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15:31 hdl And we have a problem.
15:31 paul hehe... welcome back newlogbot...
15:31 gmcharlt hdl: what problem?
15:31 hdl When searching on heading ($a) only,
15:32 hdl koha cannot make difference between heading $a data  and heading data
15:32 hdl let's take an exemple
15:32 hdl Paul can be a name and a surname.
15:33 gmcharlt hehe
15:33 hdl If i am looking for Paul, Family name only, I donot want to have those whose first name is paul
15:34 hdl This will happen for you too : John or Smith...
15:34 gmcharlt surname and forename are in separate subfields in UNIMARC headings, right?
15:34 paul gmcharlt: look at : http://i11.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]rderby=HeadingAsc
15:34 hdl $a for surname
15:34 hdl $b for firstname
15:34 paul gmcharlt: yes, right surname is $a and firstname in $b
15:36 gmcharlt hdl, paul: yes, it looks like all authority searches are defaulting to a "contains" in the entire heading
15:37 hdl gmcharlt: worse.
15:37 paul yes. And it used to work properly. It's the move to DOM/XML that removed this important feature (for UNIMARC at least it's important)
15:37 hdl I had created Heading  for $a and Heading-Entity for the rest.
15:37 hdl But it has been removed some day.
15:38 hdl So that we have the same index for Heading $a and the rest.
15:38 gmcharlt paul: gotcha - file a bug to remind me and I'll take a look at it this week - there isn't enough time for me to switch UNIMARC auth indexing to DOM (unless you can do it soon), but I should be able to fix up the indexing defs
15:39 paul ok, dropping bug now.
15:41 hdl gmcharlt: where are the DOM indexing files ?
15:41 hdl I cannot find any xsl file with zebra indexing directives.
15:41 paul gmcharlt:[…]w_bug.cgi?id=2173
15:42 gmcharlt hdl: the xsl and xml files in etc/zebradb/marc_defs/marc21/authorities
15:42 gmcharlt the definitions you would edit are in authority-koha-indexdefs.xml
15:43 gmcharlt you would then run it through the koha-indexdefs-to-zebra.xsl  stylesheets to produce authority-zebra-indexdefs.xsl, which is what Zebra uses to transform incoming MARC(XML) records into indexed terms
15:52 hdl thx gmcharlt
15:52 atz heh, you make it sound so simple  :\
15:52 paul lol
15:52 hdl gmcharlt: Have you implemented a good way to sort.
15:53 hdl I mean : I was advised that authorities sorting should be done on MARC::Field Heading->as_text.
15:53 hdl And not on a peculiar field/subfield
15:54 hdl were you aware of that ?
15:55 gmcharlt hdl: does ->as_text put in " -- " or something for subdivisions?  if so, great, but note that while sorting doesn't need to care about the type of subdivision, it does need to note the existence of them
15:55 hdl Can we do that with DOM Indexing?
15:55 gmcharlt "Whale snacks" not being the same as "Whale -- snacks"
15:56 gmcharlt hdl: yes
15:57 gmcharlt use stylesheet to have multiple indexes for a heading
15:57 gmcharlt one that includes subdivision types used for matching
15:57 gmcharlt one that just notes the boundaries for searching and sorting
18:06 owen Hi tim, how's it going?
18:07 tim Hi owen
18:07 tim Still having problems with search results.
18:08 tim nothing returned when hidelostitems is enabled.
18:09 tim No way to tell an items status in search results.  Don't know if that's just not a feature or a problem with my setup.
18:27 owen tim, you're talking about 3.0, right?
18:31 owen What do you have set for OPACItemsResultsDisplay?
18:31 tim Yeah owen.  3.0
18:32 tim I'll check that setting...
18:33 tim owen: It's set to statuses
18:34 owen So the OPAC search results screen should have a line like "Availability:  Copies available:  Centerville (1),   Checked out (1), Withdrawn (1),"
18:35 tim It just has LibraryName (1).  Never shows Checked out.
18:36 owen Has zebra re-indexed since things were checked out?
18:38 tim Things were checked out when I loaded the database.
18:38 tim If I view an item that I know is checked out, it will say it's checked out.
18:38 tim In the OPAC
18:39 tim But in the intranet, it says it's checked out and available when I vew an item.
18:39 owen Checked out and available?
18:41 tim Checked out to Patron Name, due 05/31/2008
18:41 tim Available
18:42 tim listed in the status column of an item that is checked out.
18:59 owen tim, are you testing with the sample data?
19:00 tim Nope.  With data exported from our running 2.2 system.
19:15 atz owen: w/ yui menu, do you know if you can specify that an element link should have a target attribute?
19:15 owen You mean so that it can open in a new window?
19:15 atz right
19:16 owen I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't, since the target attribute is invalid in XHTML. Can you use a function to open a window via js?
19:17 atz sure,
19:20 atz I just don't know how to get that onto the YUI menu
19:29 owen look at line 51 of includes/ in the intranet templates
19:29 owen for an example that might help
19:29 atz ok, cool, I can use that
19:30 paul owen ?
19:30 owen Yes
19:30 paul in OPAC, result list, one of our library is complaining for a very small problem :
19:30 paul http://o11.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]equeux&limit=BMRG
19:30 paul it's written :
19:30 paul "Availability : copies available"
19:31 paul so, twice "availa..." in 3 words.
19:31 paul couldn't we spell that differently ?
19:34 owen Because it sounds awkward, or because it makes translation difficult?
19:35 paul sounds awkward.
19:35 paul translate to : Disponibilité :  Exemplaires disponibles
19:38 owen I'm open to a change, but I don't know what would be better. Availability: Copies on shelf? But you'd have to make sure you didn't count in-transit items as "on shelf"
19:40 atz this is probably a case where the "label" is unnecessary because the "values" are clear enough in their meaning
19:41 atz "copies available" is clearly the availability, imho
19:41 owen yeah, the label looks like it's just there for consistency, but I'd agree that it's not necessary
19:46 paul so we should remove the label ?
19:47 owen I would say we can remove the label
19:57 paul owen : you do it, or I do it ?
19:58 owen Go ahead, please
20:00 paul ok, will do it.
20:28 chris morning
20:28 gmcharlt hi chris
20:28 chris heya galen, hows things?
20:29 gmcharlt ok - how's it with you?
20:29 paul hi chris, have a good day. I go to bed.
20:30 chris pretty good, the stock exchange site went live on saturday ... and on monday the wellington CBD had a big power outage .. just when everyone went to look at it
20:30 chris sleep well paul
20:30 chris gmcharlt: so that was less than ideal :) but other than that, good :)
20:30 gmcharlt g'night paul
20:30 paul seems that murphy's law has reached New Zealand ;-)
20:31 chris heh
20:42 chris the good news is it looks ill be able to do some koha hacking again in the near future
20:43 gmcharlt chris: good to hear
20:46 chris at least for a few hours each week anyway
20:46 chris maybe more after the olympics
21:06 atz chris: does the Indy 500 make the news there?
21:36 chris yeah, that was the other thing
21:37 chris on monday we had the power cut, a new site live, and a huge news story on the other site on the same subnet
21:37 chris we maxed out the bandwidth
21:37 chris scott dixon slashdotted the fairfax news network :)
21:42 atz heh, nice
21:43 atz i'm not sure he was the fastest car on the speedway... but he was the fastest survivor.
21:47 chris yep
21:49 chris that seems to be the trick for the indy 500
02:04 bureado Greetings :)
02:05 bureado I've been loading data into a Koha3 system using Zebra -- the MARC records are encoded as UTF-8. MySQL, Apache and all other components are configured to use UTF-8, and the data is stored as UTF-8 in MySQL.
02:06 bureado Yet Zebra throws data in some weird character set -- I've check /var/lib/koha/zebradb and there's data in there with the wrong encoding.
02:06 bureado I didn't touch the default configuration files for Zebra, nor am I acquainted to Zebra itself, but it's a really weird problem.
02:07 bureado In OPAC, results have the title with good encoding (I assume those come from MySQL) and the rest of the data is with a wrong encoding.
02:07 bureado How can I test/configure Zebra in order to get it working with my UTF-8 encoding?
02:08 bureado OTOH, when do records get added to Zebra? At the step or when rebuild_zebra is run?

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