhcl Was that in reference to this:[…]a-zoom-and-yakpac
22:01 rhcl sed s/developters/developers
22:01 atz rhcl: i think not.  
22:01 atz i'm not sure who XC is though...
22:01 atz xavier college perhaps?
22:02 rhcl Ah, I figured that one out. http://www.librarytechnology.o[…]
22:03 atz ah, cool
22:26 ryan hdl_laptop: regarding 2297, this occurs even before receiving a serial issue.
22:27 ryan I get a duplicate in the MARC when saving the subscription.
22:37 chris rhcl: yep i was referring to Salinas
22:47 hdl_laptop I guess I can fix that one.
22:48 hdl_laptop But duplication and other js bad design is a real real nightmare.
22:48 hdl_laptop + I would like to replace that js part with some ajax but it dosenot behave the way I expect.
22:56 ryan hdl_laptop: yes, s/js/ajax/++
22:56 ryan much more reliable in perl, i think.
22:56 ryan are you using CGI::Ajax ?
22:58 hdl_laptop ryan: no.
22:59 hdl_laptop jquery.
22:59 chris jquery is cool too
22:59 hdl_laptop Banging my head on the walls though.
22:59 hdl_laptop I know what I want to do.
23:00 hdl_laptop I am sure it is really cool.
23:00 chris CGI::Ajax does make life a lot easier, as you just have to write the perl, and it deals with the rest (for the most part)
23:01 hdl_laptop But new functions donot behave the way I want or are maybe not attached to the good item.
23:01 hdl_laptop Maybe I should try that.
23:01 hdl_laptop But it will be too late for final release any way.
23:24 ryan s/js\/ajax/browser-calculated\/server-calculated/
23:25 ryan hdl_laptop: i think we do have some big problems with prediction patterns that maybe need to be fixed somehow before general release.
23:25 ryan if not fully ajaxified.
23:29 hdl_laptop ryan : I can send my work
23:29 hdl_laptop But it is still in very alpha mode.
23:29 hdl_laptop at least, there is the data structure.
23:30 hdl_laptop And the predictive basis.
23:32 hdl_laptop ryan : server calculated predictions and even adding all the subscriptions forecast at once was one of my goal.
23:33 hdl_laptop But striving to understand the jquery logic made me loose much time.
23:50 chris wow, awesome news on the mailing list
23:50 nrp hello all
23:52 chris hi nrp
23:56 nrp i'm setting up koha 3 at a library that didnt have an ILS, and i have a few questions
00:00 hdl_laptop nrs : pls talk
00:00 hdl_laptop if anyone reading can answer  you and has time, you'll be answered
00:01 nrp how do I add a patron that has access to the staff client?
00:01 hdl_laptop Add the patron
00:01 hdl_laptop then +
00:01 hdl_laptop and edit permissions.
00:02 hdl_laptop any liblimer ?
00:02 hdl_laptop ryan ?
00:02 hdl_laptop where are the "MARC" pages  hidden ?
00:03 hdl_laptop What permissions they are under ?
00:03 nrp oh, thanks. I see it now.  I thought setting permissions would be on the page where you create the user
03:30 Odd_Bloke What's the accepted way for adding new staff users?
06:13 nrp is there a way to check if zebra is working properly
06:13 nrp none of my searches return anything
06:29 nrp err, hmm, the zebra log shows: 00:34:07-04/07 zebrasrv(6) [warn] zebra_lock_create fail fname=/var/lock/koha/zebradb/biblios/norm..LCK [Permission denied]
06:29 nrp i have the daemon running as the same user koha is installed as
06:32 nrp ah, oops, somehow that file was owned by root, though now searching still doesnt work
06:33 nrp now i have Search biblios ERROR 109 followed by a bunch of stuff
06:53 hdl_laptop database unavailable
06:54 hdl_laptop have you reset your database and rebuild indexes ?
06:54 hdl_laptop going out
08:33 chris evening
08:34 paul hi chris
08:34 chris great news about venezuela today eh paul
08:34 paul yep.
08:34 paul did you see my announcement here ?
08:34 paul probably not...
08:34 chris hmm i might have missed it
08:34 paul pasting it :
08:35 paul a good (and this time official) news : BibLibre has won a RFP to migrate the 3 Marseille universities to Koha. That's 750 000 biblios, something like 25 libraries...
08:35 chris woo hooo
08:35 paul 2 are found (1 librarian, 1 dev), 1 probably found (dev) , 1 remaining (librarian position)
08:35 chris i new you were responding to the RFP
08:35 chris great news you got it
08:35 paul BibLibre hiring 4 ppl atm
08:35 chris awesome
08:36 paul 350k€ contract, won against all other usual vendors.
08:36 chris excellent
08:36 paul (sirsidynix, millenium, Ever...)
08:37 chris cool
08:40 chris koha is becoming very strong in the south of france :)
08:42 chris is one of the universities the one that toins went too?
08:43 paul yep
08:43 chris cool
08:43 paul note that toins has decided not to come back to BibLibre.
08:43 paul he want to "see something else"
08:43 chris fair enough
08:44 chris he's young, its a good time to try different things
08:44 paul yep. + he is married now & his wife & him want to experiment an other country if it's possible.
08:45 chris ah cool
08:48 chris are the new biblibre staff in marseille ?
08:49 paul nope, in Lyon
08:49 paul & strasbourg
08:50 chris mc is in strasbourg?
08:50 paul yep. & the "probably found" also
08:51 paul mmm... "staff" means "director board", or "everybody" ?
08:51 chris staff usually means employees
08:51 chris or everybody
08:52 paul ok, then Lyon & strasbourg.
08:52 paul + 1 in Marseille
08:52 chris cool
08:53 chris so i have lots of places to visit next time im in France :-)
08:57 chris when do the universities plan to go live with Koha?
08:57 paul next summer
08:57 chris ahh so a year, cool
08:58 chris thats not too crazy :)
08:58 paul The 1sts step being to setup a test server with 1/3 of the catalogues & have 20 librarians testing & validating
08:58 chris sounds like a good plan
08:59 chris do they need many new features?
09:02 js Chris, you're welcome near Toulouse too ;)
09:04 paul does spammer know git ? just recieved a spam titled "we cherry pick them for you"
09:04 paul :-)
09:06 chris ohhh Toulouse, they have a good rugby team :)
09:06 paul yes : 2008 french champion
09:09 chris it was on the news hear, because Byron Kelleher was crying with joy at the end of the game :)
09:09 chris hear=here
09:12 chris ohh the home of the author of Le Petit Prince
09:13 chris ohhh and Fermat
09:17 chris oohh and Foie gras
09:17 chris im definitely visiting :-)
09:17 paul toulouse is also famous for "Cassoulet"
09:18 paul (every french city is famous for at least 3 food specialties in fact :D)
09:18 js the red town
09:19 js I think it's the better town in France after Paris
09:19 js to visit of course,
09:19 js not for living
09:20 chris laurel is saying "oh yes i want to go there, they have good collection of Monet and Rodin"
09:21 chris Saucisses de Toulouse
09:21 chris that sounds good too :
09:21 chris )
09:22 js lol, but here, you say "Saucisse de Toulouse ConG"
09:23 js and THAT sound goof
09:23 js -f+d
09:23 paul "ConG" = "con" with the accent.
09:23 js ;)
09:23 paul con = dirty word, I let google translate tell you ;-)
09:23 paul (although with Toulouse (or Marseille) accent, it's considered as acceptable, not dirty but "country"
09:24 js nice definition paul ;)
09:24 chris :)
09:51 paul available quickly, lives in Marseille, and actually experimenting Koha for a library that wanted to try it...
10:28 masonj a quick language question.. is uk_UA option english?
10:29 masonj or ?ukraine? (long shot...)
10:42 masonj congrats on biblibre success too paul!

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