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12:19 pie hi guys, when running perl Makefile.PL, so I want marc21 or unimarc?
12:20 pie I suspect I want the latter but it defaults to the former
12:21 pie is there much difference? sorry, I don't know much about Marc (yet)
12:33 pie w/in 9
12:33 pie oopse, ww :-)
12:33 pie anyway, goodnight all, I'm definitely off to bed this time!
13:09 pie heh, well, I didn't go to bed yet and I got both the main site and the intranet sites working :-D
13:24 masonj nice work!
13:55 hdl_laptop hi tinaburger : how are you ?
15:38 Mjollnir` chris:[…]ent:Portfolio_API
16:51 kados hdl_laptop: you around?
16:52 kados hdl ?
16:52 hdl yes
16:52 kados hdl: can you verify that 2048 is fixed?
16:53 hdl ok fixed.
16:54 kados hdl: great, thanks ... I'll close the bug
16:54 hdl closed
16:54 kados thanks
16:55 kados hdl: second question
16:55 kados hdl: are you working on serials this week?
16:55 hdl yes.
16:55 hdl hope sending you all something on Wednesday.
16:55 kados hdl: any db changes? or just javascript/perl ones?
16:56 hdl db changes too.
16:56 owen Hi kados, hdl
16:56 kados hdl: can they wait until 3.2?
16:57 kados I'm just concerned we wont' be able to test before Friday, when I hope to release RC1
16:57 kados owen: hiya
16:57 owen kados, what kind of changes do you hope to avoid this week? Template changes okay? Template string changes not okay?
16:57 kados owen: both are OK this week
16:58 kados owen: I had hoped to declare string freeze by today, but we're running behind on bug fixes and it wouldn't make sense
16:58 kados so my next goal is Friday ... and the whole LL team is working on bugfixing this week, so I hope we'll make good progress
16:59 owen Good. I'm going to try to focus on my list of outstanding template bugs as much as I possibly can
16:59 kados owen++
17:04 hdl kados : I am too concerned of that problem.
17:04 kados hdl: are there bugs that you seek to solve?
17:04 kados hdl: or just new features?
17:05 hdl I am trying to fix subscription duplication bugs.
17:06 hdl But fixing that bug induce me into putting frequencies and numberpatterns into tables rather than hardcoding them in js
17:07 hdl many getNextSeq problems comes out because of a bad design of number patterns.
17:08 hdl And debugging them is a nightmare if we have ti dig into the js code.
17:09 hdl number patterns are hardcoded for a peculiar frequency but nothing tells the user it is so.
17:19 hdl let me know what you think.
17:20 hdl If you still think it has to wait 3.2, i shall work on that.
17:20 hdl But those subscription bugs will have to wait for 3.2 to be fixed.
17:21 kados hdl: well, go ahead and keep working on it ...
17:22 kados hdl: I'll make some time this week to test when you have it ready
17:22 kados hdl: one issue is : how do we migrate previous 3.0 (not to mention 2.2) serials?
17:26 kados owen: do you have a moment to test bug 1943?
17:27 kados owen: IIRC there was a fix for the underlying hiding issue that should make the syspref behave properly
17:31 owen Sure, I'll take a look
17:35 owen kados, so someone submitted a patch that ended up fixing 1943 without updating the bug? It does seem to be fixed.
17:36 kados owen: there was another related bug I believe
17:36 kados some of this stuff gets reported twice :-)
17:37 kados gmcharlt: are you happy with the state of 2180 or do you want to leave that open ?
17:38 gmcharlt it can be closed as far as I'm concerned
17:38 kados thx
17:54 kados owen: did you ever submit that patch for 2183? and can we close that out now?
17:55 owen Yes
17:55 kados owen: and did you submit the updates for 1943 already, and can I close that out too?
17:57 owen kados, my patches addressed some issue related to the bug, but not a fix. It looks like it's fixed now, based on my tests, but it wasn't due to my patches. If that makes sense.
17:57 kados k
17:59 kados owen: last question for 'patched' bugs : 2167
17:59 kados owen: have those changes been pushed up ?
17:59 owen Yes, as far as I know
18:00 kados cool, thanks
18:02 gmcharlt rch: about?
18:28 hdl kados ?
18:29 kados hdl: hi
18:30 hdl hi again.
18:30 hdl one issue is : how do we migrate previous 3.0 (not to mention 2.2) serials?
18:31 hdl I shall submit tables and table content that will fit in  for the purpose of serials migration
18:31 hdl Indeed,
18:32 hdl creating tables and adding the rows which corresponded to those that were in the js is quite easy.
18:33 hdl But what would be annoying is if those previous serials had really bad inner counters and serial sequences.
18:33 hdl (And there must be some of them, maybe most of them.)
18:34 kados OK
18:34 kados sounds like a start
18:34 hdl this is not quite easy to fix.
18:34 hdl But it is not a migration process.
18:35 kados hdl: I will likely ask gmcharlt to look carefully at your patches as well
18:35 hdl It is rather a "bug fixing" issue on the old data.
18:35 kados *nod*
18:35 hdl kados : please do.
18:37 gmcharlt hdl: yes, it is a piece of cake: just a 10-year-old fruitcake ;)
18:59 hdl_laptop owen : is there a jquery function that parses strings like parseDate in prototype ?
19:12 owen hdl_laptop: No, why?
19:17 kados hdl: still here?
19:17 kados hdl: wondering if you will also look at 2114 ... if so, I'll assign it to you
19:26 hdl_laptop owen : Is there some jquery function to parse a string into date just like in prototype or ExtJS ?
19:26 owen hdl_laptop: No, why?
19:29 hdl_laptop owen : Because I am looking for some way to convert back date strings to Date and use that.
19:30 atz hdl_laptop: you might want to look at the Calendar library we are using
19:30 atz it has some format-parsing
19:31 hdl_laptop atz : yes, for display
19:33 hdl_laptop but back from string to date, i donot know.
19:34 atz it has to parse to figure out what month of the calendar to display when you have typed in a given datestring
20:04 owen Hey git experts, say I have a commit two commits back that I want to cancel. Is there a way to do that, other than to re-commit the changed file(s) in another commit?
20:04 Mjollnir` ave you pushed it ?
20:04 Mjollnir` +h
20:05 owen No
20:07 atz owen: yeah, you can reset
20:07 atz[…]cs/git-reset.html
20:08 owen I've seen that page, but it's greek to me :( Is there a "for dummies" version?
20:15 atz probably:   git reset --soft HEAD~2
20:15 atz undoes the last 2 commits
20:15 atz leaves the files looking like they were just *before* you committed (2 commits ago)
20:15 atz if you immediately committed again, you'd get the effect of both, in one commit
20:18 owen So git reset doesn't undo the changes, it just undoes the commit
20:18 atz reset --hard undoes the changes too
20:26 owen Thanks atz, that seems to have worked (fingers crossed)
20:43 dkg i've got a koha instance running from the git HEAD as of a couple weeks ago, and the OPAC (patron's) interface is producing some weird gobbledy-gook in each book listing, but only when i use the author's name as the search term.
20:43 dkg for example, i get weird output when i put "tolkien" in the search box, but normal output (with the same listings) when i use "hobbit"
20:44 kados dkg: got a link/
20:44 kados ?
20:44 dkg i'm not setting any advanced search features, either.
20:44 dkg sadly, this catalog isn't visible to the public.
20:44 kados dkg: can you reproduce the behavior on
20:44 dkg i could capture and publish the pages, though, if that'd be useful.
20:44 dkg kados: i'll try
20:49 chris morning
20:51 Mjollnir` hi mothman :>
20:51 chris heh
20:51 hdl hi chris
20:52 dkg hrm, no i can't duplicate it on
20:52 Mjollnir` oh chris,
20:52 Mjollnir` btw,
20:52 Mjollnir` 17:38 < Mjollnir`> chris:[…]ent:Portfolio_API
20:52 chris ohh, looking now
20:53 chris sweet
20:56 dkg here's two output pages (forgive the lack of CSS styling -- these are just copied via wget):
20:56 dkg[…]obbit-search.html
20:56 dkg[…]lkien-search.html
20:57 dkg searching for hobbit things seem OK, but searching for tolkien, they get what looks like malformed HTML.
20:57 chris oh i see what you mean
21:00 chris it looks like its perhaps the coins/openurl bit breaking
21:00 dkg i tried to see if there was anything likely in recent git changes, but didn't find anything.
21:01 dkg i did: "git fetch origin; git diff HEAD origin/master"
21:02 chris yeah looking at the templates its definitely the coins stuff
21:02 dkg (i'm still new to git, so i'm even not sure if i'm looking at the right changeset, frankly)
21:02 dkg is this something that's been fixed since a couple weeks ago?  or is it something i should be able to fix myself?
21:03 chris im not sure, you are the first person ive seen report it
21:03 chris lemme just check gitweb
21:06 chris i see the problem
21:06 chris<span class="term">Tolkien</span>, J. R. R.&
21:06 chris thats busting it
21:07 dkg yeah, that looks suspicious!
21:07 chris in the template it has
21:07 chris<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="author" -->
21:08 chris i *think* that should be TMPL_VAR NAME="author_nospan"
21:08 dkg ah.  OK.
21:09 chris can you try changing it .. (it should be opac-results.tmpl)
21:09 dkg that might be something i can just tweak on my side to test, no?
21:09 chris yep
21:09 dkg ok, testing...
21:13 dkg that fixed it for me, thanks!
21:13 dkg should i submit the patch someplace?
21:14 chris yes indeed
21:14 chris you know how to do a git format-patch eh?
21:15 chris[…]lopment:git_usage
21:15 chris if you look at the share with the rest of the world section
21:16 chris that should step you through it
21:16 dkg ah.  i've got other changes in my local git repo also.
21:16 dkg and i haven't published it yet.
21:16 dkg but i'm happy to give back, so i'll give it a shot.
21:16 chris cool, git is good about creating a patch for each commit, so if you just commit that one change
21:17 chris then it will make a patch for that
21:18 ricardo Hi all!  :)
21:19 chris hi ricardo
21:19 ricardo Hi Chris!
21:20 ricardo I have 2 questions regarding the "string freeze" planned for this Friday (20th):
21:20 chris i may or may not be able to answer them :)
21:21 hdl gmcharlt: Have you had problems with new Koha installs ?
21:22 hdl CGI::Session seems now to require use of other modules :
21:22 chris yaml
21:22 ricardo 1 - There are plenty of translations waiting for moderation at   Will it be possible to have them approved for RC1 and can we correct the translations after RC1? If not, would it be possible to APPROVE the lines waiting for moderation so people could correct the translations UNTIL the release of RC1?
21:22 chris eh hdl?
21:22 hdl CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml
21:22 chris yeah i noticed that
21:22 hdl CGI::Session::ID::md5
21:22 hdl CGI::Session::Driver::mysql
21:22 chris ricardo: ahh you'll need to ask kados that one
21:22 hdl should be added to dependencies.
21:23 hdl + should also be used in and
21:23 ricardo hdl: In my experience, installing CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml "instead" of CGI::Session avoids the problem of "Can't locate object method "generate_id" via package "CGI::Session::ID::" later on  :)
21:23 hdl + should be loaded to.
21:24 ricardo chris: Sure. No problem. I'll lurk here for a while and see if kados "shows up" (besides his nick  ;-)
21:24 hdl ricardo: seems that CGI::Session::ID::md5 is needed to get rid of the error you spoke about.
21:26 ricardo hdl: Really? Hmmm.... OK. I'll add that to the openSUSE tutorial then
21:26 hdl But I installed those three CGI::Session submodules by hand and couldnot guess if CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml would solve all the problem in one module
21:27 ricardo hdl: Right. So the doubt probably remains. Oh well...
21:28 ricardo CPAN newbie question: would it be possible to to some kind of install "CGI::Session::*"  [where * = all modules]? Would that be better?
21:28 chris if there was a CPAN bundle
21:29 chris like Bundle::CGI::Session that did them all, that would be the way to do it
21:29 ricardo chris: Very interesting. Thanks for the info! :)
21:29 chris back in the olden days
21:30 chris we had a koha bundle
21:30 chris[…]08/
21:30 chris its so out of date, its useless now
21:31 chris resurrecting that and fixing it so it has all the modules needed might be good
21:31 chris and now, i better get to work
21:31 ricardo chris: That's a real shame that the Bundle for Koha is outdate :(  I believe that one of the barriers to adopt Koha is a difficult installation process
21:31 ricardo s/outdate/outdated
21:32 chris yeah its the supporting modules that are the tricky bit too
21:32 ricardo chris: Right. That's true
21:32 ricardo dependencies, dependencies...
21:32 chris *nod*
21:32 ricardo ;-)
21:34 ricardo My 2nd question (probably also to kados): Is this Friday also the "deadline" for putting in git the installation tutorials? I have already put my Installation Tutorial in the Wiki but I was waiting for some feedback (and the release of openSUSE 11 Final on Thursday) to do one final installation and update the tutorial accordingly
21:34 ricardo (my Tutorial is the one about installing Koha 3 in openSUSE 11.0)
21:35 chris i think the tutorial is ok to go later
21:36 chris ie id expect docs to be going in right up until the release
21:36 ricardo chris: OK. Thanks for the feedback :)
21:38 kados ricardo: all translations are approved and moved into git before the RC1 is released
21:38 kados ricardo: then translators can wrap up their translations in time for July 1 final release (hopefully)
21:38 kados ricardo: if you need me to approve a given translation before RC1, let me know and I'll update that one individually
21:39 ricardo kados: Well, if could approve the Portuguese one, that would be great. Obviously, I'm partial for that one because I submitted lots of strings to it  :)
21:39 kados OK, I'll do that now, just a moment
21:41 kados ricardo: done
21:41 ricardo kados: Thanks a Lot!  :D
21:42 ricardo kados: I'm guessing that creating a Portuguese PO file for the INTRANET would have to wait for version 3.1 or so, right?
21:42 kados ricardo: if you think you can translate 7000 strings before July 1 I'll make one for you :-)
21:43 dkg CGI::Session::Serialize::yaml was broken out from CGI::Session as a separate module recently.
21:43 dkg i had the same issues on a debian lenny install.
21:44 kados dkg: so there's a new package now for debian?
21:44 kados dkg: libcgi-session-serialize-yaml ?
21:45 dkg kados: i wish.
21:45 dkg i filed an ITP for it, though:
21:45 ricardo LOL! I think I'm not THAT fast, eheh... But I can try  :)  Is it possible to "hold" (as in do NOT "commit"the translation") before release if the percentage of strings translated is under a certain threshold?
21:46 ricardo (last sentence was meant for "kados". Sorry! I forgot to prefix the message with the recipient)
21:46 ricardo dgk: Interesting. Thanks for the info
21:46 kados ricardo: I'd recommend holding off until 3.2 ... focus on the OPAC ... because there will be some changes after RC1 that will require attention
21:46 dkg[…]rt.cgi?bug=484556
21:46 ricardo kados: Agreed!
21:46 dkg (sorry: it's an RFP, not an ITP, since i'm not a perl packager)
21:46 kados atz: still around?
21:47 dkg it was an easy package to create with dh-make-perl, though.
21:47 ricardo s/dgk/dkg. I'm becoming dyslexic (sp?)
21:47 dkg ricardo: my initials when i was born were actually dgk.  so maybe you're just chronologically challenged.
21:48 ricardo kados: BTW, could you please answer my 2nd question above - "[22:34] <ricardo> My 2nd question (probably also to kados): Is this Friday also the "deadline" for putting in git the installation tutorials? I have already put my Installation Tutorial in the Wiki but I was waiting for some feedback (and the release of openSUSE 11 Final on Thursday) to do one final installation and update the...
21:48 ricardo ...tutorial accordingly"
21:48 ricardo dkg: LOL!  :)
21:50 kados ricardo: it's a good idea, but I will accept documentation submissions all the way up to 5 minutes before the final stable release :-)
21:50 kados ricardo: but if you could get it in before RC1 that'd be great!
21:52 ricardo kados: Is the deadline on Friday at 23H59 ... hmm... in New Zealand time? ;-)   (trying to buy some time here, like any good Portuguese - like me - would do, eheh)
21:52 ricardo Oops forget that
21:52 ricardo New Zealand is AHEAD of us!  :D
21:54 kados ricardo: I'm in Ohio USA
21:55 kados ricardo: so it'll be Friday at around 5pm EST
21:56 ricardo kados: Right... 23H59 in your time would be good enough!  ;-)  Actually, my main problem is the release date of openSUSE 11 - this Thursday. Downloading the DVD, creating a new Virtual Machine, repeating all the steps... I think it will be a stretch. Not to mention I'm working (and NOT on Holidays  :-/ )
21:57 kados hehe
21:59 dkg chris: i'm trying to follow the git URL instructions that you pointed me to, but i'm afraid my version of git doesn't have the send-email subcommand.
21:59 dkg what version of git does[…]lopment:git_usage expect?
21:59 dkg shall i just send the patch on with mailx?
21:59 ricardo I think I'll go for a contingency plan: (1) do some minor changes in the wiki, (2) copy the changed version in git, (3) if I have time update the file in wiki and git for openSUSE 11 Final. If there's no time for it.... The INSTALL.opensuse file that will be in Koha 3 RC1 will be based on openSUSE 11 RC1 (I guess that's more consistent in a twisted kind of way!  ;-)
22:01 dkg or is it acceptable to just point to my public repo?  i've published my git repo (only 2 original additional patches at the moment, both trivial) at:
22:01 dkg
22:01 kados dkg: we generally recommend git-send-email and I think the version is specified ... 1.5 maybe/
22:02 dkg 0 dkg@ihimaera:~/src/koha$ git send-email 0002-fix-coins-openurl-breakage-​when-search-terms-include.patch
22:02 dkg git: 'send-email' is not a git-command. See 'git --help'.
22:02 dkg 1 dkg@ihimaera:~/src/koha$ git version
22:02 dkg git version
22:02 dkg 0 dkg@ihimaera:~/src/koha$
22:02 kados hmmm
22:03 dkg (it's git-core from debian lenny, fwiw)
22:03 chris git send-email
22:03 chris that work?
22:04 chris doh, thats what you typed hehe
22:04 dkg yah, and it doesn't work without extra arguments either.
22:04 chris its a separate package
22:04 chris in debian
22:04 chris git-email
22:04 chris apt-get install that
22:04 dkg ah.  gotcha.
22:04 chris and you should be away
22:06 dkg chris: ok, it's been sent.  thanks for the hand-holding.
22:07 ricardo To All: are searches in the catalog by "Item Type" working for you? They aren't in my setup, but my records are there from an import.
22:08 kados ricardo: are you the one that filed that bug in bugzilla?
22:08 kados ricardo: it's assigned to me and I didn't get to it yet, will be checking on it today or tomorrow ... but as of yet I haven't seen any other reports of that issue
22:08 ricardo kados: Are you talking about this one:
22:09 ricardo "NoZebraIndexes" system preference is being set to MARC21 values in UNIMARC installations
22:09 kados dkg: I haven't got the patch yet, you sure your server's outgoing mail is configured?
22:09 ricardo[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2178
22:09 ricardo ?
22:10 kados ricardo: no ... I was referring to 2212: Searching with Itemtype limit doesn't work
22:10 dkg kados: i'm pretty sure.  it's handing off to a public server, though, which might be doing some sort of intermediate greylisting.  ah, SMTP.
22:11 ricardo kados: Nope. That wasn't me. But let me read that, BTW  :)
22:12 ricardo kados: Very interesting. Seems similar to my problem. Maybe it's UNIMARC related?
22:17 kados ricardo: could be
22:19 ricardo Kados: A lower priority bug (but that's hurting translator morale, eheh) reported by me:
22:19 ricardo Bug 2125 - Contributors page ("Hall of Fame") returns Kartouche error
22:20 ricardo[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2125
22:20 ricardo I will NOT blame you for postponing correcting that one!  ;-)
22:37 dkg kados: it's not getting through to because it "awaits moderator approval".
22:39 ricardo dkg: ? Why are you messing with the "Kalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association" -   ?  ;-)
22:40 dkg oops.  that's a thinko in IRC here.  it was actually sent to
22:40 dkg and it *is* awaiting moderator approval, fwict. :P
22:40 ricardo dkg: OK  :)
23:36 ricardo Well... It's now time to go to sleep, here. Take care everyone!  :)
10:11 lloyd taskmgr

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