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12:28 ricardo Hi all  :)
12:29 ricardo slef: are you here?
12:40 paul hi ricardo. He was here 1 hour ago
12:42 nengard paul - can you take a look at this[…]w_bug.cgi?id=1947 and just let us know if this preference is used?
12:42 paul hi nengard
12:42 nengard hiya
12:45 ricardo . Thanks for the info!
12:45 paul nengard: you're right. It seems unused now.
12:46 slef ricardo: I'm here now.
12:46 slef is Apache test page.  Someone tell ricardo when he reappears.
12:47 ricardo slef: Well, it's NOT exactly THE Apache test page if you read it carefully :)
12:47 nengard thanks paul
12:48 slef "Apache 2 Test Page powered by CentOS"?
12:50 ricardo slef: Hmmm... I may be bitten by the "Proxy-caching" bug here again. I refresh the page and I still get my old text "Página de teste de Virtual Host". But tellms me you're right. Probably due to an upgrade I did to CentOS 5.2. Thanks for the "heads up"
12:50 slef np
12:50 ricardo :)
12:53 slef ricardo: did you want me for something before I restart work on[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2244 ?
12:54 ricardo Yup... It seems to be the proxy caching. Even if I do Shift+Ctrl+R our Ctrl+F5 to reload the page, bypassing the browser cache, I still get the same text page
12:54 slef I don't call them poxy-caches for nothing.
12:55 ricardo slef: LOL, yeah
12:55 ricardo slef: Nope. That was it, thanks. I noticed your message in the IRC logs, and logged in to see what was this about
12:55 ricardo s/our/or  above (gee...)
13:00 paul nengard: could you confirm that a branch search works fine.
13:00 paul for me :
13:01 paul "potter and branch=VID" direct search is OK
13:01 paul but an adv search using kw (1st form entry) and limit to branch "VID" returns nothing
13:02 paul mmm... I have a problem in CQL building...
13:02 paul WARNING: query problem with kw,wrdl= potter and and and and and and and and and and and and and branch=VID
13:03 nengard okey dokey
13:05 ricardo BRB
14:55 hdl_laptop hello
14:58 paul coucou hdl
14:58 paul coucou hdl_laptop
15:03 gmcharlt hi paul and hdl_laptop
15:03 paul hello gmcharlt
17:20 nengard question about authorized values - what is CCODE?
17:21 gmcharlt nengard: collection cod
17:21 nengard gmcharlt - where does it appear? when cataloging? or adding items?
17:21 nengard or both?
17:22 nengard and what are the HINGS_*
17:24 gmcharlt editing items
17:25 gmcharlt HINGS = holdings coded value; HINGS_PF = holdings physical format (from 007), HINGS_RD = retention policy, etc.
17:28 nengard thanks gmcharlt - i have added some stuff to the bottom of this document:[…]Authorized-Values
17:28 nengard I'll try to beef it up
17:34 hdl_laptop nengard: LOC stands for location in libraries (dedicated space)
17:34 nengard hdl_laptop - when do you see this pull down?  when editing an item? or a record?
17:35 hdl_laptop usually item.  
17:35 hdl_laptop But it all depends on your settings, if you want to use that.
17:35 nengard k
17:35 hdl_laptop Is branch now part of the authorised values ???
17:36 nengard hdl_laptop - i don't see it on my install ...
17:36 hdl_laptop hopefully.
17:37 hdl_laptop Since there is a big difference between a branch and an authorised value management.
17:37 hdl_laptop But your manual seemed to speak about BRANCH management as an authorised_value
17:38 nengard oh yeah - that was written by someone else ... interesting ....
17:38 nengard hang on
17:38 nengard okay - read up a bit - it's an example that we added to show how to add a value
17:38 nengard it's not a real value
17:39 nengard That's why i was adding a list of exisiting values
17:39 nengard so that people knew what came with the system
17:41 hdl_laptop May be confusing for readers... who will try to do strictly what is written on the handbook don't you think ?
17:42 hdl_laptop imho, adding LANG or any harmless authorised value such ass SUGGEST could be a better example ;)
17:42 nengard k - i can re-write
17:42 nengard this is why i sent the doc out to all  - so i'd get some feedback
17:43 hdl_laptop I donot ask YOU to do, just making suggestion.
17:43 hdl_laptop Hopefully, things like that will come out since you opened up your doc.
17:44 hdl_laptop And MANY MANY THX for that huge work you've already done.
17:45 nengard i don't mind fixing this one - i didn't write it so it's in a diff format than most of my pages - so re-writing will allow me ot edit it to match my style
18:04 nengard okay this document is edited:[…]Authorized-Values  -- hit refresh - and feel free to tell me how to fill in the question marks :)
06:24 chris here comes the nightshift :)
06:25 masonj hi chris
06:25 chris hey mason
10:00 slef damn the link is unstable today :(
10:30 frederic hello
10:30 frederic Is there a way to send directly a CCL query in OPAC?
10:31 frederic I would like to do a search on CCL index Date-of-acquisition

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