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14:11 paul hello world.
14:11 paul is there someone around that can answer a few questions about tools/ and tools/ ?
14:13 owen Hi paul. Not me :)
14:14 paul hi owen
14:16 atz owen: i've got AJAX for tagging "on list" working with the "Add Tag" buttons...
14:16 atz ... but not when the user hits enter
14:16 atz (which submits the larger cart/bookbag form)
14:16 atz any ideas for a workaround?
14:17 owen should I be able to see that in my install?
14:17 atz owen: probably not yet
15:04 paul owen around ?
15:05 paul (login/passwd : abel/abel), page : http://i15.bureau.paulpoulain.[…]
15:06 paul the order-able columns items are almost-white on white with blue.css. Can you tell me the name of the css property to change ?
15:09 paul gotcha. it's th.header
15:09 owen I'm too slow! :) Yeah, that was a new css property introduced by the tablesorter js
15:23 gmcharlt paul: questions about stage and mange marc-import?
15:23 paul yes, ('morning gmcharlt
15:24 gmcharlt good afternoon
15:24 paul does it store only in reservoir (marc_breeding) table or can it be used to import directly in DB ?
15:25 gmcharlt in stores in reservoir (note that the marc_breeding table was renamed to Import_batches and friends), doesn't import directly until you commit via the tool
15:26 paul how do you 'import' ?
15:27 gmcharlt it's two step process - stage, then go to batch management and commit
15:27 paul stage-marc-import is the 1st step
15:27 paul but how do I start the 2nd step ?
15:28 gmcharlt when stage complets, will give you a link to the management page for that batch, or you can access it via the 'manage marc batches' link
15:28 hdl you merely click on import
15:28 paul mmm... there is a diff between en & french versions...
15:29 paul no, it's more a terminology problem I think
15:29 paul the button "Complete import" will transfer from reservoir to catalogue right ?
15:30 paul one of our client thought it was to validate the staging...
15:30 paul the button should be written differently I think. Something like "import to catalogue"
15:31 paul a file with status "staged" is in the reservoir, while a batch with a status "imported" is now in the catalogue, right ?
15:32 hdl I had the same surprise in la Trappe.
15:32 gmcharlt yes (but note that when batch is imported, copies of bib are still left in reservoir)
15:32 paul shame on me to have never tested that. A customer entered something like 200 biblios in the catalogue without planning to do it...
15:32 hdl yes and this is very handy
15:32 hdl thx gmcharlt
15:32 paul gmcharlt: do you agree to spell the button differently ?
15:34 hdl + will be good to be able to make a list to import into catalogue in 3.10 :D
15:34 gmcharlt paul: more like I don't disagree - i.e., it's fine with me
15:34 gmcharlt paul: do you see any ambiguity in the reverse operation ('Undo import')?
15:34 paul ok, will do it immediatly
15:34 paul where is the "undo import button"...
15:35 gmcharlt it shows up after you completd an import of a batch
15:35 paul oh, I see !
15:35 gmcharlt if you go back to the same batch, you now have an option to undo it
15:35 paul remove it from the catalogue ?
15:35 gmcharlt yes
15:36 paul how does it works (ie : how does it know the biblionumber ?)
15:36 gmcharlt when each record is imported, the ID of bib that is added (or replaced) is attached to the staged record via import_biblios
15:36 gmcharlt also stores copy of previous state of a replaced bib
15:37 paul field matched_biblionumber ?
15:37 gmcharlt undo restores original bib (or deletes it if was added) and deletes any items added by the op (keeping other items that were not directly part of that import operation)
15:37 gmcharlt yes, matched_biblionumber
15:38 paul wow, that's really great, wonderful, powerfull, ...
15:38 paul it will just lack the possibility to do some local changes on the item and that would be the handiest tool we could have...
15:38 paul (something like changing the homebranch/holdingbranch)
15:39 gmcharlt and due to have more added to it in post-3.0, including
15:39 gmcharlt 1. ability to get report of authority heading issues in staged batch
15:40 gmcharlt 2. possibly ability to hook in custom routines to parse item data (so that you wouldn't need to create the 952/949/995 fields before staging the file)
15:40 gmcharlt 3. implement handling authority record loads in same manner
15:42 paul in France, each "département" (we have 100) has a local "bibliothèque départementale de prêt", who issues large number (200+) books to local small libraries & give them thelist of books they've issued, for inclusion in local ILS. we have to write a specific script for each library to "rewrite" the items on the fly
15:43 gmcharlt so some generalized item parsing and mapping mechanism would be useful
15:44 atz paul: that sounds difficult
15:44 paul atz : we could add a "plugin" system, where we could do those rewrite
15:45 gmcharlt how much do the scripts vary - are the main differences just setting the specific branch codes for eaach library, or are there more complicated changes that vary from library to library?
15:45 paul sometimes, the library also want some rewrite on localisation (or call number)
15:47 paul to specify that "CD" are "1st floor", where "children's book" are "2nd floor", and "adult books" are ...
15:48 hdl this could be handled via batch modifications of biblios
16:28 owen paul, hdl, do you know what "without periodicity" means when specifying a serial's frequency?
16:28 paul yes.
16:29 paul some very specific (usually high level science) don't have a true periodicity
16:29 paul when you subscribe to the title, you subscribe for 6 issues.
16:29 paul which can arrive in 1 year... or 2...
16:29 owen I see there's a choice to say that the frequency is "irregular." Does "irregular" not cover that case?
16:30 paul in UNIMARC there are both. I can't say what's the difference...
16:30 paul hdl, any idea ?
16:30 owen Interesting, so it's a UNIMARC thing. I wonder if MARC has a corresponding set of descriptions...
16:43 owen paul, am correct that might list multiple subscriptions?
16:43 paul yes. If you have several subscription of the same title at the same branch
16:44 owen thanks
17:11 paul bye world. Have a good day/night depending on where you are.
17:12 hdl irregular stands for sthg that is not "regular" but has a periodicity
17:13 hdl owen : say it comes out on January, then in October and December for instance
17:13 hdl it is irregular
17:13 hdl But without periodicity is when you donot have any regularity
17:13 owen I see: irregular implies that you /do/ know when it comes out
17:13 owen with periodicity implies that you don't
18:07 ryan gmcharlt:  did you have a patch in the queue for ?
18:08 gmcharlt ryan: no. why?
18:08 ryan i recall talking about allowing user to specify column headers for an import file
18:09 gmcharlt right - I can put something together over weekend if needed

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