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12:53 acmoore cait, you bet:[…]ary/bridge_icons/
12:54 acmoore That's mentioned in the "about koha" section of the staff interface.
14:04 cait acmoore: thx!
15:21 kados g'day folks
16:13 owen Hi kados
19:33 owen paul, in English we say "You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs"
19:33 paul yep. It just require a lot of time to update it.
19:34 paul I wonder how other languages will be translated when 3.0 will be released...
01:15 custard out of curiousity how long should staging records take?
02:56 kados custard: average of maybe 50-100 records per second depending on your network and system speed
02:56 custard ok, Then something odd is happening.
02:56 custard it's going very much slower than that.
03:05 kados custard: how heavy is load on your system? you can check with 'top'
03:06 custard load average: 1.47, 1.73, 1.91
03:08 custard mostly seems associated with X, firefox, mysqld, koha/perl and these odd little www-data backgound processes that keep popping in and out of existance.
03:09 kados pretty light on the server side
03:09 kados if you sort by memory usage 'M' does it show any perl scripts running?
03:09 kados or something similar?
03:10 kados (also, what is the symtom of your issue ... records are loading, or not, or just slowly?)
03:15 custard is dropping in and out and using up to about 0.5 %M.
03:17 custard I was trying to get a smallish number of records back in after a reinstall (<100 so I can reenter them if if I have to, but would rather not). Have filled in as best as I cans see how, hit the stage for import buttton and waited.
03:17 kados it's possible it finished, but just the status display isn't updating
03:18 kados if you open a new tab and return to the staging management page, does it show it as done?
03:18 custard Initially did this from a mac and safari loaded up 3000 and something items of 3000 and something and then hung all of its windows.
03:19 custard no, it really doesn't look like it's doing it.
03:20 custard currently trying from the server itself, but firefox is telling me less.
03:20 custard kados: If i go back to the page in another tab its just like I'd never started.
03:21 custard Also manage-marc-import is claiming nothing's been staged.
03:24 kados what version of Koha are you running?
03:25 kados (you can check from More -> About Koha
03:25 kados let me know the build number, should look like 3.00.086 or something
03:25 custard
03:25 kados ahh, so you're fully up to date
03:25 kados strange
03:26 kados custard: can you try on, see if you can reproduce?
03:27 kados custard: I'm trying myself on that site
03:27 kados OK, Upload worked
03:27 kados Staging for import, Job finished
03:27 kados 500 records staged
03:27 custard oh good. so much for reinstalling to get rid of the quirks. I've just got new ones. *sigh*
03:28 kados custard: so if you can upload and stage on we'll know it's your system, otherwise, your browser and desktop OS are suspect :-)
03:28 kados the other possibility is anomolies in your MARC data ...
03:29 kados the command-line versions of the staging utilities might also be a good place to test stuff out, there is a bit more verbosity to error handling on the command line
03:29 custard i've set it to ignore, so as not to mess the system up.
03:29 kados it gets refreshed periodically anyway, so no worries
03:30 custard looks the same, so something at this end.
03:31 custard would it matter if tthe .mrc file was originally saved onto a mac?
03:31 kados try running marcdump on the mrc file
03:31 kados marcdump filename.mrc
03:31 kados see if there are any errors
03:32 custard yep. utf8 "\xB9" does not map to Unicode at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/ line 166.
03:34 kados there's your prob
03:34 kados so could be a few things, but most likely the encoding has been messed up
03:35 kados send an email to galen DOT charlton AT liblime DOT com and provide him with a way to access your marc file (don't send as a raw attachment, but you can zip it up and send it that way, marc gets messed up over SMTP in my experience)
03:35 kados he'll be able to figure out the specific problem, and perhaps add a solution within Koha to resolve it for you (no promises thoug)
03:36 kados tell galen Josh sent you :-)
03:43 custard thanks. I'll do that.
03:46 custard night.

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