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12:11 ewwc a dmg file for koha on OSX would be nice
12:12 kados ewwc: sure would ... do you know how to create one?
12:12 ewwc learning the mac dev stuff
12:13 ewwc will be a while tho
12:13 ewwc <-- can't even get joha to work with instructions
12:13 ewwc >_<
12:14 ewwc technically everything but koha yaz and zebra is on OSX already
12:14 kados and the perl stuff
12:15 ewwc its not included  in 5.8?
12:15 kados not all the dependencies
12:16 ewwc maybe something over at apple is stopping ppl from packaging it into a dmg file
12:17 kados no ... just that koha uses some obscure perl modules
12:18 ewwc so package all necessary perl modules into an installer pkg. Same for yaz and zebra
12:18 ewwc then create a dmg for koha
12:18 ewwc not as easy as it sounds
12:23 ewwc ohhh, that's just wrong, apple is still using apache 1
12:33 owen *yawn* g'morning #koha.
12:34 kados morning owen
12:34 paul hi owen
12:34 kados owen: I'm working on a perl version of the php hold report for NPL
12:34 kados owen: just fyi ...
12:34 owen do you think NPL's reserves queue script can be genericized?
12:35 kados owen: yea, that's what I'm working on
12:35 kados owen: and I don't think it will be too difficult
12:35 owen that's great.
12:35 ewwc anyone know where the error log in koha 3 beta2 is?
12:35 owen I was just reading through you and paul's conversation about bugs yesterday.
12:36 owen Or was that this morning?
12:36 paul it was not yesterday, it was 3 hours ago
12:36 paul ;-)
12:39 ewwc and how do I fix this - [fatal] lock file /var/lock/koha/zebradb/biblios/ [No such file or directory]
12:40 gmcharlt ewwc: what installation mode did you use when you installed Koha?  "standard"?
12:40 ewwc single
12:40 ewwc should i have gone standard?
12:40 gmcharlt no, single's fine
12:40 gmcharlt logs would be in var/log off of the root directory you picked
12:41 gmcharlt and what command are you using to start Zebra?
12:42 ewwc i was following the install walkthru on koha wiki
12:42 gmcharlt the ubuntu gutsy one?
12:42 ewwc yes
12:43 ewwc the last line on installing koha 3 gave me that error
12:44 gmcharlt that line assumes 'standard'.  to start Zebra in a single mode installation, do the following
12:44 gmcharlt 1. kill any running zebrasrv processes
12:45 gmcharlt 2. look for bin/ (off of the base directory you picked)
12:45 gmcharlt 3. do ' start'
12:46 ewwc how do i check for and kill zebrasrv processes
12:46 gmcharlt ps -ef | grep zebrasrv
12:46 ewwc the erro log is showing a lot of errors
12:49 ewwc latest one is  - D=BEGIN failed- -compilation aborted at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/ line 24
12:49 ewwc can i just rerun the koha install script or do I have to remove the previous install first
12:52 gmcharlt ewwc: should be OK to rerun from the Makefile.PL step - do a 'make clean' first
12:52 owen Can Koha 3 handle a delete operation on a biblio which has items attached? We can do that in dev_week, but the interface in Koha 3 wants to prevent it
12:53 paul owen : afai, it's an interface problem, not a Koha one.
12:53 kados owen: no ... first have to delete items, then delete the bib
12:53 kados owen: at least that's how I remember it
12:53 gmcharlt kados is right - it would be possible to write a delete items and bibs one-shot function, but even that shouldn't allow deletion of items that are on loan
12:54 paul right, but it's not due to Koha internals. A biblio could be deleted with items attached at the same time.
12:54 kados paul: don't think it can at the moment
12:54 owen Okay, so Koha /will/ prevent me from attempting it (by turning Javascript off)
12:54 paul imho it's correct to require deletion of items before deletion of biblios anyway.
12:56 owen I think librarians like to be able to delete the biblio and item at the same time when they're deleting the last copy
12:56 paul owen: ++
12:56 owen I think that's why we've got it in dev_week
13:03 ewwc can we assume that if the Makefile.PL returns a prerequisite not found that we have to fetch it and reMakefilePL?
13:06 gmcharlt ewwc: yes, you'll need to install the prereq, but you don't need to rerun Makefile.PL
13:07 ewwc which means anything I Make without it will break the program a bit
13:10 gmcharlt no, once you install the missing preqreqs, you can then run make - no need to redo Makefile.PL, which checks the prereqs but doesn't do anything with them per se
13:12 ewwc technically speaking, can I install koha3 on this mac using the same instructions as the unbuntu one?
13:13 gmcharlt ewwc: mostly.  the big difference is that most of the Perl modules would have to be installed from CPAN, and are not packaged like in Debian and Ubuntu
13:13 ewwc the ubuntu walkthru had me downloading a whole bunch of modules anyway
13:30 owen Looks like a couple of things are consistently missing from startIndex (<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="page" -->) and itemsPerPage (<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="count" -->)
13:30 owen I'm wondering if either of those need dynamic values
13:30 owen Wouldn't a feed normally always start at 1 and have a set number of results?
13:31 atz I don't mind recirculating values, as long as they get checked/limited on the way in
13:32 kados is deprecated
13:32 owen I mean opac-opensearch.tmpl
13:32 kados use or format=atom
13:32 kados ahh, right
13:33 kados yea, it's missing some variables ... I've got that on my shortlist
15:09 eric Hi there.  Anybody have problem with utf-8 and Marc 21 on Koha 3?
15:09 paul could someone remind me something about bugzilla :
15:10 paul priority P5 means "lower priority" & P1 mean "higher priority" or the opposite ?
15:11 paul[…]lds.html#priority
15:11 paul is the answer.
15:11 gmcharlt eric: what sort of problem?
15:13 eric gmcharlt, when I'm getting a record with, lets say é, from a z39.50 server, they are not imported correctly
15:13 eric you can do a search of 'Astérix' for example
15:13 gmcharlt what z39.50 target? and what is the name of the character in question (not showing up in my IRC client)
15:14 eric you can use library of congress.  The character is e acute
15:16 kados eric: can you reproduce the error here:[…]uing/
15:17 eric kados: last time i tried i got the problem.  I'll double check that
15:17 eric you can search for LCCN: 89873320
15:19 kados not finding LCC 89873320
15:19 kados hang on
15:20 kados I see now
15:20 kados it comes back with a corruption of the acute accent
15:20 kados Astâerix
15:20 kados looks like double-encoding
15:20 gmcharlt eric: workaround found - in SQL, set z3950servers.encoding = 'MARC-8' for the LC target
15:20 eric yep, that is.
15:20 kados maybe LOC's got utf8 claiming to be marc8 or the other way around?
15:21 gmcharlt I'll take a look at fixing the Z3950 target administration page so that it can do that
15:21 kados gmcharlt: we've discussed this in the past, we almost need two encoding types ... 'claims encoding' and 'actual encoding'
15:21 kados ie, one you send, and the other you receive
15:22 gmcharlt kados: would work except that charset negotiation is not reliable in Z39.50 - must determine what target is actually submitting, then set Koha accordingly
15:23 gmcharlt perhaps adding a widget to the Z39.50 admin page to do test searches would help - add documentation to search for something known to have diacritics, and go through encoding options until it hitlist looks right
15:23 gmcharlt other part, of course, is making sure that sample target defs are correct
15:28 eric thanks for the workaround gmcharlt.  It works fine.
15:33 eric Oh!  it seems that I have found another problem.  After having imported Asterix, it seems that I can not find it if I do not use the accented letter.
15:33 eric So, Asterix returns 0 result, and Astérix is ok.  Any clue?
15:34 gmcharlt eric: yeah, I need to commit some default character normalization rules to the English MARC21 Zebra config
15:34 paul yep. Eric, you can use the unimarc/french things for that.
15:34 paul it's complete.
15:34 eric where do I have to set this?
15:35 paul head/etc/zebradb/lang_defs/fr/sort-string-utf.chr
15:35 gmcharlt eric: in your zebra conf directory, look for sort-strings-utf8.chr - copy the fr one to your en config, and restart zebrasrv
15:35 gmcharlt you may need to also reindex ( -a -b -r)
15:35 paul and reindex your datas I think
15:35 paul yep
15:35 gmcharlt snap
15:36 eric is there a way to flush all zebra indexes and rebuild them?  I still have leftover data from a previous installation
15:37 paul -r with rebuild_zebra
15:37 paul r like reset ;-)
15:37 eric cool.  thanks paul!
15:38 hdl ++ interaction of lists with Zotero...
15:38 hdl Is it possible to have it for result lists too ?
15:39 owen For It's there
15:40 hdl Not on my lists.
15:40 hdl Not on my result search
15:40 hdl But I have the RSS Icon, maybe conflicting
15:41 owen No, it shouldn't conflict
15:41 kados owen: I wasn't able to get zotero working on the results list either
15:41 owen[…]
15:42 kados oh, I see
15:42 kados it's a folder icon
15:42 kados neat
15:42 hdl Good owen. It workd for you. Not for me.
15:42 kados owen++
15:42 hdl http://o15.hdlaurent.paulpoula[…]idx=&q=particules
15:43 hdl but it works for lists so it should be OK soon.
15:44 hdl (that also may be a problem of opac-resultlists update)
15:44 hdl will investigate
15:44 hdl owen ++++
15:45 owen owen-- for letting the OPAC search bar break when form fields get too long :(
15:46 hdl :P
16:03 owen paul, is there a patch pending for fixing OPACViewOthersSuggestions?
16:03 paul not from me. hdl ?
16:04 eric when rebuilind the index, i got multiple 'Failed to read character table sort-string-utf.chr'...
16:05 paul ton fichier n'est pas en utf-8
16:05 paul ou alors c'est ta config qui ne l'est pas
16:05 paul oups, sorry, should have answered in english here ;-)
16:05 eric hehe
16:05 paul your file is not saved in utf-8 format.
16:06 paul or your zebra config don't specify you're in utf-8
16:08 eric checking this
17:18 hdl owen : from me yes
17:39 kados paul_koha: i've just pushed up some changes that I hope will address most of the US library holds problems
17:40 kados paul_koha: completely external from holds management proper ... just a report with a holdsqueue table and a batch script to update it
18:19 owen kados, can we get the full branch name passed to the template for the results output?
18:20 kados owen: yea, knew you'd ask that :-)
18:23 owen kados, I just put some things on reserve but don't see them coming up in the results for all branches
18:39 kados owen: sorry ... didn't mention you have to run the cron job
18:45 kados hey danny
18:57 owen C'mon, how can Yahoo be down?
19:03 danny hey kados and #koha
19:30 owen Later, all.
20:20 chris morning
20:52 acmoore some interesting git tutorials
20:56 chris oh cool
21:04 acmoore yeah, I just know that there are about a zillion git tricks that I don't know about yet. add --interactive was one of them. I like being able to choose only some hunks out of a file for a commit.
21:33 chris yeah
21:33 chris stash is currently my fave
21:33 chris and i like blame too :)
21:46 chris have you used git-gc before?
06:02 atz anybody used the "cogito" version of git?
06:06 chris yeah its pretty much deprecated now
06:07 chris all the stuff has been folded into git
06:07 atz ah cool
06:08 chris it certainly was a lot nicer than plain git pre 1.4ish
06:36 atz big Tags AJAX patch sent!
06:40 atz and now, teh sleepingz....
07:41 hdl prob
08:57 chris hmm spam to the patches list
09:10 hdl chris: yes.
09:10 hdl Sorry.
09:10 chris no problem
09:20 lloyd_ I didn't get it, exchange must have binned it :)

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