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12:51 fbcit-1 g'morning #koha
13:01 nengard Zotero notes for developers - if anyone want to tackle this:[…]ed-in-from-opacs/
13:31 hdl owen : are you much familiar with jquery ?
13:32 hdl gmcharlt: around ?
13:32 gmcharlt hdl: what's up?
13:33 hdl someone on a french koha install told me that in biblioitems and biblio table,
13:33 hdl biblioitemnumber was both primary key and index.
13:33 hdl Is that OK ?
13:34 atz hdl: all primary keys are indexed, no?
13:34 gmcharlt redundant but shouldn't cause harm
13:35 gmcharlt and yes, primary keys are indexed by default
13:35 hdl It is redundant, but can't it slow down queries if you search for a biblio ?
13:35 gmcharlt how would it do that? point of indexes is to speed up queries?
13:37 hdl But if you have double index,... maybe you have twice as data to search in.
13:38 gmcharlt unless MySQL's query optimizer is terminally stupid, I doubt it.  might be an issue for updates and inserts, but even then it's conceivable that MySQL maintains only one actual index
13:38 gmcharlt i.e., I wouldn't consider this an issue unless there are actual measurements that indicate it's causing a problem
13:39 nengard Sys Pref Question -- SubscriptionHistory - what's the diff between the options?
13:41 nengard another - OPACDisplayExtendedSubInfo - I need more explanation than the admin section gives ...
13:43 atz wow... today apple's 1 update is 113 MB.
13:49 nengard atz there were a lot of posts about this update causing some people problems cause i twas so big ... but i had no trouble last night
13:56 nengard what makes a title show up under 'Most Popular Items' on the OPAC? the number of check outs? Or something else? Or a combo of things
14:00 atz should be number of circs
14:00 nengard okey dokey
14:01 nengard atz is this really items or is it titles? if one item of of biblio A circulates 5 times and other 4 times - will the title show up 2 tmes? or will it be considered 9 circs for the title
14:01 atz shouldn't be items
14:02 atz i haven't looked at this code though
14:06 atz nengard: query is this:
14:06 atz SELECT datecreated, biblio.biblionumber, title,
14:06 atz                author, sum( items.issues ) AS tot, biblioitems.itemtype,
14:06 atz                biblioitems.publishercode,b​iblioitems.publicationyear,
14:06 atz                itemtypes.description
14:06 atz                FROM biblio
14:06 atz                LEFT JOIN items USING (biblionumber)
14:06 atz                LEFT JOIN biblioitems USING (biblionumber)
14:06 atz                LEFT JOIN itemtypes ON itemtypes.itemtype = biblioitems.itemtype
14:06 atz with some optional where clauses for branch, itemtype, etc.
14:06 atz the key is sum(items.issues)
14:07 atz so it is as you hypthesized, the sum of circs (issues) for all items on a biblio
14:08 nengard hmm - so what i'm seeing - i understand the table structure righ is that the count is of the item circs - not the biblio circs
14:08 atz biblios don't circ
14:10 atz so it is the sum of item circs for all items attached to the biblio.  
14:10 kados atz: where are tags supposed to be moderated?
14:11 atz kados: isn't linked from anywhere yet.  I assumed we would link it from Tools near the comments moderation link
14:11 atz but it might also make sense to make a tools > moderation subpage
14:12 kados I think tools -> tag moderation would work for now
14:13 atz url is    ... tags/
14:13 kados found it
14:13 kados atz: should the tags moderation dates be run through to obey the syspref?
14:14 kados love the blacklist/whitelist
14:14 kados atz++
14:15 lea kados: can i ask you a quick question about koha-zoom plz?
14:20 nengard atz thanks - got a phone call - okay - this is a table structure question - if it's sum( items.issues ) ... OH - just re-read - hard to read when it's broken across lines - items is in the biblio table :) got it - THANKS
14:21 kados lea: sure
14:22 lea kados: my boss is keen on using koha. There is a chance that i will be spending 6 months on koha, but another project came up so that's delayed. As he's still keen, and has some budget, he was wondering what "off-the-shelf" options there were on the koha front
14:22 kados lea: there are support companies on
14:22 lea he saw koha-zoom
14:23 kados I'd prefer not to talk about liblime-specific offerings on this channel
14:23 lea yes, no problem i understand.
14:23 kados but I can put you in touch with someone here if you'd like to discuss it with someone
14:23 kados send me an email jmf AT liblime DOT com
14:23 lea ok, thanks kados. Sorry for embarrasing you.
14:28 atz nengard: not exactly.  items is a separate table that gets JOIN'd on biblionumber
14:28 nengard boy am i rusty
14:33 paul hello world
14:34 paul 3 more patches from me in patches mailbox. That should make something like 10 from me waiting.
14:34 kados paul: yep, hoping to test those today
14:34 paul hi kados.
14:34 paul they are small patches, should be fast to test.
14:34 paul s/fast/quick/
14:35 paul (we have only 1 word for fast/quick in french...)
14:35 paul kados : about our meeting april, 11/12, is it still confirmed ? when do you arrive in Lyon ?
14:37 jason anybody on here
14:38 jason hello
14:39 atz jason: plenty of ppl here today
14:39 jason my name is not showing up so I am not sure this is working
14:39 paul it works, don't be afraid, you're here ;-)
14:40 jason hello
14:42 acmoore hi jason!
14:43 hdl gmcharlt: what have you used to create ubuntu DVDs ?
14:43 gmcharlt hdl: I follwed the Ubuntu LiveCD instructions
14:45 ricardo Hi everyone :)
14:46 ricardo (I'm the guy that sends posts as "Ricardo Dias Marques" to the Koha mailing lists)
14:46 gmcharlt hi ricardo
14:47 ricardo gmcharlt: Hi Galen!
14:47 ricardo As I was saying: can anyone help me to "debug" this, please:
14:47 ricardo [Koha] Catalog searches working with Keyword search but not with Title and Author in Koha 3
14:48 ricardo (fetching URL... )
14:48 ricardo http:/​ic/koha/2008-May/014057.html
14:49 ricardo Any pointers would be most welcome!  :)
14:52 ricardo missed one of the slashes in the above URL (sorry). Here it goes:
14:52 ricardo[…]8-May/014057.html
14:53 hdl hi rcardo.
14:53 ricardo hdl: Hi Henri!  :)
14:55 hdl it is quite difficult to answer you without testing and looking at your record.abs and zebra configuration files.
14:56 ricardo hdl: I'm not using Zebra (not anymore). The problem persists even when NOT using Zebra  :(
14:56 hdl ricardo :
14:57 hdl I had some problem with combined queries when not using modrewrite in apache
14:57 hdl is it your cas ?
14:57 hdl is it your case ?
14:59 ricardo hdl: Hmmm... Don't  At least, I have the mod_rewrite loaded in Apache (in the /etc/sysconfig/apache2 file of openSUSE):
15:01 ricardo (Sorry for the cut after "Don't" above. I meant to write "Don't think so". I'm using irssi as a console IRC client and I deleted those words accidentally)
15:02 hdl and your installation is a fresh git one
15:02 ricardo hdl: It's from 28-May 2 days ago).
15:03 ricardo hdl: I can update to the latest snapshot and see if that makes any difference
15:03 hdl shouldnt do any difference
15:05 ricardo hdl: Right. I'm also afraid of that  :(
15:07 ricardo hdl: I can try to debug this thing. I think I can use Data::Dumper to output some of the variables of Right? What's the right syntax to print a variable using Data::Dumper?
15:08 hdl try and SetEnv DEBUG  1 in your /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/koha-httpd.conf
15:10 ricardo Done. Apache2 restarted. Can't see any difference. Where does the Debug output go? The browser or the error logs?
15:11 atz ricardo: should go to logs
15:15 ricardo atz: OK. Thanks. Checking the logs...
15:21 ricardo This is REALLY weird. Searches in "Keyword" search (that RETURN results) create a series of entires in koha-opac-error_log. Searches in "Title" that do NOT return results are not creatign entries in the error log (with that SetEnv Debug 1 option enabled in the koha-httpd.conf file)  :-/
15:23 gmcharlt ricardo: could you paste in the value of the NoZebraIndexes system preference?
15:23 ricardo OK. Forget that last sentence (got confused with the referer field in the logs). This creates a series of entries.
15:23 ricardo gmcharlt: Sure... Wait
15:25 ricardo I have to change something in Firefox in order to be able to Paste in here... Just a second...
15:28 ricardo Have to restart Firefox. BRB
15:28 paul gmcharlt: (or someone else) = I'm playing with GetItem / do some modif / ModItem. Will GetItem/ModItem deal gracefully with more_subfields_xml ? the code is not that clear about that.
15:29 paul the _get_unlinked_subfields_xml deals with it, right ?
15:29 gmcharlt paul: yes
15:29 gmcharlt paul: it should deal with it gracefully; if not, you'll have a bouncing baby bug
15:29 paul so it should work fine. I'll test. And if it works, i'll thank you forever ;-)
15:30 acmoore Oh, wow. I never thought of locking the DATA filehandle to ensure only one instance of a script is running . Interesting trick.
15:31 gmcharlt yikes! that is neat
15:31 ricardo Back
15:32 ricardo gmcharlt: I think I know where you're going. Like I said in the post to the Mailing List, I'm using UNIMARC...
15:33 gmcharlt ricardo: yep.  what I want to see if whether the NoZebraIndexes you currently have actually defines the right indexes
15:33 ricardo But, in the NozebraIndexes, I do not see the 200a field (that matches to the title) for the "title" key (maybe the values there are for MARC21):
15:33 gmcharlt is title mapped to 245$a?
15:34 gmcharlt if so, that indicates values are for MARC21
15:34 ricardo Ah.. Clipboard still does NOT work. Wait
15:34 gmcharlt ricardo: try, then
15:35 kados paul: around?
15:35 paul yep
15:36 kados paul: marc has submitted patches for a script that does an automatic install for debian, but I don't have a patch for the creation of that script, can you tell him to re-submit?
15:36 ricardo gmcharlt: Just one more Firefox restart, eheh... BRB
15:36 kados paul: I emailed him but he didn't respond
15:36 paul I did it yesterday.
15:36 kados th
15:36 kados x
15:36 paul mc : reminder => send the auto install for debian to kados pls !
15:36 kados paul: you submitted, or you reminded him to submit?
15:36 kados cool, thx
15:36 paul I reminded him to submit
15:37 paul ricardo... if you installed NoZebra in english, your NZ indexes are not valid.
15:37 paul they are defined by default for marc21.
15:37 kados hdl: present?
15:37 paul I'll give you the UNIMARC syspref on request.
15:37 hdl yes
15:38 kados oops, I see you already responded on email to myquestions
15:38 kados nm :-)
15:38 kados hdl: can you re-send the patch wtithout the opac-suggestions.tmpl stuff?
15:39 hdl which patch ?
15:39 ricardo back
15:39 kados hdl: you wrote:
15:39 kados I agree that opac-suggestions.tmpl modification is Not required any longer.                                                        
15:40 ricardo paul: Yes, I did install NoZebra in english
15:40 kados But still, the modification in is really necessary.                                                            
15:40 kados If you donot do that, ppl are presented with ALL suggestions and not                                                                
15:40 kados their suggestions by default, which is not what My Suggestions suggests.
15:40 paul ricardo: so, you need to change a syspref to index in UNIMARC correctly.
15:40 hdl oh, that one.
15:40 hdl wil do soon
15:41 kados paul: also, mc didn't submit libalgorithm-checkdigits-perl to the debian.packages file as I asked him to
15:41 ricardo paul: Right. Shouldn't this be considered a bug? If I set up the installer and the web installer for UNIMARC, the NoZebraIndexes should have the values for UNIMARC. Or am I wrong?
15:42 paul good point. Although very hard to fix...
15:42 paul (automatically I mean)
15:42 paul could you file a bug on pls ?
15:42 ricardo paul: Sure  :)
15:42 gmcharlt paul: solvable, perhaps, by splitting sysprefs.sql into main one and ones related to specific MARC format
15:43 paul yep. Not very hard, but not "5mn patch" either
15:43 gmcharlt true
15:44 gmcharlt I should write a test to verify that sysprefs are installed consistently regardless of language and MARC flavour
15:44 gmcharlt would also catch issue that frederic had noticed
15:45 ricardo OK. At this point, the issue seems to be identified. Anyway, here is the output of the "title" variable in NoZebraIndexes:
15:46 mc re
15:46 mc (hello in fact)
15:46 ricardo 'title' => '130a,210a,222a,240a,243a,245a,245b,24​6a,246b,247a,247b,250a,250b,440a,830a'
15:47 paul ricardo : a valid NoZebraIndex for Unimarc :
15:47 mc is there a way to make a diff between my local depot and the current koha one (i'll resend all my patches)
15:47 mc paul (in answer to your reminder)
15:47 paul git-format-patch origin should show you all the patches still in your queue
15:48 mc ok
15:48 paul just do a git fetch / git rebase origin before to update your repo
15:48 mc thx
15:48 mc sure
15:48 paul mc[…]lopment:git_usage is very usefull if you don't have it in your bookmarks
15:49 kados hi mc
15:50 ricardo paul: OK. I'm seing it. Thank you very much  :)  Let me test it
15:50 ricardo s/seing/seeing
15:50 mc oops ... i already read it but ... i'll read again :)
15:50 gmcharlt ricardo: remember to run rebuild_nozebra again after changing the index defs
15:51 ricardo gmcharlt: Oopss... Thanks for remembering it!  :)
15:51 paul repeat after me : gmcharlt is great, gmcharlt is a great code, gmcharlt is the best
15:52 paul I'l written a tool to move some items from 1 branch to another in 9 lines of code.
15:52 paul    my $item = GetItem($itemnumber);
15:52 paul    $item->{'homebranch'} = $item->{'holdingbranch'};
15:52 paul    ModItem ($item,$item->{biblionumber},$item->{itemnumber});
15:53 paul is the core of my code. Works like a charm, at 1st try !
15:53 ricardo gmcharlt: you are great! you are a great coder! you are the best!  :)
15:53 ricardo paul: Is this OK?  ;-)
15:53 paul yep, thanks ricardo
15:53 ricardo eheh
15:53 paul :D
15:54 gmcharlt heh
15:55 paul I have an idea of a new feature to relocate items through a screen like :
15:55 paul - select the new location / status to set
15:55 paul - scan with barcode reader all the items you want to "move"
15:56 paul with AddItem/ModItem and the hash, that will be so easy to write that I could do it before 3.0... (joking, I really don't have time for that. But for 3.2, for sure we will do that)
15:56 gmcharlt paul: sounds good
15:57 gmcharlt perhaps could generalize by making it possible to store such a list of items, then apply such a global change either to an existing list or one that you scan in on the spot
15:57 paul I did a demo this morning, and the library asked me if such a feature was in Koha or not ;-)
15:58 paul (a library 25km from our offices... would be cool to have a client so close ;-) )
15:58 ricardo (NoZebraIndexes variable changed. Running now ...)
15:58 gmcharlt paul: until they start showing for support calls in person ;)
15:58 paul lol
16:01 ricardo Back
16:01 ricardo Title and Author searches are working now! :)
16:02 kados mc: still here?
16:02 ricardo Thanks to paul, gmcharlt and hdl for all the help!  :)
16:02 ricardo kados: Hi Joshua!
16:02 kados hi ricardo
16:03 paul as we say in french : "better 1 who knows that 10 who search"
16:03 ricardo OK. I'll submit this as a bug then. What "severity" level should I assign?
16:03 paul I would say "critical".
16:04 ricardo paul: I agree!
16:04 kados and we should have two types of lists avaialble, biblios and items
16:04 kados so you add items or bibs to a list, and then you perform a global update on them
16:04 kados such as changing location, or adding a field
16:13 ricardo paul: should this bug also appear for people that DO use Zebra?
16:13 paul ricardo: no.
16:13 ricardo paul: ok
16:13 paul as the zebra config files are not in sysprefs & are installed after by the installer
16:14 ricardo paul: OK. That makes sense
16:14 ricardo paul: Thanks
16:15 mc kados, here
16:15 mc i just sent the patch
16:17 acmoore mc++ # [PATCH] add script to install koha on a fresh debian.
16:17 mc seems to work this time :)
16:17 mc thx acmoore
16:17 acmoore thank you!
16:17 mc you're welcome
16:17 kados mc++, thanks
16:17 acmoore now, when will I be able to 'apt-get install koha'? ;)
16:18 acmoore that would be super.
16:18 mc acmoore, not for the moment
16:18 mc it's my dream too
16:18 mc vincent danjean is working on it
16:18 mc there is a problem of licence with zebra
16:19 mc gpl imcompatibility with openssl
16:19 mc they have to change their license or recompile zebra with gnutls
16:20 mc but my script can be a good base to write debian/{control,rules} that are the most important files in a debian package
16:21 kados mc: has vincent been in contact with index data about that?
16:21 kados (the license issue that is)
16:21 mc there also is a client who is interested by maintaining macports if the communauty helps him
16:21 kados mc: apt-get install koha would be super!
16:21 mc kados, not fir the moment: he have no time
16:22 kados mc: how can we get him to have time? :-)
16:22 mc sure! bug paul to gimme time on it !
16:22 kados mc: we have a deadline for making it into the next debian version, rigth?
16:22 mc ;)
16:22 kados hehe
16:22 kados paul: bug bug :-)
16:23 mc if we release koha 3 before summer, i think we'll be ready for lenny
16:24 mc MJR allready have an ITP on koha
16:24 mc but i don't know the state of his work
16:25 paul mc: in case you don't know MJR = slef on this channel
16:25 mc btw: vincent is a debian developper and is ready to speed up the process
16:25 mc ok!
16:25 mc thx paul
16:35 ricardo paul: still here?
16:35 paul no, leaving now. sorry, it's time to go to home here in France.
16:36 ricardo paul: Sure. Just asking: do you want me to add your e-mail address in the Cc field in the Bug Report? What is your e-mail address?
16:36 paul
16:36 ricardo OK. Will do. Thank you very much... again!  :)
16:39 kados mc: patch pushed
16:39 ricardo Bug report submitted!
16:40 ricardo[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2178
16:42 mc kados, cool
16:42 mc thx
16:42 mc i would know what's wrong the first time i sent it
17:36 ricardo Ok. I think I'll leave now. Bye everyone! :)
17:43 nengard :( sorry kados - keep finding little things
17:49 atz hopefully we have fewer blockers/criticals
17:50 kados atz: more in fact
19:13 paul some liblimer around ?
19:13 paul gmcharlt or kados or atz ?
19:13 gmcharlt paul?
19:13 atz i think we're all here
19:13 paul I think one of our library has discovered a nice bug...
19:14 paul I just want to check.
19:14 paul on OPAC, a limit on a given branch is in fact a kw search.
19:14 paul opac-advsearch.tmpl should be :
19:14 paul        <option value="branch:<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="value" -->" selected="selected"><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="branchname" --></option>
19:14 paul and not
19:14 paul        <option value="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="value" -->" selected="selected"><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="branchname" --></option>
19:14 paul (line 308)
19:15 paul (of opac-advsearch.tmpl)
19:15 paul the bug is silent when the library code is not a word.
19:15 atz interesting!
19:15 paul but, by chance, I have a library with 1 branch being a french word
19:15 paul and they discovered that a search on "CAL" returns too many results...
19:16 atz performance is likely to improve dramatically by searching the branch index
19:16 paul could you confirm I'm right ?
19:16 kados paul: sounds correct
19:16 kados atz: performance shouldn't be affected if it's zebra
19:16 paul ok, patch on the way
19:16 paul (it is zebra)
19:16 atz wouldn't the branch index be smaller than the keyword index?
19:16 kados paul: confirm by looking at advsearch.tmpl?
19:17 paul that's what I did
19:17 kados cool
19:17 paul and advsearch (staff) has branch:
19:17 kados atz: yea, but the index size isn't the bottleneck in zebra
19:18 kados paul: toward our goal of release in July ... we now have more bugs than when I announced 9 days ago :/
19:18 kados we really need to redouble our efforts to clean up these open issues
19:18 paul I know :\
19:54 paul is the guy that wrote regex_lang_subtags sub (in around ?
19:54 hdl wasnot me.
19:55 paul seems it was kados...
19:55 paul kados : my HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE string contains :fr-fr,fr;q=0.8,en;q=0.5,en-us;q=0.3
19:56 paul if I read correctly the themelanguage sub, it's supposed to return me the french interface by default.
19:56 paul it's not the cas, and the regex_lang_subtags returns nothing, defaulting to english.
19:57 paul I suspect a problem between fr-fr and fr-FR
19:58 paul under konqueror, I have only fr, en in HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE, and have the same problem
20:00 paul under Opera, I get : fr-FR,fr;q=0.9,en;q=0.8 (and still the same problem)
20:00 kados paul: hmmm, interesting
20:01 kados paul: it is supposed to read the browser setting and set it unless a cookie exists
20:01 kados paul: not sure why it's not detecting properly
20:01 paul yes, I know. And it does not work : I always get the english by default when starting the browser.
20:08 kados paul: is there a bug for this?
20:09 paul in our french yes. On no ;-)
20:09 paul I can file one if you want.
20:09 kados please do and assign to me
20:09 paul OK
20:13 paul done :[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2187
20:15 kados thx
20:22 paul open question to everybody : the BNF, on hit z3950 server now return strange markups in the title.
20:22 paul if the 1st word is an empty word, the unicode character 0088 and 0089 enclose the word.
20:22 paul for example :
20:22 paul ˆUne ‰histoire à quatre voix
20:22 paul meaning the biblio must be sorted at "H" and not at "U"
20:23 paul does a MARC21 server like LoC do the same ?
20:23 paul those 0088 and 0089 are a problem, because they are indexed by zebra, and the "word" is not [\0089]History, and not history
20:24 paul thus, the biblio can't be found.
20:24 paul any idea welcomed...
20:25 gmcharlt paul: that's something that MARC21 can do, but isn't commonly used
20:26 paul (was not on BNF either until 2 or 3 months)
20:27 gmcharlt paul: but I'd be willing to bet that some Zebra user has had to do with that way of signalling nonfiling characters, so asking (or searching) zebralist is likely to yield a config for string normalization that we can steal
20:27 paul great idea !
20:27 paul will do that immediatly, then go to bed (10:30PM in France)
20:27 paul thx & have a good week end
20:27 gmcharlt you too, paul
20:43 paul before going to bed, I investigated bugzilla a little bit.
20:43 paul I think #1824,1920, 2048 and 1774 should have a test and maybe be closed.
20:43 paul I'll take care of 2048 asap, as I wrote it
20:44 paul I let someone else the 1824,1920 and 1774
20:44 paul hdl is working on the 1946
20:45 paul time to go to bed
07:55 saorge can you tell me how I can specify the number of days before an order is considered as delayed?
08:12 hdl saorge: iirc, there is a parameter in Acquisitions.
08:17 hdl was incorrect.
08:18 hdl delay is parametrized in
08:25 saorge so, I can't configure it, I must change
08:27 saorge and I guess this script must be scheduled
08:28 hdl No on the page lateorders, you have a delay that you can enter.
08:28 hdl The problem is that there is no parameter to tell Wait N days before considering it is late.
08:29 hdl This parameter should be on the bookseller page imho.
08:29 hdl Maybe ask for enhancement in
08:30 hdl you can also post an RFC to koha-devel if you want to implement this change.
08:31 saorge on my lateorders, I can't see a list of my providers
09:31 hdl saorge: sorry.
09:31 hdl lateorders only provinde the list of providers for which you have lateorders.
09:57 saorge hdl: ok, finally i've got a list of my orders
09:58 hdl what was the problem ?
10:04 saorge I'm currently reading the code, so, I understood claims are sent by email
10:05 saorge it seem there's no "print" version of a claim letter
10:49 cait hi everybody out there... i ve got a question: i really like the bridge itemtype images, can they be used outside of koha?

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