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20:46 chris morning
21:51 Mjollnir` chris~!
22:30 chris wow its penny
22:31 chris :-)
22:31 chris hows things?
22:32 chris the dns server at work has exploded :(
22:35 pie hi chris :-)
22:35 chris hey pie :)
22:35 pie hehe, well, now that I'm here, I should commit to installing and setting myself up :-)
22:36 pie guess I might lurk for a while though
22:37 chris yeah its usually pretty quiet on monday, its still sunday night for most of the developers
22:37 pie stateside?
22:37 chris yeah and europe
22:40 chris dns is back
22:57 Mjollnir` it's pie AND chris
22:57 chris hows the chocolate and fondue .. and umm heidi ?
22:58 Mjollnir` heh
22:58 Mjollnir` I'm in london now
22:58 Mjollnir` arrived a few hours ago
22:58 chris ahh right
22:58 pie awesome
22:59 pie have you been on the tube yet?
22:59 Mjollnir` pie: how's nothing?!
22:59 pie she's been real cute lately
22:59 pie I'm used to her coming in at 4 in the morning and meowing ... waking me up and wanting a pat
22:59 pie no wait, that's dogs! :-)
23:00 Mjollnir` I miss her
05:26 mc hello koha people
05:37 masonj hiya mc
05:45 chris hi mc and mason
07:36 lloyd morning mason
07:37 masonjames hey lloyd
08:07 chris hi lloyd
08:37 lloyd hi chris
08:39 chris hows things?
09:03 lloyd Yeah good, yourself?
09:04 chris good too
09:15 hdl hi chris
09:16 hdl How are you ?
09:17 pie I might be a dunce at this, but why does it recomment you branch after git cloning? (on[…]opment:git_usage)
09:17 chris heya hdl good thanks .. i hear you have been travelling again?
09:17 pie after I've cloned, surely that's a branch anyway :-)
09:18 chris pie: its easy to fetch and rebase into the master, then cherry pick from your branch .. or into your branch .. if you are doing a lot of work
09:18 hdl pie: just to make sure you work on a different branch.
09:19 hdl chris: yes. I was in Yerevan last week.
09:19 hdl Should soon post sthg on that.
09:19 pie oh I see, so that fetching/rebase is on a different branch to your development
09:19 hdl pie: yes.
09:19 pie cool, thanks
09:20 pie hmm, I wonder if I should be doing that with my other projects :-D
09:20 chris hdl: ohh cool, for work? or pleasure?
09:20 hdl for Koha.
09:20 chris sweet
09:21 hdl eifl-foss invited me there for a 2 days workshop.
09:21 chris excellent
09:21 hdl were 9 libraries there who were interested in Koha.
09:21 pie hdl: guess I should introduce myself, I'm andy (pie) and know chris from his new work :-)
09:22 chris hdl: thats great news
09:22 hdl nice to meet you.
09:22 pie you too
09:22 hdl most of them would-be local pilots on Koha projects
09:23 masonj heya andy
09:23 pie hi masonj
09:23 hdl Mali, malawi, Georgie, Armenia, Lithuania, at least were represented.
09:24 chris wow, quite a mix
09:24 masonj aro massif-land andy ;)
09:24 pie heh
09:24 chris pie: hdl is in france ... he is one of the guys from biblibre
09:25 chris and masonj worked with me at katipo and again at liblime
09:25 pie masonj: are you in NZ then?
09:25 masonj yes, wellytron
09:25 hdl :)
09:26 hdl But chris told the right things.
09:26 pie yeah, I haven't put him down as a liar (yet)
09:26 chris hehe
09:27 pie I'm going to follow the installation on Debian though I see it's for Sarge ... is there an Etch version or shall I take notes along the way?
09:27 pie also, I'll try and do it on Hardy too
09:28 pie should be pretty similar
09:28 chris you are installing from git eh?
09:28 chris (from your clone that is)
09:28 pie (oh, am looking at this[…]ebian_sarge.html)
09:28 pie yep, git
09:28 chris ahh, you'll want to ignore that
09:28 pie ok
09:28 masonj ?galen? did a nice recent ubuntu-gutsy one somewhere...
09:28 pie there's a better page somewhere?
09:28 chris and look at the INSTALL.debian file instead
09:29 pie ok
09:29 pie makes sense :-)
09:29 chris that one is for the 2.2.x series (on kohadocs)
09:29 pie git is still checking out, you guys have a lot of stuff :-D
09:29 chris yeah lots of translations
09:29 pie 96831 objects
09:29 masonj oops, was kyle ;) ..
09:29 masonj
09:30 masonj worked really well for me with deb.etch too..
09:30 pie righto, I'll look at that too and note if it differs from Hardy
09:31 chris cool
09:31 chris i mostly just run perl Makefile.PL
09:31 chris and then install all the stuff it tells me im missing :)
09:32 pie hehe
09:32 chris but following the instructions is probably a better bet
09:32 pie has anyone got a set of Debian install scripts I can steal ... otherwise, I'll probably make my own
09:33 masonj just wing it for starters
09:33 pie yeah, I guess I should just do that
09:33 pie that'll teach me more :-)
09:33 masonj yeah
09:33 pie masonj: you have obviously seen this movie before, whereas I don't know the plot yet :-)
09:33 chris but install scripts would be gratefully received at any point :)
09:34 masonj if you get stuck for more than 10 mins, ping someone..
09:34 pie absolutely
09:34 pie (to both of the above)
09:36 pie there's also an INSTALL.Debian too and that looks like it's for Etch
09:36 chris yep
09:38 pie chris: do you think I should go for MySQL first, or hit PostgreSQL straight up
09:39 chris mysql will definitely work, postgres might
09:39 chris depends on how keen you are :)
09:39 chris maybe get it up and running on mysql, then switch it out
09:40 pie sounds like a plan
09:44 chris[…]rt.cgi?bug=389876
09:44 chris afaik thats the current state of play wrt to debian packaging
10:14 chris ok, i think its time for me to hit the hay
10:14 chris good night/day :)
10:14 pie night
10:53 pie hi guys, in the install_misc/debian.packages, it mentions libyaz and libyaz-dev but I install (I guess a newer) libeyaz3 and libyaz3-dev - does this sound okay?
10:53 pie install=installed :-)
10:54 masonj hmm, ive got ' libyaz-dev                       2.1.54-1  '
10:54 masonj same verision for libyaz too
10:55 pie looks like I've got 3.0.32
10:55 pie ah well, we'll see :)
10:55 masonj sure, if you have errors wind it back to 2.1.54
10:55 pie cool
10:56 pie I managed to get things installing now, so I'm on the way
10:56 pie will probably have to carry on tomorrow
10:57 pie thanks for your help guys, catch you tomorrow I hope
10:57 masonj cool, the building stuff takes a little while, dpending on your box speed
10:57 pie I built and installed libyaz and idzebra, so that's all good
10:57 pie just installing the rest of the dependencies :-)
10:58 pie then, I'm going to go through the CPAN modules and figure which ones already have a Debian package
10:58 pie e.g libclass-accessor-perl
10:58 pie and libxml-rss-perl
10:59 masonj i havnet hit any real gotchas using cpan on the perl deps - to get the lastest versions
10:59 pie sounds good :-)
10:59 masonj the xml ones *are* where ive had the problems tho
11:00 masonj perl -MCPAN -e 'install MARC::File::XML'
11:00 masonj perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::LibXML::SAX::Parser'
11:01 masonj XML::SAX
11:01 pie oh, those ones .. ok, I'll take a note of them
11:01 masonj perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::LibXML'
11:01 masonj perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::LibXSLT'
11:01 pie those last two already have packages :-)
11:02 masonj there are some deb/cpan config conflicts sometimes
11:02 masonj with those ones
11:02 pie heh, I coulda guessed :-)
11:02 pie I'll watch out and if there are, I'll install the CPAN version
11:02 masonj they fight over parser.ini files ?!?
11:02 pie or maybe look at Lenny and see if there are newer ones
11:03 masonj and multi versions in different $PATH's...
11:04 pie someone told me the other day that one of my projects had a lot of dependecies, but Koha is something different :-)

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