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12:16 hdl_laptop hi gmcharlt ccatalfo
12:17 gmcharlt hi hdl_laptop
12:17 ccatalfo hey hdl_laptop
12:31 owen Is broken, or is it just me?
12:31 owen I tried to do a z39.50 search from and submitting the search form prompts me to download the file
12:32 owen ZOOM error 1 "Permanent system error" (addinfo: "Permanent system error") from diag-set 'Bib-1'
12:45 owen hdl around?
12:48 mc owen, no
12:48 mc bbl
12:49 mc hello all
12:49 owen Hi mc, thanks
13:25 kados g'morning all
13:25 kados owen: I see a bunch of bugs have patch-sent marked ... but I haven't seen any patches from you, or did you already submit patches for those bugs previously?
13:25 kados hang on ... I did get two patches from you
13:26 owen Those two patches should cover the bugs I marked yesterday
13:26 owen I'm marking some this morning that I'll send patches for shortly
13:26 kados thanks
13:27 kados owen: I actually see four from you now ... did you just send two more? :-)
13:27 owen yes
13:28 kados w00t
13:48 Vanzetti hi
13:59 Vanzetti how can I upgrade my koha 3 install to a git version
14:16 dkg with koha 3 (from git HEAD), is it possible to set the due date of a loan entered today to some time in the past?
14:16 dkg i'm trying to help a library convert, and they need to be able to record their outstanding loans.
14:17 gmcharlt dkg: unofficially, yes - instead of using the calendar control to set the override due date, you can enter one that falls in the past
14:19 kados atz: though ... the patch you just sent and I pushed may prevent that, no?
14:19 atz yep
14:19 kados we'd better revert that :-)
14:19 atz why?
14:20 atz that doesn't do it though
14:20 kados atz: ?
14:20 atz that would just allow you to check it out today, due in the past
14:20 atz that doesn't make sense
14:20 kados atz: yea, I meant sometimes people want to check it out to ahve it due a different date in the past
14:21 atz unless you are going to allow them to change the date of the transaction itself, a past due date isn't helpful
14:21 kados well, it might be if it has to do with fines
14:22 atz how many days overdue is a book that was due 2 days ago, but just checked out today?
14:22 dkg when i try to make a due date in the past, i get the following message:
14:22 dkg The due date is invalid
14:22 atz dkg: that's right, from the current code's intention.
14:22 dkg atz: how do you propose entering historic (legacy?) loans for a library transitioning to koha, then?
14:23 atz certainly not at the web interface
14:23 dkg atz: i'm ok with that: are there scripts for making it easy to import loan records?
14:24 kados some iLSes allow you to actually go into the issue record and change the date to whatever you want
14:24 atz dkg: i'm not sure.  gmcharlt or some of LL's data migration ppl might be able to speak to that
14:24 kados dkg: if you get support from one of the koha companies, yes
14:25 kados dkg: and there are docs on how to insert your circ data on and the wiki
14:25 kados dkg: if you want to do it yourself
14:29 dkg atz: in answer to your question "how many days overdue is a book that was due 2 days ago, but just checked out today?": i think the answer is 2 days.
14:34 atz dkg: that much i think is ok... but it would definitely throw off a stat like "avg. loan period"
14:34 atz and probably fines assessement, too
14:35 dkg atz: yeah, i can see that.
14:36 dkg i wish real-world data was cleaner than it often ends up being :(
14:36 Vanzetti I have a problem with zebra after reinstall from git
14:36 Vanzetti it does not find any notice
14:36 atz notice?
14:37 Vanzetti hmmm
14:37 Vanzetti a book description
14:37 atz ah... like public notes?
14:37 Vanzetti yes
14:37 owen I have found it useful in the past to enter a date due in the past if I've checked something in by mistake
14:37 Vanzetti I cannot find any note
14:37 Vanzetti i done this and it works well : bin/migration_tools/  -a -b -r -w
14:37 atz Vanzetti: so the notes display in your details page
14:38 Vanzetti atz: how that ?
14:38 atz but are not "hit" by searching Zebra index?
14:38 Vanzetti yes
14:38 Vanzetti they cannot be found by zebra
14:38 Vanzetti but they are visible if I go directly on them
14:38 atz gmcharlt: did anything change about our searching logic relative to notes?
14:39 Vanzetti /cgi-bin/koha/ <= like this
14:41 Vanzetti atz: any idea ?
14:41 gmcharlt atz: no
14:42 atz Vanzetti: i'm not much of a zebra expert, unfortunately.
14:42 Vanzetti atz: in the logs I have this :
14:42 Vanzetti it check well in the socket
14:42 owen Anyone know anything about this? ZOOM error 1 "Permanent system error" (addinfo: "Permanent system error") from diag-set 'Bib-1'
14:46 Vanzetti owen: did you watch the logs?
14:47 owen That's from my staff client error log
14:48 lloyd hey.. I've asked this before but I think I asked it to early
14:48 lloyd has googlejackets been added to the staff interface yet?
14:50 Vanzetti 14:50:07-17/06 zebraidx(21220) [fatal] default.idx [No such file or directory]
14:50 Vanzetti where should it be ?
14:52 atz Vanzetti: etc/zebradb/etc/default.idx
15:40 owen Hi mlasater
15:40 mlasater Hello
15:41 owen lloyd: the answer is no, googlejackets hasn't been added to the staff interface
16:02 hdl_laptop owen : can I use some Calendar function outside a calendar ?
16:02 hdl_laptop I want to use parseDate.
16:02 owen I think it depends... the function might depend on a special date object having been created by the Calendar script
16:03 owen ...but I don't know, because I'm not familiar with the Calendar script or parseDate
16:03 hdl_laptop I saw there was a prototype for such a function.
16:05 hdl_laptop lin 1375 in calendar.js
16:06 owen It looks like as long as the calendar scripts were included on the relevant page you could access the parseDate function. I'm not sure about what effect the namespace has on things, because I'm confused by namespaces
16:07 hdl_laptop In fact, in my script, it looks as though parseDate is not recognized or defined.
16:07 hdl_laptop I tried Calendar.parseDate but that also failed.
16:07 hdl_laptop I thought using some jQuery Dates function I saw.
16:08 hdl_laptop But I donot know whether they are embedded.
16:08 owen I'm not aware of any dates functions in jquery core
16:09 owen hdl_laptop: I notice the comment aobut parseDate says it "calls this.setDate which moves the calendar to the given date"
16:09 owen ...which means you'd probably get errors or unwanted behavior if you used it outside the context of a calendar
16:10 hdl_laptop owen : yes dates not in jquery core but there is a DatePicker i jQuery files.
16:11 owen Yes. I thought about replacing our calendar widget with jquery's, but it's not as fully-featured
16:12 hdl_laptop But if we cannot use some calendar function outside calendar, this can be a problem.
16:12 hdl_laptop Or maybe I can get the calendar date directly from it.
16:12 hdl_laptop But It is really confusing.
16:13 owen can you explain what you're trying to accomplish?
16:13 hdl_laptop owen : I am working on
16:13 hdl_laptop I want to get a date from firstacquidate.
16:14 hdl_laptop In order to work on that for defining the first week/day/month/year.
16:14 hdl_laptop subscription-add.
16:14 hdl_laptop at the moment donot rely on first acqui date
16:14 hdl_laptop but on now.
16:14 hdl_laptop Which is nonesense.
16:15 owen I'm still confused about what you want to do with firstacquidate
16:15 hdl_laptop (Considering the hard time I get only to get that date, I can understand why it was designed as such.
16:15 hdl_laptop )
16:16 hdl_laptop has a firstacquidate.
16:16 hdl_laptop agreed ?
16:16 owen Right, I'm with you that far
16:17 hdl_laptop Owhen you are having a numbering pattern relying on frequency and you first accuire on February 2008
16:18 hdl_laptop then you will receive (for a year/Number numbering pattern) 2008/02 as first value
16:18 hdl_laptop And not 2008/01
16:18 hdl_laptop or 2008/04
16:18 hdl_laptop depending on the time you input the subscription in your system.
16:19 hdl_laptop do you understand ?
16:19 owen I think so. At what point in the process do you want to use the date from firstacquidate?
16:21 hdl_laptop When I choose a Firstacquidate Or when I choose a numbering pattern.
16:22 hdl_laptop I want the figures to be taken from firstacquidate.
16:24 hdl_laptop I found that too yesterday.
16:25 hdl_laptop But I thought this could be hard to implement because DHTML_calendar format differed from that calendar.
16:25 hdl_laptop I also found jquery dates
16:25 hdl_laptop That maybe sould be enough for that purpose.
16:26 hdl_laptop And atz told me that Calendar should do the job.
16:26 owen jquery dates = ?
16:26 hdl_laptop yes.
16:27 hdl_laptop hehe
16:28 hdl_laptop But I want to be up to your javascript coding standards.
16:28 hdl_laptop + problem : DHTML_Date_format is a string as such
16:28 hdl_laptop "%D/%M/%Y"
16:29 hdl_laptop which is quite different from "yyyy/mm/dd"
16:29 hdl_laptop But it could be OK.
16:29 hdl_laptop I just need to match.
16:29 owen Don't be concerned about my javascript coding standards, because they're not very high ;)
16:30 owen I've been struggling with date processing for another job I've been working on, and I know it's difficult
16:37 hdl_laptop If we took one or the other, which would you take, jQuery or the other? ?
16:39 owen Assuming the functionality was the same, I don't know how we'd calculate the speed of either option.
16:40 hdl_laptop (actually, I think taht they may both rely on the same code base.)
16:43 owen I wouldn't pick the jquery one just because it was jquery. I would pick the one that seemed to work the best or was easiest to use
17:50 nengard okay  -why did FF have to change the RSS icon to blue?  I have to take all new screenshots for the manual - do you all have FF3???
18:12 owen Did they finally release FF3?
18:13 owen Humph. No credit for Mozilla until they update their home page.
18:34 eric Hi all,  what is the status of Koha 3 for Windows?
18:45 owen eric, have you searched the Koha-Win32 list?
18:46 eric I actually took a look at the wiki page, but its last update was on Jan 30th...  I'll check the list.  Thanks
18:57 owen eric, since Koha for Windows is developed based on the official Koha release, a Windows version 3 isn't to be expected until some time after the Koha 3 official release
19:00 eric If my memory serves me well, fcbit is adapting/maintaining/porting/patching  the Windows version, is that right?:)
19:01 kados eric: yep, at least he was
19:02 eric was?  because he is now working on bugfixes as everyone else? :)
19:03 kados eric: yea ... funny thing about libraries: they never pay for installers to be written :-)
19:03 kados eric: fbcit's working on bugs atm, yes
19:04 eric kados, yeah, I'm aware of that (about the installer :) )
19:06 eric Any major issues with the installation, or it's just a question of getting everything packaged together^
19:06 kados it's a dependency problem IIRC ... soemthing about some of the modules not working with the win32 perl implementation (strawberry?)
19:06 gmcharlt eric: particularly the XML and XSLT modules
19:16 eric thanks for the info guys!
20:20 dbs hrm - seems to have stopped archiving the koha-devel list in may
20:21 dbs I was going to post a question to the google book search group, referencing nicomo and atz's discussion
20:22 atz dbs: yeah, kados referenced some other archive sites that are up to date
20:23 dbs okay. just thought someone might want to look into getting the official archives working
20:24 dbs (and, of course, have a public discussion on google's own forum so we can hopefully have a first-hand answer)
20:24 atz yeah, i think that is under Paul's control (iirc)
20:25 dbs okay
20:27 dbs sorry, missed the post from a week ago on that. dbs--
20:27 atz s'ok, we all have other stuff to worry about at present
20:53 amoore !
20:55 chris heya dbs :)
20:55 chris (and atz and amoore :))
20:55 dbs hey chris
20:57 dbs fwiw, i posted a question to the google book search google group at[…]/2dc8e8622b5393a4#
20:57 dbs my read of the terms jives with atz
20:57 dbs but it would be nice for google to actually put something in writing
20:57 kados bottom line is: don't have an API if no-one can use it ;-)
20:58 kados but the other bottom line is: libraries need to get with the program and start producing this kind of stuff on their own
20:58 dbs kados: agreed and agreed
20:58 chris its all true
21:40 hdl kados : building archives for koha-devel atm
21:52 ricardo Hi all  :)
21:54 hdl hi ricardo
21:54 kados hdl++
21:55 hdl sorry for delay.
21:55 ricardo hdl: Hi Henri!  :)
21:55 hdl I have been wanting to rebuild them for a week
21:58 ricardo hdl: Could you review this post of mine and give me your feedback, please:
21:58 ricardo Correct size of UNIMARC Leader field (000 - Record Label): 24 or 25 characters?
21:58 ricardo[…]--td17733482.html
21:58 chris ohh viennoiseries on level 2 .. bbiab
21:59 ricardo chris: Eh?
22:00 chris ricardo: we have a french worker who likes to bake
22:00 ricardo chris: LOL. OK!  :)
22:00 chris its pain aux raisins today :)
22:00 ricardo chris: Bread with grapefruits? OK, eheh
22:01 chris
22:02 ricardo chris: Très bien!  ;-)
22:02 chris :)
22:09 hdl ricardo: seems that this patch was added by paul because zebra would not take a leader which doesnot have 25 characters.
22:12 ricardo hdl: Interesting, and I surely believe you (and Paul)! But that does seem to create a problem when editing imported records with (correct) sizes of 24 for the Leader (at least for people that do NOT use Zebra). Or am I wrong?
22:14 hdl You can disable this "feature" with disabling plugin for leader.
22:16 hdl I will ask paul asap
22:16 hdl ricardo: I will ask paul asap
22:16 ricardo hdl: Great, thanks!  :)
22:17 hdl midnight here.
22:17 hdl Good night.
22:17 chris night hdl
22:17 ricardo hdl: Just one more thing, please (it's quick)
22:17 ricardo Are you having this problem too (I am):
22:17 ricardo Searching with Itemtype limit doesn't work
22:17 ricardo[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2212
22:17 ricardo (reported by Fréderic Demians, I think)
22:19 hdl I had this but i sent a patch for that.
22:19 ricardo hdl: Ah, that's great! Thanks a lot for the feedback!  :)
22:20 hdl May also be because of some queryFuzzy and Query* systempreferences set.
22:20 ricardo hdl: Wow... I would never guess that. Thanks for the tip!
22:21 hdl try and see if you are indexing itemtype as mc and not mt or itype.
22:21 hdl in NoZebraindexes
22:21 hdl (using noZebra)
22:21 ricardo hdl: What's the correct behavior - to index using itemtype as mc?
22:22 hdl from what i see in the bug reference, mc is the correct index to use.
22:22 ricardo hdl: And in NoZebraIndexes, what would be the correct tag/subfield for item type searches: 990c (Koha Item Type) or 995r (Type or Material)?
22:22 hdl ricardo: it depends on your configuration.
22:23 hdl I would say 990c
22:23 hdl But you may want itemtype on item and not on biblios.
22:23 hdl itemlevel rather than biblio leve
22:23 hdl level
22:24 ricardo hdl: Hmmm... 990c => for "biblios" (or for "biblioitems"?)  and 995r for "items" (talking in Koha tables here) ?
22:25 hdl yes (if you follow Recommandation 995 ofr UNIMARC)
22:25 ricardo hdl: OK... I'll have to find that reference in the UNIMARC spec. The one I find only mentions Block 9 as the "National Use Block" :-S
22:26 ricardo hdl: Thank you very much for all the important infos, BTW!  :)
22:26 hdl np :)
22:29 ricardo By reading  it seems that 995 is part of a French Adaptation of UNIMARC. I may be misreading this, however
22:30 ricardo (heading "2.2 - French adaptations" of that page)...
22:30 ricardo ... Anyway, Henri. Don't stay up because of me. You need to sleep! :)
22:30 dbs hdl++
23:22 ricardo kados: Are you here?
23:54 ricardo kados: Guess you're idling. Oh well... If you could submit the Portuguese translations - that you already approved - into git, it would be nice. If you can't do that (or don't want to, for any reason) it's NOT a big deal. Thanks again for having approved them!  :)
23:58 ricardo Time to go to sleep now. Take care everyone!

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