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12:25 kados g'morning all
12:25 owen Hi kados
12:25 kados anyone see that patch from Michael Hafen that adds audio alerts to circ? :-)
12:26 paul hi kados.
12:26 paul no, he really did that ? I know a lot of ppl that will be very happy with it...
12:26 owen Yeah, I saw that, kados
12:27 owen I'm eager to give it a try
12:27 owen Looked like it added a system pref.
12:39 kados hiya paul
12:41 paul hiya kados. You should have some patches from me to deal with, don't you ?
12:41 paul (6 or 7 if I don't mind)
13:03 owen Hi Mjollnir`
13:03 Mjollnir` hey owen
13:12 atz wish M. Hafen would have submitted his stuff more gradually.  there's really no chance to integrate all the heavily hacked stuff gracefully for 3.0.
13:12 atz (optional) audio feedback is cool though
13:52 lloyd_ gah!
13:52 lloyd_ I just unplugged a server instead of the toaster
13:58 atz you have a toaster plugged in next to your server?
13:59 lloyd_ well, I'd brought one of the win2k3 dc's in to my office for a few upgrades
13:59 lloyd_ been in here, on for the past few weeks
14:00 atz ah, i though maybe you set up camp in the server room
14:01 lloyd_ I only do that when the aircon in my office doesnt work :D
14:16 martinmorris you have a typo in the web installer Step 1 (koha 3 beta) if anybody's interested :)
14:16 martinmorris (langauge rather than language)
14:17 atz how thick a tongue do you want?  it's a langauge.
14:17 atz :)
14:18 martinmorris lol :)
14:27 acmoore thanks, martinmorris. reported:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2174
14:28 martinmorris i notice one other thing which is less of a bug, but the options under More don't work properly in Safari
14:28 martinmorris but they do on Firefox (both on a mac of course)
14:29 acmoore Do you mean in the staff interface, the "More" drop-down at the top?
14:29 martinmorris yes, that's right
14:30 martinmorris on my version of safari it isn't a drop down box
14:30 acmoore oh. that's bad. That should be filed as a bug.
14:30 martinmorris doesn't really matter i assume but perhaps someone might want it fixing
14:30 martinmorris you can still see the options but they're just displayed without a drop down
14:30 acmoore I'll report that, too, if you like.
14:30 martinmorris thanks :)
14:31 martinmorris other than that i'm  noticing lots of problems fixed from the alpha version i played with earlier this year which is nice - the system seems a little faster too?
14:32 acmoore OK. I reported that, too[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2175
14:32 acmoore I have a feeling that our bug-squashing right before release will uncover as many as we squash.
14:33 acmoore thanks for looking at the beta and helping track down problems.
14:33 martinmorris that's fine   will keep you posted if i spot any more
14:46 owen Thanks martinmorris. Looks okay in Safari for Windows, so I'll have to take a look when I get home.
14:47 martinmorris ok - i'm using Mac OS X 10.4.11, safari version 3.1 if that helps
14:48 gmcharlt martinmorris: I'm also using OS X 10.4.11 and Safari 3.1.1, and the More menu looks OK to me - try clearing your browser cache
14:48 martinmorris ah, OK two secs
14:52 martinmorris apologies for that - it's fine now thanks :)
14:52 martinmorris so that's bug 2174 that can be unreported, sorry acmoore
14:53 acmoore done.
14:59 acmoore owen, sorry about that. Looks like you caught me.
15:00 acmoore glad someone is actually watching what I do.
15:00 owen No problem.
15:06 martinmorris one other little questions - using bulkmarcimport to import marc21 file with unicode characters seems to be a problem
15:07 acmoore ugh. what kind of problem?
15:07 martinmorris for example:
15:07 martinmorris ..ERROR: Adding items to bib 2 failed: Wide character in null operation at /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/MARC/Charset/ line 96, <GEN201> line 2.
15:08 paul it's an encoding problem...
15:08 martinmorris ok
15:08 paul are you sure your records are valid utf8 & declared as such ?
15:10 martinmorris unicode records need to have 'a' as the 9th character in the LDR field doesn't it?
15:10 martinmorris don't they rather
15:11 martinmorris i've staged them using the staff interface but decided just to use the command line to actually import them as that's quicker
15:12 martinmorris the file stages correctly if that's any help
15:13 martinmorris using the ./ file gives a similar error
15:20 martinmorris any hints on how i can fix this?
15:26 acmoore If you're unable to, it's possible that it's a bug. You should file one and include the MARC record that's causing the problem.
15:57 martinmorris i've worked out what it is, i've got a weird form of inverted comma character in the file in various records and i'm not sure how to get rid of it
15:58 martinmorris sorry, weird quote character
15:58 martinmorris i think it's a smart quote
16:02 acmoore Oh. I get those on my mac sometimes when I copy smartly quoted stuff into a text file, too. They drive me bonkers. Unfortunately, I'm an ignorant American, so I only undertand ASCII and can't deal with other characters. ;)
16:06 martinmorris i cheated and used textedit :) seems to be working now
16:06 martinmorris touch wood
17:47 lea hi guys. long time no see :)
17:47 lea kados: is liblime's koha-express currently 2.2?
17:48 atz lea you mean zoom?  (if we have an "express", I haven't heard of it)
17:48 lea duh, my bad :)
17:49 lea atz: didn't know you were liblime also :)
19:48 acmoore I'm interested in claiming a database version number. Does anyone know if "" is spoken for?
19:50 acmoore Your time has elapsed. I hereby claim 87.
04:58 custard is there a usual spot that perl puts the koha install log?
05:05 custard the INSTALL files suggest pointing perl at it when upgrading, but I've no idea where it is or what it's called.
05:06 masonj on a deb box , try  /var/log/apache/error
05:06 masonj or /var/log/apache2/error
05:08 masonj it should give you some stuff like...
05:08 masonj ==> /var/log/apache2/error.log <==
05:08 masonj [Fri May 30 16:48:03 2008] Database update needed, redirecting to Installer. Database is 3.0000086 and Koha is 3.0000087 at /home/mason/git/head/C4/ line 434.
05:08 custard isn't that the apache error log?
05:10 masonj yep, looks like thats where koha is putting its upgrade info on my box...
05:11 masonj prolly the same on your box too
05:11 custard I'm wondering about this thing (taken from INSTALL, but could also come from INSTALL.debian)? :
05:11 custard perl Makefile.PL --prev-install-log /path/to/koha-install-log
05:11 masonj aaah
05:12 masonj try ./misc/koha-install-log from your git repo root-dir
05:13 masonj root@sgi:~/git/head# find . -iname koha-install-log
05:13 masonj ./misc/koha-install-log
05:15 custard ok. got it. Thanks.
05:15 masonj cool, np
05:29 custard what does running the database-dependent test suite do?
05:50 custard are there deb packages for the C4:* perl modules?
05:50 custard make test failed when it tried a lot of them.
06:02 custard not to worry, the make upgrade seems to have worked even if the make test didn't.
06:03 masonj im not sure about the test-suite stuff
06:04 masonj there isnt any deb packages for the C4 stuff
06:04 masonj and there are a few tests that look to be currently busted
06:05 masonj im not sure how long they been like that...
06:10 custard ok. I'll not worry to much then.
09:45 lea kados: any chance you could ping me when you get in? Thanks.
10:39 ricardo Hi everyone  :)
10:42 ricardo Can anyone give me a tip to help me debug this:
10:45 ricardo Sorry... irssi got "garbled"
10:45 ricardo As I was saying: can anyone help me to "debug" this, please:
10:46 ricardo [Koha] Catalog searches working with Keyword search but not with Title and Author in Koha 3
10:47 ricardo[…]8-May/014057.html
10:47 ricardo Please?  :)

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