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12:27 hdl nengard: around ?
12:27 nengard hdl just about to head out - but i'm here :)
12:28 hdl do you know where I could find figures for koha users and developers ?
12:28 hdl for last year. Do you have some ?
12:30 nengard hdl - i don't know where that can be found ... maybe kados does
12:30 nengard it'd be interesting to see it ...
12:31 hdl I have some but thy are quite old.
12:44 owen Whassup #koha?
12:47 owen How about a biblio view handler script for the staff client? So that all links to are routed through a single script and we only have one link in the template?
13:28 acmoore gmcharlt, you around yet this morning?
13:28 gmcharlt acmoore: yep
13:29 acmoore good morning. I'm wondering about checking uniqueness of member attributes that I'd like to insert.
13:29 acmoore is the plan that I call CheckUniqueness, and if it passes, then I can insert or modify?
13:30 acmoore sounds like a race condition to me, and I'm wondering if we can do better.
13:31 hdl owen : good idea. But really bad time.
13:32 gmcharlt yes, the uniquness check could be moved into SetBorrowerAttributes and your new sub
13:32 owen hdl: :)
13:32 hdl + it would be really good to have a way to have a biblio viw only
13:32 hdl s/viw/view/
13:32 acmoore gmcharlt, yeah, I think that SetBorrowerAttributes and ModifyBorrowerAttributes should call CheckUniqueness before they do their thing, but I still think there's a race condition there.
13:33 hdl This would allow to use webservices.
13:33 hdl + would allow us to use those services in our templates
13:33 gmcharlt owen: I agree with hdl - good idea, maybe for post 3.0
13:34 hdl thing like biblios/1/2/3/4/with/detail.xsl
13:35 gmcharlt acmoore: a check constraint (which MySQL doesn't have) would be better - turning off autocommit and doing DB transactions cleanly would be even better
13:35 gmcharlt but since almost all of Koha's DB code expects autocommit on, can't turn it off globally
13:35 hdl owen: you can use git stash to store a work you did on a nonstable branch...
13:36 acmoore gmcharlt, I'm willing to accept this, but I was just making sure I wasn't overlooking something. thanks
13:37 acmoore yeah, check constraints would be nice.
13:38 gmcharlt it would have been possible to use regular uniqueness constraints by factoring attributes into a repeatable_atts and unique_atts table, but I decided not to overcomplicate
13:39 kados heads up: email sent about release date
13:39 kados paul, hdl, I'll be on IRC for a few minutes this morning if you want to discuss anything
13:40 kados then I get to catch a plane to Omaha :-)
13:40 hdl hi kados.
13:40 kados gmcharlt: I'm in Chicago btw :-) ... got laid over last night due to bad weather in Philly
13:40 kados hdl++
13:41 gmcharlt kados: hehe
13:41 gmcharlt google maps, even
13:41 hdl :D
13:42 kados heh
13:43 hdl kados : are you twitting ?
13:48 hdl ;)
14:16 hdl gmcharlt: do one of your customers use library groups ?
14:16 hdl if yes, how ?
14:18 gmcharlt hdl: the groups defined in admin/  if so, I don't know of any LL customer using them. ryan: do you know of any?
14:18 hdl gmcharlt: yes
14:20 gmcharlt hdl: do any of your customers do?  as far as I can tell, branchcategories isn't really used except for search domains in
14:20 gmcharlt why do you ask?
14:21 hdl I saked because we have some Library groups which would like to know more about that.
14:21 hdl And i have never used it.
14:21 hdl But it could be used for many purposes :
14:21 hdl - issuing rules
14:21 hdl - IP adress class
14:22 hdl - Branch printers
14:22 hdl - patron categories allowed...
14:23 gmcharlt hdl: gotcha.  the sysgroups feature (yeah, I know I need to write an RFC) would address all of that
14:23 gmcharlt hdl: but wouldn't use the branchcategories table, which doesn't have the right structure for that IMO
14:24 ryan owen: available
14:24 hdl So we will have to wait for your RFC.
14:24 hdl ryan : hdl: the groups defined in admin/  if so, I don't know of any LL customer using them. ryan: do you know of any?
14:25 atz whoa!  fire engines directly outside!
14:26 ryan hdl: no, not currently, but a couple that are expecting it.
14:26 atz no hoses though.  
14:26 hdl atz be careful.
14:26 atz probably the usual heart attack / stroke thing...
14:33 hdl owen : I have a problem with page
14:34 hdl I cannot click on Acquisitions link in Plus Menu to go to acquisition page.
14:34 hdl can you test that one ?
14:36 hdl owen : strangely enough, it does have a problem only on that link on that page
14:39 owen I can't duplicate the problem, hdl
14:58 hdl Will try to see what happens.
14:59 hdl gmcharlt: autoBarcode seems to be used inconsistently throughout pages.
15:26 gmcharlt hdl: got your bug re autoBarcode - good points
15:50 frederic hi all
17:49 acmoore The link from my OPAC search results page to the RSS feed for that search is http://cgi-bin/koha/opac-searc[…]harry&format=rss2 is that a known bug, or a configuration failure on my part?
17:53 ryan opacbaseurl syspref is unset ?
17:56 acmoore guess so. that's how our application ships by default, I gues. We should set it to $ENV{'SERVER_NAME'} or something.
18:36 acmoore does anyone know if the stuff in the rss directory actually works? There's a README file that makes some sense in there, but rss/ isn't even a perl program. It's an HTML template.
18:39 gmcharlt acmoore: no.  kados implemented a new RSS mechanism for search results.  the stuff in rss/ is for a new books list, but is nonfunctional ATM
18:41 acmoore so, it sounds like to recommended way to make an RSS feed is to make it like any other web page, with a perl script and a .tmpl. dontcha think?
18:43 gmcharlt it's *a* way, at any rate
18:44 acmoore heh. yeah. If I were starting from scratch, I'd use XML::RSS or something, but in the interest of consistency perhaps I'll make our templating engine do it.
18:45 acmoore I wonder if a patch to rm the rss directory would get accepted.
18:52 acmoore Oh, XML::RSS is alredy a dependency for some reason. I guess I'll use that and ditch the template.
18:56 atz acmoore: the reason you'd want the template is to accommodate translations
18:56 acmoore ack!
18:56 acmoore thanks.
18:58 atz here's what I don't get...  I buy a $75 paper shredder on Sunday.
18:58 atz Use it once.   And now it's dead.
18:59 atz Back to OfficeMax w/ ye!
19:00 acmoore money shredder.
19:03 hdl rch around ?
19:03 hdl ryan: ?
19:17 hdl chris around ?
19:27 ryan hi hdl
20:17 chris am now hdl
21:11 hdl chris, ryan, I have some questions about acquisitions.
21:12 hdl what is the purpose of aqorderbreakdown.
21:13 hdl There is branchcode in it. This field, in my opinion could store the branchcode of an order
21:14 hdl But now, we have branchcode in aqbookfund, in aqorderbreakdown, ...
21:14 ryan hdl:  seems like an unfinished feature to me.
21:14 ryan doesn't really have any function right now.
21:15 hdl I wondered if aqorderbrakdown was created at each aqorder. It seems that when an order is divided into 2 parts, a new aqorder is created, but no new aqorderbreakdown.
21:15 hdl chris any comment on this table ?
21:17 ryan it refers to a line in the order, as though you could break up an order for different branches.
21:17 ryan but it isn't used.
21:18 ryan hdl: do you see code that uses aqorderbreakdown ?
21:19 hdl Yes :
21:19 hdl ModOrder
21:19 hdl NewOrder
21:26 hdl And I want to get this terrible mistake be fixed.
21:26 ryan what does the branchcode mean ?
21:26 ryan who should receive the items ?
21:27 hdl yes
21:27 ryan ok, i think it should be ok to put it in aqorderbreakdown.
21:27 ryan i don't see any obvious problems
21:28 hdl then I use that value at orderreceive
21:28 hdl OK. Will do that tomorrow.
21:28 ryan hdl: will you still be able to receive items at a different branch ?
21:28 hdl yes.
21:28 ryan ok, sounds good to me.
21:28 hdl But value will be defaulted to the good library
21:28 ryan right
21:29 hdl was quite embarassing to set branch to a value at order time.
21:29 hdl And then having to SET it AGAIN at reception time.
21:30 hdl bedtime for me.
21:30 ryan ok, gn!
23:28 atz UEFA soccer championship just started..
10:37 masonj heya lloyd
10:39 lloyd_ morning
10:42 masonj heya, just emailed yall
10:43 lloyd_ great.. nice job!
10:45 masonj so, this 'AutoEmailIndependantBranches'  feature...
10:46 masonj it might be a little functionally  nicer if we made a 'notices' branch , in the user perms
10:46 masonj ah, galens already done it ;)
10:46 lloyd_ ahh sweet!
10:47 masonj tools->'edit_notices'  - "Define notices"....
10:47 lloyd_ gtg, bbl if you're around?
10:47 masonj in the user-perms screen
10:47 masonj okayyy, ill be aboot
10:47 lloyd_ laters!

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